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My Sister's Keeper

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:34 am    Post subject: My Sister's Keeper Reply with quote

Haley walked into the house, plopped her backpack on the kitchen counter, and made her way to the refrigerator to grab her daily afternoon snack.

"How was school today?" Lauren said welcoming her sister home from school.

"Don’t fucking ask" Haley sighed in a squeaky little girl voice as she opened the refrigerator door.

By the tone of her sister's voice Lauren could tell that it had been one of those days for her younger sibling.

Lauren and Haley were spoiled rich girls who lived in an affluent neighborhood with their uppity, well-to-do parents. Lauren, the older of the two, was a 22-year-old college coed who had just come home for spring break. Her younger sister Haley was a 17-year-old high school senior. Blessed with incredible genes, the sisters were down right stunning. With their long blonde hair and baby blue eyes, the two pampered siblings were the epitome of female sexiness, with the attitudes to match.

Lauren and Haley's parents were out of town for a few days, so Lauren was left in charge of the house until they returned. Haley's spring break was the following week, so having Lauren home to watch over her made it convenient for their parents to be away.

Lauren glanced at her sister as she watched her pull out a bowl of grapes from the refrigerator.

"What's the matter?" she asked looking at her visibly upset younger sibling.

"I swear our school is like totally turning ghetto," Haley muttered breaking off a stem of grapes.

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked curiously.

Haley walked over to the kitchen table where Lauren was sitting and pulled up a chair.

"There’s a bunch of new black kids who just transferred,” she groaned in disdain. “It’s all because of those stupid new redistricting zones they passed a few months ago”.

“Is it really that bad?” Lauren asked.

“Yes!” Haley retorted. “I feel like I’m going to school in the hood sometimes”.

“I totally know what you mean” Lauren replied sarcastically. “There were a few ghetto kids when I was in school too”.

“I just wish they’d go back to whatever ghetto they came from” Haley grumbled.

“Don’t worry about it” Lauren replied reassuringly. “Just try and ignore them”.

"I do” Haley sighed. “But there’s one bitch who has totally been harassing me lately”.

"Who?" Lauren asked curiously.

"Just some fat ghetto bitch" Haley replied.

“What is she doing?” Lauren asked concerned.

“Just being a total bitch!” Haley muttered. “She’ll like bump into me on purpose when I’m walking to class and stuff like that”.

"Is she a senior?" Lauren asked.

"No... she's a stupid freshman" Haley replied.

Lauren looked at her sister with a bewildered look.

"Some little freshman girl is bullying you around?" she asked dumbstruck.

"Well she's a big ol' fat bitch!" Haley shot back defensively.

Lauren paused for a moment as she looked at her younger sister.

“Well have you told anybody about this?” she asked.

“No” Haley replied.

"Like HELLOOO... why not?" Lauren asked perplexed.

"Because it’ll just totally make things worse!” Haley replied in frustration. “I’d rather just leave it alone”.

Lauren paused for a moment once again as she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.

"Well then maybe I should have a talk with this girl" she said casually.

"I don’t know” Haley sighed staring down on her bowl of grapes.

"Hey… what are big sisters for?" Lauren replied reassuringly.

Haley paused for a moment as she contemplated her sister’s suggestion.

"Okay… I guess you can try talking to her" she sighed in reply.

"Good!" Lauren replied. "Just bring her over after school tomorrow and we’ll get to the bottom of this”.

Lauren reached across the table and picked some grapes from Haley’s bowl.

“Don't worry, I'll totally straighten this bitch out" she said popping a few grapes in her mouth. “And if she still won’t leave you alone I’ll just have to like totally kick her ass” she joked with a smile.

Haley smiled as she stood up from the table.

"Thanks Lauren... you're like the coolest sister ever!" she said gratefully.

"I know” Lauren joked in reply. “I am the coolest sister ever!”

