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Prom fight

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:35 pm    Post subject: Prom fight Reply with quote

The big night had finally arrived. It was prom night and I was taking Jeanie. Jeanie was my new girlfriend after Becky and I broke up during the school year. Becky was a sweet girl. You could say the virgin Mary. Sex just wasn't in her vocabulary. Me being a teenage boy the better part of me was raging. So I started to look elsewhere for fun and to fill my sex drive. That's were Jeanie comes in. She has a body to die for. Not that Becky didn't but Jeanie was a lot more fun when it came to sex. I broke up with Becky and started dating Jeanie. At lunch one day Becky was walking by us with her friends and Jeanie reached out and grabbed my cock and started kissing me. Becky stopped and call her a slut. Jeanie walked over to her. "What's the matter can't stand the heat? And with that Jeanie slapped Becky across the face. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see what would happen. To every ones disappointment nothing. Becky turned and walked away. Jeanie came back to me and gave me a big wet kiss. If that bitch just looks at you or me the wrong way I'll kick her ass so bad her own mother won't know her. Becky's friend tried to console her but she was pissed. Who the hell does she think she is? If it's the late thing I do I'm going to get even with that slutty bitch. First she steals my boyfriend then slaps me. It's payback time. The night of the prom came and I rented a limo for us to go in. When I knocked on Jeanie's door she answered it. I just about passed out at the sight of the gown she was wearing. A low cut thin strapped black number that showed a lot of cleavage and she had a lot to show. Jeanie is a 38DD with long red hair. We arrived at the catering hall the same time as Becky with her date. She wore almost the same dress as Jeanie. Showing off her pair as well. A lovely set of 36D's with her long blonde hair she looked great. Jeanie saw me looking and hit me in the chest. Becky noticed this and stopped in front of us. What's the matter can't stand the heat? Jeanie was smoking and ready to strike but I held her back. That bitch is asking for it and she just might get it before the night is up. The prom was a blast we danced all night and the two girls stayed away from each other. Then it was time to name the King and Queen of the prom. Jeanie thought she was a shoe in. To my surprise I was named King and then it happened, Becky was named Queen. That meant we had to dance together. Jeanie was furious. You are not dancing with that bitch. The music started and I looked at Jeanie and walk to the center of the floor to meet Becky. We started to dance real and I could feel Becky's tit rubbing against my chest. Was she doing this on purpose. What happened next shocked everyone. Becky through her arms around my neck and kissed me. Jeanie had seen enough and ran up to us grabbing her by the hair and pulling her off me. They Becky got free and turned to face Jeanie. I stepped in and took them both by the hand and dragged them into the hall. This is not the time or place for this. Listen, Jeanie and I have a hotel suite for later this evening why not settle it there? They both agreed. They would bring three friend each to witness the fight and The loser had to leave the room and the winner spent the night with me. Becky looked ready as did Jeanie. The prom was over and we all headed to the hotel. Once in the room we moved the furniture out of the way to give them as much room as possible. Jeanie began to take off her dress. You don't think I'm going to ruin this do you? To everyone's surprise Becky did the same. You're right bitch, why ruin a good dress on your worthless ass. Becky's nipples were erect as were Jeanie's. Jeanie big tits bounced around while Becky were big and firm. Jeanie also sported red pubic hair not shaved but bushy. Becky had a Brazilian. She looked hot and I started getting hard. I stepped up and told them that there were no rules anything goes. The fight ends when one of you gives or can't continue. Once I sat down the fight was on. Jeanie was the first to strike with a punch to Becky's head. The punched dazed her a little giving Jeanie another shot to her stomach. This doubled her over gasping for air. Jeanie laughed "You had enough?" Becky shook her head no and Jeanie grabbed her right nipple and pulled. Becky's eyes watered. She knew she had to do something fast or it would be over. Jeanie moved closer and as she took the first step Becky kicked her between the legs. Now it was Jeanie's turn to howl in pain. Becky then gave her a punch to the temple knocking Jeanie on her ass. Was this the same girl who wouldn't have sex with me? Becky kick her in the head ans stomped on Jeanie's stomach. She then bent over her fallen enemy and reached down taking hold of her two tits and lifting Jeanie off the floor. Jeanie screamed from the pain and punched Becky square in the nose. Becky released her hold and held her nose. Jeanie was rubbing her tits. "You want to fight dirty then that's what we'll do." With that she ran towards Becky and spared her like a WWE move. This really knocked the wind from Becky. Then like a cat Jeanie was on top of her. She took hold for Becky's breasts and mauled them till they started turning red. Becky squirmed and tried to get Jeanie off but couldn't. She reached up and started working on Jeanie's breasts. Jeanie released her hold and began punching Becky in the face. Becky was crying and I didn't think she'd last to long if this continued. Jeanie stood up and looked down at her weeping opponent. "You think you're hot shit? Well I'm not done with you yet." She kicked Becky in the ribs than spread her legs and stomped on her pussy. No one in the room could believe what was happening. None of us tried to stop it. We all knew there had to be a winner. After she was done stomping She looked at Becky. "Had enough?" Becky with tears coming down. "Yes I quite, you win." Jeanie had a big smile on her face. "You think you're going to get off that easy? Like hell you are." "No more please" said Becky Jeanie was far from done. She grabbed Becky by the hair and to told us to get off the sofa. She sat down still holding Becky's hair. "Now start licking, bitch. Don't stop till I cum." Becky started to move back. "Don't want to? Well I guess I'll have to teach you to obey." She stood and kicked Becky in the stomach knocking her on her back. Jeanie then straddled Becky placing her cunt onto Becky's face. She began moving back and forth. "Start licking or else." Becky still wouldn't do it. Jeanie pulled her leg apart and pulled her pussy lips. She then placed two figures to Becky's pussy. Becky was wide eyed with pain for Jeanie was scratching her inner wall. Jeanie then got off her and turn to face Becky. She took her by the hair again and dragged her back to the sofa. "Start licking bitch." Becky was beaten and did what she was told. She licked till Jeanie shot her load all over her face. "Now lick it off your face and swallow it." Becky did as she was told. Jeanie stood over her lifting the beaten girl by the hair and looking her right in the face. "Now get your fucking ass out of my room so I could fuck MY boyfriend. With that She tossed Becky out of the room. Her friend took her things and left also. Jeanie then turned to me and say. "I whipped one cunt tonight and now I going to suck and fuck some big cock." With that we turned off the lights and Jeanie went to work.

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