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past vs future final. female catfight wrestling submission

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:44 am    Post subject: past vs future final. female catfight wrestling submission Reply with quote

Karen said “Beside, we can’t do anything worst to each other.”

Rick admiredly said “ yeah, you’ve never done a nude catfight before.”

Karen looked away and said “ actually, I did, but It went pretty bad. Sorry I never told you about it.”

Rick let out a sigh of releave. “Thank goodness. I didn’t know if you where capable of this kinda intensity.”

Karen smiled and said” sorry for not telling you about it.” She sat up in the grass and started brushing grass off her body and combed her hair and noticed a clump fall out and said “ lovely, I’m going to have a bald spot.”

Rick knew they could have been twins, just not how much he had never noticed.

Carrie came bouncing out of the home with two beers and give one to Karen. She looked at Rick and said “ you didn’t spill your beer and I can see you haven’t even opened it, yet. Wonder why?” she smiled and looked coyly at him but kept a respectful distance from him, this time.

She looked at Karen and said “ I’m going to ask, but I know the awnser, do you feel up to the final round? We could always call it a draw?”

Carrie got serious looking and said “ of course not, but I will say that who ever wins has the right to a rematch if we both agree in the future.”

Karen came over and they both shook on it.
Rick thanked his lucky stars for having found two women such as theses. He added “ only if I’m here to watch, ok?”

Karen said “ of course, lover.” Then she looked at Carrie and said” so what will we do to each other this last round?”

Carrie said “ I don’t know, I don’t plan these things in advanced…but it won’t involve taking any clothes off, since we’re both buck naked.

Karen looked up and said “both of us are, but HE isn’t.”

Rick knew both women well enough and meakly obeyed and took off his clothes showing his very hard and long…errrr…third leg.

Carrie signed and said “ boy, I do miss that one “little” thing about him.

Karen smiled and said “ well from that last round I won’t be playing with that toy for awhile, my gosh, that sure hurt.

Minutes went by and Carrie said “we better finish this soon, or I’ll have to call it quites for the night.”

Karen nodded agreement and they both stood facing each other. She said “ you do have very nice tits, almost as firm as mine and just a few stretch marks.”

Carrie was about to thank her for her compliment when Karen took both hands and grabbed handfuls of her breasts and began to pull and dig her nails into the soft puffy flesh.

Karen was momentarily shocked, cried in pain but quickly returned to her senses and grabbed her opponents slightly firmer mounds of flesh and dug her nails in.

Both women danced around at arms length circling each other. Using each others breasts to pull the others bodies around the yard.

Carrie changed the breast grab into a nipple pull and Karen fallowed.

They both pressed closer to each other so that their hands, nipples and breasts where again in contact and became still looking each other deep in the eye.

“I’m not letting go.” Karen hissed.
Neither am I, babe. “ Carrie returned.

Both women continued on their tit twisting, grabbing and pinching. Both needing to readjust their holds on the massive sweaty breasts.

They continued and started pushing each other around. Getting dangerously close to the picnic table until Karen, realizing to late, she was being pushed on top of it.

Carrie pushed her on top of the table and continued to press her opponents body to the table. Pressing her hips against Karen’s and pressing her foes back into the table.

Karen responded by bringing her legs up and wrapping around her opponents hips and began to squeeze. Her womanly mound making contact with Carrie’s.

Carrie jutted her mound out to meet Karen’s and they slammed their pubic bones into each other repeatedly and hard. The picnic table began to rock with each thrust.

Pounding harder the signs of extreme pain visiable on each face. Neither would yield.

Finally Karen released her breast hold and pushed herself up and wrapped her arms around Carrie driving her off of the table and flat on the ground.

Carrie had lost her breath with that last move and this gave Karen the time she needed to totally pin her opponent. Laying flat on her she dominated her enemy. Breast to breast, stomach to stomach, thigh to thing and mound to mound.
Carrie gained her breath back and tried, in vain to get Karen off. Her arms where pinned at her side and Karen’s chest was holding hers down flat. Both massive mounds of breast tissue pressed flat and oozing out from beside their chests.

Karen’s legs grapevine Carries and Carrie had trouble breathing with Karen’s stomach pressed totally against hers.

Out of desperation Carrie tried one last maneurver and with Karen’s breath being felt on her cheek and her soft hair entagled with her long hair she tried to bite at her cheek.

Karen pulled away found Carries neck exposed and bit hard.

Carrie found Karen’s neck exposed at returned the bite.

Both women drew blood. Not an inch of air in between them. Every muscle strained against an equal and well matched muscle. There was nothing left to fight with. It was a draw. But neither would yield.

Both passed out.

When they awoke, they found themselves in Rick’s bed. They both knew it well. Rick was standing beside the bed with a worried look on his face.

Carrie and Karen looked at each other and after a few moments agreed, this was a tie.

Both got dressed and left knowing that nothing had been settled and everything had been settled.

thanks for the forum to write this, this is one of my first stories. hope you likes.

url :

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