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The life of a sales girl. sex wrestling catfight.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:50 am    Post subject: The life of a sales girl. sex wrestling catfight. Reply with quote

Catherine-38yrs-6,3-85kg. Stocky and very strong. Skirt and light t-shirt.
Joan-27yrs-5, 4-58kg. Not a fighter for sure. Pants and blouse-Her uniform
Dorianne-23yrs-5, 7-65. A bit chubby and not so strong. Pants and blouse-Her uniform.
Although Dorianne and Joan were only two sales girls they were often the only two workers in this clothes shop and they worked very good together and they were very close with each other.

On one fine morning Dorianne was setting some clothes when she heard some shouting coming from behind her. She looked back and saw a woman (Catherine) shouting and yelling in Catherine’s face who was only staring at her almost crying.

“What’s the matter?” Dorianne asked.

“Hello little bitch, you sent me this bill with things I didn’t bought. If you don’t want to geo a good beating both of you withdraw this bill, NOW.” Catherine threatened them.

“Sorry miss but here before we sent a bill we always check hundred percent if it’s real or not.” Dorianne replied.

“So you didn’t understand me did you?” Catherine asked, “Than take this!” And with that she gave Dorianne a slap on her face.

“Ouch.” Dorianne groaned. “Don’t be violent Miss.”

“Withdraw that bill.” Catherine threatened. By now Joan had already escaped from the shop for safety.

“We can’t.” Dorianne said afraid.

“So you want it the dear way.” Catherine said. “No problem for me.”

Catherine than put her hand bag near the cash and gave Dorianne a punch in her nose which started to bleed.

“What the…” Dorianne started to say but she was interfered by a punch in her stomach. “Ooooh. STOP!!”

“I warned you twice what was going to happen but you’re just a stubborn cunt. So now take what you deserve.” Catherine replied. Then she caught Dorianne by her wrist and gave her a knee in her stomach.

“Oooh.” Dorianne groaned again with intense pain. “Please, you’re hurting me.” She gasped.
Catherine turned at that moment and Dorianne saw the opportunity to try to stop these tortures and when Catherine turned she gave her a punch exactly in her cunt. Catherine wasn’t expecting that and she was taken completely by surprise. Dorianne tried to escape but at the last second Catherine caught her by her wrist pulled her and threw her on the floor flying on her breast.

“Aaaahhh.” She groaned as her big tits squeezed with the floor.

“So you tried to take advantage?” Catherine asked when she recovered. “Then you have to learn a lesson.” And with that she gripped Dorianne’s blouse and ripped it off with the consequence that now Dorianne’s bi tits were only covered by a white bra. Some people now were watching the show when they heard the noise coming from the shop. Catherina gave Dorianne a punch in her face which sent her on the floor groaning. Then Catherine sat on her stomach and after ripping Dorianne’s white bra and exposing her big tits to everyone she started twisting and pinching her this made Dorianne mad, her tits were always very sensitive and no one had made this to her, especially in public.

“OOOAAAAHH Ouch.” She was groaning on the floor but no mercy was shown to her and Catherine continued torturing her. Then she unbuttoned Dorianne’s and started yanking it down. Dorianne now was in a complete mess in only her white thong and with a bare chest and with about twenty people watching all the show. Some of her pubic her was getting spilled from her thong.

“Nice ass bitch.” Catherine laughed before she stripped her naked completely. Then she tied her with her face down on the counter and started opening wide her ass cheeks to expose her ass hole.

“Aaaahhhh.” Dorianne groaned.

But Catherine wasn’t satisfied cause she took out the bill and inserted into Dorianne’s ass hole and started a spanking with a clothes hanger. Dorianne was groaning and screaming with every smack on her ass. After that Catherine left the shop. Some people untied her and she escaped from the shop naked with her glowing ass visible for everyone watching. This is only the beginning.


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