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How we rolled in 1974 Ladies and Gentlemen!

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:14 am    Post subject: How we rolled in 1974 Ladies and Gentlemen! Reply with quote

At a Beauty Contest;

While vacationing in Barbados a few years ago, the wife and I witnessed what must have been the catfight of the year. We attended a beauty contest held at a night spot and hardly expected to see any female wrestling during the show. The contest was narrowed down to three finalists who were all knockouts. Two of the girls were local black contestants and both wore terrific looking one-piece suits. The third girl was a twenty-one year old blond English lass who stood 5' 11"tall.
She wore a skimpy leopard-skin bikini and had a beautiful suntan.

When the final decision came in all hell broke loose. The blonde finished second with one of the black girls taking first place. The English girl immediately began to protest violently and accused the owner of the club (who was also one of the judges) of fixing the contest. The young blonde
then turned to the black girl who had won and yelled, "You only won because you sleep with the owner of this place." The black girl ran over to the blonde and slapped her in the face. A hair pulling match quickly ensued which turned into an all-out wrestling match on the floor.

For the first few minutes of the fight, both girls held their own, each getting in her licks. Both girls were screaming, cursing, pulling hair, scratching, and kicking. I was in a high state of excitement watching this spectacle, as was my wife. Everyone in the place was obviously enjoying the fight because no effort was made to stop it.

Despite a good five-inch height advantage and at least fifteen pounds, the English girl was beginning to tire and was getting the worst of it. The blonde attempted to pull the black girl off her feet by grabbing hold of the smaller girl's bathing suit. This really seemed to infuriate the black girl and she retaliated by tearing the white girl's skimpy bikini top completely
off. With a look of panic and embarrassment, the blonde tried frantically to cover her naked breasts.

She had little success, however, because the black girl, seeing a chance to finish her opponent off, thrust out a foot and caught the English girl in the midsection. The young blonde doubled over and fell on all fours moaning in pain. Another swift kick soon landed on the blonde's derriere sending her sprawling. Before the blonde could get back to her feet, the black girl jumped on top of her.

Sitting across the English girl's back and facing her feet, she held the girl pinned to the floor. The advantage the black girl now had was too good for her to pass up. She reached down to the blonde's squirming hips and ripped the girl's bikini pants off. She quickly followed this by planting several hard slaps to the blonde's naked backside. The poor English girl was in tears by this point and was obviously humiliated and sorry she had started the whole thing.

The black girl finally got off the blonde permitting the embarrassed young lady to scramble to her feet. She tried desperately tried to cover her nudity but it was impossible. The frantic girl attempted to beat a quick exit offstage, but the black girl was not finished with her yet. She grabbed the blonde by the hair and spun her around so both girls faced each other. Then, tripping the bigger girl, sent her falling on her back. The black girl straddled the blonde's midsection, sitting in a position to totally immobilize the English girl. The black girl proceeded to slap the blonde's face and breasts and, occasionally, would reach back and give a good tug on the
blonde's exposed pubic hair. The beaten girl was screaming for help and bawling like a baby. The black girl ended the fight with an almost professionally applied wrestling hold. Leaning backwards, the black girl wrapped her arms behind the blonde's knees and then, rocking forward until her head was almost touching the blonde's, bent the girl into a most painful back-breaker hold. With the English girl's naked bottom spread wide and high in the air, those of us lucky enough to be on that side of the stage had a full view of her English womanhood.

The blond was still crying and begging the black girl to release her. She finally did and the fight was over. The black girl had not only won a beauty contest, but had proven herself a superior fighter.

-B.M., Richmond
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