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The Babysitter

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:12 am    Post subject: The Babysitter Reply with quote

The Babysitter

The clock on the wall read ten after six as Leon adjusted his necktie in the bathroom mirror.

"You almost ready babe?... the babysitter will be here any minute" he said to his wife Yolanda.

"I'm ready honey" she replied as she sat on the edge of the bed slipping on her heels.

Leon and Yolanda Williams were a young married couple getting ready for a dinner party and were waiting for the girl who would be babysitting their young daughter Shamika for the evening. Their regular babysitter was not available for the night so Leon had asked a fellow employee at his office if his daughter might like to earn some extra cash for the evening. She agreed and was on her way to meet the Williams and their young daughter at their house. About ten minutes later the young girl arrived driving up in a late model apple green VW bug. When the doorbell rang Leon opened the door and was pleased to see a lovely young girl standing at the doorway.

"Hello Mr. Williams I’m Ashley" the young girl said introducing herself in a squeaky little-girl voice.

"Hello" Leon replied. "Please come in."

Ashley entered the house and was met by Yolanda.

"Hello dear how nice to meet you" Yolanda said shaking her hand. "Did you drive here yourself?"

"Yes ma’am" Ashley replied enthusiastically. "I'm eighteen I have my drivers license now".

"Wow that must be exciting for you" Yolanda said a little surprised. "You don't look eighteen at all".

"I know I get that a lot" Ashley replied in her little-girl voice.

Mrs. William's observations about the young looking girl were no exaggeration. Ashley was a very beautiful and slender high school senior who stood 5'4" tall and tipped the scale at a mere 80 pounds. Blonde, blue-eyed and extremely thin she looked more like a junior high girl than a high school student.

"Well let me get Shamika so you two can get acquainted" Yolanda said.

Mrs. Williams called out for her daughter who was upstairs in her bedroom. Moments later came Leon and Yolanda's only child – a young dark-haired black girl. Big-boned and physically mature for her age Shamika looked older than she was. At 5'3" tall and 120 pounds it was not unusual for her to be mistaken for an older child.

"Shamika this is Ashley" Yolanda said introducing her daughter to her new babysitter.

"Oh my, aren't you a pretty young lady" Ashley said smiling at Shamika.

The young black girl showed little emotion as she stood staring silently back at Ashley.

"Shamika’s a good girl" Leon said breaking the awkward silence. "She can have a little attitude sometimes but I’m sure she won’t give you any trouble tonight".

"Oh I'm sure Shamika and I will get along just fine" Ashley replied cheerfully. "I love kids".

"Well... we better get going now babe" Leon said turning to his wife.

"Shamika you behave alright? Yolanda said putting on her coat. "I don't want you giving Ashley any trouble".

"Oh I'm sure she won't be any trouble at all Mrs. Williams" Ashley said reassuringly.

"You can stay up and watch TV but at nine o'clock it's bedtime" Yolanda said kissing her daughter goodnight.

"I'll make sure she gets to bed on time" Ashley said confidently. "You two have a wonderful evening".

“Good-bye sweetie… we’ll see you later tonight okay” Leon said as he and his wife walked out the front door.

With that Leon and Yolanda left for their dinner engagement feeling good that their young daughter was in the loving care of their new babysitter.

As the evening went along everything was going smoothly just as Ashley had promised. Shamika watched TV on a couch in the family room while Ashley sat on a leather recliner doing her homework. When 9:00 rolled around Ashley looked up from her studying and instructed Shamika to get ready for bed.

"Okay Shamika its nine o'clock... time for bed" Ashley said closing her school books.

Shamika however continued watching TV as she sat silently on the couch.

"Come on Shamika you know what your mommy said" Ashley instructed again getting up from the recliner.

Shamika remained planted in her seat as she continued to stare ahead at the TV.

"Shamika let's go its nine o'clock!" Ashley said sternly in her squeaky
little-girl voice.

"I ain’t sleepy" Shamika replied in a noticeably deeper voice.

"That may be so but its nine o'clock and you need to get ready for bed" Ashley said walking over to her.

Shamika continued to ignore Ashley's instructions as she sat defiantly on the couch.

"I'm not going to tell you again Shamika... please go up to your room and get ready for bed!" Ashley said growing more impatient.

"MAKE ME!" Shamika shot back defiantly.