The next morning as Haley set off for school, Lauren gave little thought about the talk she would be having later on with her sister's bully. In her mind the ordeal was already taken care of. To her this was just a little high school squabble that would soon play itself out. Instead, Lauren spent her day focused on more leisurely matters, mainly laying out by the pool in the back yard. Wearing a tiny little neon-pink bikini, the stunning college coed spent most of her day sunning herself under the warm rays of the bright sun. At 5'9" tall and a very thin 105 pounds, Lauren was simply drop-dead gorgeous. With her long blonde hair, long slender legs and tiny 22-inch waist, she looked every bit like a real-life Barbie doll many likened her to. Her younger sister Haley was equally as gorgeous as well. At 5'4" tall and a mere 85 pounds, Haley looked like a smaller version of her older sister. Together the two sisters were quite striking, and it came as no surprise they were often the focus of attention to many of the opposite sex.

As mid-day turned into afternoon, Lauren continued to bask leisurely by the pool enjoying her quiet time alone. Haley usually returned home from school around 3:00, so Lauren knew her sister would be home at any minute. Just as the blonde beauty was about to spritz another coat of sunscreen onto her exquisite body, she heard her sister's voice calling from inside the house.

"LAUREN?" Haley shouted calling out to her sister.

"I'M IN THE BACK!" Lauren shouted in reply.

Lauren glanced up from her lounger to see her sister making her way from the house out to the back yard. An uneasy feeling churned in her gut when she noticed the young girl who followed right behind her.

"Hey Lauren this is Latisha" Haley said in her little girl voice introducing the girl to her sister. “This is the girl I was telling you about”.

Lauren sat up on her lounger and looked at the young girl through her oversized designer shades.

"Hi" she replied, extending her hand out to the new girl. “It’s nice to meet you”.

The girl stared at Lauren with a cold stare for a moment, then finally extended her hand returning the gesture.

"So you Haley's big sister huh?" she said in a strong authoritative voice shaking Lauren’s hand.

Lauren was taken aback by the young girl’s surprising strength as she shook her delicate hand with a firm grip.

"Um... yes I am" Lauren replied as she nervously slipped her hand away.

Lauren's nervous reaction to the young girl was not without reason. Standing there before her with a backpack slung over her shoulder stood Latisha Williams, a 14-year-old, 5'8" 150-pound black girl. Big, strong and physically intimidating, Latisha was far different from the herds of blonde white girls who populated the mostly lily-white high school. Wearing a tight black t-shirt and a pair of daisy dukes she miraculously squeezed into, Lauren could only stare in astonishment as she gazed at the imposing high school girl standing before her.

"I hear y’all got somethin' to say to me" Latisha said staring at Lauren.

Lauren got up off her lounger and removed her designer sunglasses from her face. The stark contrast between her svelte figure and the black girl’s stockier build was quite evident as she stood there staring at her with a stern look.

“Haley tells me you’ve been harassing her lately” Lauren said looking at the young black girl.

"Yeah… and what?" Latisha retorted with a snide tone.

“I want you to leave her alone from now on!” Lauren replied firmly.

The young black girl paused for a moment as she stood there staring at the blonde college coed.

“Are you fuckin’ serious?” she snickered sarcastically. "She's three years older than me".

“That doesn't matter!” Lauren replied. "I don't want you bothering her anymore.

Latisha turned and glanced at Haley with a smirk look.

"What's the matter Haley… gotta get ‘yo big sis to fight your fights for you?" she sneered sarcastically.

"I can fight my own fights!" Haley shot back defensively in her squeaky little girl voice. "She just has my back that's all".

Latisha removed her backpack off her shoulder and abruptly dropped it on the ground.

"Well if you got a problem with me how ‘bout we settle it right now?” she replied staring at Haley with a cold stare.

“I don’t think so!” Lauren replied quickly stepping in.

Latisha turned and glanced at the slender college girl.

“Okay then… how ‘bout you twiggy?” she retorted sarcastically.

“How about me what?” Lauren snapped back sharply.

“How ‘bout you and me settle this instead?” Latisha replied staring at the blonde college coed.

