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Mixed NHB fight: George vs Kayla

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:25 pm    Post subject: Mixed NHB fight: George vs Kayla Reply with quote

Don't quite know where to post this, but hope this is Ok here?

The following mixed fight story was the result of an e-fight via e-mail some weeks ago – hope some here enjoy – comments as always are most welcome!



By George & Kayla

STATS: George, 6 ft 1 inch, 220 lbs; Kayla: 5 ft 9 inch, 140 lbs.

Apart from the height advantage, you have quite a weight advantage too - which means I'll have to use all my feminine wiles and ingenuity - and above all fight dirty! Tee hee!

OK, what are the rules?

NHB Rules: One to submit loses the match, otherwise anything goes. I am in the ring wearing only a black pair of shorts. I start to stretch out, waiting for you to make your way to the ring. I have set a 3 foot piece of rope in my corner in case I need it during or after the match. Then I turn as I see you start toward the ring.

I approach the ring dressed in tight black shorts, matching crop top, boots with spurs, and my usual whip, including a large sports bag containing "some secret things" - for during or after the match.

I slide through the ropes, feeling my stomach knot seeing the size of you - both in height & weight, I feel intimidated. However, I steel my myself & resolve to fight as hard & dirty as I could - maybe he'll be over-confident thinking he'll overpower me easily being a woman - maybe I can let that work to my advantage?

So I do some warm-up stretches, light jogging, a few jabs & kicks to loosen up, ignoring you & trying to steady my nerves - Then I glare at you, shouting: "You're going down", gesturing with my thumb downwards in classic gladiator style.

I chuckle as you tell me that I'm "going down". I yell back to you, "Maybe after I finish you off, I will take out Heather as well!" This comment gets you fired up. You turn to Heather and are whispering back and forth. I watch and get aroused as I study your sexy body.

I snap out of my stare as You start to move out of your corner. You say, "Let's go tough guy." I smile and say, "I am more than ready." I start toward the center of the ring, waiting for you.

After showing you the thumbs down, I turn to Heather in my corner who is dressed similarly, and I give her a deep French kiss, knowing it's gonna drive you wild with excitement - "and maybe just the distraction I need to win!" I think to myself.

With my nips tingling a little with excitement from the sensuous kiss and pre-fight adrenaline pumping in my veins, I cautiously move towards you in the middle of the ring.

Slowly we circle each other - then I feint with my left fist, but as you duck rather casually to your left, smiling, it's right into a lightning fast jab of my right fist – connecting smack to the side of your jaw! Causing you to stagger back a little!

"That's it Kayla!", Heather shouts excitedly, and I grin mischievously at the surprised look on your face, as you clutch your jaw.

I hold my jaw and give it a brief massage as I look at you. "That punch had some power behind it", I say to myself. I know I need to go on the attack so a fake a jab toward your head. As you dodge that, I follow up quickly with a left punch to your rib cage.

You let out a groan as the punch hits. I move in a grab a hold of your hair. I pull down on your hair and start to bring your head down. I raise my knee and drive it up into your forehead. As my knee hits, I release you and you fall back to the mat.

Unnngh! Stunned from the blow to my head and the hard fall, I look up at you towering above me, gloating and looking a little cocky. Shaking my head, I hear Heather shout: "Watch out, Kayla", and I see you hurtling forward toward me in a dive, shouting something that sounded like "Geronimo!"

Realizing the danger of being pinned, where your weight will be to your advantage, I manage to swiftly grab your arms and place my feet on your stomach, sending you flying over my head to land on your back with a hard SMACK! Quickly rising to my feet, I move rapidly to where you're lying groaning, and give you a quick, vicious stomp to your crown jewels, delighting in the grunt of pain and instant whitening of your face ... OOOMPHH!

I cry out in pain and bury my hands between my legs. You watch me for a brief few seconds, recovering, then you grab me and pull me to my feet. You then give me a push into the nearest corner. My back crashes into the turnbuckle and my arms flop over the top rope, holding me in place.

You then move in and send a quick punch into my belly. I let out a soft groan and you send a couple more punches into my belly, knocking the wind out of me. You say, "What's the matter honey, having trouble breathing?" You then send one more kick to my belly, almost causing me to fall.

"Yeah! Finish him off, Kayla - he's hurt!" I hear Heather shout excitedly.

Feeling the excitement coursing wildly through me, but careful not to be over-confident, I move in and execute a neat judo roll on you - sending you flying through the air doing a slow somersault, landing with a sickening crash on your back again ...

