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past vs future pt II. Catfight women wrestling

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:46 am    Post subject: past vs future pt II. Catfight women wrestling Reply with quote

They moved closer till their slightly sagging chests where touching. Even in the muted light of Rick’s outdoor lighting he could see both sets of nipples busting through their bikini tops trying to punch out at their rivals nipples.

Both sexy sets of legs had blood trickeling down from their leg and foot fight. Karen reached up and grabbed two fistfuls of Carrie’s brown hair and Carrie did the same.

Both girls pulled each other close and began pulling hair in a viscous way. Jerking each others head from side to side and struggling to stay upright as each was forcing the others head to the ground. Grunts from both women and the sound of bare feet digging into the fallen leaves on the ground where the only sounds heard.

After 1 minute of hair pulling Karen released her right hand and wrapped in around Carrie’s neck drawing her rival to her. Carrie released both her hands and wrapped them around Karen’s waist and began to squeeze. Karen released her other hand and returned the bearhug.

Both women’s chests where firmly pressed against the other and they began to jerk each other around. Breasts rubbing against each other Karen’s overpowering Carries and then Carries overpowering karens.

Soon they where trying to wrap legs around each other to try and trip the other. They circled as they battled with little grunts coming from each girl as each tried to topple her equal opponent.

Legs intertwined and they both went down in a pile of flesh. They began to roll around on the grass Karen first on top, then Carrie. They had not released their bearhugs and ended up on their sides. Kicking at each other’s legs and then knees coming into play towards each others crotches.
Karen made contact with one firm kick and Carrie leg go of her bearhug and rolled over with a large scream. “BITCH!”
Karen scrambled to get on top of Carrie but Carrie grabbed her hands and they hand wrestled with Carrie on her back and Karen on her side. They struggled to gain control for several moments until Carrie let loose a wild kick that hit it’s target and caused Karen to roll away with her own scream, grabbing her crotch.

Both women lay on their backs nursing their sore womenhood’s for a minute.

Rick got up from the picnic table and came over to keep the two separated. Karen looked up at Rick and said “ you dumb Sh$T!, I’m not doing this for you, this is a “girl thing” that I expected to have to do. Say out of this!”

Carrie looked at her rival and said “ I’m glad you understand, I don’t want him back, but I’ve got to be sure your worthy of being a step-mom.”

Karen nodded “ shouldn’t be hard to do, since your 10 years my senior.”

Carrie smiled and said “ I might be older, but you’re the one with her tit’s swinging in the wind.”

Karen looked down and noticed that her skimpy bikini top was no where to be seen and her bear breasts where gently laying a few feet away. “Screw it, I can’t fight with that thing on. Do you know how much those things cost?”

Carrie smiled and said “ fair enough” and released her girls from their loosely tied top.

Karen got on her knees pushing Rick to the side and saying “ Now, sit your butt down and watch me beat your saggy old titted x-old lady.”

Carrie yelled “ saggy?!?” and got to her knees.

Both women had firm breasts though Carries nipples where slightly larger and did naturally sag an inch lower then her younger opponent.

Carrie smiled and said “ enough of this girly hair pulling? “

Karen smiled and said “ agreed.”

Both women on knees came to within arms length and began punching each other. Wild swings making contact with face, breast and arms. They exchanged blows, not really blocking just trying to hit their rival. This continued for quite some time till both began to get tired.
At once they both stopped and took a moment to gain their breath. Karen recovered alittle faster and lunged at Carrie and wrapped her arms around her neck forcing her body against the other. They struggled and began wrestling with hands and arms again as Karen’s breasts pressed into Carries and their bare stomachs pressed together. Karen managed to get control of her opponents arms and mounted fully her fallen combatant.

Having gained control of her arms Karen worked on getting Carrie’s thighs opened using her feet and legs and slowely Carries legs did part and Karen slid her sweaty thighs in between the others. She began to coil her legs around her fallen opponent’s and eventually had Carrie totally emobalized.

Carrie bucked trying to get Karen off causing both sets of breast to giggle and bounce violently as they bounced against each other.

Both women where breathing loudly. Carrie relaxed and said “ I should have been working out more lately.”

Karen laughed. “ you had enough old lady?”

Carrie just looked bitterly into the younger women’s eyes and said “F U.”

They lay there for several minutes. Karen looked up to see Rick standing (like a good boy) far enough away to get a great view of the battlers, but did not interfere. Carrie turned her head to the side to see Rick and noted “ He sure is hung like a horse, I miss that thing sometimes.”

Karen chuckeled “ He can hardly keep up with me, being he’s older then you.”

Carrie laughed and said “ ok,” and tried to buck her rival off.

Karen started to slide herself up on Carrie and after another minute had managed to get her thighs around her face and got her into a full school girl pin.

Carrie tried squirming out, but couldn’t buck her off.

Karen looked down at her and said “ round 1 to me?” After several moments Carrie in a muffeled voice said “yes”.

Karen stayed on her mount for a 10 second count and then slowely raised from her position and sat on the grass beside Carrie who stayed on her back.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i dont usually reply to posts but i will in this case.
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