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past vs future PT I. Topless catfight wrestling

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:46 am    Post subject: past vs future PT I. Topless catfight wrestling Reply with quote

Past Versus Future.
The birthday party for Justine had been great.
You only turn 12 once and She was sound asleep in her fathers home.
In her 2nd bedroom after a day of swimming and play.

Rick, her dad was outside with is x-wife Carrie and his brand new fiancÚ Karen. The women had cleaned up the final dishes from the party and where sitting around the picnic table reminiscing the events of the day and the pending new wedding.

Carrie had heard the news from Rick just the day before and had gone silent for several moments on the phone after, but had seemed in great spirits the whole day of the party.

She had come in a very sexy pair of jean shorts with her blue bikini top showing off her ample 34-D bosom and her slim 34 year old body. Her amber hair and green eyes where only a little bloodshot from the lateness of night and the beers she had drunk. Karen had dressed in the same type of attire with her pink bikini top being even more revealing showing off her taunt 24 year old body.

Rick had joked with his closest male friends that he had traded in the “older” model of Carrie for the “newer” model of Karen. That had not truly been the case, but after 10 years of marriage the love had just disappeared and they divorced about 2 years ago.

Carrie had dated many guys, but had not gotten serious about any of them and Rick had dated a few women, but Karen was his first serous relationship.

“I need to go in and take care of a few details for me meeting in the morning, ladies. I hope you can excuse me for an hour.” Rick stated before leaving the picnic table.

He gave Karen a peck and Carrie a grin as he got up and left both women sitting opposite each other at the picnic table. They had spent much time together over the last 6 months and had gotten along very well. Karen had shown that she cared for Carrie’s daughter and would make a great step-mom.

“So, congrad’s are in order on your snatching up Rick?”
Karen blushed “Yes, he just asked a few days ago. We are going to make the official announcement in a week, but he though you should be the first to know, being you’re the x.”

Carrie smiled and began to speak when Karen jumped and yelled “OUCH!” Carrie said “ sorry, I didn’t mean to kick you.”

Karen just smiled and said “ I know you didn’t mean it.”

They continued in their pleasant conversation for several minutes until Karen twitched again and Carrie once again offered her regrets for accidently kicking her in the shin with her foot.

Something was not really sounding true in her apology and Karen’s forgiveness was also not as true. Minutes went by and finally Rick came back out and sat down next to his new fiancÚ and joked

“ I’m back ladies, I hope you two haven’t been to bored without me.”
Neither women spoke. He looked at Carrie and noticed that she was intent on Karen as Karen was on her.

Blue eyes looking into Green eyes, deeply and deadly. Then he felt the picnic table move and putting his hand on Karen’s leg noticed her thigh was tight and extended. He peaked under the picnic table and saw their bare legs straining against each other with deep bruising and light cuts on both their legs.

Carrie noticed Rick’s eyes get real big and she smiled. “Told ya” she purred to Carrie.

She abruptly got up, never taking her eyes off of Karen and went around to the other side of the picnic table and put her hand between Rick’s legs and confirmed her suspicion. He was hard as a rock from the leg fight that had been going on under the table. Karen was shocked and looked at Rick and then batted Carrie's hand away.

Carrie laughed “ You know how he likes catfights. I’ll bet he was hoping I would challenge you.”

Karen surprised Rick saying “ I was hoping that, too.” She got up and faced her rival.

Carrie put her arm around Rick’s neck, kissed him hard on the lips and said “ your about to get your wish, baby.”

Karen knocked her hand away and drew her fiancÚ closer to her saying “ I hope you don’t mind if I mess up your x-wife?”

Rick just sat there dumfounded. Both women moved to the other side of the picnic table and stood arms length apart staring at each other.

They could have been twins. Same height, weight, breast size. Rick started to speak a plea for them to stop when Karen smiled and said “ It’s all right, lover, I’ve been expecting this. This isn’t my first fight, but at least now I’m fighting over the right to be the Alpha women in your home.”

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