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Mom Vs. Mom Cat Fight

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:32 pm    Post subject: Mom Vs. Mom Cat Fight Reply with quote

We were eleven when my best friend and I manipulated our mothers into a fist and catfight.
I guess we just wanted to see two females fight.
Let me go back to the beginning.

My best friend was named Jack and he was about a half-year-older than I.
We were at my house when pro wrestling came on TV and the match was two male wrestlers with female managers.
Suddenly the managers ran into the ring and started pulling hair and rolling around in the ring.

My mom, who is named Beth - 5'5" 120 pounds - reddish hair that was shoulder length, came into the room.

"Look, Mrs. Harris." Jack said, "Women wrestling."

Mom looked at the screen and gave a short laugh saying, "Sorry boys, that's not wrestling, that's a catfight."

"Catfight? What's that, Mom." I innocently asked.

"That's a name they have given to two females in a fight." She explained.

Jack then asked, "How is that different than wrestling?"

"Well, boys, wrestling is trying to pin to other person and there are rules, but in a fight the object is to win.
In the case of women or girls that means pulling hair or clothes, and punching and scratching and any part of the other person body is fair game."

"Wow, Mrs. Harris you seem to know at lot about it. How come?"

"Jack where I went to school there was a fight almost every day and some were between girls, and before you ask, yes I had a couple."

"Please Mom tell about us about them!" I pleaded.

"OK guys."

And my beautiful Mom told my friend and me about her girl fights.
After she was done she said, "Now go out and play. I have to clean house."

What Jack and I did was run to our treehouse that was between the two properties.
I probably should explain that our houses were on two streets but our backyard join each other.
There was maybe 150 feet between them with each house have 50 feet of nice level yard and then share 50 feet of dense woods.
When we got into the treehouse Jack said, "Man that was great!"
"I know. It made me hard."
"Me, too. There's only one thing we can do."
"Yup" I answered and we pulled down our pants and underpants and began to jerk off. (No we never touch each other's)

After we were finished Jack said, "I wonder if my Mom has ever been in a fight."
"Why don't you go and ask. Then you tell me."
"Sure. Meet you back here in a couple of hours."

Two hours later Jack was telling me about the fights his mother had been in.
"Man I sure would like to see a real girlfight." I said.

Jack thought for a moment and then said, "Dave, don't be mad but I was thinking that I would love to see our mothers in a fight."

"Against who?" I foolishly asked.

"Each other, of course."

"Yea that would be something!" I thought for a moment and then asked, "How can we do it?"

"We would have to trick them into it. And I have been thinking. If you and I pretended to be arguing over which mother would win and then pretend to fight ourselves that might been them fight."

It sounded like a good plan to me so we set into motion the next day. Jack knew that his mother liked a television program at a certain time of the day, and she would watch it in their living room. He made sure that the window were opened so she would hear us has we stood under it. We both slapped our faces a few times to make them red and start a few tears.

Then we started with Jack saying, "Come on, Dave, you know my mother could beat your mother up."

"No she wouldn't. My mom would win!"

"Oh yea?"

With that we grabbed each other by the shirt and started moving around the backyard. We had even worked out signals so we would looked like we were we hitting each other. I noticed Mrs. O'Hara standing in her doorway watching us. I whispered that fact to Jack and he gave me the sign. It looked like he had punched my stomach and I sold the punch. Then I gave him the sign and threw a punch at his head. He threw his head back as if I gave him a haymaker. We fell to the ground and rolled around it. We both knew it would me more convincing if we had dirt on us. As we rolled around we pulled hair and clothes and tried to throw punches that looked real. Suddenly we were each grabbed by an arm and pulled apart. Still trying to be convincing we tried kicking and getting back at each other.

"What's this all about?" Mrs. O'Hara asked.

"Dave said his Mom could beat you up." Jack answered.

Mrs. O'Hara smiled and then asked the question we had anticipated. "And how are you two fighting proving which Mother would win?"

Jack and I looked at each other in panic when I said, "Family pride."

"Oh." Was all she said for a moment and then told Jack to go in the house and she would take me home and talk to my mother.

As we neared the backdoor of my house, I could see my Mom looking out and I tried to struggle to get away, which made Mrs. O'Hara grab tighter.

"What's going on here?" Mom asked as she opened the door.

"The boys were fighting, Beth." Mrs. O'Hara answered.

"Dave, why were you fighting?"

Before I could answer, Mrs. O'Hara said, "Over which one of us would win a fight."

"That's crazy, Joyce. The boys are best friends."

"I know. But nonetheless that was what they were fighting over."

Mom took my arm but Mrs. O'Hara didn't release my other arm right away. The two women looked at other, then Mom said, "Come on, Dave, I'll have to come up with some punishment for fighting."

"Don't punish him on my account, Beth, I was having fun watching them battle over which one of us is the better fighter. Maybe we can return the favor some day."

Was she challenging Mom to fight? I couldn't believe my ears. Mom just looked at her as Joyce turned and started back home.

Inside of our kitchen Mom sat down in a chair and looked me over. She was real interested in my arm that Joyce had hold of. "Did she hurt you, Honey?"

"No Mom," I smiled and said, "she not that tough."

Mom smiled at that and then hugged me. I decided to press the issue. "Could you beat her, Mom?"

She looked toward the O'Hara house for second and then back to me. "Easily." Was all she said.