Lauren paused for a moment as she stood there staring back at the black high school girl.

"Yeah right… like what-ever!” she scoffed sarcastically.

The young black girl ran her eyes up and down Lauren’s slender body, then glanced down at her conspicuous hipbones protruding out from under her pink bikini.

"You just as skinny as ‘yo ‘lil sis?" she snickered sarcastically. “I bet I could break you easy!”

Lauren paused tentatively for a moment as she stood there staring at the black high school girl.

“I’m not going to fight you!” she replied, brushing off the black girl’s derogatory remark.

"What’s the matter bitch?” Latisha sneered. “Afraid of getting ‘yo scrawny ‘lil ass kicked in front of your ‘lil sis?”

“SHE’S NOT AFRAID OF YOU LATISHA!” Haley blurted out sharply.

“I can handle this Haley!” Lauren replied interrupting her sister.

Lauren stood with her hands on her hips as she continued to exchange words with the young black girl.

“I told you I’m not going to fight you!” she reiterated firmly.

“Right… because you know you’d get ‘yo skinny ‘lil ass kicked don’t you?” Latisha retorted sarcastically.

“SHE CAN KICK YOUR ASS EASY LATISHA!” Haley blurted out sharply once again.

Lauren sighed in frustration as she glanced at her little sister.

“Please Haley I can handle this!” she snapped back sternly.

Lauren turned and stared at the young black girl with a stern look.

“Listen Latisha, I don’t want any trouble… just leave my sister alone from now on alright?” she sighed in frustration.

Latisha just snickered as she stared at the blonde college girl.

“Girl, y’all asked for trouble when you brought me over here!” she retorted.

“Well then I suggest you leave!” Lauren snapped back.

“Why don’t you make me?” Latisha shot back defiantly.

Lauren paused for a moment as she stood there staring at the black high school girl.

“I’m not going to ask you again Latisha… please leave!” she said sternly.

Latisha stepped up to the blonde college girl and stared her straight in the eye.

“Like I said… why don’t you make me bitch!” she replied in a threatening tone.

Lauren stood her ground as she stared back at the young black girl with a glaring stare.

“Back off bitch!” she warned.

“Or what?” Latisha shot back defiantly.

Lauren hesitated for a moment, then reached up and tried to shove the young girl back, but she barely budged the 150-pound 14-year-old as Latisha just stood there completely unfazed. Lauren was taken aback by the young girls beefiness as she stood there staring at her with a shocked look on her face. It was quite obvious the scrawny blonde college girl was no match for her at all. Latisha stared at Lauren with a smug look for a moment or two, then returned the gesture by giving Lauren a hard shove herself. But unlike Lauren, she easily sent the 105-pound blonde stumbling back like a ragdoll where she landed hard on her ass on the concrete ground.

“Touch me again bitch and I swear I’ll beat the shit outta you!” Latisha sneered staring down on Lauren.

Embarrassed at having been knocked down in front of her sister, Lauren quickly sprang to her feet and rushed the young black girl in retaliation. Latisha however was quick to react and countered by grabbing Lauren by her lanky arms when the slender blonde went up to attack her. The stark contrast between the thin college girl and bigger high school girl was clearly apparent as the two came together in combat. As Lauren tried desperately to mount some kind of attack, Latisha easily fought her off by grabbing her by her thin wrists and swinging her to the ground. Lauren’s slender, bikini-clad body hit the hard concrete ground with a loud thud as the black high school girl slammed her down like she was nothing.

“OMIGOD!” Haley cried out as she watched her sister’s brittle body hit the hard concrete ground.

Latisha stared down on Lauren once again as she lay sprawled out on the ground.

“You wanna try for a third time bitch?” she sneered.

Lauren turned and glanced up at the young black girl with a glaring scowl.

“FUCK YOU… YOU FAT GHETTO BITCH!” she shot back sharply.

