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Swinging Seka... catfight, wrestling

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:40 am    Post subject: Swinging Seka... catfight, wrestling Reply with quote

Paula and Connie zero in on their victims…Connie hair hauls Madison to her feet, Paula does the same to Annette…while on that ladder…Seka has finally gotten herself free from Selma by stomping away at her head with her hi-heels leaving the little Bosnian bitch squirming on the steps blood trickling from a cut near her hair line…now Seka reaches up and finally makes a grab at that big money contract wallet…CCCCCCrashhhhH!!!…together Paula and Connie whip teen Madison and muscle girl Annette…Wham!!…into the steel ladder…the crowd are hysterical and whoop with delight as the ladder falls away taking Selma with it…but… and you have so just gotta see this…leaving Seka suspended 10 feet in midair, still frantically holding on to the wallet which is still held in place by the chain. Wowhee!!, what a fuckin‘ awesome scene folks!!…the sexy, leggy Serbian wannabe is left swinging above the floor, her sling strap all but totally disappearing into her ass and cunt cracks, her tits humping every which way as she twists, writhes, yells and kicks her sexy legs, so desperate not to let go that contract…Understandably the guys in the crowd are in seventh heaven plus!! Lex Austin, watching the gorgeous mayhem from the side lines, smiles to himself and reckons things are working out just so real cool!!

…As the ladder crashes down…auburn haired Ana jumps to her feet and Bob Pasco with her. Ana turns to him and nods her head. Keeping outta the way of the lights and the crowd of punters, the two of them stalk towards the action zone…meantime Paula and Connie are sure enjoying themselves as they hog-tie woozy Madison and Annette back to back with some rope that Paula just happens to find behind the bar and then stripping the teen and the muscle girl of their stained, sweaty thongs, the thirty-somethings proceed to stuff them into their victims mouths, to the delirious delight of the punters. But sure as fuck, there’s more mayhem to come yet because now infuriated, frustrated Selma has dragged herself up and outta the wreckage of Madison, Annette and the ladder…Selma, disorientated and with blood trickling down her face and onto her tits, sees Seka hanging in mid air…suddenly a wicked smile crosses her face, she picks up an empty beer bottle from the floor and then charges headlong at the swinging, struggling body of her so hated rival…(and meantime ‘third girl’ auburn haired Ana is stalking up on the scene, waiting her moment)…

Now how about this folks…swinging wannabe star Seka has, shall we say, sure left herself rather sortta vulnerable, as she hangs there, her gorgeous ass and defenceless pussy are in direct line with Selma’s head…and her teeth…the little Bosnian bitch comes in from behind…the crowd holler with delight as she bites into Seka’s ass…the Serbian singer screams so big time…but still won’t let go that contract…then, yelled on by the crowd and oblivious of Seka’s thrashing legs, Selma ducks under Seka’s ass and this time sinks her teeth into Seka’s cunt…the Serbians shrieks hit the roof. “Fuck you bitch, fuck you bitch, fuck you bitch, get the fuck away from me you fuckin‘ skank”, screams Seka to wild cheers from the crowd…Selma lets go with her teeth, steadies herself and now swings her beer bottle like a club…thud…and slams it repeatedly, right on target into Seka’s pussy…again its Seka doing the shrieking…but the desperate, screaming, cussin’ Serbian still hangs on, just not letting go that contract…and Selma, silly bitch, has just gotten herself too close to Seka’s thrashing legs…Seka swings them up and suddenly Selma finds she’s in a neck scissors, her head trapped between Seka’s gorgeous heavy thighs. “Now I kill you bitch”, yells Seka……(and meantime ‘third girl’ auburn haired Ana is waiting her moment)…

The punters hoot with delight as Seka proceeds to tighten her, what would it be??…suspended neck scissors maybe??…on Selma. But then all at once its Seka who starts screaming, “Ohmygod FFFFuck…..NNNNooooooooo”!!!!!…and cell phones are in action big time now…because…Selma has rammed the neck of that beer bottle right up into the Serbians cunt. “Hey slut, bet you‘ve never felt one as hard as this before, have you slut”? yells Selma as she works and pumps the bottle neck every which way deeper into Seka’s pussy, making her jerk, convulse and finally release Selma‘s trapped head. Now metal fatigue plays it’s part…all this strain is just too much for the hook in the beam holding the chain, which is holding the contract wallet which is held by writhing, jerking, swinging Seka…with a crash the hook gives way…and chain, contract wallet and Seka slam down on the carpet to roars of delighted laughter from the crowd…Seka sits upright on the carpet clutching the wallet but before she can do anything else in comes Selma and slams her fallen rival with a gorgeous, savage karate kick with her right leg…which is…wham!!…square on target, making contact with Seka’s chin. The Serbian shoots back, flat on the carpet…and …is out cold…her tits heaving…and with that beer bottle sticking straight and erect outta her pussy!!…The guys cell phones sure are in overdrive now!!!

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