Jack and I both knew we would not be able to see each other, but we had other friends, which we used that. We would call each other at a certain time and when our mothers asked who it was we would said it is one of other friends. It was lucky for both of us that our mothers didn't socialize much and could check the calls out. Soon we started to call each other but if a mother answered the phone we would say, "My mom says she would win."

Soon the mothers started in when they would see each other. It always seemed that Joyce would start it. She would go up to my mother when they would see each other in public by saying real low almost in a whisper "Who would win?" or "Which one of us is tougher?"

Mom was getting angrier each time this happened. Then it HAPPENED!

We had gone grocery shopping early one morning. When we came out to the car just going into the store was Joyce and Jack. They stopped and looked at us as we put the bags in the car. The four of us stared at each other, then Jack made like he was punching something and pointed at Mom and me and laughed. Joyce joined in laughing. She looked at Mom and then cocked her finger as if saying come here to Mom. Mom turned and got in the car.

On the way home she asked me if I had any plans for that afternoon. I had none and told her so. "Good."

Around eleven o'clock Mom asked me to call and see if Jack is home. I did as she asked and when Jack answered Mom said to see if Joyce is home. Jack said yes and I told Mom. "Tell him I want to talk to her." When Mrs. O'Hara got on the phone Mom asked me to go upstairs, but I didn't. I only went around the corner and listened.

"I didn't appreciate Jack's gestures and your laughing at it, Joyce." Pause then, "Yes I can take a joke but it wasn't funny�.Look this has nothing to do with being tough. OK if that's the way you want let's do it now. I'm still wearing the dress you saw me in this morning. Well, you are not gong to be wearing your dress home. What about the boys? I agree they should watch."

Mom hung up the phone and yelled to me. I waited a moment and then came back into the room. "Yea Mom?"

"Let's go out into the backyard, Honey."

Out in the backyard Mom stood as if waiting. Within three minutes Jack and his mother came out of the woods that separated our houses. Mom was wearing her summer dress that was green and came only to her knees and blue sneakers. Joyce's dress was like Mom's but it was blue and her tennis shoes were white. Joyce pointed a corner of the yard and told Jack to go over there. Mom pointed to the corner of the house and said "Go over there, sweetie and don't interfere. Don't you interfere either, Jack."

"Don't worry about him, Beth. I won't need his help."

That said the two women walked toward each other and like women do in these situations grabbed each other's hair and began pulling back. They pulled so hard that their heads were both pulled back as far as they could go. Then they tried kicking each other but being so close together they couldn't get in any effective kicks at each other. Of course Jack and I was thrilled as we watched our mothers fight.

They eased up on the hairpulling so that now they looked each other in the eye. As if my mutual consents they released each other's hair and stepped back. Then they brought their hands up and clasped them. They began pulling and pushing trying to get the other balance.

Joyce won this as she pulled Mom way off balance so that Mom spun to the ground. Joyce was on top of her in a second and the two pretty women began rolling around the yard. The two quit rolling and Joyce was on top so she sat on Mom's stomach and tried to slap my mother. She couldn't get a slap in though because Mom kept moving her head side to side, so then Joyce punched Mom's stomach.

"Ow!" was all Mom said and then Joyce got in a couple of slaps to Mom's face. However Mom started bucking until she got Joyce off her.

The two fighters got to their feet with Mom rubbing her reddening face. Joyce came toward Mom but Mom was ready and slapped Joyce in her face. Joyce stopped in her tracks.

"OK, Beth." She said and brought her fists up. Mom did hers and they began to throw punch after punch at each other. Mom got lucky and caught Joyce with a right to her cheek. Joyce backed up and looked at Mom who still had her fists up. Joyce wiped her cheek, maybe checking for blood, and then raised her fists. Again they threw punches but this time Joyce brought a blow to Mom's stomach. Mom grabbed her stomach and bent over and Joyce brought her knee up into my mother's face.

Mom fell to the ground stunned. Her nose was bleeding profusely. I feared it might have been broken. If Joyce had asked Mom, she most likely might have given up, but Joyce just paraded around the yard with her arms up in victory.

However Mom quickly recovered and stood. "Come on, bitch! You want to fight or dance?" Mom yelled at her adversary.

Joyce just walked to Mom and they again grabbed hair and began pulling. Suddenly they grabbed each other dress in one hand and began punching with their other. Mom got even for the knee by getting in two real good punches to Joyce's nose causing it to bleed. Suddenly they both got caught with a fist to the cheek and they fell. It was comical because as they fell backward they still had a hold of each other's dress so that they ripped.

Our mothers were flat on their back now in the ripped clothing so that their bras and panties were showing. My mother again recovered first and stood up and removed her ripped dress. She then walked over to Joyce and stomped on her unprotected stomach. Joyce grabbed her belly and rolled over on to it, so Mom stomped on her back a couple of times. Suddenly Joyce rolled again but this time grabbed Mom's leg making Mom fall to the ground. Joyce quickly got on Mom and grabbed her hair and pounded her head into the ground. Mom did the only thing she could do and grabbed Joyce's breasts. She began to squeeze Joyce's titflesh.

By now Joyce's brastraps had broken so that her bra was hanging on her belly. This gave Mom free access to Joyce's mammeries and she used the advantage. She was digging into the boobs for all she was worth. I could even see the scratches on them.

Joyce was screaming in pain and grabbed Mom's tits through her bra, but Joyce couldn't get the leverage she wanted so she grabbed Mom's bra and pulled it down so Mom's tits were revealed. Then she began clawing my mother's breasts.

Within moments both women's boo

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