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New Cavalier catfight letter...

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:34 am    Post subject: New Cavalier catfight letter... Reply with quote

"Jeanette looked stunned as I lifted my left breast and told her if Gene liked her breasts, he would really love mine. Jeanette called me a whore and reached out and grabbed my breasts and squeezed hard. I never felt such pain in my life ... "

I have enjoyed your magazine for some time now and I decided to write about a fight I had with another woman.
I work six days a week as an operator for a large car dealership, but one Satur¬day I decided to take the day off so I could go on a chartered bus trip to Wash¬ington, D. C to see Liberace who was giving a concert there. On the bus, I was seated next to a man named Gene and his wife, Jeanette, and I struck up a conversation with Gene, who was sitting between Jeanette and myself.
Gene and I got along great, but every time I tried to talk to Jeanette, she gave me sarcastic answers. So after awhile, I gave them right back to her and concen¬trated on Gene. When we arrived, the whole bus checked into the same motel for the night and I said goodbye to Gene and Jeanette a sarcastic too-da-loo as I went to my room. I had just thrown my bathrobe on and I was about to take a shower, when there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, Jeanette came storming in accusing me of flirting with her husband. I told her I was just being friendly, but I added I didn't know why a nice man like Gene would marry a bitch like her. Jeanette told me I. had better watch my mouth or I was going to end up with a fat lip.
Now, I'm a tall woman at 5'10" and I weigh 130 pounds, and I'm somewhat dominant, so I wasn't used to taking the kind of verbal abuse she was giving. Jeanette was my height and appeared to be my weight also, so I hesitated for a second before I dared her to back up her words.
Jeanette looked really mad as she asked me if I was naked under my robe. I answered yes and she said she would fight naked also so I wouldn't have the satisfaction of ripping her good clothes. She began removing her clothes and I was surprised to see she was in such good shape for a woman who appeared to be in her early fifties. I am in my mid¬-forties.
Jeanette was nude, except for her sur¬prisingly large bra and when she took it off, I let out a gasp. Jeanette had huge tits that were very firm with huge thick nip¬ples and she proudly announced she measured 41-inches and wore a 34DD bra.
She was smiling smugly as she told me Gene was a breast man, so I didn't stand a chance with him. I instantly dropped my robe and Jeanette's mouth fell open. She may have had huge breasts, but mine were slightly larger and just as firm and my nipples were as huge. I told her I measured 42-inches and I also wore a 34DD bra. Jeanette looked stunned as I lifted my left breast and told her if Gene liked her breasts, he would really love mine. Jeanette called me a whore and reached out and grabbed my breasts and squeezed hard. I never felt such pain in my life and I felt my body go limp as I fell to my knees, then flat on my back as Jeanette forced me to the floor by my breasts.
She sat on my chest and buried my face in her massive breasts as I struggled to breathe. I almost passed out when I saw the big satisfied smile Jeanette had and that pissed me off, giving me the strength to buck upwards and sending her flying forward, landing flat out on her huge tits.
I slowly got to my feet and I was shocked to see the red marks on my breasts from Jeanette's fingernails. She noticed them too and she asked me how much I thought Gene would love them now. I became enraged and put Jeanette in a headlock and threw her on the floor hard, but she was quick as she grabbed my legs and tripped me to the floor.
Jeanette jumped on top of me and we fought tit to tit and I was amazed at her strength as I tried to pin her arms and couldn't. We were both getting tired and sweating heavily, when Jeanette kneed me in the cunt, paralyzing me. Jeanette got to her feet and pulled me up by the hair and threw me into the wall my back hit hard and I slumped down, feel¬ing weak and not believing I was getting my ass kicked.
She picked me up again by my hair and tried to throw me against the other wall, but I put my head into her stomach and drove her against the wall instead. Jeanette let out a groan and I could feel her big breasts pressing into my back as she slumped over me. I straightened her up and gave her two hard punches to her breasts then threw her on the floor.
Jeanette looked dazed, but as I app¬roached her, she kicked me in the ankles and I hit the floor hard. We were just getting to our feet when there was a knock on the door and Gene came walk¬ing in looking amazed. He asked Jeanette what was going on, but he was staring at my breasts. Jeanette saw Gene staring and she told him to stay and watch as she tore my tits off of me. He obediently went to a corner of the room and I saw an amazingly huge bulge in his pants.
