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Nasty ex-wife vs girlfriend fight...from Cavalier

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:34 pm    Post subject: Nasty ex-wife vs girlfriend fight...from Cavalier Reply with quote

I recently experienced one of life's little pleasures that every man should have the good fortune to enjoy. I’m speaking about the pleasure of having two women battle each other in a catfight over your affection. I’ve read about catfights before in Cavalier and have seen women wrestling on television and in several movies. But nothing equals the raw sensuality of seeing a catfight live and close up, especially when it's being fought over you.

The fight was between my ex, Maureen, and a Puerto Rican girl I'm dating, named Maria. Maureen was always a jealous bitch throughout our marriage. She used to fume if I gave another pretty woman any attention at all. Her temper was one of the reasons for our separation. But, even though her temper was hot, I'd never seen her in a catfight before. On several occasions she traded verbal threats with a few females, but nothing ever resulted in physical violence until last week.
I had taken Maria to a diner after seeing a movie. We ordered coffee and were talking. Maria is a fiery Puerto Rican girl with a dynamite ass. She's about 5'6" tall with average sized tits and reddish brown hair., As Maria and I were talking, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone approach our table. In an instant I heard Maureen's voice saying, "Well, what have we here!" As I looked up I saw Maureen turn to Maria and ask, "Who is this cunt?" in a loud voice. To my surprise, Maria jumped out of her seat, grabbed Maureen's right arm roughly and snapped, "Who are you calling a cunt?" Maureen raised her left arm as if to slap Maria’s face, but ,the owner of the diner separated the two girls before any damage was inflicted. Maria and Maureen glared at each other for a few seconds until things cooled down and Maureen left the premises.
I explained to Maria who Maureen was and how jealous a person she was. Maria assured me that she wasn't afraid of Maureen. She told me that she would welcome an opportunity to fight her just to teach her a lesson.
As we left the diner I found myself hoping that Maureen would be waiting outside for us so that Maria could fight her. Not only would I like to see Maureen get smacked around a little bit, but I was beginning to get sexually aroused by the thought or the girls fighting it out.
Later the same night Maria and I went to my apartment for a dose of some passionate fucking and sucking. We were naked on the sofa in a 69 position, my flicking tongue darting in and out of Maria’s now sopping wet vagina, when I heard the doorbell. Maria stopped her sucking and I stopped my licking to see who was at the door. As I cracked open the door slowly, Maureen surprised me by shoving the door open and barging into the room. She had a wild glare in her eyes.
"Where's that spic bitch you've been fucking?" Maureen demanded. I didn't have to say a word as Maureen's eyes met Maria’s eyes as Maria sat calmly on my sofa, naked, and with her legs spread apart to intentionally allow Maureen to see her dripping wet pussy an open cuntlips.
I remember thinking to myself that this catfight was inevitable, so I may as well sit back and enjoy it. And did I ever!
I moved my coffee table out of the way to give the girls fighting room. As I did this, Maria slowly rose to her feet and told Maureen, "Before I beat the living shit out of you, you'd better take your clothes off or I'll rip them off." The two beauties again glared at each other as Maureen began removing her clothes. Maria stood there with hands' on her hips, her two well shaped tits protruding proudly from her chest waiting for Maureen to disrobe. decided to add some fuel to the fire.
I walked over to Maria and began sucking on her right breast and fingering her cunt hole. Maria moaned slightly and then she took my cock in her right hand and started jerking me off to further antagonize Maureen. As Maureen undid her blouse, setting her own tits free, she called Maria "a fucking dirty slut." Maureen then slid out of her slacks and was now ready to battle.
I glanced over at Maureen and noticed that she looked beautiful. She is also 5'6" tall. Maureen's tits are a little smaller than Maria’s, but Maureen's nipples are large, dark and pointed. She wore a pair of black bikini panties that did nothing to hide her bushy black pussy hair that was one of the things that turned me on the most about Maureen was the way her pubic hairs would protrude out the sides of her panty crotch.
Maria dropped my cock, and the girls made their way to the middle of the room. Maureen asked, "Does this Puerto Rican slut fuck better than me?" Maria shouts back, "Honey, he told me that anyone is a better fuck than you are!"