As if waiting for Lauren to utter the right words, Latisha reached down and grabbed Lauren by her lanky arm, which was so scrawny she was nearly able to wrap her fingers completely around her bicep. She yanked Lauren up on her feet by her arm, then with one strong throw, she violently flung the skinny college girl across the pool deck, sending her crashing into a row of patio chairs a few feet away. Latisha then walked over and grabbed Lauren by her long blonde hair and pulled her up on her feet again. Using her hair as a sling, she flung the lightweight blonde across the deck a second time where she went crashing into her lounger then bouncing off it onto the hard concrete ground. Haley could only look on in shock as she watched her school bully easily throw her big sister around like a rag doll. Latisha then walked over to the stunned blonde lying on the ground. She grabbed Lauren by her hair once again and pulled her up on her feet.

"You still think I’m a fat ghetto bitch?" she sneered gripping Lauren by her throat.

"LEAVE HER ALONE LATISHA!" Haley shouted as she stood looking on.

Latisha ignored Haley's plea as she held her big sister in check by her throat. With Lauren’s throat firmly in her grasp with one hand, Latisha drew back her fist, and with a swift devastating blow, she solidly sank her fist deep into Lauren's slim midriff knocking the wind right out of her. Lauren doubled over and dropped to her knees as she hugged her tiny waist with her spindly arms.

"OMIGOD!" Haley cried out as she watched her sister gasping for air on the ground.

"How’d that feel you anorexic bitch?" Latisha teased staring down on the stunned college girl. "You lucky I only punched you in 'yo gut... a few inches higher and I would've busted 'yo ribs!"

Haley looked on in shock as she watched Latisha pull her sister up on her feet once again. With Lauren still gasping for air, Latisha quickly put the skinny blonde in a tight headlock. Lauren's ribs and vertebrae jutted out from her frail back as the big 14-year-old black girl held her in check.

“Damn you skinny!” Latisha teased looking down on the fragile blonde. “I bet I could snap ‘yo neck easy bitch!”

As Latisha held Lauren in a tight headlock, she balled her free hand into a fist and proceeded to sting Lauren’s pretty face with a series of solid uppercuts that connected squarely on her helpless victim.


The sound of Latisha’s fist smashing Lauren’s face resonated throughout the back yard as Haley helplessly looked on.

"OMIGOD!" she cried out in horror as she watched her school bully brutally pummel her sister’s face.

Lauren’s long, thin legs tripped and stumbled over themselves as Latisha held her in a tight headlock mercilessly punching her in the face at will. As Haley looked on in horror, the stark contrast between her 22-year-old sister and the big 14-year-old black girl was clearly apparent. Latisha was thick and stocky with thick powerful arms and legs. Although she was only 14, the young black girl was amazingly strong for her age and already proving herself to be a perfect example of black girl power. Lauren on the other hand was the complete opposite. With her slight frame and slender limbs, Lauren’s Barbie doll physique paled in comparison to that of the younger black girl. Although she was 8-years older, the svelte college girl was embarrassingly weaker, and was proving herself to be nothing more than a typical white girl who couldn’t fight. As Haley stood helplessly looking on, the reality of the situation playing out before her was beginning to sink in; her sister was simply no match for her schoolyard bully.

After popping Lauren in the face several times, Latisha finally released her headlock as Lauren dropped to the ground like a pile of bricks. She stood there staring down on the welt ridden blonde as she lay on the hard concrete ground.

"Get up bitch I ain't done with you yet!" she sneered staring down on the blonde college girl.

Latisha reached down and pulled Lauren up on her feet by her hair once again, then turned her around and put her in a paralyzing full nelson.

"Now what bitch?" she sneered as she leaned back lifting Lauren off her feet.

Lauren whimpered as her perfectly painted toes dangled slightly off the ground. Her bony rib cage jutted out from under her smooth white skin as her long slender body was stretched out by Latisha's powerful full nelson.

"PLEASE LATISHA LEAVE HER ALONE!" Haley cried out as she watched her
sister dangle helplessly in Latisha's arms.

Haley gasped in shock when she watched the big black girl violently swing her sister back, then slam her to the ground with a loud thud.

