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No Requiem For Real Heroes

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:25 am    Post subject: No Requiem For Real Heroes Reply with quote

This story is inspired by “Once Upon A Time In The West,” Mark Wade and Alex Ross’ “Kingdom Come,” and “Unforgiven.”

No Requiem for Real Heroes

The Washington DC train station is desolate and cold. The three women wait patiently on the outside, but nervously on the inside. This I know… the first one is standing under the old wooden roof, dressed in an Indiana Jones like outfit… reminds me of her ‘father,’ though I barely remember him. Long brown hair, blue eyes like her ‘mother,’ shirt open to cleavage on down to just above the navel, tucked in under the light brown pants. German boots with dried blood on the soles, I don’t need to see them to know they’re there. She carries a whip and a small gun, but with her skills, she never needs them… she will today… Michelle… calls herself Mikey from Manchester. 5’10” 140 lbs. Lovechild between a German wrestler and her ex-manager? I doubt it as much as I don’t care about it. More like a cross-breed experiment… another bad joke. She suffers from bipolar disorder. Father genes are gullible, mother genes prone to fits of rage.

Mikey- Is she going to fucking show or what? The President said this train was coming at 3:10, and it’s 3:45 already!

“Just relax, Mikey. You’re not up on your history… trains very rarely are on time.”

Jane… sometimes a woman doesn’t want to be herself, so she decides to be someone else. Shaven head, piercings everywhere, four to each dimple, even between her fingers and toes… tattoos all over… including a peace sign and a swastika on the same arm…breasts out, black outfit leaving nothing to the imagination… this one’s from London… Mikey’s lover. She’s got that presence of pretentiousness about her; reminds me of the original. You’ve got to hate imitations of imitations of imitations. Somewhere, Plato must be enjoying himself. Well, you don’t have to hate them. This one likes to drink and likes to party, and therefore, likes to make up stories about her greatness. In the Great Absence, it became a fad to assume the identity of someone else to escape the depression that set in all over this nation. 5’6” 125 lbs… Jane, she was just one letter away from ‘perfection.’ Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

Jane- Ricky, you okay over there?

Long orangy red hair and green eyes. 5’6” 140 lbs from Manchester. She’s wearing a tight black outfit with purple lollipop gloves and boots and a matching cowboy hat. She stands under the roof nervously as the train approaches… the water dripping from last night’s storm is filling up the brim of her hat. I can feel the sweat running down her young pale round face as she takes off the hat and drinks the brown liquid from the brim.

Mikey- Ricky’s tough as shit, Jane. She fears nothing… she’s a true bitch.

Ricky- I’m just waiting for this train to get here. Me patience isn’t running out any time soon, but I’m eager to welcome our guest.

Jane- Here it comes now.

Mikey- About fucking time.

Her ‘father’ never cursed like that unless he was really angry… she gets it from her ‘mother.’ The train stops. The tree ladies tense up as the breeze blows hard and then fades out. The sun is blanketed in a shear sugary cloud and I see Mikey’s eyes narrow on the doors to the train as they open… but no one exits… silence. The three women spread out; they each take a door and board the train, but they see nothing. It’s empty. They get off and look at one another as the train shoves off.

Mikey- What the fuck is this? Do you think the President is testing us?

Jane- We were called all the way from England to welcome this guest… I guess she didn’t have the guts the show up.

Ricky- Maybe she’s on the next train.

Mikey- We should call in and let them know what’s going on.

Music is the great unifier. That’s what I heard when I was a little girl and first picked up the violin. I was always told that music would bring peace to the world, not war… I never really thought about it much as I was growing up. But when I’m sad, I turn to my violin and this is the sound that the three women hear as they turn around and face me. I look at them and everything goes quiet… the silence is all that exists now. Mikey is itching; the German Manchester genetic hybrid of God knows what is about to explode and is smiling. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have let it affect me, but now, I must admit, I am a bit nervous. Jane is squeezing her fists; I can hear the popping and clicking of her piercings between her fingers as she looks at me and smiles. And Ricky is standing in that boxer’s stance of hers, low and arms raised, elbows tucked in.

The whip comes fast and catches me on the arm as a jump forward. I hiss and look to find a lash mark across the top of my right hand as I land and Mikey grabs her face. The string on the bow of my violin is razor; she’ll take that scar as an autograph. Unnh! Jane connects with a right cross, the studs between her fingers drawing blood from my cheek and jaw as Mikey’s whip gets me across the back. Jane tries for a kick to the ribs, but I kick forward with my right leg and watch her calve twist and break as I grab her right arm and break it over my shoulder at the elbow, before throwing her into Mikey, just as the Manchester brunette lashes her lover right around her throat. No time to ease up. Jane is down and I step on her neck, fracturing the bones enough to ensure that she stays down for months.

Mikey- You fucking cunt… you fucking CUNT!!