"THAT DOES IT!" Ashley said frustrated. "You're going up to your room even if I have to drag you up there myself".

Ashley grabbed Shamika by her arm and tried to pull her off the couch. She was a little dumbfounded when she found she wasn't able to budge the young girl. Undaunted, Ashley grabbed Shamika’s arm with both hands and attempted to pull her off again. She could hardly believe it when she found herself struggling even more as the young black girl sat casually on the couch totally unfazed. Determined not to let the young girl get the best of her Ashley tried again with all her might to pull Shamika off the couch. Her valiant efforts however were all in vain as the young black girl proved too big and heavy for Ashley to handle. Growing tired and frustrated by the situation Ashley eased off a little but still maintained a firm grip on Shamika's arm. Sensing her new babysitter was losing steam Shamika gave a slight tug on her arm causing Ashley to stumble forward onto her lap. It wasn't even a hard tug, just a soft little pull but it was enough to easily make Ashley stumble forward onto Shamika's lap. It was at that moment when the young black girl realized she was a lot stronger than her new babysitter.

Shamika easily broke free from Ashley's grasp then suddenly turned the tables on her new babysitter by quickly grabbing her by her wrists. Stunned, Ashley tried to pull away but Shamika easily held her in place.

"LET GO OF ME!" Ashley demanded in her squeaky little-girl voice.

Shamika didn't say a word; she just looked at Ashley with a mischievous grin on her face.

Ashley tried to pull away again but to no avail. Whereas Shamika was easily able to break free from Ashley's grasp, Ashley couldn’t even come close to breaking free from Shamika's grasp, let alone pulling her up off the couch.

"I'm warning you Shamika let go of me right now!" Ashley demanded again.

"What you gonna do if I don’t?" Shamika teased defiantly.

Ashley, growing more frustrated and impatient by the second, decided to give in a little in order to regain some control of the situation.

"Okay Shamika you can stay up a little bit longer" Ashley said calmly. "But then you have to promise me you'll be a good girl and go to bed alright?"

"I got a better idea" Shamika replied. “Let’s have a strength contest. If you win I’ll go to bed right away... but if I win I get to stay up as long as I want".

Ashley rolled her eyes in frustration.

"I'm not playing games with you Shamika!" Ashley said sternly. "I already said you could stay up a little bit longer... now stop playing around and let go of me!"

Shamika just flashed a mischievous grin again as she continued to hold Ashley in check.

"I can sit and hold you here all night" she teased casually.

Ashley was tired of hassling with the disobedient young girl so she decided to play along just long enough to get her tired so she could finally put her to bed.

"Alright let’s get this over with" Ashley sighed in frustration.

"Cool!" Shamika said enthusiastically as she finally let go of Ashley’s wrists and got up off the couch.

"After this will you promise me you'll go to bed?" Ashley said.

"I will if you beat me" Shamika teased sarcastically.

"You don't think I can beat you?" Ashley said playfully.

"Girl you so skinny I don't think you could beat a fly" Shamika teased glancing at Ashley’s slight body.

"Well I guess I'm just going to have to show you how strong I really am" Ashley replied defensively.

"Oh please!" Shamika retorted sarcastically. “You don’t look very strong at all!”

Ashley just smiled as she let the young black girls verbal insults slide by.

"So what kind of strength contest do you want to have?" Ashley asked curiously.

Shamika reached out and took Ashley by her delicate hands and interlocked their fingers together.

"Let’s play mercy" Shamika said looking at Ashley.

"Oh I've played this game before" Ashley said casually. "You have to try and bend my wrists back and I have to try and do the same to you... right?"

"That’s right" Shamika replied. "And whoever says mercy first is the loser".

"I used to play this game when I was your age" Ashley said playfully.

"Well then I guess you’re already used to losing" Shamika teased sarcastically.

"My-my…you're just a sassy little girl aren't you?" Ashley replied growing weary of Shamika's verbal jabs.

"And you’re just a lil’ weakling" Shamika shot back sarcastically.

"We'll see about that" Ashley replied defensively.

Shamika just grinned as she squeezed her hands tighter around Ashley's delicate fingers.

"I'm gonna put you on your knees" Shamika teased looking at Ashley.

Ashley just heaved a heavy sigh as she rolled her eyes and adjusted herself into position.