The fight began! Both girls began to pull each other's hair. They're both yanking violently and I find myself entranced at the sight of their bouncing tits. With every pull both Maureen's and Maria’s tits go flying in all directions. At this point I've got a raging hard-on and I started stroking my dick slowly.
The fight now progressed from hair pulling to a tit tugging contest. Maria was winning the hair pull, then Maureen changed the tactics and began sending short slaps to each of Maria's unprotected tits. Maria yelped with each smack as she continued her deadly yanking of Maureen's hair. Maureen landed a sharp slap to Maria’s left breast hitting it fully on the side. Maria howled, let go of Maureen's hair and cradled her hurt tit with both hands. Maureen seized this opportunity to inflict more pain on her enemy's chest. She grabbed Maria’s right tit and began squeezing the tender flesh with both hands. Maureen's fingers sunk deep into the softness of Maria’s jugs.
Maria was in trouble' as she let her injured left tit go and now worked on trying to rid her right breast of Maureen's savage claws. But Maureen grabbed Maria’s other tit with her right hand. Maureen now had Maria where any girl would want another girl in a catfight-by both tits! Maria had no choice but to go for Maureen's own tits. She had a hard time getting a hold on Maureen's swaying breasts, but she finally found them and seized both of Maureen's pointed nipples in her hands and pulled at them.
I remember how sensitive Maureen's tits were when we were married. They had a very low resistance to pain which became obvious when Maureen began screaming like a banshee. "Let go of my nipples you cunt bitch," she hissed at Maria. Maria just sneered in Maureen's face and squeezed the large nipples even harder. At this point I started to stroke my cock a little faster, the sight of these two beautiful women with a death grip on each other's tits was almost too much to bear.
Maureen struck like lightning, sending her right knee into Maria’s crotch. Maria collapsed to her knees. Maureen pulled Maria up by the hair and once more kneed Maria's naked snatch. Maria’s body shuddered as she fell back on the sofa spread-eagled. Maureen lifted her right leg and sent the heel of her foot directly for Maria’s wide open vagina. Maria just caught the heel with both hands before impact. She lifted Maureen's right leg in the air with her left hand and with her right fist she punched Maureen right between her luscious legs. The knuckle of Maria’s fist landed flush on the soft meaty part of Maureen's cunt.
Maria was in a sitting position on the sofa with Maureen's right leg still in the air in Maria’s grasp. After Maria cunt punched Maureen she now started going to work on my ex-wife's pussy. Maria was envious of Maureen's healthy growth of cunt fur and now was her opportunity to thin out Maureen's pubes once and for all.
Maria’s fingers tugged angrily at the long cunt hair coming out the sides of Maureen's panties. She at first pulled them with her fingers, yanking the dark curly hairs from their roots as Maureen screamed. Then in a flash Maria ripped the panties off Maureen and grabbed her full pussy in her right hand and pulled away a generous handful of Maureen's pussy. Maria punched Maureen's right leg back sending Maureen to the floor. Maria leaped from the sofa and jumped down on Maureen. In an effort to protect herself Maureen's right knee found Maria’s pubic bone. Maria landed in a heap!
At this point both Maria and Maureen were writhing on the floor, each girl clutching her own cunt trying to ease the pain they had inflicted on each other's womanhood. This sight was too much to bear as I shot my load up into the air about two feet high. Maria as hurt as she was, saw my ejaculation and began crawling to me. As Maria licked the cream off my dick, Maureen snuck up behind her and grabbed Maria by the head hair with her left hand and by the cunt from behind with her right hand. Maureen squeezed Maria's still wet cunt and yanked her head back off my erection.
Maureen then threw Maria onto the floor. Maria lay there helpless. Maureen stood up over her fallen rival and gave her a short but quick kick in the vagina. Maureen looked at me, then at my stiff cock. She spread her legs and slid her sore cunt down over my full hard-on. Maureen slid up and down very slowly at first. Then she pumped faster and faster.
As I looked down at Maria still on the floor holding her beaten sex organ, I came in Maureen in what seemed like quarts of cum! I had never cum that hard before.
The memory of that catfight will stay with me forever. I know that every time I think of it my dick will spring to life. As for Maria, she and I are still dating. Maureen has kept her distance. But I believe she and Maria will tangle again.

