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PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 5:36 am    Post subject: RetiredAdultstarLaceyLegendsRoughsUp&TamesBustyBlackCoug Reply with quote

Lacey Legends is a retired adult film star and fitness model. She is a white woman in her mid 60's approximately 5'6 and 121 pounds. Her measurements are a 38-22-34 with 38 EE sized breasts. She is a legend in her own right.

One night,she was visiting Richmond,Virginia and staying at a hotel. She was located on the 12th floor; where the executive suite was located.That night, she was just sitting on her bed in her room and watching television; which was too loud.She was wearing a long silk red robe with long sleeves. All she was wearing was pink panties. Her well pedicured toes and her well manicured finger nails were of light brown metallic color. She was wearing no bra;all bare breasts under her robe.She was unsure as to whether she was going out to dinner or hang around the room.

Minutes later, there was a knock on the door."Who is it?!!" Shouted Lacey. "This is Miss Deborah of hotel security.", said the woman knocking on the door."What do you want!?", asked Lacey. " I have another noise complaint! So please let me come in and talk to you!" responded the security officer. Lacey threw her remote control on the bed and got up to answer the door.

"Yes, Miss Deborah?!", asked Lacey." Please let me in. I must talk to you.", responded Miss Deborah in a calm voice. Miss Deborah was a beautiful black woman who was light brown to almost light skinned in complexion; with beautiful brown eyes and a very small black mole on the upper right side of her lip.She was approximately in her mid-50's. She was approximately 5'4 and 112 pounds. She was a slender woman with short black hair that was cut at the shoulders.Her hair was peppered with some grey strands. She,too, was a well endowed woman with 36 DD cup sized breasts. She was wearing a solid black blazer, a white shirt that was partially unbuttoned to the point where her cleavage was almost obvious. She was wearing a white bra that was barely seen through her white shirt. She was also wearing black pants and black tennis shoes.

" Well! What are you waiting for?!come in!", responded Lacey as she was being a smart ass while she was opening the door for Deborah to enter the room; and closing it."Miss Lacey, this is the third noise complaint that I have against you. It is the policy of the hotel that you must be evicted. I am sorry." said Deborah. " Look, I paid to stay here!! I am not leaving!! The television is not that loud!" shouted Lacey." I am not going to argue with you. You must leave.", responded Deborah. " Bitch,I am not going anywhere! If you want me to go,then you will have to put me out yourself!!", Lacey warned Deborah.

"Okay, then I will have to call the police!", said Deborah as she quickly walked past Lacey towards the bed where the phone was. Then, Lacey grabbed Deborah by the hair and threw her to the bed. "Bitch, you did not asked me to use the phone!!", shouted Lacey as she was walking towards Deborah. As Deborah got up from the bed and almost completely on her feet, Lacey ,with her right hand, slapped her back onto the bed; a hard slap. Deborah fell back on the bed. Deborah sat up on the bed rubbing the left side of her face with her left hand." You white bitch, now I know you lost your mind!" said a very angry Deborah as she tried to get up from the bed. Then, Lacey slapped her back onto the bed again.Deborah fell back onto the bed again. Right afterwards, Lacey jumped on top of Deborah.

As Lacey was on top of Deborah, Lacey began to slap Deborah constantly with her right hand while using her left hand to grab her hair."Ouch! Ouch!, get off me you bitch!", shouted Deborah. Then, with both hands Lacey ripped open Deborah's shirt; exposing her white bra.Deborah tried to stop Lacey by using both of her hands to grab Lacey's wrists; but was unsuccessful. Then, with both of her hands, Lacey ripped open Deborah's bra ; exposing her black nippled light brown breasts. Lacey began to maul Deborah's breasts and pinch her nipples."Ouch!! Ouch!! Stop it!! Get off me!!"Shouted Deborah." Shut up,bitch!!", said Lacey before resuming her slaps to Deborah's face. "All right!!, All right!!, please let me up! Please stop!!" begged Deborah."So, you had enough?!", shouted Lacey as she continued to slap Deborah; before going back to the breast mauling and hair pulling."Yes! Please get off of me!!" Deborah begged again. Lacey finally stopped and got off up from the bed.

Deborah sat up on the bed against the head board. She was rubbing and holding the left side of her face with her left hand and covering her breasts with her right arm; because her shirt was ripped open and her white bra was on the floor by the bed." You are not calling the police, are you!?" Lacey asked Deborah."No.", responded Deborah in a soft voice. "Nothing happened, right?!" Lacey asked Deborah."No, nothing happened." replied Deborah." That's what I thought! You stay put! You do not get up from that bed unless I say so, got it!" Lacey told Deborah."Yes." responded Deborah.

"Take off those shoes and your socks and placed them on the floor. You are messing up my bed with them." Deborah took off her shoes and black socks and placed them on the floor; on the right side of the bed."Now, get back on that bed!", Lacey ordered Deborah. Deborah got back onto the bed and cuddle herself against the head board;bracing her naked and bra-less breasts; her legs closed together with her knees bended;and her bare feet flat on the bed.Deborah had very beautiful feet. Her toe nails were well pedicured with burgundy toe polish.