Jeanette reached out for my tits again, but I was quicker than her and I grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed down hard. She shrieked as I dug my fingernails into her breasts and I was surprised at how full and heavy they were probably equaling mine in weight. I was enjoying getting her back for what she had done to my tits, when she caught me hard in the side of my head with her hand. I felt dizzy as I let go of her tits and I heard Jeanette shout out something as she looked at the marks on her tits. She tried to grab my neck, but I caught her hands and we locked, fingers above our heads, in a test of strength.
I had never fought a woman as strong as myself, but Jeanette was giving me a battle as we slowly went to our knees, neither one of us breaking the hold, but as soon as we hit our knees, we both let go and wrapped our arms around each other, smashing our huge breasts to¬gether as we each tried to force the other 'onto her back. The top half of our bodies were pressed together as we slowly got to our feet again, still trying to force the other back. My legs must have been stronger because Jeanette fell backward onto the bed, with me landing flat out on top of her. I sat on Jeanette's stomach, but that was a mistake, because she pushed me back and I fell off the bed and landed on my back hard. I was slowly getting to my feet when Jeanette came up behind me and got me in a full nelson. Her big tits were pressed into my back and my breasts were sticking straight out as she told Gene to watch because she was going to make my tits flat as pancakes.
Jeanette still had me in a full nelson as she forced me over to the wall and smashed my big tits into it. I yelped as she did it several times, all the while .telling me I would be lucky if I mea¬sured 36-inches by the time she was done with me.
I finally managed to put my feet on the wall and I pushed back hard. We both fell backward with me landing on top of Jeanette, knocking the wind out of her. I turned over and brought Jeanette to her feet by her tits and I put her hands behind her back and slammed her breasts into the wall several times before she collapsed to the floor.
Jeanette' shakily got to her knees and was holding her breasts when I kicked her in the back, sending her onto her stomach. I then sat down hard on her back, smashing Jeanette's big breasts into the floor and asking her who was flat now.
I told her to give up, but she shook her head no, so I turned her limp body over and smashed my big boobs into her face. Jeanette began gasping for air and tried to throw me off, but I had her hands pinned and after a few minutes, she gave up. I used my tits to slap her face a few times and I told her to admit I was the better woman. She refused at first, but I stuck my huge breasts into her face again and she admitted I was the better woman.
Jeanette had a glazed look as I left her lying there. I went over to Gene and pulled down his trousers and boxer shorts, releasing his huge cock. It was longer and thicker than my ex-husband's, who measured seven-inches long and three-and-one-half-inches thick. In comparing the two, I'd say Gene's cock was about ten-inches long by five-inches thick.
I'm an expert at oral sex and I had an idea to really humiliate Jeanette, who was just coming to. I told her if she could take more of Gene's cock into her mouth than I could, I would let him leave with¬out fucking him. Jeanette didn't say a word, but had a sly smile on her face as she easily took the first eight inches in but after that, she could only manage another inch before she started gagging and had to pull off She told me there was no way I could do any better and I must admit I was surprised at how much she had taken in.
I began sucking on Gene's cock and I too got the first eight inches in though not as easily as Jeanette had, and my throat felt like it was going to burst. I slowly took in another and then another until I amazingly had the whole cock in.
I could see Jeanette staring in disbelief, when I felt Gene about to come, and, when he did, I pointed his cock at Jeanette's face and he shot a huge load all over her. She was totally demoralized and that night while Gene and I fucked. Jeanette watched obediently until I told her to suck my tits and lick my cunt.
Gene and I still fuck back in Philly at my place and he recently told me Jeanette's been talking about fighting me again. That's okay because I'll just beat her again and write to you about it.

Karen, Pennsylvania.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:35 pm    Post subject: New Cavalier catfight letter Reply with quote

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