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Tit-Mauling Frenzy..from Cavalier

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:43 pm    Post subject: Tit-Mauling Frenzy..from Cavalier Reply with quote

The following is a catfight that occurred between me and another girl. My husband and I are ski buffs and we go with a crowd to some of the New Hampshire resorts that are filled with other young marrieds like ourselves. I'm 28-years-old and have been married for four years. Before we were married my husband, Andy, went with another girl named Helen. I took him away from her. She has always disliked me for that, and even after her own marriage to another guy, she has been very resentful towards me.
My name is Diane. I am a brunette and have always been considered very' sexy and attractive by men. At the lodges where we stay the accommodations are dormitory style, to save money all the girls together and all the men together in large open rooms with double-decker bunk type beds. There are maybe 30 men in one room and 30 women in another. To make it short, Helen came with her hubby on this particular outing last March. Helen is a brunette too. I didn't pay any attention to her, after all I had the man I wanted. But she was very snotty to me and we ended up in a double bunk together, she was on the top and I was below her. The second day I slept late, since I was stiff from the skiing, and crawled out about I0 a.m. in my undies, the .usual sleepwear in the dorms. I heard the shower going, and a little while later out from the showers came Helen in fresh undies.

She was snotty to me again, "All worn out? Hey, I guess some people just can't take it."
I said, "Helen, why don't you shove it?" as I got up and picked up my towel. Helen was looking for a fight and answered me, "The only thing I'm going to shove is you!" and she pushed me hard as I fell against the bunk bed pole and tripped onto the floor.
Now Helen and I are a match as to size and weight, and I knew that if I came up swinging it would be a painful fight. I'd been in a couple of fights in high school and one in college and we both got hurt in the fights. I saw that she was going to make life hell unless I faced her and had it out with her.

We're' both I25 pounders, 5' 5" and about 35B-23-35 and in damn good shape. I got up, and glaring like wild women, we came toe to toe in our bras and panties, and stared eye to eye. "No guts, huh?" sneered Helen. I got mad and slapped her hard across the face. Before I could slap her again, she slapped me back and we went for each other's hair. Face to face, heads jerking from side to side, we stumbled barefoot around the open spaces in-between the bunks. No one else was around nor would be until later in the afternoon. I was swearing at her and she was calling me "man stealer, slut, and bitch" and other good things that made me even madder. Angered, I tossed her by the hair and she fell on the floor heavily. I waited for her to rise and then went to kick her in her front, but she lowered her head and charged me with a thigh tackle that carried both of us onto the floor again. I was under her as she was trying to mount me, and I was trying to stop that. She was between my legs on her hands and knees, scratching and slapping my belly and bust with all her force. I tried to catch her hands and couldn't, so I rolled to the side and tried to get on my knees. This was a mistake because Helen got on my back with an arm around my throat and used her other hand to squeeze my bust. I was scared and very angry-particularly the insult of clutching at my tits.
I fell onto the floor and rolled. This broke us apart. I was on my knees and grabbed her before she could get up. I grabbed her bust with one hand and her hair with the other, while facing her as she sat on the floor. Screaming like crazy, Helen got on her knees and bat¬tered at my face until I let go. We fell apart, and I was bleeding from my lips where her slap had split my lip against my teeth.

Both of us got on our feet and I was determined to beat her up badly. Helen charged again, slapping wildly, and I met her halfway and slapped and struck back toe to toe with her. We aimed at faces and heads, and slugged at each other like two prizefighters for maybe I5 seconds. Then our aggressiveness drove us into a clinch where our heads bumped. Helen cut the upper corner of her eyebrow from the collision with my forehead. A line of red trickled down over her cheekbone and along the line of her jaw.
We glared at each other, and then I kicked her with my bare foot in her groin. I hit her thigh and her return kick caught my lower stomach before we rushed at each other again and closed into a tight bear hug before tripping onto the floor together. I grabbed her bust again hard, and tried to twist as well as to squeeze them. Helen was grunting with rage and retaliated by pulling my bra down so she was able to force my tits out of the bra. Then she scratched me on the bust unmercifully. Frightened, I tried to push away but our interlocked legs stopped my escape. I grabbed for her fingers and started to twist them to force them away from my boobs. Helen, enraged at the pain, reached for and scratched my face, leaving a trail of blood marks along my chin line. I screamed again and she dug into my bare breasts with renewed anger and tortured them. I cried at the pain, but I was damned if I'd give up to her!

In a fury, I fought fire with fire and attacked her tits with my nails. I managed to rip away her bra and it hung on her one arm by an unbroken strap; while mine, half torn, still was around me below my bustline. I dug into her tits and gouged her with my nails, trying to pierce her and cause her to bleed, marking her up with my scratches, I did and now Helen did some crying of her own. During all this we had been entwined, face to face and rolling about on the floor as we fought. My tits bled from her scratches and nail marks and both of us looked like our busts had lost a fight with a wildcat; although neither had suffered any real injury, just ugly and scary bleeding that looked much worse than it was.

We had been fighting for five or six minutes, and I was tired and so was Helen. We lay together, legs interlocked at the thighs, and held each other by the hair and breasts, just for a breather glaring madly at each other. Gasping for breath, we stared at each other and name called viciously. Both of us were trying deeply to aggravate and insult the other. I really hated Helen and I was determined to win over her!

Helen, filled with jealousy, said, "I slept with Andy before you did!" Angered I replied, "Well I slept with Carl before you did!" Carl is Helen's hubby and I had dated him for awhile. In a rage from the insults, both of us dug at tits for awhile, crying and scratching hard. We were lying face to face on our sides now, holding each other's busts with our legs wrapped and wound together solidly. I could feel the heat of her crotch jammed against mine. Both of us had wet faces running with tears from our overflowing eyes in response to the intense pain. We rested some more, both exhausted and sweating from the strain of the battle. My tits alternately burned with pain and felt numb. She continued to claw and twist and scratch at my bust. I gave as good as I got to her tits too. There was a lot of talking about having kissed each other's parts through Andy and Carl because we both had slept with the same men at the same time, and all that shit talk that we girls do in a fight.

My stamina and my determination was starting to show on Helen. She was getting tired, but I kept it up and she couldn't. Her fingers were too stiff and cramped to scratch. I did a lot more damage to her breasts, including nipple pinching and clawing that punished her terribly before she gave up and begged me to stop. I got up. Her tits were clawed and bloody, her nipples were the size of swollen golf balls; very sore, discolored and bruised looking. Her face was cut on the eye and had suffered another four or five scratches. My lips bled as well as my breasts, and my chin and cheeks were scratched and were stained with blood. My tits were badly mauled but not as badly as hers, although I also was covered with blood on my boobs. I had won the fight and I knew that Helen would never again bother me anywhere or anytime. Both of us had black eyes too.
The aftermath was that she went home with her hubby a day early and I was the celebrity of the lodge. It is impossible to hide a fight that rough. I don't think anyone can match us girls for toughness when we fight!

Diane, Massachusetts
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