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Two sexy rematches

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:46 am    Post subject: Two sexy rematches Reply with quote

ACG 89 - Bianka, Bella, Maggie & Kathy
Link to buy full video - Kontex TV
Time:42 min.

Part 1: Kathy vs Maggie - Rematch - There wouldn't have been any Big is Beautiful if Kathy and Maggie hadn't come to the rescue and acted as cameramen. The fighters we had planned for couldn't come because of illness. Anyway, because of this there was only one camera filming. The last time these two came together all Kathy was concerned about was tormenting Maggie, and she didn't care who won. Today, however, Kathy was determined definitely to get the better of the much heavier Maggie! Both of them pulled breasts, hair and pussy so hard, that it even hurt my body just to watch them at it.

Part 2: Bianka vs Bella - Rematch - On this day too, two girls were missing, well, really, you could say two-and-a-half girls, because Bianka was suffering so much from her flu. But what a fighting "terrier" she is! Nothing stops her, as she had already proved after her dental operation and her knee injury. Instead of doing what she had usually done in her last ten fights, this time Bianka tried a new tactic. Normally, she got stuck into her opponent's hair, but today it was the feet that copped it. Bella wasn't at all sure what she should do about it. What we didn't know until now was that Bianka absolutely can't stand another woman sitting on her face, in other words, "face-sitting". Once Bella twigged that, it was curtains for Bianka!

Free preview video clip here - Link to view clip - Two sexy rematches

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