Blind rage never helped anyone… she charges me, swinging that whip wildly, but her left hand goes behind her back… the gun. I step forward and drive the palm of my hand into her heart… she goes down and doesn’t move. I kick the whip away and study the gun. I now know, that I could be dead right now due to my own lack of thought in this situation… Ricky. I look up to find the short redhead applauding me.

Ricky- Jane will have to have surgery on her neck, and Mikey will need a pacemaker from now on. You done a bloody good job. I’ve always wanted to test me skills against a worthy opponent. You know, I thought you were dead… I thought you had gone off and killed yourself after what happened to your sisters. Or maybe you got caught up and taken out in the fallout of Las Vegas. You used to be so much in the know, you know… I never thought you survived… you were so obviously broken the last time you were on the telly. I’m gonna kill you, but I’m gonna make you suffer a bit first. That’s not what the President wanted, but it’s what I want.

I throw the gun and it spins and twirls… Ricky never knows what hits her as the barrel breaks her skin, breaks her skull and buries itself in her brain. She’s dead, but she doesn’t know it yet; her nerves make her walk right up to me before she goes to her knees. I stand… the silence is still the only thing that matters, the only thing that’s real here. I haven’t killed someone in eighteen years. I drop to my knees and I can’t hold back my tears and my hyperventilating comes on. I’m having a panic attack and now is not the time… I have an appointment to keep. I stand back up and I see the curvy figure of the blonde… she’s wearing a midnight blue business suit and her light blonde hair, round face, blue eyes and curved lips are fixed on me as they part and she sings a tune in a soprano. I don’t have time to guard and she charges, and before I know she’s there, this black canary songbird drives her fist into my solar plexus and I drop to my knees. It’s not really the physical pain that knocks me down; it’s the mental. When she speaks, I hear a voice that sounds much like my own, and that’s fine. She has patterned so much of herself after me, but she has lost so much of herself trying to be me… Angela Love, kung fu submissions wrestling, she can do it all and she knows it. 5’8” 150 lbs, mostly in the legs, breasts, and buttocks.

Angela- Hello, Rachel. Didn’t think to let us know you were coming to town, now did you?

A pain explodes in my left breasts as her pointed shoe hits me.

Angela- For years, you’ve been away. Why didn’t you tell us you were coming so we could do you up formally?

She pulls me to my feet by my ears. I start to lash out at her and fire a shot to her stomach, but she yanks my head down and introduces her knee to my throat. I go to my hands and knees and she rolls me over with a kick to my ribs.

Angela- I always looked up to you, Rachel, but you let me down. I was your heir apparent; I was the one who was supposed to take your spot. I trained under you, I fought under you; I was a product of your style… and what happened, Rachel? What is all of this? You left me before you passed the torch! I wouldn’t be doing this if you had passed the TORCH!!

Rachel- Angela… I have no time for your indignant remarks. Despite your age, you are still just a child to me. I have an appointment and I intend to keep it.

Angela- Is that so? Believe what you want, Rachel. I helped you and you failed to do the right thing. You failed me and you failed Sage. You abandoned us because you are a coward and you can’t stand to lose. So, do what a coward does and just leave. Go home, Rachel. Don’t make me kill you.

Rachel- Would you honestly do that if you had to, Angela?

Angela- Go home, Rachel.

She slaps me hard. My head turns and I see a sign advertising the 2020 Presidential elections… that's the year... all goes blurry…

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Joined: 17 Apr 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Visions… you look into the window of a television store in Times Square, New York City here in the year 2020, and you get a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the world, if you know what you’re looking at.

“Pussy, pussy, PUSSY!!!! We’ve got all the pussy you need right here at Cindy’s clone depot! We’ve got Asian pussy, South African pussy, English pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy!!! Tired of your wife or husband, if there’s still such a thing as a husband in the world ha ha ha?!! Can’t get that much run out of her… dick going limp? Then come and get the best cloned women on the market!! Nobody can beat our prices!! These cunts are going fast, so you better jump on it… now in stock!! The Marie Kay model!! We took some hard core little Canadian and mixed it up with some South African Sassafrass to bring you this perfect orgasmic amalgamation!! She cooks, she cleans, but she fucks hard and she’s got the virgin factor every time!! Come on down to Cindy’s, or just order online like—“

“--- is still on the loose after the second such incident in as many days. The killer has carved out the navels of her victims and police are still uncertain when she’ll strike again as her rampage in New York has gained the attention of Queen Madeline Windsor, of England. As you know, the Queen is coming off of another victory, killing Iris Browne, the leader of the Irish Independence Coalition and ending the conflict. This is wonderful for our allies, as England has expanded its empire, though taking many smaller nations as the Queen has killed off the other rulers according to the new rules of war. Queen Madeline will be making a trip to the United States and has implied that she may personally deal with the Abigail killings herself as a return favor to our President, for helping England in dealing with--”

