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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:24 pm    Post subject: TEACHER'S HUMILIATION Reply with quote

The school had just finished and only some teachers and students were left at the school yards. One of the teachers was Mrs. Kellies the English teacher whom walking out of the school called Celine to buy her a bottle of water. The girl didn’t hesitate and running to the shop she came quickly with the water.

“Thank you.” Said the teacher while smiling to her fifteen year old student. The teacher continued to drink but after some time she started to feel dizzy.

She tried to walk to sit down in a place but halfway trough she got lost and fell unconscious on the floor.

When she woke up she was now on a bed in a hall that looked like a basement. At first she couldn’t remember what happened last but then she remembered the bottle of water, Celine, but nothing more. While she was still thinking about this five students whom she used to teach entered the room and after some time Celine entered the room.

“Welcome to hell Gail Kellies.” Celine started the conversation, “From now on you are going to be my little slave. I hope it doesn’t matter for you.”

“But, why? What is going to happen to me.” What could I do to escape all this? Please let me go.” She asked and she started to cry deeply on the bed.

“Look at the baby she’s already crying and nothing happened yet. In about two hours we’re going to fight, if you win you may go quietly but if you lose, you will get the spanking of your life with the cane over there.” She said “See you later darling.” Celine laughed and the six girls left the room.

When the left, tears started falling from the teacher’s green eyes who was covering her face with her long golden hair she had. Although she wasn’t fat at 38-years old she was by much fatter than her student especially her breasts, her flabby belly, her great hips and her enormous butt. Apart from this while Celine was in a suitable tracksuit she lying in a dark jeans and a blue shirt.
The two hours seemed that they were going to last forever but when the 120th minute arrived the six girls entered the room laughing and cheering.

“Stand up bitch. Let’s fight the hell out of here.” Celine laughed, “Count the beginning Christina.”

The girl and her frightened teacher affronted each other. “One, two three.” And the fight was on.

Gail was very afraid she had never been in a catfight yet and she was very afraid of what might happen but she tried to go in the vantage and so she gave kick to her student’s stomach but Celine’s great reflexes saw her foot coming and she caught it and held in a 90 degrees angle and with her right foot gave the teacher a kick which went exactly into her crotch.

“AAAAAAHHHHH!!!” The teacher doubled in two with great pain.
When Celine saw her teacher like this she gave her an elbow into her head and sent her on the floor still protecting her crotch of her jeans. Then Celine caught her hair and made her stand up, she started pulling out her golden hair.

“AAAAAHHHHHH NOT MY AAAAAHHH HAIR.” Moaned the teacher who was very fond of her hair.

“Shut up bitch and watch beat the shit out of your fat ass!” Celine said then she gave her a double knee into her stomach which blew the air out of poor Gail. But that wasn’t enough cause Celine started punching and slapping the teacher with pleasure. Gail then gathered all her strength and sent Celine rolling on the floor. But Celine was fiercer than a tiger at the moment and in a matter of seconds she got up and ripped the teacher’s blouse.

Gail was shocked by what happened and she immediately took her hands to cover her black bra from the five girls and her opponent. But Celine didn’t want that and without giving her teacher a second she gave her another kick in her pussy to make her leave her breasts and while her tits were unprotected she ripped the bra and gave the teacher another knee into her cunt sending her to the floor half naked. Without giving her an instant she sat on her stomach and started squeezing her big tits and digging her nails into them.

“Your tits are very very big Mrs. Kellies.” Celine laughed and then she started twisting her nipples while pinching her tits.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Moaned the teacher after every twist she got into her breasts. Celine tried to take out her hands to cover her boobs but Celine trapped her hands under her knees. Gail’s face was all red with the embarrassment she was feeling of exposing her tits in front of six of her students. Then the girl started punch her teacher trough all her body. She was doing this for the fun of hearing her teacher scream and groan in pain beneath her superior body.

“Look at her.” Celine laughed, “She’s like Mrs. Booby.”

Then she started punching the two boobs in front of her and then pulling out her nipples while the teacher screamed and moaned with the great pain she was having.

But that was not all then she started biting her nipples which made the teacher cry, groan and shout like someone made. But the six girls were having the fun of their lives watching their math teacher in a helpless position without no chance of freeing herself from her student.

“OOOOOHHHHHH PLEASE GOD STOP OOOOOOHHHHHH PLEASE!!!” The teacher cried pathetically after ever bit from Celine.

“You could scream all you like you and your fat tits are going to have the worst time of your lives and hey I’m going to help you enjoy it all.” Celine giggled.

Then Celine took her teacher’s jeans unbuttoned it and stripped them out of her feet, leaving her teacher in only her black panties.


Although she was still with her panties some hairs could be seen from the front of her panties.

“Look at her body what a white color it owns. I couldn’t imagine what a whitish color your ass have. It’s not going to last long cause your ass cheeks are soon going to be like two strawberries.”

Then Celine took her hand and started rubbing it with the crotch of her teacher’s panties. Then to her greatest shock she entered four fingers into the panties of her teacher.

“OOOOOOH NO PLEASE NOT AAAAHHH.” The teacher moaned under the sensation she was having.

From behind her panties the five girls could see Celine’s fingers pressed into their teacher’s cunt. Everyone could see how Celine was fucking her teacher by pushing and pulling her fingers deep into her cunt.

“PLEASE NOT PELASE AHHHH.” The teacher wanted to die with the embarrassment she was having of being fucked in front of six girls.

“Ok, Now it’s your spanking time. Tie her girls.” And the girls made her bent down and touch her toes with her fingers then tied her wrists with her ankles.

Then Celine gave her a wedgie which ripped her panties in half.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Groaned the teacher with her boobs trembling at every sob while the panties cut deep into her cunt.

“You surely have a dark hairy bush there Mrs. Kellies!” Celine laughed at her really hair pussy.

While Celine brought the cane Gail was blushing in great humiliation. She have always been afraid of having an accident in front humiliation of her

students so you can imagine how she was feeling stripped naked and beaten and ready for a spanking.

Gail didn’t want to think how she being seen tied and made to bent down with her white ass up for everyone’s view.

“You sure have a fat plump ass Mrs. Kellies. Hold her girls. Six of the best Mrs. Kellies. With that your ass won’t stay white for a long time!”

Then Celine lifted the cane and pulled it down with all her strength on the teacher’s arse.



CRACK This time the cane hit her exactly into her ass crack giving her great pain between her ass cheeks. "AAAAHHHH PLEASE STOP!!!"

CRACK “OOOOOHHH PLEASE NOT SO HARD!!” The teacher begged to her student.

CRACK “OOOOOOHHHHHH!!” The teacher groaned.

Now Gail was thinking that it was over but after this Celine took off her right shoe and started smacking it hard across her teacher’s buttocks.

“AH AH AH AAAAAAHHHHH!!” The teacher groaned after each and every blow with the student’s shoe.

Now separate her hands from her feet and tie her ass up to the bed. The five girls untied her and then tied her two feet separately and after her hands were tied separately before she was tied to the bed. When the teacher was all tied all girls were given an op[portunity to spank her with her hands
"Ah Ah Ah!!" The teacher was groanign in a pathetic manner.

Now her two buttocks were really looking like two strawberries.

“Only one thing left.” Celine said and with that she inserted a dildo into her teacher’s tight asshole.


“Good night Mrs. Kellies I hope you enjoyed our company on your first day. See you tomorrow. Now your ass really looks like two strawberries. Goodnight and she was left with the dildo in her asshole tied to her bed.

N.B-Any negative/positive feedback is accepted. Thank You.

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