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Happy New Year from Cavalier!

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:56 pm    Post subject: Happy New Year from Cavalier! Reply with quote

My wife Shannon has known since shortly after we were married that I reg¬ularly buy your magazine and that the reason is your "Fight Time" section. She occasionally asks me if I’ve read any good letters, which we then will discuss before making love. This past summer she surprised me by buying two Napali videos but I never expected that she would actually fight another woman.

One of the women in the office where I work, a full-figured divorcee named Nanette, propositioned me a few months back. Since I am a happily married man, I declined her offer, but fm not enough of a saint to resist look¬ing when she bends over and reveals her shapely upper legs or when she leaves the top of her blouse open an extra button.
Though I didn't tell Shannon of her solicitation, somehow she knew and that increased her inherent, though until last week hidden, dislike for Nanette. On Wednesday, I worked late and as I was finishing, Shannon came by so that we could go to dinner. Nanette also happened to be working late, though we had barely talked to each other in the hour since the office had closed.
I was at my desk when I heard the two of them talking. Several minutes later I walked into the hallway, still reading a report, and from the corner of my eye thought I saw the two of them jam their chests together. Look¬ing up in disbelief, this time I clearly saw them slam together. I tossed the report and ran toward them, but couldn't get there before they each had handfuls of the other's clothes and hair.
It took quite. an effort to separate them, and even then they continued to grab for each other. Shannon was livid and yelling for me to let her at the bitch, and Nanette yelled for her to come on. I wasn’t sure what had trig¬gered this and, surprisingly, wasn't ea¬ger to see it actually happen. But with Shannon pleading that she really wanted to do it, I stepped from be¬tween them.
They stared at each other and with¬out saying a word removed their own dresses and shoes. Both Shannon and Nanette are large-framed women but Nanette has the larger bust; when Shannon saw Nanette unhooking her bra, she called Nanette a slut. Nanette continued and dared Shannon to do the same, which Shannon did while prom¬ising to make Nanette pay for her impropriety.
Then they stopped and looked at the other until I began to wonder if they were going to back down. Shannon seemed more uneasy. Her eyes kept wandering between Nanette's eyes and her own breasts, while Nanette seemed relatively calm. I was nervous and worried for my wife, but still felt an erection trying to rip through my pants.
Nanette has shoulder-length black hair; a dark complexion, and looked menacing as she stared at Shannon.
(The week after the fight, Nanette told me she is 27, 5'9:' 173 pounds and 44DD-32-42.) Her breasts are remark¬ably firm for their size and her brown nipples were hard. My wife is 25,5'8:' 158 pounds, 40D-28-39, has long straight black hair and full round breasts with pink nipples.
As Nanette raised her fists and stepped toward my wife, Shannon visi¬bly cringed but held her ground and brought her hands up to defend herself Nanette threw a right, then a left at Shannon, landing them on Shannon's upper arms. Shannon seemed to take them well but was still backing up as she retaliated, so her counter-punches had little effect
When Shannon's heels touched the wall, they grappled together and Nanette kept moving forward until their bodies also met Nanette's mam¬moth boobs engulfed Shannon's as she pressed her body into Shannon and drove my wife up against the wall As I circled to get a better view, Nanette grabbed my wife's throat with one hand and clasped her breast with the other.
Nanette forcibly held Shannon like this for -about fifteen seconds before Shannon spun away. For the first time, my wife went on the offensive, hitting Nanette in the ribs and backing her into a corner where they continued to exchange blows. Nanette twice crashed into Shannon and tried to bull her way out of the corner, but both times my wife bashed her own tits and chest into Nanette and drove her back.
They kept taunting each other, sometimes loudly but often quietly enough that I couldn't hear what was said, though none of it was complimen¬tary. Both women's nipples were hard and erect and their breasts and bodies were bathed in sweat At that point, I shot the first of several loads of sperm in my pants.
. Then Nanette caught Shannon with a fist to the stomach, doubling Shan¬non over before she fell to one knee. Nanette stepped out from the wall and grabbed my wife by the hair. I thought their battle would soon be over but Shannon surprised both of us by lung¬ing forward and tackling Nanette.
As they rolled around, it was diffi¬cult to tell who was getting the worst of the action. Both women battled wildly. Nanette beat on my wife's back, pulled her hair and once kneed her cunt so hard Shannon gasped and her face paled. Still, Shannon got in her licks, pounding Nanette's midsec¬tion and clawing her breasts.
About then, with Shannon lying par¬tially atop Nanette, their right legs Wrapped together. The sight of their nylon-covered thighs locked together muscles tight and straining, and the scent of perfume mixed with per¬spiration is something I will never for¬get. My wife had withstood everything Nanette had dished out and the erotic aura of her defiance caused me to ejac¬ulate a second time.
Just when I thought Shannon might be in control, Nanette dug her finger¬nails into my wife's breast, causing my wife to scream and her body go rigid. Their legs unwind and Nanette tip¬ped Shannon over and pinned her: As Shannon twisted her body to escape, one of Nanette's big boobs fell across my wife's face. I knew what had hap¬pened the moment Nanette shrieked, but even after she jerked up and I saw my wife with a mouthful of boob, I couldn't believe what she was doing.
The two women backed off each other, holding the areas of their bodies that hurt most. As Nanette lay on her back, I saw her tangled hair, red ¬flushed body, mangled breasts and heaving chest. Of course, Shannon didn't look much better: Both women were exhausted and when I recom¬mended they stop, neither argued.
A few comments in closing. While watching my wife fight another woman was an erotic experience, it was very hard for me not to step in sooner and stop the physical abuse she absorbed. Fortunately, neither woman was se¬riously hurt, though both ached for days. Shannon and I have discussed it at length since then and she says that her self-esteem is higher now that she has confronted her adversary. Surpris¬ingly, Nanette has been willing to talk about it too, and concurs with Shannon that it was a very intense and erotic experience.
Both women maintain they are not afraid to fight the other again, and each has explained in vivid detail what she would do differently. However, even though I plan on continuing to read your magazine, I feel very fortunate to have seen my wife fight once, know that she could have been seriously hurt, and will do my best to convince her never to fight Nanette or any other woman again.
R. W., California.
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