"PLEASE LATISHA STOP!" she cried out in horror as she watched her sister writhing on the ground in pain.

Ignoring Haley’s plea, Latisha reached down and pulled Lauren up on her feet again. Grabbing her from behind, she wrapped her arms around the slender blonde’s tiny 22-inch waist and lifted her off her feet, then slammed her to the ground once again.

"How you like that bitch?" she sneered as she watched the fragile blonde writhing on the ground. "I could slam 'yo scrawny ‘lil ass down all day!"

Latisha reached down and pulled Lauren up on her feet once again. Haley helplessly looked on as she watched her school bully wrap her arm around her sister’s neck in a chokehold with one arm while twisting her arm up behind her back with the other.

"How'd you like me to break your arm bitch?" Latisha teased as she cruelly inched Lauren’s skinny arm up her back.

“OWWW… OWWW!” Lauren whimpered as her little sister helplessly looked on.


"YEAH… AND WHAT?" Latisha shot back defiantly.

Latisha continued to inch Lauren’s arm up her back as Lauren whimpered louder.

"OWWW… OWWW… OWWW!" she whimpered out loud as her delicate arm reached the threshold of its breaking point.

“LATISHA PLEASE!” Haley cried out once again.

Latisha finally let go of Lauren's arm but still maintained a tight chokehold around her neck.

"Yo girl… your sister gotta be the biggest pussy-ass bitch in the world!" she teased glancing over at Haley. "She can't fight worth shit!"

With her arm wrapped around Lauren's neck, Latisha swung the lightweight blonde over her hip, slamming her to the ground yet again. She then reached down and grabbed Lauren by her thin ankles, which were so skinny she was able to wrap her fingers around them completely. Using Lauren's legs like a wheelbarrow, she flipped the skinny college girl on her back. She then quickly pounced on the helpless blonde, straddling her in a schoolgirl pin. Latisha stared down on her badly overmatched opponent as she pinned her wrists to the ground above her head.

As Haley watched her big sister get thoroughly manhandled by the big black girl, she soon realized her worst nightmare was coming true. She had hoped her days of being pushed and bullied around might have finally come to an end, but as she stood by watching her sister get her ass handed to her by her school bully, she now realized that hope was fading away fast. She could only look on in shame as her big sister lay helpless and humiliated in their own home under the superior strength of the big 14-year-old black girl.

As Latisha sat dominantly on top of Lauren, she inched up on her and placed her thighs flush against the sides of Lauren’s head and squeezed them together. Lauren’s head practically disappeared between Latisha’s thick thighs as the young black girl completely smothered her. Lauren tried desperately to buck the big black girl off, but it was no use. Her long thin legs kept slipping underneath her on the smooth concrete ground as the young black girl rendered her completely helpless.

"PLEASE LATISHA STOP!" Haley cried out as she watched her sister’s skinny little legs flail helplessly on the ground.

"What's the matter Haley?" Latisha teased glancing over at Lauren’s younger sibling. "I bet you never thought you'd see 'yo pussy-ass big sis get her ass kicked so easily did you?"

Latisha’s ample ass and thighs completely engulfed the skinny college girl as she sat dominantly on top of her. Muffled sounds were heard coming from the frail blonde as she struggled helplessly under the massive weight of the big 14-year-old black girl. After straddling Lauren for a few moments, Latisha grabbed the slender blonde by her hair and shoved her head between her thighs, then rolled her over trapping her in a devastating neck scissors. Lauren’s Barbie doll legs kicked and flailed in vain as Latisha locked her ankles and squeezed her thighs tight around her neck.

“LATISHA PLEASE… YOU’RE HURTING HER!” Haley cried out as she helplessly looked on.

Lauren’s eyes were shut tight in agony as she dug her nails into Latisha’s thighs in a feeble attempt to break free, but it was no use. Latisha’s legs were so thick she barely felt Lauren digging into her flesh as she mercilessly squeezed her head to a pulp with her powerful vice-like thighs.