Lacey went into her luggage and grabbed a daisy duke clothing set with a white shirt with cut-off sleeves and collar. The shirt can also be buttoned or tied together. There was also a pair of blue jean shorts that was partially cut off at the bottom; with a black belt and gold buckle. Lacey also pulled out a pair of black flip flops.Afterwards,Lacey dropped everything in the middle of the bed."How much do they pay you per hour to work here?" Lacey asked Deborah. Deborah did not answer." You answer me! How much are they paying you!?' Lacey asked her again."They pay me enough.", Deborah responded softly."Well, you are going to quit tonight! You are going to be with me! You are going to make some money!", Lacey told Deborah. But, for now you are going into the bathroom and take a shower. Then, you will put those on! Use my items in the bathroom to freshen up." Lacey ordered Deborah. Deborah looked at Lacey and rolling her eyes at her and began to look down while bracing her breasts with both of her arms while laying against the bed. Lacey then quickly moved towards the bed and slapped Deborah again with her right hand as Deborah unsuccessfully tried to block it." Move your black ass and get in that bathroom!!" Lacey ordered Deborah. Deborah slowly got up from the bed and went into the bathroom; and closed the door behind her.

While Deborah was taking a shower, Lacey was already getting dressed. She was putting on a white leopard designed tight dress with long sleeves; and short at the bottom. The middle of the dress exposed her cleavage. She had a pair of white high heeled open toe shoes that she slipped on while sitting on the bed.

After approximately a half-hour, Deborah came out from the bathroom with a white towel around her. Her security uniform was on the bathroom floor. She had already dried herself in the bathroom. Then, Lacey gave Deborah some lotion to rub on her body prior to putting on her daisy duke clothing set.Deborah dropped her towel onto the bed before sitting on the bed to rub lotion onto herself; and sprayed on some of Lacey's expensive perfume afterwards."Now, put on your clothes." Lacey ordered Deborah. First, Deborah put on the shorts; pulling them up slowly and buttoning them."Do not worry, you do not need any panties." said Lacey.Then, Deborah fastened the belt around the shorts.Afterwards, Deborah put on the white shirt and tied the two ends together. The white shirt completely showed her cleavage and she was not wearing a bra.Deborah's nipple prints can be seen through the shirt."Now,sit on the bed." Lacey ordered Deborah.

As Deborah sat on the bed, and still barefooted, Lacey grabbed the pair of black flip flops. As an added insult, Lacey spat in both of them a few times."Now, put them on!" Lacey ordered Deborah. Deborah slipped on the flip flops with no resistance.Lacey also put on gold ankle bracelets on each of Deborah's ankles; and a gold toe ring on each big toe;in which she purchased them from the jewelery store; for herself. Lacey walked to and from the bathroom with her mascara kit.

As Deborah was sitting on the bed, Lacey grabbed Deborah by her chin and began moistening her lips with red lipstick. Then, Lacey stopped and asked Deborah a question." You have never been with a woman before, have you?" Lacey asked Deborah."No, I have not." responded Deborah, who was obviously angry but answered softly."Well,I have. I am about to break you in;and pop your cherry.So,welcome to the club, dear. And believe me, you'll be sprung with your pussy juices flowing!" Lacey told Deborah. "The blacker the berries,the sweeter the juices I heard!", added Lacey.Then, Lacey bended herself to Deborah while she was still sitting on the bed and kissed her on the lips; then giving her an aggressive tongue kiss."MMMM, tasty!", said Lacey. Deborah was too timid to resist as she returned the kisses back to Lacey. Then, with her left hand,Lacey grabbed Deborah by her hair;from the back.Lacey had well manicured long finger nails of a light brown metallic color.

Then, with her right finger , dug a booger out of the right nostril of her nose, and rubbed it onto Deborah's lower lip." Lick em! Lick those lips and swallow!!I said swallow, damn it!! Swallow it bitch!!" Lacey ordered Deborah. Deborah did lick her lips and swallowed the booger with weak resistance; and was holding Lacey's left arm with both of her hands."Let go of my arm!! Keep your hands on the bed and stop fighting me! You cannot win!", Lacey told Deborah as Deborah released Lacey's arm and placed her hands back onto the bed.

" Now open your mouth and move your tongue around and say Ahhh!!" Lacey ordered Deborah as she still held Deborah by her hair. "Ahhhhh!", replied Deborah as she opened her mouth wide as she did swallowed it."That's my girl!!Good girl!", Lacey told Deborah. "Now, go to the mirror. I want to see you in the mirror." Lacey ordered Deborah. As both women were in the mirror,Lacey, who was behind Deborah,used both arms around Deborah; and began to untie her white shirt completely open.Afterwards, Lacey, with a jar of breast arousal cream that she got from out of her luggage, opened the jar, grabbed a glob of it with her fingers and began to rub both of Deborah's black nipples.Deborah's nipples became perky and hard.Deborah was staring down at her hardened nipples along with Lacey. Lacey fondled Deborahs breasts, pinched gently on her black nipples and began to kiss and suck on the left side of Deborah's neck; then biting that side of her neck to leave a mark.""Owwwwww!", responded Deborah, without resistance." You can tie your shirt back.", Lacey told Deborah. Deborah tied her white shirt back together again.