Second Fight;

Over the years, your magazine has been quick to point out that black girls are tougher than white girls. Well, I witnessed a catfight this past weekend that leaves no doubt in my mind that Hispanic girls can beat black or white girls any day.
The fight took place in a bar where my Puerto Rican girlfriend and I go to drink. Little did I realize that my ex-wife; Maureen, was also in the bar. Now, Maureen, who is Irish, and Maria had tangled once before at my apartment. Maureen had devastated Maria by using dirty tactics which Maria was evidently not prepared for. The fight had been a real turn-on for me and I had fucked the shit out of Maureen after the battle as Maria lay in a heap on the floor.
Several times, Maria has described to me what she would do to Maureen if the two women were to go at it again. It made my dick rock-hard just thinking about it, and Maria knew it.
After a couple of drinks, Maria started walking toward the ladies' room in the back of the bar. I watched her make her way through the crowd as I sipped my martini. All of a sudden, I heard a woman's voice yell, "Hey, spick cunt." I saw Maria run over to a table and pick Maureen up off her seat by the hair.
I heard both women scream and in an instant my vision was blocked by the circling crowd.
I pushed my way through the mass of people to see Maria and Maureen rolling on the wood floor, their skirts up to their asses and their hands buried in each other's hair. Two burly men grabbed the fighting women and got them to their feet. They tried to separate them but neither girl would let go of the other's hair. Finally, a woman in the crowd yelled, "Let the two bitches fight it out!" At that point, the people moved back and gave Maria and Maureen some fighting room.
Maria and Maureen let go of each other's hair at the same time and stared at each other like two wildcats about to attack. Maureen sneered at Maria and said, "I'll kick your ugly Puerto Rican cunt in this time, you spick bitch." Maria surprised Maureen by quickly lunging forward and ripping open the front of my ex-wife's blouse.
The crowd laughed as Maureen's tits popped free. Maria sunk her hands into Maureen's soft tit' flesh and squeezed hard. Maureen grabbed two handfuls of Maria’s reddish-brown hair and yanked hard. Maria screamed and retaliated by yanking on Maureen's tits. Maureen again pulled hard on Maria’s hair, and Maria pulled Maureen's titties in two different directions.
Maureen then tried to pry Maria’s hands from her breasts. Her large nipples stuck out between the fingers of Maria’s clawing hands. Maria screamed at Maureen, "I'll rip your cunt apart."
Maureen, unable to loosen Maria’s tit grip, punched Maria in the left breast. The punch made solid contact as the women in the crowd gasped. This got Maria’s attention as she stepped back and began to cup her hurting tit. Maureen sent a punch to Maria’s stomach doubling the Spanish girl over. Maureen then took advantage of Maria’s position, and in one motion pulled, Maria’s shirt up and over her head, leaving her topless and causing Maria's shapely breasts to flop around freely.
Maureen sent a couple of sharp slaps to each of Maria’s tender globes. First the left tit, then the right, Maria’s tits turned beet red and it appeared that my Puerto Rican lover had been beaten again. But somehow she found the strength to send her right fist between her rival's legs, hitting Maureen squarely in the vagina. Maureen clenched her teeth and fell backwards onto the floor, clutching her womanhood.
Maria tore Maureen's skirt from her body and began to force Maureen's hands away from their protective position in front of her cunt. Maria then ripped the white panties from Maureen's flailing body. Maureen made a desperate grab for Maria’s hair just as Maria got hold of Maureen's furry pubic patch and yanked it for all she was worth. Maria pulled Maureen's pussy so hard that you could actually hear the hairs being torn from the roots. Maria separated Maureen's delicate pink cunt lips and shoved two fingers inside her now rigid body. It was obvious that Maria was scratching away at the inside of Maureen's cunt. Maureen's eyes became wide with pain. She couldn't even scream. Maria looked down at her and said, "I guess you won't be ripping anybody's cunt apart, bitch."
With that Maureen's body went limp and then Maria removed her fingers from her beaten foe's vagina. Maria gave a vicious tug to Maureen's cunt lips as a parting gesture, then spit on Maureen's cunt.
As Maria stood in triumph, the crowd became silent in disbelief. I draped my jacket over the victorious Spanish woman and quickly escorted her from the premises. I couldn't wait to get home and fuck Maria, so I screwed her right in my car.
I will put my money on a Spanish chick anytime in a catfight. There is something animalistic about them. If Cavalier really wants to entertain its readership, it should do a photo layout on a catfight between a Puerto Rican and a black girl, two Puerto Ricans. I'm sure it would be the ultimate in dirty girl fights. -

Puerto Rican Lover, New York.
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