“LATISHA PLEASE STOP!” Haley cried out again as she watched her sister’s face turn from red to blue.

After nearly popping Lauren’s head, Latisha released her thighs from around her neck, then quickly flipped her on her stomach and straddled her back. As she sat straddling her back, she reached down and pulled Lauren’s arms straight back behind her. Gripping Lauren’s wrists together with one hand, she placed the palm of her free hand on Lauren’s back between her shoulder blades and pressed down on her. Lauren let out a loud cry as Latisha leaned her weight forward while pushing Lauren’s arms forward at the same time.

"OWWWW!” Lauren cried out in agony as Latisha inched her skinny arms forward, making them look as if they were about to pop out of their socket at any moment.

"LATISHA YOU'RE GONNA BREAK HER ARMS!" Haley cried out in horror as she watched the big black girl push her sister’s arms dangerously over her head.

"Damn right I’ll break her arms!" Latisha shot back sarcastically. "She’s so skinny I could probably snap her arms right off her back!"

After torturing Lauren for a few moments, Latisha finally let go of her arms and eased off her back.

"Damn you fuckin’ weak!" she sneered as she sat straddling the wimpy college girl. “You wouldn’t last one day where I’m from bitch!”

Latisha got off Lauren and hopped up on her feet. Lauren's slender, bikini-clad body lay face down on the ground as Latisha stood staring down on her.

"Get up bitch… I still ain’t done with you yet!" she sneered as she reached down grabbing Lauren by her hair.

Latisha pulled Lauren up on her feet by her hair, then placed her hands on her slender shoulders and stared her straight in the eye.

"You're such a prissy ‘lil bitch" she teased as she softly traced her fingertips across Lauren’s delicate collarbone.

Latisha ran her hands up along Lauren’s slender neck, then gently wrapped her fingers around her soft white throat.

"You have a nice ‘lil neck" she cooed ominously. "I bet it can break easily".

Lauren didn't say a word; she just stood there battered and blurry-eyed as Latisha held her in check.

"PLEASE LATISHA JUST LET HER GO!" Haley pleaded as she stood helplessly looking on.

Latisha ran her fingers back down Lauren's neck bringing them back to rest on her slender shoulders. Suddenly and without warning she drew back her knee, and with a vicious display of cruelty, brutally drilled her knee deep into Lauren's gut. Haley literally heard the wind go out of her sister’s lungs as Lauren doubled over and dropped to the ground with an agonizing grunt.

"LATISHA THAT'S ENOUGH!" she cried out in horror as she watched her sister gasping for air on the ground.

"I'LL SAY WHEN IT'S ENOUGH BITCH!" Latisha shot back callously.

Latisha reached down and pulled Lauren up on her feet by her hair once again. Lauren could barely breathe, let alone stand up, as Latisha held her steady by her throat. With Lauren's neck in her grasp with one hand, Latisha drew back her fist, and with a hard devastating blow, she solidly drilled a powerful body shot straight into Lauren's rib cage causing her to let out a painful yelp as she folded and collapsed in Latisha’s arms.

"Damn… I think I heard a couple of ribs crack!" Latisha joked as she held Lauren's limp body in her arms.

"LATISHA PLEASE!" Haley sobbed in despair. "SHE'S HAD ENOUGH!"

Latisha eased her grip on Lauren as the slender blonde slid through her arms down to her knees. She held Lauren steady by her neck as she stood staring down on her.

"Waddya say you anorexic bitch… y’all had enough or should I beat ‘yo scrawny ‘lil white ass some more?" she sneered looking down on the battered college girl.

Lauren could barely utter a sound; she just let out a soft moan as Latisha held her steady by her throat.

Latisha turned and glanced at Haley.

“Yo girl I think ‘yo sister is just about done” she teased cocking her arm back. “I think it’s time I put her outta her misery for good!”

"PLEASE LATISHA DON'T!" Haley pleaded in despair.

"Sorry bitch!" Latisha replied. "I been waitin’ for this moment all day!"