"Okay Shamika whenever you're ready" Ashley sighed impatiently as if eager to get the contest over with.

As Ashley and Shamika stood toe-to-toe facing each other the stark contrast between the blonde 18-year-old and the young black girl was clearly apparent. Shamika was thick and stocky with dark features and chocolate ebony skin. Dressed in a black tank top and denim shorts, her chubby legs were so thick her thighs bulged out from under her size large shorts. Ashley on the other hand was the complete opposite. Dressed in a pink Abercrombie & Fitch tank top and a pair of white size 0 shorts, Ashley was so thin her skinny little legs couldn't even fill out the leg openings of her tiny size 0 shorts. Fair-skinned, extremely thin and just a bit taller than Shamika, she looked frail and delicate compared to the stockier frame of the young black girl.

Ashley and Shamika eyed one another as they pressed their hands together for their ultimate battle of wills.

"You ready?" Shamika asked eagerly.

"I'm ready" Ashley replied playfully.

"Okay" Shamika said looking at her new babysitter. "When I say go we'll start".

Ashley took a deep breath as she stared at Shamika with an intense look.

"Ready... Set... GO!" Shamika shouted starting the contest.

Ashley and Shamika fervently began pressing their hands against each other in an attempt to pin the other one down. Just as she had promised, Shamika quickly got the upper hand and slowly proceeded to bend her new babysitter’s thin wrists back. Ashley could only look up in shock as the cocky young black girl made good on her word and easily drove the blonde high school girl down to her knees. Ashley tried desperately with all her might to muster some kind of challenge but it was just no use. Shamika was simply too strong and within seconds she had her new babysitter down on the ground just as she had promised.

"OWWWW!... OWWWW!... OWWWW!... OKAY!… MERCY!" Ashley cried out as she dropped to her knees.

"HA-HAAAA!" Shamika shouted victoriously as she glared down on Ashley.

The contest was over as quickly as it had begun. Shamika had beaten many of her friends and fellow schoolmates many times before, but never had she beaten someone so convincingly as she did with her new babysitter. Ashley was by far the easiest person Shamika ever beat. The 18-year-old high school girl was simply over matched by the young powerful black girl. Although Ashley tried to convince herself she was stronger than Shamika it was quite clear now she was only fooling herself. After her stunning victory Shamika left little doubt who really was the stronger girl.

"Okay Shamika you win... please let me up now" Ashley whimpered softly.

"Do I get to stay up as long as I want?" Shamika teased as she applied a little more pressure on Ashley's vulnerable wrists.

"Owww!... Yes!... Okay!" Ashley whimpered weakly as she lowered her head in pain.

"You sure?" Shamika teased bending Ashley’s wrists a little more.

"PLEASE SHAMIKA YOU'RE HURTING ME!" Ashley cried out looking up at the young black girl. "I already said you win... please let go of me!"

Shamika flashed a mischievous grin and finally let go as the beaten 18-year-old let out an exasperated sigh of relief.

"You gotta be the easiest person in the world to beat" Shamika teased as she stood staring down on Ashley. "I bet anyone could beat you".

Ashley could only look up at her young charge in shame as she sat on the ground gently soothing her sore wrists.

"Okay Shamika... I guess you can stay up a little bit longer" Ashley mumbled in defeat.

Shamika scowled as she stood looking down on her new babysitter.

“You said I could stay up as long as I want if I beat you" she protested.

Ashley picked herself up off the ground and stood staring back at the young black girl.

"Listen young lady... I’m not going to play around with you anymore. Your mom and dad left me in charge of you tonight and you're going to do as I say… is that clear?" Ashley said sternly in her little-girl voice.

Shamika just stood there looking at her babysitter as she ran her eyes up and down her slender body.

"Yeah right… I don’t think so twiggy!” she replied sarcastically.

"We’ll just see about that!" Ashley shot back as she grabbed Shamika by her thick upper arm.

Ashley attempted to take Shamika upstairs to her bedroom but Shamika easily broke free from her grasp.

"I MEAN IT SHAMIKA!" Ashley said angrily as she reached to grab the rebellious young black girl again.

This time however Shamika pulled away fast then quickly turned the tables on her babysitter yet again by grabbing her by her thin wrists. Once again Ashley found herself struggling helplessly in Shamika's grasp as she pulled and yanked her spindly arms in a desperate attempt to break free.

