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Cheri from Texas fights a Stripper!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:39 pm    Post subject: Cheri from Texas fights a Stripper! Reply with quote

"She strutted over to my wife. and threw a kick, but Cheri caught her ankle and Tanya's butt kissed the floor. Cheri ignored the cheers that followed and dove on top of her foe…"

Your last four issues have been great! The cartoon story of Dee vs. Maureen was the hottest thing you've done. Please have Big D do more. I wanted to fill you in on Cheri's catfight. I was really surprised when I found out she had written you about her fight in Dallas. I'm trying to get her to do a full length story on all her fights and she's considering it. Big D could do a great cartoon with one of Cheri's cunt fights. Cheri's battle with the Playmate had us fucking like minks for months. She had a punch out with a cute little waitress not long after that but that was nowhere near as exciting as her blood bath with a foxy black chick.

I've always wondered how Cheri would do against a black beauty and last week I found out. We were out drinking with two other couples, just cruising bars, when we stopped at this topless club. It was real plush and the dancers were all fine. For a couple of bucks they would dance on the table and the guys we were with paid this blonde chick to do her thing for us. All the wives were drunk and were whistling and cheering as this bitch shook her tits and wiggled her ass. I was busy with my hand up Cheri's crotch. She looked extra hot that night. It was about 85 degrees and she had on her black leather hot pants and a red tank top with nipples clearly outlined. I was looking at her more than the dancers.

Then Tanya came out from the dressing room. She was the most beautiful black doll I've ever seen. All she had on was a white G-string with fringe in front and white high heels. She had long straight hair and a trim muscular shape. I flashed a ten in the air and she strutted over to our table. All the guys came alive and the girls got quiet. She sat on my lap and grabbed my wrist. She moved my hand down toward her snatch and I inserted the ten in her G-string, feeling a little pussy before pulling out. She pointed to the DJ and "Bad Girls" started blaring out the sound system.
Tanya jumped on the table and was dancing like a wild animal. She moved her ass cheeks like pistons and. flung her long hair. Cheri was glaring at her and I knew she wouldn't put up with much more. I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and whispered to Cheri "It's yours if you can take her." She gave me a smile and stroked my rock hard cock. "You'll get your money's worth baby," she told me. Tanya, seeing the bill in my hand squatted down in front of me. She pulled down her G-string and pushed her snatch right up in my face until the fringe tickled my nose. I went to stick the hundred in her box when Cheri grabbed it from me. She stuck the bill down her cleavage and stood up, "Give me my money you bitch!" Tanya screamed. "Take it from me slut," Cheri told her defiantly.
Tanya dove off our table onto my wife taking them both to the floor. The black girl was tearing at her tank top, trying to get the bill out and mauling Cheri's titties in the process. The girls were in the center of the dance floor and everyone in the place was crowded around watching excitedly. A big cheer went up as Tanya finally tore away Cheri's top. Both topless now, their breasts heaved with exhaustion and all four nipples were icicle hard.
Tanya snatched the hundred off the floor and stuck it in her G-string, "Now take it from me bitch." Cheri took a swing at her but it was blocked and countered with a punch to the jaw that sent Cheri back on her beautiful ass. The crowd went wild and Tanya ate it up. She strutted over to my wife and threw a kick, but Cheri caught her ankle and Tanya’s butt kissed the floor. Cheri ignored the cheer that followed and dove on top of her foe.
They were really into it now. Cheri was clawing Tanya’s tits and face and was getting vicious blows to the sides of her boobs and head. Tanya managed to get a grip on Cheri's hot pants. The leather wouldn't give but the zipper on the side did and off they came. My wife was naked down to her high heels now and everybody loved it, even me. This surprised me a little because r m very possessive. But all these people getting off on her body really turned me on.
I was afraid it might make her lose her concentration but she didn't. She dove at Tanya, who was still on her back, and shoved her naked cunt right in the black bitch's face. She turned this into a head scissors and was trying to twist the dancer's pretty head off. I thought she could finish her off and shouted encouragement. But Tanya got a mouthful of tender pussy and bit down. Cheri released the hold and stood up, covering her precious wound.
Tanya jumped up and moved in for the kill. She charged across the room full tilt. My wife released her throbbing pussy and met her tit on. They wrapped together in a bear hug. Tanya definitely' had strength. As their beautiful boobs pressed together, Cheri's hands fell to her side. Her face was contorted in pain. I was going to step in and stop it when I saw her grab Tanya's G-string. She pulled upward on the thin material with all her might. It was nylon and refused to break as it cut into Tanya’s beautiful cunt and asshole. The black girl's eyes got big, she cried out as she released her grip on Cheri. My wife let go of the bikini with one hand using it to uppercut the dancer's pussy. Tanya doubled over and Cheri kneed her in the face. Tanya jerked back then fell forward unable to move.
The place was going wild. Guys were throwing money and screaming at the top of their lungs. Cheri picked up the hundred they had been fighting about and strutted around with it over her head. Tanya was trying to get to her knees and the crowd yelled for Cheri to "finish her off." My wife took her high- heel and shoved it up the beaten girl's asshole.
The club manager told Cheri enough was enough, he didn't want his star attraction ruined. A couple of bouncers went for my wife but I got her first. They told us to get out, which seemed like a good idea. I put my shirt over Cheri and . we headed out. The bouncers carried Tanya away as she clutched her mangled twat.
When we got home I rubbed Cheri down with Vaseline. Her pussy was still sore so I relieved my aching hard-on in her butthole. I told her I had been worried about her and was glad she hadn't been injured. She smiled and hugged me, then said it was worth it to keep me so horny all the time. She gave me a blow job. As her head bounced up and down on my prick, I fantasized that Tanya’s lips were hugging my rod.-P.P., Texas.
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