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past vs future Pt III catfight female wrestling

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:45 am    Post subject: past vs future Pt III catfight female wrestling Reply with quote

Karen got up and said” Be right back, I’m thirsty.” She sauntered off into the house. Carrie, still on her back looked up at Rick and said “ you got yourself a touch chick there.”

Rick smiled and said “ she never could have taken you when you where in your young 20’s.”

Carrie smiled and said “yeah, I know, but I’m not that old.” She sat up and started brushing the grass off her belly, stomach and boobs. She combed out her hair with her fingers and noticed a large clump coming out and groaned “ lovely, now I’m going to go bald.”

Rick just smiled.

Karen came strutting out of the house with a beer in hand and gave another to Rick and one to Carrie. Then they both noticed that she had taken off her jean shorts and she looked suprisenly at both of them and said “ what? Those damn grass stains will never come out .”

Carrie took the challenge and slid out of her shorts exposing her little thong. She got up and gave Rick an even better show.

Karen noticed Rick’s stare and grinned. “this isn’t all about you babe, just don’t get any ideas. You only get one Kitty at a time. I don’t share that with any women. “

Carrie looked at Karen and said “ wanna bet?” And tossed her thong off and at Rick.

Karen, looking honestly surprised stood there for a moment while Carrie wiggled over to Rick and started rubbing herself on Rick.

Carrie grabbed her own thong and angerly pulled it off.

Karen looked at her and said “ well, what did you expect, you keep raising the stakes. What was that “grass stains on the shorts thing. I’ll take you on nude. I’m not ashamed.”

Carrie said “ good girl.” And lunged at Karen both dropping their beers as they plowed full frontal into each other.

They both struggled for moments and soon where intertwined legs and arms and ended back on the ground rolling around. Thighs and legs battled while arms fought and their breasts began their own battle, again.

Rick noticed their mounds of womenhood coming into contact and invisioned this truly women vs women battle continued down there.

Rolling back and forth exchanging slaps, punches and attempted kneeing each other Karen was the first to change tactics and actually reached her hand between Carries legs and grabbed a fist full of hair…and pulled.

Carrie screamed and reflexively tried to move away but only got to the length of Karen’s arm when she realized she couldn’t get any farther she returned to the battle and quickly found her own mound of womenhood and took hold.

Both women lay side by side mauling at each others most sensitive parts. Tears started welling in each others eyes. Then the other hand of each found their mark on each others closest breasts and began to dig deep.

Side by side both squeezed for all they where worth. The screams at stopped, but every muscle on both bodies was tense. Both where biting lips to hold back the tears. The only movements each made was to get a better hold of the others trophies of womenkind. Both struggled to close their legs and stop the hand attacking but neither wanted to give up their breast hold.

Karen was the first to break her hold on Carries’ breast and grab her hand and remove it from between her leg. In desperation she pressed her sweaty body hard against Carrie’s and began wrestling with her arms to keep them away.

Carrie managed to get her right hand away from Karen and squeezed between their stomachs and hips and found her enemies mound next to hers and again began to attack her opponents.

Karen tried to get her hand down there but couldn’t find room for it. She began raking at Carrie’s arm and back and ass. Bucking like crazy and trying to rock herself away.

Carrie got on top of her younger rival and watched as the pain of this newest attack sapped the energy from her. Tears streamed down her face.

Karen looking shocked and embarrassed stopped attacking and meekly tried to dislodge Carries hand. And soon that stoped.

Carrie looked down at Karen, raised herself from being on top of her and released her hold and layed Karen’s other hand above her head. Securely pinning her.

Carrie then returned the earlier favor and placed Karen’s head in between her thighs and stayed there for what seamed like a minute.

“Not as easy to beat the old lady as you though?” Carrie asked.

Karen didn’t say anything for several moments then heard a muffled “ you win round 2.”

Carrie rolled off and got up and went past Rick saying “ I seemed to have dropped my beer, I’m going to get another one.”

Rick went to Karen who was still laying on the ground and said “ are you ok?”

Karen nodded and said “ hasn’t gone like I though It would, but yeah, I’m ok.”

Rick in a concerned voice said “ I’ve told you stories about her past fights. “

Karen said “ yes, you did, but most where years ago. I’ve learned not to underestimate her, again.”

“ You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Rick pleaded.

Karen got mad and said “ hell yes, I do. There can only be one top hen in the roost.”

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