Latisha turned and glanced down on Lauren as she cocked her arm back a little more. With Lauren’s throat firmly in her grasp with one hand, Latisha drew back her fist, and with the brute force of a Mike Tyson punch, she solidly smashed her fist straight into Lauren's cover girl face with a solid head-jarring right hook.


Lauren's head jerked hard to one side as Latisha’s solid fist shattered her glass jaw like a mirror. Latisha watched the sexy blonde college girl crumble to the ground like a house of cards as Haley watched in horror a few feet away.

"Yo girl… I guess 'yo punk-ass big sis wasn't much help for you today was she?" Latisha teased glancing over at Haley. "I just knocked the shit outta her!"

Haley just stood there in stunned silence disbelieving what she had just seen. Latisha had knocked her sister out with one punch. It was the most destructive display of power she had ever witnessed in her life. She just stood there utterly speechless as she gazed at her unconscious sister lying on the ground.

Latisha stood over her vanquished victim for a moment or two admiring her handiwork, then turned and made her way towards Haley.

"I'm glad y’all brought me over today Haley" she teased stepping up to the terrified blonde. "I had fun beatin' the shit outta 'yo punk-ass big sis".

Latisha reached up and gently began to wisp Haley's long blonde hair away from her face.

"I love beatin' the shit outta pussy-ass white girls," she said as she softly stroked Haley's long blonde hair. "Especially snobby rich white girls like you and ‘yo sister".

Latisha twirled her index finger around a lock of Haley’s hair and pinched it tight between her fingers.

"You and me gonna have a ‘lil arrangement from now on" she said tugging firmly on Haley’s hair. "You and ‘yo sister are livin' large in this big 'ol fancy house with a big 'ol fancy pool, which probably means 'yo daddy is a big 'ol rich mutha fucka. So from now on if you don't want me up in 'yo face at school anymore, you gonna pay me twenty dollars every week... and if I don't get my money, ‘yo sister won't be the only one to get her ass knocked out… 'ya feel me?"

A look of shock fell over Haley’s face as she stood there gazing at Latisha.

"T-Twenty dollars?" she replied meekly.

"Beginning tomorrow," Latisha replied staring at Haley with a cold stare.

Haley felt her heart sink to the pit of her stomach as she stood there in the grasp of the big 14-year-old black girl.

"Do we have an understanding?" Latisha said tugging a little harder on Haley’s hair.

“Y-Yes” Haley reluctantly replied.

"Good!" Latisha retorted.

Latisha let go of Haley's hair, then placed her index finger under her chin and gently nudged her head up.

"And don't even think about tellin' 'yo daddy about this" she said in a threatening tone. "Remember... I know where y’all live now".

Haley gulped a hard swallow and softly nodded her head as Latisha removed her finger from under her chin.

"Thanks for havin’ me over Haley I had fun today" Latisha teased smugly. "Maybe next time I'll bring my ‘lil sis with me".

Haley paused for a moment as a look of shock fell over her face once again.

"N-Next time?" she replied meekly.

"That’s right" Latisha retorted smugly.

The young black girl ran her eyes up and down Haley’s slender body as she stood there sizing her up.

"My ‘lil sis is only twelve-years-old and she’s already bigger than you" she teased staring at the 85-pound 17-year-old. “I’d LOOOVE for her to meet you”.

Haley just stood there in stunned silence as her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. Latisha meanwhile turned and casually walked over and picked up her backpack, which was resting on the ground a few feet away. Turning back to Haley, she glanced at her with a mischievous look.

“See you at school tomorrow Haley" she smirked swinging her backpack over her shoulder. “I’ll be waitin’ for you”.

As Haley watched her school bully turn and make her way home, an overwhelming sense of dread and regret suddenly fell over her. She knew her situation at school had just gone from bad to worse. As she stood there quietly alone in the still air of the late afternoon, the harsh reality of what had just transpired hit her like a ton of bricks. This was not the end of her nightmare… it was just the beginning.

The End
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