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WWII Catfight

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PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2011 5:58 pm    Post subject: WWII Catfight Reply with quote

"Kate tried to push her off her feet several times causing June's body to come completely off the ground. When. Kate finally pushed June away, they both stood up and Kate’s back was to me but it was covered with dust and mud. June was facing meant I got a good look at her big white breasts…”

I was ten-years-old when World War II started. Most of the healthy males were overseas and those men left in the States had their pick of the women. My Uncle Frank was overseas, and Aunt Beth hired a man named Hank to help her run the hardware store. I worked at nights and during the summer in the store, so I became very close friends with Hank. He was an excellent story teller and most of the stories centered around all the women that he had had or about women fighting over him. I was young and, of course, I believed every word of his stories.

For about a week, the big redhead that worked down at the bakery was hanging around the store talking to Hank. Her name was June, and I spent a lot of time trying to peek down the front of her blouse at her big white boobs. One Saturday morning, old Hank told me to get into the back of the truck. He said that we were going to deliver out to what was called the "Old Gordon Farm." I knew something was up be¬cause we didn't deliver that far out, due to the gas shortage. We drove to the bakery, and June came out and jumped into the front seat next to Hank. Her hands were all over him as we drove along, and several times I thought we were headed into the ditches along the road.

We made it out to the Gordon Farm in one piece. Hank jumped out of the truck and took a small brown box up to the door. A woman named Kate came out and they began talking. Now, I had seen Kate in town and I knew that her husband worked on the railroad and wasn't around much. Hank returned to the truck and handed me the little rifle and some shells that he kept under the seat. Then he instructed me to see if I could find some rabbits in the fields surrounding the farm. He said he would yell when he was ready to unload the truck.

I started walking toward the field, while he escorted June tip to the barn. The three of them disappeared into the barn and I wanted to see what was going on, so I circled to the back of the barn when I heard Hank’s muffled voice shouting at the women. I saw them pushing each other in and out of the shadows and suddenly, the two darting figures stopped in front of the door. That’s when I realized that the two women were fighting because each was pulling the other's hair. They bobbed up and down and spread their legs wide to maintain their balance. One woman fell and the other jumped on top and they rolled over and over until they were outside.

Once they were outside the barn, I had a much better view of what was happening. Their legs were tangled together and I saw a blur of red hair then black hair as they continued to roll around. Finally, when they stopped rolling, they continued clawing at each other's dresses. Before long, all their clothing above their waists was nothing more than rags. Kate was on her back with her heels in June's stomach while her hands were buried in June's hr' June was on top choking Kate and trying to straddle her. Kate tried to push her off with her feet several times causing June's body to come completely off the ground. When Kate finally pushed June away, they both stood up and Kate’s back was to me but it was covered with dust and mud. June was facing me and I got a good look at her big white breasts with their silver dollar sized pink areola and nipples. Neither woman attempted to cover their bare chests.
As the girls, began circling each other again, I noticed that Kate's breasts were even bigger than June's. Hers were tip¬ped with small brown ends and a mixture of sweat and dust covered the valley between them. The girls got each other in a headlock and pounded each other with their free fist. First one and then the other would smash their fists into the other woman's face and head. They got a rhythm going like the track gang driving the spikes.

They ended up with Kate having June in a bear hug around her breasts from behind. June couldn't do anything but reach over her head and grab as much, hair as she could. Kate pulled on June’s breasts until they were nearly pulled sideways under her arm pits. Kate's feet got tangled in June's dress, which had fallen down around her ankles. Both women fell forward and Kate's weight smashed June's body into the dirt. They lay very still for several seconds then Kate rolled June onto her back and I saw the blood oozing from her nose and lips. Kate bent down and said something to June. Kate's breasts smashed against June's and June turned and muttered something.

Kate pushed off June's body and took the box from Hank and went into the house. I ran up into the field to wait for Hank to yell for me. June was sitting in the truck with an army blanket covering her body when I returned. I stopped by the bakery two days later and noticed that June had a black eye and cut lips, plus she could hardly walk.

After the war ended, June was run out of town for fooling with another woman's husband, and Hank just drifted away. Sometimes I think that he knew I had seen the fight, but he never mentioned it. Kate stopped by the store often and I never forgot the sight of her big, bare breasts. She always wore stockings and I wondered if that is what was in the brown box. Not too many women had stockings in those days because of the war. And she really like strutting around and showing off her big legs encased in those stockings. It was as if she was showing everyone her trophy, proving she was the better woman.

J. T., Maryland.
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