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Challenge fight

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:33 am    Post subject: Challenge fight Reply with quote

Hey I'd like to set a challenge. I'd like to see who can write the best story about me vs another bitch. Whoever wins I will give them my personal email addy and then you can chat away to me in private on msn on yahoo. Okay here are the rules.

My name is Sandra
My opponents name is elena
We can be in the following locations (A night club/ A beach / The gym)
We must be very bitchy to one another
No sexual activity is to go on ( I hate her I'm not lesbian)
I can win or lose whatever as long as it's a good story
I want the loser to be humiliated by begging for forgiveness
We must be competing for a man
Me and Elena have a bikini contest
The story must be very descriptive
The winner must make the loser perform tasks
The story has to be a good size
The loser kisses the winner feet
The winner gets the man

Please do yourbest and you willprbably win. If you do win I will give you more pics of me and I will give you my personal email addy. I am trying to show pics of me and her but I'm a dizzy girl so I cant really do it I dont know how. I'm blonde and have 34dd chest with long legs and im 5ft 10, she's brunetter and 5ft 8 and has 34dd also. Her legs are not as long as mine and she is a total bitch and I treat her like one.

Go for it guys

I heard her approaching on the beach, her feet kicking up a bit of sand. I looked up from my book. I smiled at her in recognition. Sandra, from work is a lovely tall blonde with delicious looking 34dd breasts. My swim trunks got a little...uncomfortable.. She smiled at me and said "nice to see you too." I nervously laughed and sat up in my beach chair, admiring her red bikini with thong bottom. I have spent many an afternoon at work thinking about her ass..
She arched her back and spun around a little "like my suit?" I nodded slowly and managed to say "yes..." I continued.."Would you like to join me?" She said "Sure."

As she turned around to sit down in the beach chair next to me Elena walked up. Sandra stopped and braced her feet, digging her toes into the sand.

Elena is another coworker. She's 5'8, brunette, with 34dd breasts as well. She and I went on a few dates a year or so ago. Nothing really came of it. She smiles a bit at me..then scowls at Sandra. She says "Hey Sandra, nice buttcheeks, I would have thought you would have wanted to cover that cellulite up."

Sandra walked forward, sticking her tits out, I flaunt the curves I have you skinny bitch....and my legs are nice than yours!"

Elena scowls back and turns to me showing off her black bikini...she says "Isn't my figure nicer than her?"

I examine and find myself in a quandry. No longer hiding my hard on... Sensing my indecision the girls stand facing me...shoulder to shoulder, posing.

That's a start....more to follow.

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