"LET GO OF ME RIGHT NOW SHAMIKA!" Ashley squeaked in her little-girl voice as she struggled feebly in Shamika's grasp.

Growing more confident in her superior strength Shamika began to get a little more physical with her much weaker babysitter. With a swift easy move, Shamika took a hold of one of Ashley’s arms with both hands and casually began to wring her arm in a twisting motion until she eventually had her babysitter turned around with her skinny arm twisted up behind her back. Ashley could only stand there in complete submission as Shamika held her in check.

"I swear Shamika you are going to be in so much trouble"! Ashley said in her squeaky little-girl voice trying to sound as if she were still in authority.

"We'll just see about that" Shamika teased in reply.

Shamika held Ashley in check for a few moments then finally let go of her arm, but before Ashley could even turn around, she quickly wrapped her thick arms around her tiny waist and put her in a tight bear hug.

"I bet I can pick you up" Shamika teased holding Ashley tight around her tiny waist.

Shamika leaned back and with one big heave she easily lifted Ashley several inches off the ground. Ashley's skinny little legs dangled like marionette puppets as Shamika playfully spun her around a few times before finally dropping her to the ground. Not giving her new babysitter a chance to regain herself Shamika quickly reached down and grabbed Ashley by her thin ankles which were so skinny she was able to wrap her fingers around them completely. Shamika dragged Ashley to an open area of the family room, then using Ashley's legs like a wheelbarrow she flipped Ashley over onto her stomach. With Ashley's skinny legs firmly in her grasp Shamika began to drag her new babysitter around the room causing Ashley's small tank top to ride up. Shamika could see Ashley's bony rib cage jutting through her pale skin as she dragged her skinny babysitter around the room like a rag doll. After dragging Ashley around for a few moments Shamika finally let go of her legs then quickly pounced on the high school girl and straddled her back. Shamika's thick thighs bulged from her shorts as she sat dominantly on top of Ashley's fragile back.

"God you're weak!" Shamika teased as she slowly ran her hands over Ashley's protruding shoulder blades.

Shamika took a hold of Ashley's two arms by her wrists and pulled her arms straight back behind her.

"OWWWW!... SHAMIKA!... STOP!" Ashley cried out as Shamika pulled her arms back.

"You’re such a lil’ weakling" Shamika teased ignoring Ashley's plea.

Shamika let go of Ashley’s wrists then quickly grabbed her by her upper arms.

"Girl you so skinny I can almost wrap my hand around your whole arm" she teased as she measured her fingers around one of Ashley's skinny biceps.

Shamika let go of Ashley's arms and readjusted her position as she inched herself up on Ashley's back.

"I could squish you like a grape" she teased as she pressed her weight down on her babysitter’s delicate back.

Shamika then took Ashley by the nape of her neck with one hand and pressed down on her while continuing to press down on her back with the other.

"Please Shamika" Ashley whimpered in a quivering voice as she lay helpless under the heavy young black girl.

"Please what!" Shamika teased.

"Y-You're hurting me!" Ashley whimpered weakly.

"So?" Shamika replied casually. "Ain’t my fault you’re so skinny and weak”.

Shamika finally eased off her babysitter but still maintained her dominate position on top of her.

"You’re such a lil’ creampuff" she teased looking down on Ashley with her hands on her hips.

Shamika leaned forward and slid her hands underneath Ashley's body and wrapped her arms around her tiny waist. With Ashley securely in her arms Shamika rolled her over then wrapped her thick legs around her skinny body. Ashley was immobilized in Shamika's octopus-like grasp as the young black girl began to squeeze her.

"Shamika... I... I can't breathe" Ashley uttered weakly as her weak lungs struggled for air.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Shamika teased. "I’m not even squeezing you my hardest".

Shamika rolled Ashley over again until she had her pinned face down on the ground with her full weight resting on top of her. She unwrapped herself from Ashley's body then sat up straddling her back once again.

"You’re such a lil’ barbie doll" she teased looking down on Ashley. "I can do whatever I want with you but you can't do a thing to me".

As if to prove her point Shamika reached down and took Ashley by the nape of her neck once again. Then in a shocking display of cruelty, she placed her knee directly on Ashley's back between her shoulder blades and press down with her full weight.

