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The Ana factor... wrestling ladies catfight

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:39 am    Post subject: The Ana factor... wrestling ladies catfight Reply with quote

Introducing folks…Ana Nikolić…and she‘s gonna be Lex Austin‘s personal contribution and twist to the girls contract grudge fight. Yes, she’s another one of those South-European starlets who also sings and dances to that same twangy turbo-folk stuff as Seka and Selma…and like Seka and Selma, is just as sexy and gorgeous…and is just so, so, so aching to kick shit outta her two rivals…but not just yet, Austin has told her (and has even paid her!) to wait.

Ms Nikolić is 30 yrs, with shoulder length auburn hair. She is wearing a tight, tiny silver-grey off the shoulder one piece clubbing dress which moulds itself to every gorgeous fuckin’ curve of her body, the hem barely covering her ample, mind blowing ass and her thighs bulge as she sits crossing and uncrossing her fantastic sheer nylon enclosed legs which end in a pair of stylish black hi-heels. Ana so hates Seka and Selma, for starters they are younger than her…and next…both bitches have bad-mouthed Ana back home for being an untalented gold digging self-publicist…and next…Ana is so jealous of Seka and Selma who both have a bigger fan following than her…and next…despite many TV appearances, Ana never seems to be able to topple either of those two skanks from the best seller charts …and next…Ana is determined to make this her moment (and like Seka and Selma, is praying that some guy with Hollywood connections is gonna see her)…Deep down (if she could ever be honest with herself?) she knows that Seka and Selma are actually better singers than her…but what the fuck, when Austin contacted her and offered her this fantastic break she jumped at it…if she can only get that contract…any which fuckin’ way, she‘ll be made!!

Remember Bob Pasco, Lex Austin’s security guy ? …well, he’s in seventh heaven - twice in one nite!! He couldn’t believe his luck when, having been assigned to keep Seka and Selma apart before their fight…now Austin has assigned him to keep an eye on Ana. Sitting next to her at the back of the club, Austin had given him strict orders not to let any drunk redneck try to pull her or get physical in any way with the auburn haired singer…and so far no guy has been stupid enough to try…although plenty have been looking her up and down and working out their chances…but thinking Bob Pascoe is Ana’s boy friend have sure kept their distance…Pasco is very aware of Ms Nikolić’s body next to him, he can hardly take his eyes off her half exposed 36” tits or her mind blowing sexy, meaty and muscled thighs…and he can feel her growing tension.

…and Ana sure is tense, a hell of a lot depends on her timing things just right…because that’s what Austin is paying her for. She is so aching to get in on the action and she is so, so wet from her sex juices already…Pasco can feel his cock getting harder and harder as he listens to her short, sharp woman’s panting as she watches the action unfold, he can see her hand rubbing her already erect nipples and then gliding down to her pussy…poor guy, it’s almost too much for him…

Meantime…as Ana watches and waits…on the action front things are all happening at once and sure as hell reaching a climax…Paula finishes torturing Madison with her over the shoulder back breaker…at the same time Connie releases Annette’s legs from their figure four torture and leaves the wrecked muscle girl lying flat on her back on the carpet, trying to recover from the experience…“Go, girl go”, yells Connie…and Paula upends Madison with a crutch lift and as the crowd holler with delight, slams the teen headfirst into Annette’s abs…

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