"Do you live alone?!" Lacey asked Deborah as Deborah turned around from the mirror to face her. "Yes, my children are all grown. You can't move in....." replied Deborah before being interrupted by Lacey as Lacey put her right index finger on Deborah's lips."Shhhhhhhhh...not a word. That is where we are going. You will learn to love me. I am controlling. I do not want any other man or woman to come near you. You are mine. We are together now." Lacey told Deborah. I am packing my things. We are going to your place. My black BMW is parked outside. You will give me directions." Lacey ordered Deborah."Okay!?!" Lacey shouted at Deborah."Yes." Deborah responded quietly.

Lacey gathered all of her belongings."Leave your clothes. You will not be needing them. Leave everything for housekeeping. I want them to see all of this." Lacey told Deborah; referring to the pair of pants, the blazer, white panties and shirt that was on the wet bathroom floor; her black tennis shoes and socks that was left beside the bed; and even her torn white bra that was on the floor by the left side of the bed."They are really going to fire your ass,now!",Lacey laughingly told Deborah. Deborah angrily looked at Lacey; but did not argue back for fear of being slapped again." Grab my luggage and let's get out of here.", Lacey ordered Deborah. Deborah grabbed Lacey's zebra designed luggage bag and both women were leaving the room.

As both women exited the room, the guest who was across the hallway from Lacey was standing outside of his door. He saw both Lacey, who was dressed in a white tight leopard dress with long sleeves and short at the bottom. She was also wearing the open toe high heeled white shoes that showed her well pedicured red toe nails. Deborah had Lacey's daisy duke clothing set on.Deborah was also carrying Lacey's small lightweight luggage bag for her. Both women were holding hands and walking towards the stairway;walking past the man. As they were passing the man, Deborah looked at him and rolled her eyes at him in shame. Then, Lacey stopped and she turned around along with Deborah ;looking towards the man while still holding Deborah's left hand with her right hand."You see! I kicked her ass!! You wasted your time calling security. I retired her! She cannot do anything for you. She is with me as you can see. She is not cut out to be a security guard .She is more useful for other things." Lacey told the man." I am calling the front desk!",said the man." Call them!", responded Lacey. As the man quickly went back into his room, Lacey quickly walked to the stairwell and pulled Deborah with her as both women were moving quickly.

The two women opened the stairway door to enter the stairway area." Deborah!Stop,take off your flip flops,and put them in my luggage bag because you might fall down the stairs as we are moving!!" Lacey ordered Deborah. Deborah took off her flip flops as Lacey took off her high heeled shoes."Here,take my shoes, too!!; and put them in the luggage bag!!", Lacey ordered Deborah as Deborah quickly unzipped Lacey's luggage bag and placed her flip flops and Lacey's shoes into the bag ; and zipped it closed.

Both women took off running down the stairs barefooted as Lacey was now grabbing Deborah's right hand with her left hand,holding the steel banisters with her right hand and pulling Deborah along. Deborah had Lacey's luggage bag in her left hand; and was trying to keep up.Their tits were bouncing up and down as they were running down towards the exit.Both women exited through the side doors. Then, the two women got into Lacey's BMW.Afterwards, Lacey quickly drove off. Both women were tired after running down the long flight of stairs; but were okay. Lacey's right hand held and caressed Deborah's left hand." I am tired after all of that running down those stairs!!", said Deborah while trying to catch her breath. Lacey was a little breathless herself."Now, show me the way to your place." Lacey told Deborah after they both kissed while Lacey was driving." I hope that you can cook because I am hungry!" Lacey said to Deborah while looking at her." Yes, I can cook." responded Deborah as she was nodding her head and looking on as she was about to give directions."After dinner, we are going to take a shower together." said Lacey.

While still driving,Lacey, with her left hand on the stirring wheel, raised Deborah's chin with her right thumb and index finger.She looked Deborah in the eyes and told her:" Then, we are going into your bedroom.You are going to take the phone off of the hook and we are going to make passionate love! I'm gonna fuck the hell out of you! I have some personal toys of mine in the back trunk of the car!". "Your tits are not as big as mine, but I will make you appreciate what both you and I have! I am gonna titty fuck you until you pass out!!" said Lacey as she looked down at Deborah's breasts. Deborah was surprised and speechless. Her angry facial expressions turned into a blush and a smile as she began to look down."We need to stop by the store and buy some wine." said Lacey. When the car stopped at a traffic light that was red, Lacey , with her right hand,aggressively grabbed Deborah by the back of her head with a hand full of hair; and tongue kissed her again. Deborah gave in by locking her lips onto Lacey's luscious lips. Both women were still barefooted as Lacey's right foot began to rub on both of Deborah's feet. Deborah was a little ticklish,but she liked it and gave in.

Then afterwards, Lacey moved her right hand away from Deborah's hair and placed it onto her breasts; rubbing and caressing them. Then, sliding her hand onto Deborah's left leg as she drove off after the traffic light turned green.

Lacey and Deborah now belonged to each other.

(To be Continued) Laughing
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