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"Have A Beer!" (Story) bikini catfight wrestling

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:48 am    Post subject: "Have A Beer!" (Story) bikini catfight wrestling Reply with quote

"Have a beer!"
"Uhhhhhh. Ooooohhh."
"On second thought, have a few more!"
Whoooooossssh. Crashh. Thunk. Thunk.
"Ohhhhh-Wooooow!" The lucky bartender watched with delight as the two waitresses "settled things." Heather the beer pouring blonde continued her one sided trash talk as she peppered her drenched rival with punches.
"Arggggggh. Stoppp. Get away from me you crazy bimbo," the busty platinum blonde shrieked. Candy tried first to block the punches, then she tried to jump up and run. Her soaked top clung to her luscious chest; she slipped in the puddle of beer and went down. Heather grabbed the back of her top at the neckline and pulled hard. The wet fabric gave way after a few seconds and lucky Sam decided to sit down and enjoy the show. After all he'd had a hard night; many customers, two bickering waitresses (barmaids or whatever the correct term might be in your part of the country), and sore feet. It was closing time; no one around. The final straw-hassling over the big glass jar of extra tips. Heather had locked the front door; Candy pounced on the money.
"Awwwwwck. My top, my top-you ripped my top!" Candy protested; she swung and clocked her rival good with a wild roundhouse punch. More luck than skill. The lovely blonde staggered and swayed; Candy giggled, and began to reach for a soaking wet twenty dollar bill.
"Blonde on blonde; big boobs against bigger boobs; trash talk; skimpy outfits (tight short shorts, hot tops, sandals) and Beer, yes BEER! What more could any guy ask for.
"Stupid broad. I'm gonna take you down-slowly. Piece by piece. And You're gonna get stripped too!" Heather snarled as she watched Candy's long lovely legs go weak; as the platinum blonde dropped to her knees she dropped the bill.
"Oh my, your top-so sorry; once it's ripped, it's ruined-no need for it any more," Heather cackled as she tossed the shredded top towards Sam. Sam made only a slight effort to catch it. He missed.
Heather's fist DID NOT miss. Candy's head snapped backwards.
"Nice bra-a bit skimpy for those huge knockers though-let's seee..."
"Wheeeee." Sam's comment; he wasn't sure if he was speaking outloud or not. A common symptom of watching an erotic exciting catfight-male symptom, generally speaking.
"Gosh Candy-they're sooooo BIGGGGGGG!" Heather teased as she unsnapped the busty blonde's flimsy revealing bra, ripped it off and tossed it aside.
"Sam, I want some extra money for puttin' on a show, okay?"
"Huhhhh? Whaaatttt?" Sam's normal excellent communication skills seemed to have taken a hit.
Whumpppph. Whumppph. So did each of Candy's big beautiful jugs. One hot babe was in charge and winning. Sam noticed Heather looked about as thirsty as she did hot. Maybe she needed a beer-

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