Tempted as I am to dive upon you & try & pin you down, I realize that might be a mistake, given your weight advantage and skills on the floor - that would have to wait until you're softened up some more. So instead I wait for you to rise again - while I stare at your hairy, manly chest heaving as you breath heavily ...

"Come on, big boy - we're only starting", I tease.

I slowly start to make my way to my feet, catching my breath as I pull myself up. I stare at you with a menacing look on my face. I start toward you and as I come closer, you lift your right leg to kick me. But I catch it and you are now trying to balance on one foot. I hold your leg tightly as you try to pull it away.

I snicker as I watch you hoping on one foot. Then, without warning, I give your leg a yank and you are sent down to the mat on your back. I move in quickly and drop down, sending a fist into your belly. You groan as my punch hits. Then I climb on top of you and place my forearm on your neck. I start to apply pressure as you move your arms up and try to push my arm off.

OOOOMPHHH! I groan as your punch slams into my belly, and then before I can collect my wits I feel your weight bearing down on me. "Shucks, I'm in trouble!", it flashes through my mind, "My God, he's heavy and muscled even harder than I thought!"

As your arm presses down hard into the softness of my throat, I feel myself grunt involuntarily "Unnngggh!", and a little panic rise within me. I can feel your weight crushing down on my breasts and aroused nipples, and feel your male hardness swelling between your legs, pressing down on my silky bare thigh.

With no success I try and push your arm off, but your grip is too strong. Gasping for air and seeing stars, I then try and knee you between the legs, but all I connect is your upper thigh. "Got you now, you sexy little bitch!", you taunt, and in desperation I raise my right hand to dig my nails deep into your exposed face ...

" BITCH!!!!" I scream. I release the hold and roll off of you holding my face. I lie on the mat with my hands on my face. You are now free but you need to suck in air. You gasp for breath as you turn your head and see me holding my face.

You know that you need to take advantage of this but you are short of breath. You struggle to your feet.

Just as you do I come up behind you and start placing my arm around your throat from behind. You send your elbow back, hitting me in my belly. I was not expecting that and I double over. You then grab my arm and whip me into the corner where Heather is. She watches my back smack into the turnbuckle and my arms slide over the top rope.

Heather quickly slips her hands underneath your arms
and locks her hands behind your head in a full Nelson
(is that right?) while I move in closer while you're
struggling a little winded.

"Tee Hee! Now that's not very gentlemanly of you - to
call me a BITCH, huh?", I tease, giggling and taunting
further, "But then I suppose Heather and I are
bitches, and fucking proud of it! - Heh, heh!"

First I spin quickly on my left foot, giving you a
high spin kick with my right boot, hard to the left
hand side of your head, jerking it to the side.
"Oooohh, did that hurt, poor thing?", I coo, and then
repeat the same movement with my left foot, striking
the left hand side of your head. "See, I'm quite
ambi-dextrous, aren't it?"

Next I follow up my brutal punishment with a barrage
of vicious punches to your belly. I wink cockily at
Heather: "Hmmm, Heather, nothing gets a kinky girl
like me as hot and wet as dishing out punishment like
this!", and then punctuate my comment with a sharp
uppercut under your chin, snapping your head back.

"Ready to give up yet, George?", I ask as I see you sag
and Heather has to strain to keep you up.

"Fuck off, you SLUT!", you hiss still defiantly and I
walk forward and yank your boxer trousers down
exposing your half-erect penis and hairy ball sack
swaying underneath. "My, my, my - now look at that!"

I teasingly cup your cock and balls in my left hand,
feeling it stiffen in response: "Heh, heh, but it FEELS
like you're enjoying this, big guy, aren't you?", and
I then lean forward, tracing my tongue across your
bloody cheek, but you pull away. Then I firmly grip
your chin in my right hand preparing to give you a
full kiss on the mouth ...

I struggle to move my head away but Heather has me in the tight full nelson. You move in a start to give me a full, sexy kiss. Your tongue dives into my mouth. Then, you quickly pull out and slam your left fist into my belly. I moan loudly as this took me by surprise.

You then raise your knee and drive it into my belly. My body tries to double over but Heather has me good. You then slowly reach your hands for my neck. You start to choke me. I gasp for air and you tease me, "Having trouble breathing big guy?" I try to get free but I have been weakened by your attacks.

