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Contribution: From Dangerous Curves - F/F Wrestling!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:43 pm    Post subject: Contribution: From Dangerous Curves - F/F Wrestling! Reply with quote

The great people at Dangerous Curves have graciously donated a video for the members of the Female Wrestling Channel.


Careers are on the line in this epic rematch! The hatred between these two gorgeous gladiators has reached a breaking point and now someone has got to go! After spending their first match doing everything to hurt and humiliate each other, Torrie demanded a rematch, stating: 'If I don't beat that little bitch, I'll retire!' Spirit loved the sound of that, but before she accepted, Torrie added: 'But if I win, I want her fucking ass outta here for good!' The thought of not only beating but retiring one of the hottest blonde wrestlers of all time was too tempting for Spirit. The match was made and it's just a thing of beauty: Both exactly the same size and skill. One blonde, one brunette. A face versus a heel. Perfect. Both ladies know exactly what to do in order to punish the other and each body scissor, head scissor, camel clutch, pin, choke, bow & arrow, ect is done with such spite it's like they enjoy the others pain. Along with the physical, both verbally destroy each other as well. Hair is yanked, stepped on, and tossed around as neither misses an opportunity to let the other know who's on top. No doubt about it, both have their 'A game' working right up until the very end of this close battle with one beauty finished off for good while trapped in a body aching camel clutch. With no way to recover, the loser collapses and is left writhing and shocked with a taunting victor reminding her it's all over with a casual 'see ya!' Incredible, and a must see!

View the Full Length Video, and all the videos at the Female Wrestling Channel, for $1 for the month of June.

Be certain to use this Direct Link here:

If signing up after June of's only $5.99 per month or $50 per year to access everything we do. Please use this link here so that Dangerous Curves will get the credit if you decided to sign up from this posting:

Connect with Dangerous Curves:

Visit the Dangerous Curves Website:

Download Dangerous Curves videos on your portable device at their clips4sale store!

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