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"I Want This Job!" Story. women wrestling

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:43 am    Post subject: "I Want This Job!" Story. women wrestling Reply with quote

"I want this job! And I'm going to get this job!" the haughty snobbish redhead said as she handed her three page resume to the office manager. She smirked at the young beautiful Asian woman and scoffed at the quite gorgeous Hispanic gal.
"They'll never hire you," her silent condescending look said as she smiled confidently at the office manager and returned to her seat. Both women tried hard to ignore her smug look and the rather rude comments she muttered under her breath as they each took their turns handing in their resumes.
All three needed the well paying job. They each had impeccable credentials and they were essentially the three finalists.
"Will the flollowing three people please come into the office?" As their names were called all three went into the office at once. The two brunette's did their best to ignore the arroance of the redhead. Red wore an extremely tight lowcut blouse and short skirt; stilletto heels; the blouse seemed to be missing the top couple of buttons; otherwise her apperance was impeccable. Her two rivals wore attractive blouses and modest skirts, much more appropriate office attire.
"Hmmmmmm. I'm sorry for the lateness of the hour; I and my secretary Joanna have reviewed your qualifications. I am really having a hard time deciding-the old duffer said. He seemed to be quite sincere. Only his long time secretary Joanna knew what was up. She bit her lip and hoped the three hopeful future employees didn't notice she had pushed the button to lock the door.
"How do I decide? My oh my....Hmmmmm."
"I want job-very very much." Kim's impromptu nervous response betrayed her true and excellent grasp of grammar. She felt inwardly like a nervous school girl. She tried most valiantly to resist the tempatation of giving a hard martial arts kick to the arrogant redhead's midsection. Secretly she wished they could settle things in a much more undiplomatic matter.
"I'd like to rip that bitch's hair out-strand by strand," Maria thought as she fought back hard against the strong urge to grab the redhead by that lovely long hair, slap her silly, pound her senseless and strip her in front of the old dude that surely would consider her the best candidate for the job.
"Tell me why, Dawn you are best for the job," the office manager said as she handed a glass of water to the redhead.
"Well I should definitely get this job, being most highly qualified because-"
"You did forward all calls did you not Marge-?"
Final job elimination and qualification had begun-Pure erotic, exotic, exciting catfight style.....

"Forget Marge-I sent her home early; we don't want any interference do we?" Joanna said as she calmly poured her boss a drink. She was strangely used to this kind of action. In her mind she vividly remembered how many years earlier she had landed this job. Literally "beat" out all competition. Next to her boss she was in complete control of the office. Even the cute blonde Marge who had been hired temporary. Beautiful face, nice big boobs, fantastic body but one who would seem to be great evidence for most "blonde jokes."
"Come on Dawn-you really are most qualified-act like it," Joanna said pretending to be on the snobbish redhaired beauties side. She secretly cheered Maria and Kim on. Her mind replayed the interview she had conducted with both of them a bit earlier.
"Hmmmmm, martial arts-is this a hobby or are you good at it?" When Kim displayed some of her skills Joanna was immediately impressed.
"You may have to indeed fight fot this job-literally; but be advised, your future boss prefers you settle things in a more ladylike style; do you understand?"
"Yess---I think so---Whaaa-Awwwcccck." Before Kim could answer the older woman lunged at her, grabbed her by the hair and wrestled her down onto a desk.
"This is the kind of battle he likes-understand?" Joanna rasped as she ripped Kim's blouse partially open, slapped her a couple of times and yanked at her long dark hair.
"Soooo sorry; how impolite of me, but I just want you to understand this unique job's unwritten qualifications," the office manager smiled as she sensed her possible future coworker's immediate understanding of "doing business."
"I'll try hard not to use my skills, but I must alert you-they are most natural instinct," Kim stated.
"I'll take that into consideration," the older woman said matter of factly as she stood up and helped Kim "get back to normal" before leaving.
"Do you really mean that I must fight-physically fight for this job?" Maria had asked with great shock and surprise.
"Why yes; if that bothers you then think twice about this position," Joanna said.
"But you'd be fantastic at the job-as well as if I have any intuition, you're a true tigress or should I say "hellcat" deep down?"
Joanna continued her advice and embellished in more detail just what Maria's prospective employer would like in the position. Suddenly Joanna grabbed Maria's wrists and held her hands up; "Nice nails-perfectly manicured. Hard, sharp, they'd be fantastic weapons-scratching, clawing, pinching-are you understanding what I mean?" the older woman asked as she licked her sensuous lips. Maria nodded.
"Your competition is most vicious; she's the best; better than either of you; meaner; she fights dirty; she could take either of you; BUT if you work together-as one-get nasty; show your anger, show your dominance...Slap, punch, pull her hair, and even go after her lovely body-and yes, you can and must STRIPPPPPP her...."
"Aieeeeeee. Stopppp...I'll kill you-the both of you-Yieeeeeee!" the angry stunned redhead shrieked and screamed, her voice full of furious rage as she tried to block her two beautiful attackers assaults; counterpunches, slaps, you name it, Dawn tried it. Strength, quickness, fury only went so far as she soon was making only defensive moves. Angry fast fingers pulled and yanked at her long red hair; her blouse was soon in shreds as was her skirt; Maria ripped the remains of her skirt off as Kim tore off her tattered blouse. Dawn landed a lucky punch to Maria's face and blocked Kim's incoming fist; she turned and started to run; a heel broke, she stumbled.
"Yeah get the nasty arrogant bitch!" Joanna cheered her two favorites on; she noted the happy face of her boss. He had more than one "expression" of total enjoyment.
"Yeah strip the hottie!" he mumbled.
"You're goin' down lady," Maria snarled. She grabbed for a thin shoulder strap on that expensive bra; Kim grabbed the other strap; each grabbed an arm; they slammed the tall beautiful redhead against the wall; a good firm steady pull and the bra gave way.
"Yeah, grab her boobs; squeeze 'em hard; pinch those ni-
"Aieeeeeeeee. Argggggggh. Pleaseeeee-"

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