You increase the pressure a bit. I am running low on air and really gasping. You say, "What do you think would happen if you passed out right now?" My eyes grow wider as I fear the possibility of being unconscious and at your and Heather's mercy. I struggle a little bit more as you and Heather chuckle. You know I am very weak and unable to escape.

Sensing your fear and excited that I can finally
finish you off, I whisper: "Time for nighty-night, big
boy ... we're gonna have fun playing with you ..." and
start applying pressure with my hands, choking &
throttling you - delighting in and feeling aroused by
your ineffectual struggles and gasping for air ...

I panic and struggle to free myself. But it is no use. Heather has me tight in the hold and you continue to apply pressure. My body is weakening. My eyes start to flutter. And finally everything goes black. My body is now relaxed as I am unconscious. You release the choke and smile at Heather.

"OOOOH, what are we gonna do with him, Heather?", I
ask Heather as she lets go of your body, and your limp
body slides down the corner post.

"Well, for starters let's tie him down so he doesn't
bother us when he comes round while we're playing and
toying with him". Heather replies, walking to our bag of
goodies taking out pieces or rope. Soon we have you
trussed up, your hands and feet tied and stretched
from ropes from corner to corner so that you're lying
diagonally across in the middle.

We splash some cold water over your face until you
splutter and wake cursing us, but clear concern is
written over your face.

"My, my, isn't that a feast for a pair of wickedly
horny girls" I giggle as we look at your broad
masculine chest rising and letting our gaze drift down
to your half limp/erect but impressive tool.

"I've got an idea ..." I whisper into Heather's ear,
"You start warming him up ..."

"Hey, what are you bitches gonna do with me?", you

Giggling Heather says, "Patience, big boy - you'll see
soon ...

While I'm walking a few steps to our bag, Heather
falls to her knees and starts tickling and kissing
your pecker. First, with a quiver, and then more
rapidly it starts rising, and becoming erect and
swollen as your cock is engorged with lusty desire.
Like a mighty tower it rises above your flat belly,
and when I return Heather has already stripped and
lowered herself onto your rigid pole, and started a
slow gentle fuck, sliding up and down, and gyrating in
a circular motion.

From your groans, it sounds like you're enjoying it,
but I notice the shock in your face when you look at
what I'm carrying in my hand: a large black dildo with
a strap.

"What the fuck are you going to do with that?", with a
trembling voice you ask, the natural fear of any
straight guy at the thought of being anally fucked.

"Tee hee! What do you think, dear? Big boy, I'm gonna
fuck you like you've never been fucked before!", I
giggled teasingly, and laugh out loud as you
helplessly strain at your bonds.

"Fuck you, you can't do that!", you protest wildly and desperately.

But then I smother your protest by strapping the dildo
onto your chin and fastening it behind your neck.

"Oh yes, I can - you see this is a chin dildo not a
strap-on as you thought and I bet you've never seen
one before, have you?"

Soon I too am stripped nude, and slowly lower my
steamy, hot pussy onto the dildo, slowly impaling
myself its full length, thrilling as it enters me
deeper and deeper until I'm fully penetrated, while my
clitoris is directly above your tongue.

Meanwhile Heather is riding you harder and harder as
she nears orgasm, and I reach out to squeeze her hard
nipples on her dangling boobs. But then you shoot your
load deep into her, and she groans with disappointment
as she feels you go limp and slip out of her pussy
before reaching her own peak.

"Darn, just like all the others ... they don't fucking
last ... TAKE THAT!" and with those words she balls
her fist and slams it into your belly, causing you to
OOOMPHH and in the process driving the chin dildo
deeper into me.

Remaining seated on your lower belly, Heather reaches
forward and starts licking & teasing my nipples as I
slow fuck your face. Groaning with intense pleasure, I
command you to lick my clit or else! Soon I feel your
tongue snaking around my little pleasure bud, and is
the intensity increases an overwhelming orgasm starts
building in my body. Soon I'm quivering and shaking
with pleasure as my juices spill over your defeated

Then Heather and I switch places, and soon I've got
you rock-hard again, slipping you inside me and riding
you hard. And this time having already spilled your
first load, we all three achieve a simultaneous
orgasm, you grunting and groaning as you shoot your
cum into my spasming, tight pussy, and Heather
splashes you with her juices.

Afterwards I stuff my thong into your mouth so you
can't call for help, and Heather drapes hers over your
vanquished and drained cock! And blowing kisses we
leave you to be found by the cleaning crew. Hasta la Vista!


link :

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This was first posted on FCF by Kayla.

She doe not get a credit here!!!!
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