"AAAHHHRRRGH!" Ashley cried out as Shamika drilled her knee down on her babysitter’s fragile back.

"How’s that feel?" Shamika teased looking down on Ashley.

Shamika let go of Ashley's neck then took a hold of her skinny arms and pulled them straight back behind her while still keeping her knee firmly planted on Ashley's brittle back.

"You’re so skinny I bet I could break you in half" Shamika teased as she pulled back on her babysitter’s spindly arms.

Soft whimpering sobs began to emit from Ashley's mouth as the young black girl continued to torture and belittle her badly overmatched babysitter.

"Awww what's the matter ... am I hurting you?" Shamika teased enjoying every second of her clear domination.

Ashley couldn't respond; she just continued to whimper softly as she remained helplessly pinned beneath the heavy young black girl.

"God you’re SOOOO weak!" Shamika teased looking down on her helpless babysitter. "You’re way older than me and I can already beat you up!”.

As if to emphasize her point Shamika continued to torture her feeble babysitter with no remorse.

"AAAHHHRRRGH!" Ashley cried out again as Shamika drilled her knee deeper into her fragile back.

"I bet I could break your back if I wanted to" Shamika teased looking down on Ashley. "I bet it wouldn't be hard at all".

After torturing her new babysitter for several minutes Shamika finally let go of Ashley's arms and removed her knee from her back. Ashley layed face down whimpering on the ground as Shamika sat casually on top of her.

"You have got to be the weakest girl in the world" she teased looking down on Ashley. "I bet anybody could beat you up".

Shamika finally got off Ashley and hopped up on her feet. She reached down and grabbed Ashley by one of her skinny arms and pulled her up on her feet as well.

"P-Please... no more" Ashley sobbed softly as she stood cowering in front of the young black girl.

"Do I get to stay up now?" Shamika said.

"Please Shamika... I-I'm just doing what your mom told me" Ashley pleaded.

Shamika reached out and casually took Ashley by one of her thin wrists.

“Well then I guess I’m just gonna have a lil’ more fun with you” she teased as she gripped Ashley’s thin wrist with both hands.

"Don’t Shamika please" Ashley pleaded as if knowing what was coming next.

With Ashley’s wrist firmly in her grasp Shamika violently spun her skinny babysitter around by her arm and flung her across the room like a rag doll where she went crashing hard up against a picture lined wall. A loud thud vibrated throughout the house as Ashley bounced hard off the wall and down to the ground bringing a couple of picture frames down with her. Shamika walked over and pulled Ashley up on her feet again. Taking Ashley by her wrist once again she sent her lightweight babysitter flying across the room a second time where she went crashing hard up against the opposite wall. Shamika then walked over and grabbed Ashley by her arms and dragged her to the center of the room. She layed Ashley flat on her back and straddled her chest as she pinned her thin wrists to the ground above her head.

"You’re as light as a feather" she teased looking down on Ashley. "I could throw you around all night".

Shamika had so thoroughly worked over her new babysitter she literally took the fight right out of her. Ashley just layed there like a helpless twerp as Shamika reveled in her complete and utter dominance over her. Using her thick legs as a vice, Shamika inched up on Ashley and placed her thighs flush against the sides of Ashley's head and squeezed them together. Ashley's head practically disappeared between Shamika's thighs as the young black girl completely engulfed her skinny 18-year-old babysitter.

"I'm gonna ask you one more time... do I get to stay up? Shamika teased looking down on Ashley.

Ashley tried to respond but Shamika's thick thighs practically rendered her voice inaudible. Using the same torture technique as she did earlier, Shamika placed her knee directly on Ashley's bony chest and leaned her weight forward.

"AAAHHHRRRGH!" Ashley cried out as Shamika drilled her knee down on her babysitter’s brittle chest bone.

"If I lean down any harder I'm gonna make your boobies flatter than they already are" Shamika teased looking down on Ashley. "Now tell me what I wanna hear".

With Shamika's knee piercing her bony chest Ashley finally gave in and submitted to the young black girls demand.

"Ohhh…Oh... kay" Ashley uttered softly as she weakly grasped Shamika's knee.

"Okay what?" Shamika teased.

"Ohhh... kay... you win" Ashley whimpered softly as her words barely escaped her mouth.

Shamika pressed down on Ashley one last time before finally dismounting her.

