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YaBB's wife fight # 2 vs New York loudmouth

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:47 am    Post subject: YaBB's wife fight # 2 vs New York loudmouth Reply with quote

Once again coming from her own account:

Polish Princess: 5 ft 9in blond: 142 lbs , 38D's: first planned match: been in 3f ights in my life going into this one, have won them All...

Brooklyn Italian: 5 ft 9 in black hair, 164 lbs, 40DD's: claims she has been in 20 fights in her life, " at least"! She's won all but 2...

* We had met a few months ago at poker event for women in my neighborhood.......... we do it a few times a year... it's usually fun. Lisa ( Brooklyn Italian) is there as a guest of my neighbor........ she's from Brooklyn NY, she 's wearing all the rings, smoking a mile a minute and just plain old obnoxscious......... all night people wanted her to shut up... a friend of mine........nicest person you would ever meet tells her to " stop" at one point... she gets up "make me", I stand up ( we are basically same height)and tell her to calm down. 30 minutes later getting a drink around back... she pushed me and starts telling me off... she smacks me across face, I smack her right back... she comes at me and we are wrestling all over the place.... I get couple of shots in as does she... it gets broken up... she's furious because I ended up on top and people were basically congratulating me on just taking her on...let alone getting the best of her in this 4-5 minute skirmish...

3 days past........ get call on my cell phone... she wants to talk... I'm thinking she is going to apologize........ wrong... she wants to meet at neutral location and fight......till someone gives up. Week goes by we eventually decide to meet in NY when my husband is working up there. We meet for a drink..Starting to think she's setting me up.. she has 3-4 chicks there with her husband...we step away and talk...part of me wanted to deck her right there and then... but we decided on some rules...catfight: no biting, scratching or punches to face.. we agree

February 23, 2008

I'm at hotel on one floor she is in huge suite on 18 floor... this is where we will meet...

I have to admit.. I'm very nervous......yeah I beat her in a 4-5 minute quick fight that got broken up this was going to be all out fight I just new it. I just know she's going to break these rules she wanted in place...
8pm... I go into room with husband ... I have on basically shorts.... like the hooter girls wear.. something I know I can move around in... there white along with my favorite bra..41 and my boobs are still good enough for friends to this day beg me to do wet tee shirt contests... I never have done one..regret it one time when girl who won... did not have the rack I have .. but my fault I didn't enter. Back to fight........I have high heels on to start.. she walks in, you had to see it to believe it.. high heels, hair done up like she going to her high school prom, make up... hoop earrings..and to top it all off.....a FUR COAT! We each go into our corners... one guy who has wrestled in past is there as a referee... just to make sure nobody would get hurt.. he brings out scale we both agree to get on, I get on I'm 142 lbs. I can be anywhere from 140 lbs to as high as 147lbs... tonight I am 142lbs....she gets on ......164 lbs!!! That lieing B it--! She told me she was around 145 lbs... Now I'm a little pissed doesn't matter we are minutes from battle...she starts smoking a cigarette as she removes her fur... she has on black thong..( showing her fat ass!) and her black bra with her boobs falling out of it. I think her boobs were fake... she had big boobs but these were huge!! We both go chest to chest.. I think Dan's head was about to pop off..
She calls me the c word and she punches me in much for rules..... I step back and attack fist flying we both are basically in a fist fight, we swing wild for 5-7 minutes... I'm shocking myself how well I'm boxing her....I land 6-8 shots she got me twice. We're now both are we going to last..we both step back and plan our next moves... I go for hair , always remember this one tough chick from college, she told me when you grab hair you grab from the middle...exactly what I did this gives me opportunity to not only grab her hair and pull but get some more shots in...I now grab hair with both hands she is flipping out that I am getting the best of her..we fall to ground wrestle for a few minutes back and forth... she bites my left boob..... worst thing she could of done! I flip out and starting pounding the heck out of her........ she doesn't know what hit her. my only problem is I am wiped from kicking her ass! She finally after 18 plus minutes gets on top... she was a big girl...we're both mauling each others breasts......hurts so much..only thing that hurt me in fight..She's on top but not really doing anything... she's tired as well, I yank her thong and pull hard..... she let out a screetch that had to be heard in hotel......... "we break"...we decide on 2-3 minute break.......we have now fought about 25 minutes.. I am winning and feeling more confident by the minute..we both take drink of water and fist are flying again...I pop her in lip , she's cut, not bad but she bleeding a little, I also connected 2-3 more times when we were fist fighting again and her left eye has a nice old shiner, ! My husband told me one move to try when you think she is tired... 2 legged take down......we're both standing..I go for both legs pull the back of her knees and she goes down like a ton of bricks... I'm on top taken it to her big time..I now am getting payback for her scratching my chest pretty good... I claw her face hard... she rolls over in pain.. good 30 seconds go by, I'm waiting to see if she is going to quit... something tells me the end is near but I have to give her one more beating to end this... she comes at me I put my head down , my head is basically in her stomach I lift her up slightly and drive her to ground... I bite her right boob so hard... it was payback and I just starting pounding her big time...." you win", "You win bitch!" She looked terrible..I pulled out some kinda hair/weave whatever it was I must of pulled pretty hard... she had a little bald spot from one of my hair pulls..her face was scratched up pretty bad.. ( I felt bad about that have to admit) but she broke all the rules and I made her pay...yes we both are topless.. I lost my bra after our little break I yanked hers off pretty much right away. She left in disgust... she left some of her hair on ground as well as her 40DD bra... Dan now wants me to save all Bra's of women I beat..

Experience was fantastic... the plan was not to have such a grudge match out of the gate like this... it just happened.......she started some things that flipped me out and I pounded her for it. She did me a favor... she fired me up and after 42 minutes it was over....5 minutes I was afraid I wouldn't last, after the 42 minutes I could of fought her all night! Adreneline was incredible... my heart was beating out of my chest. Aside from putting ice packs on my boobs for a few days.... you wouldn't even know I was in a 42 minutes catfight!
Hope you enjoyed!!!

url :

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