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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:27 pm    Post subject: MOM VS BEST FRIENDS MOM PT3 Reply with quote

It was many years before my Mom Beth and Jacks Mom Joyce fought for the last time. They had fought twice before with both Moms winning one fight each. They were now fifty one years old. Both women were still very pretty, but they had put a few pounds. However they were not fat. Our Moms were forty five years old when they had decided to fight one last time, but it had been six years before the timing could be arranged for the fight. I really think neither woman wanted to fight, but felt they did not want to be tied at one victory apiece. We had a perfect place for them to fight however so here we are, in an empty apartment in a building of a friend of Joyce's. All that was there was two chairs for Jack and me that we were going to be tied in so we could not interfere in our mothers� catfight. The rules were simple there were no rules. Anything goes in the fight. The only stipulation was that winning mother and son had three minutes with the losers son. Jack and I took our clothes off and sat in a chair as the moms tied the other mothers� son to the chair. Then the mothers stripped and when they were naked they stood in a corner facing each other. It was Jack who said to our moms, OK Fight! The two mature women came together and as women seem to do each grabbed their rival�s hair with one hand. I was shocked when instead of slapping or punching with their free hand both women grabbed their opponents breast and began twisting and squeezing it. They began to push and pull each other around the room still keeping hold of each others tit with one hand and the other in the others hair. It took minutes for Joyce to get Mom up against a wall. When she did Joyce let go of Moms tit and started punching Mom in her belly and side. Mom was trying to get into position where Joyce could only punch Mom in the back. Come on Mom, hit her back I yelled. Mom began to punch Joyce back so that within seconds the hair pulling had stopped and both mothers were fist fighting. It was a punch to her breast that put Joyce on the floor. Mom got a couple of kicks at Joyce before Joyce grabbed Moms leg. Mom hopped around, her tits flapping all over as Joyce got to her feet still holding Moms leg. Joyce smiled as she asked Mom, What are you going to do about this, Beth? She then punched Moms knee hard a couple of times before releasing Moms leg. Mom bent down to rub her knee and Joyce started to windmill her fists in to my mothers naked back knocking Mom to the floor. Mom began to roll away from her opponent, but Joyce went after her, and got Mom on her back. Joyce sat down hard on my mothers belly, knocking the air out of her. As the two women stared at each other, Mom grabbed Joyce's hair and pulled her off. The two women then began to roll around on the floor pulling hair. Neither woman could gain an advantage just rolling around pulling hair, so they rolled away from each other and then stood staring at one another. Jack yelled to his mother, Come on, you can beat her! Joyce looked at her son and smiled, then looked back at Mom and raised her fists. Mom did the same. It was my turn to cheer my Mom, You can knock her out, Mom. The two mothers close and start swinging their fists at each other. The wild swinging fists connect every so often Mom began to change her tactics and starts to go after Joyce�s breasts with her punches. Joyce was still trying to hit Moms head but Mom was ducking her punches like a pro as she hit Joyce�s swinging breasts time and again. Joyce began to bring her hands down to protect her breasts. This gave Mom the chance to start punching Joyce�s head and she took it. An uppercut to her chin put Joyce on her lovely ass again. Mom stepped back against the wall catching her breathes. Get on her, Mom! You have her now do not give her chance! I yelled to my mother. It was too late tough because Joyce was starting to get up. Before she could straighten up totally Mom grabbed her by the hair. Both women just stared into each others eyes as Joyce grabbed Mom by her hair. They kept staring into one another eyes and they pulled hair with their one hand. They then begin to punch one another in their stomach with their other hand. The sound of flesh hitting unprotected belly and moans each mother made after being hit was hard to take for Jack and me. I could see the black and blue marks appearing on their bellies almost as soon as the fist hit the belly. Again Mom changes her tactic and started to try and knee Joyce in her hairy bush. Joyce knowing that a knee to her pussy might stop the fight turned her body so that Mom was only kneeing her rivals hip. Joyce then grabbed Mom tit and dug her nails in to the flesh of that beautiful boob. Mom screamed in pain and released Joyce and backed away. Her tit was already started to bleed. Bitch! Mom spat. Smiling Joyce said, what�s the matter, Beth. Can't take it Bitch? Mom rushed at smiling woman and grabbed her into a bear hug. Joyce did the same and with their breasts mashed a together the women tried to take their opponent down. After a few seconds Mom got Joyce on the floor by tripping her. Joyce landed hard on her back with Mom on top of her. You got her down Mom now finish her. I yelled. Looking into the other mothers face Mom smiled, Can't take it Joyce? You fat whore, get off me. Joyce said. Oh no, honey, I am going to have some fun. Before Mom could anything, she suddenly screams and rolled off of Joyce. I could see the mark on Moms tit where Joyce pinched it. Both women got to their feet, but Joyce took advantage and started punching Moms head and face. Mom began to back up blood already coming from her nose and mouth. Suddenly Joyce grabbed Mom around her waist and turned bringing Mom over and into the wall hard. Stun Mom went to the floor and Joyce quickly leapt on Moms belly and started punching Mom some more. I don't know when Mom became unconscious but Joyce must have hit her ten times. She then stood and look at Mom and then at us. Guess she quit, Jack so I won, she smirked. Joyce untied her son. They looked at me for a couple of second and then Joyce said for him to untie me. Jack did and I started to go to Mom but Jack grabbed me and put me into a full nelson. Joyce walked over to me and said Three minutes starting now. She slapped me hard. Then she started to punch me. My belly, my face, and my balls she hit me everywhere. Then Jack turned me around and caught me on my chin. I went down and out. I came to a while later. Mom was still out. I picked her up and took her to the bathroom and put in the tub and began to clean her up. She came to in a couple of minutes. It took the two us quite a while before we recovered enough to dress and go home. We never saw Jack or Joyce again after that. Mom never had another fight and I was really kind of glad about that.

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