"That's what I thought" she teased standing to her feet.

Ashley rolled over in a fetal position and began crying as she crossed her spindly arms over her throbbing chest.

"I hope you learned your lesson" Shamika teased staring down on her babysitter. "Next time I'll just break you in half".

Shamika went over and rearranged the pictures that had fallen off the wall then came back and stood over Ashley.

"I'm gonna stay up and watch TV and you’re gonna finish your homework in the kitchen you understand?" she said looking down on Ashley.

Ashley didn't answer so Shamika rolled her on her back with her foot then gently placed her foot on her throat.

"I said do you understand?" Shamika reiterated as she lightly pressed down on Ashley's soft white throat.

"Y-Yes" Ashley whimpered softly nodding her head.

"Good... now get up!" Shamika said lifting her foot.

Ashley slowly got on her feet and stood facing Shamika with her head down. Her frail thin body looked even more delicate and fragile than before as she stood rumpled and battered next to the young black girl, who by contrast looked strong and triumphant with not even a scratch on her. As Ashley stood there in defeated silence Shamika reached out and nudged her head up looking her straight in the eye.

"Look at me" Shamika said squeezing Ashley’s mouth. "I'm in charge now got it?"

Ashley nodded as she gazed at the young black girl.

"Good... now go do your homework" she said pushing Ashley's face away.

Shamika watched smugly as her new babysitter meekly picked up her school books and walked silently into the kitchen. For the rest of the night Shamika was in complete control of the house. She was now the babysitter and Ashley had become the child. She had so thoroughly destroyed Ashley not only physically but mentally as well that in the end she reduced the 18-year-old high school senior to nothing more than a quivering sniffling little wimp.

As the night went on Shamika enjoyed the fruits of her victory. She watched TV, raided the refrigerator and basically ruled the house like a queen bee. Ashley on the other hand was relegated to the kitchen for the rest of the night. Even when she finished her homework she didn't dare say a word or venture elsewhere in the house. She remained seated quietly in her place just as she was told.

At about 10:00 Shamika knew her parents would be coming home soon so she finally turned off the TV and quickly cleaned up her mess. She then went into the kitchen to give Ashley some final instructions before heading off to bed.

"If you tell my momma and daddy what went down tonight you’re gonna be real sorry" Shamika said looking her babysitter straight in the eye.

She reached out and gently took Ashley by her delicate throat.

"Remember... I can beat you up easy" she said squeezing Ashley's throat.

Ashley nervously shook her head as she looked at the young black girl.

"I... I promise I won't tell" she said softly in her squeaky little-girl voice.

"Good!" Shamika said releasing Ashley's throat. "You better not if you know what's good for you".

With that Shamika placed her index finger on Ashley's forehead and pushed her head back, then turned around and headed upstairs to bed.

Leon and Yolanda returned from their dinner party about 15 minutes later. Yolanda went upstairs to check on her daughter while Leon remained downstairs with Ashley.

"So did Shamika give you any trouble?" Leon asked looking at Ashley.

Ashley paused for a moment then answered in a soft voice.

"Ummm... n-no Mr. Williams" she replied softly.

"That's good" Leon said smiling. "I was afraid she might give you a hard time... you know with you being a new babysitter and all".

Ashley just flashed a nervous smile as she nervously gathered her books together. A few moments later Yolanda returned downstairs.

"Thank you so much for watching Shamika you really helped us out tonight" Yolanda said gratefully.

"It... It was my pleasure Mrs. Williams" Ashley replied softly.

Leon reached in his coat and pulled out a money clip from his coat pocket.

"I think we may have just found ourselves a new babysitter honey" he said turning to his wife.

"I think you may be right" Yolanda replied with a smile.

Ashley stood in stunned silence as she felt her heart sink to the pit of her stomach.

"Congratulations Ashley... you'll be hearing from us from now on" Leon said handing Ashley a twenty.

A sick feeling came over Ashley as she gazed up at Leon in horror.

"Th-Thank you" Ashley replied softly as she meekly took the bill from his hand.

"I think you and Shamika are going to become good friends" Yolanda said smiling at Ashley.

"Oh I'm sure they will" Leon replied cheerfully. "She and Shamika will have time to get to know each other even better next weekend. We have another dinner engagement to attend".

The End
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