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Karen Vs Justine. girl catfight wrestling

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:30 am    Post subject: Karen Vs Justine. girl catfight wrestling Reply with quote

It was my mother who made the first move by pulling Karen’s hair with all her strength but Karen saw what was coming and caught mum’s wrist to stop her while the crowd cheered for her. Than mum tried to kick her in her stomach but Karen caught her by her fat thigh and gave her a punch in her cunt still catching her by her leg than she gave her a deep punch in her dep stomach.

Justine: Aaaaahhhh!!!

Karen: You tried to kick me in the belly but it’s you who’s got punched whore.

With that she smacked mum on the grass who was breathing heavily. Then she sat on mum’s back and started to pull her neck back which made mum kick the air with pain. But these kicks were not useless cause one of them hit Karen between her legs and sent her on the floor crying in pain. Very slowly mum walked up and sat on Karen’s stomach with all the people still supporting Karen. Mum then started to slap Karen’s face who was spitting and groaning on the grass. Mum was lost punching and slapping Karen and she didn’t matter to look at what she was doing.

Justine: Ooooooooooooh.

Karen have laid up her knee and gave a hit to mum’s big ass crack which made mum roll from Karen’s body and fell down to the ground. When Karen got free again she stood up quickly and this time it was her turn to sit on mum’s fat belly. She caught mum’s t-shirt and pulled it hard with the consequence that got ripped on two which means that now mum’s enormous tits were only covered by her bra.

Justine: Oh no please bring it back please let me cover my breast.

Karen: No bitch look at the crowd how aroused they are to see your nearly naked boobs even your son seems excited and this is not even the beginning.

My mum was cover her breasts with a great embarrassment feeling. But Karen had no mercy for mum instead she caught mum’s writ and put them under her knees so that she couldn’t cover her breast.

Justine: Your breast is a busty breast Justine they deserve a bit of treatment. Doesn’t they?

With that Karen started to dig her long nails into mum’s big tits with hatred. Mum was crying and pleading in an unbelievable pain. Her boobs were all scratched like she had really have fought with a fierce cat. But Karen continued to pull and twist her large nipples in front of everyone watching. When finally she stopped mum was helpless.

Karen: Do you wish for the first time to see her fat ass?

People: Yes you can do it Karen.

Then Karen ripped off mum’s jeans button and unzipped it before eventually stripping off her jeans leaving her bare legs and her big ass covered by her panties.

Karen: Your buttocks are really very big Justine and they are going to be grilled today to be as sore as hell.

Mum was crying and panicking with shame and pain. Karen made her stand up and started to punch her belly but mum was too weak to keep standing up in her white underwear and with her belly being punched and in a short she fell on the floor but Karen started to kick her still covered cunt.

Justine: Oooooooooh.

Mum was crying and shouting after every kick. Then Karen ripped off her bra so that her boobs were fully naked. Mum tried to cover her breasts but Karen twisted her wrists and many people were taking photos of her great boobs which were bouncing with every breath she was taking and Karen gave her two slaps on her tits.

Justine: Ah…please…stop…I can’t take anymore I’m too old to be naked.

Karen: Never too old darling.

And Karen caught mum’s panties and gave her a deep wedgie into her big ass crack which made mum cry in pain but it was only a matter of seconds till her panties got ripped and now she was lying on the grass naked trying to cover her big boobs, her big ass and her hairy cunt. Karen took mum’s bra and tied her hands behind her back. And her feet with her jeans. Mum couldn’t even stand up on her feet with her feet and hands tied. Karen opened the pipe the coldest possible and started to wash mum with it who tried to escape the frozen water but couldn’t. When Karen finished mum was trembling on the floor with coldness.

Karen: don’t worry sweet the barbeque is already on fire so that you could heat yourself.

Justine: Oh no please don’t do this to me.

Karen: If I don’t I would show to everyone that I’m not a real woman. So it’s the best for both of us.

Then Karen laid mum on the fire tied like a rabbit. The fire was very dim cause Karen didn’t want to kill mum but it was enough to make mum beg her to stop.

Justine: Aaahh….it’s very hot…please stop…Aaah.

But Karen and everyone watching was enjoying themselves and from time to time she gave mum a spank with the wooden spoon and turn her with her tits facing the fire and her nipples in the grill holes.

After the hour had passed mum’s body was red hot and she was peeing herself with pain and humiliation. Then she let my mother escape which was done only with my help. For about a month mum could only stay standing up and almost naked because of her sore body.

Response please

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