“Senator Dina Majors- the latest clone revolt in Los Angeles. The President has promised to raise California back above water, but that seems impossible. People, we have got to unite against this totalitarian government. Murder, rape, and violence plague our streets! You may believe that because this administration has ended censorship and promoted far leftist viewpoints, that we are more free than ever before. This is the spin the President is putting on everything, while these new rules of war have leaders of nations fighting in death matches with the winner taking over the country. What happened to diplomacy and peace? This is NOT a peaceful society; this is chaotic! Our children are watching pornography on PBS now! Every television program is full of cursing and violence and anyone can show anything now. My late mother fought for peace in the wrestling industry years ago… please do not boo… you don’t understand… this is not the way Americans act… do you want another Las Vegas to happen? Do you believe that China and Cairo and the other nations not in our alliance are sitting back ignoring what is going on over here? The best solution is a regime change here in this nation!! 2020 is an election year and I encourage all of you to vote against this President! Our president already wants to abolish the elections and have the presidency decided in a death match battle royal!! This is NOT the way!! You have to understand, our nation is going--”

“Vixxxen- Wow Kermit, what a big fat cock you have.

Kermit- Hi ho… can I call you ho?

Vixxxen- Ooh yes, Kermit the Frog, ohhhh Kermit… you’re so sexy with your green skin and your fat green cock.

Kermit- Well, they call me Dollar Bill, cause I’m money in the bank.

Ms. Piggy- What’s going on here? Kermit, what are you doing in bed with that whore?

Kermit- Sweetheart, I can explain---

Vixxxen- You don’t need to explain anything, Kermit. Ms. Piggy and I have been having an affair too.

Kermit- Ohhh really?

Vixxxen- Yeah, and since today is your birthday, that’s our surprise. Remember kids, for birthdays, surprise parties always work. But be sure to use a condom and practice safe sex. There are waaaay too many diseases out there and that is why our President passed a law making it mandatory for all elementary schools to teach sex education. So kids, go out and have sex, live free, but be safe.

Ms. Piggy- I feel like singing.

Vixxxen, Kermit, and Ms. Piggy- (singing) Sunny day, everything’s A-okay, going to where the cunts are freeeee, can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street… the kids play and Ernie and Burt are gayyyy, do you want to lick a fresh pussy? Well, just come on down the block and take a stop at Sesame--”

“Athena with the flying multiple kicks… Athena off the top rope, 900 splash and Evelyn is down for the count!! Look at the beautiful Athena, she’s so much like Rachel Apache, from her long black hair and blue eyes to her purple attire… she’s so Rachel-esque in her execution of her maneuvers… she is definitely the next Rachel Apache and many experts say that she is better than Rachel was at this age. She definitely has accomplished more and look at that smile… everybody just loves Athena… there it is, the Greece Lightning and the throat squeeze… there checking Evelyn’s pulse… she’s DEAD!!! Athena wins again!! Move over Rachel, Athena is the greatest female fighter of all time!! Athena—“

“Justine Credible- Athena… greatest of all time my ASS. When I was her age, I could do three 900 splashes… a freakin 2700 and bounce off the ropes in my sleep. This girl isn’t anything close to a real wrestler and anybody who thinks otherwise is full of—

Tito Blaze- Justeeen, joo don’t know what dee fuck joo talkeen about!! Atheena is dee greatest ting to come to OPW seeence I retired!! Rashel Apacheee didn’t have dee guts to face Atheeena and she ran out of OPW wit her tail between her legs!! Even Rashal Apacheee knows that Atheeena is the greatest---

Justine- SHUT UP about Rachel Apache. She was never all that anyway. Where is she now, huh? Up in Colorado somewhere hiding? Fuck her… as far as I’m concerned, she’s the most overrated wrestler in the history of our business. Now back to Athena. This little girl wouldn’t be in the top 10 of OPW 25 years ago because I would’ve whipped her ass—

Prophecy- You weren’t even in OPW 25 years ago… but I was. If you dumb bitches don’t mind me asking… who was the OPW Champion 25 years ago? Come on, Justine. You’re a wrestling historian, who was the champ back then?

Justine- Rachel Apache. Look, that’s besides the point okay. I’m just saying that Rachel and Athena are overrated bitches!!

Tito- No, let meee tell joo what dee point is—

(We’ll be back with more from Justine, Prophecy, and Tito… next topic, the OPW Brutality Division Champion, Raz the Mutilator. Is this dreadlocked destroyer’s methods of raping the dead bodies of her opponents disturbing, or is it fucking genius? You are watching Three Angry Women in Wheelchairs… we’ll be back after this word from our President)”

“Jolene Rictor drives the kendo stick through Isis’ navel and that’s all she wrote here in London. It was truly a toss up as to who would win this death match, but Jolene has certainly proven time and time again that she is her father’s daughter with the brutal manner in which she has ended the life of Isis Jones, a former gold medallist of many years ago. On the replay, watch as the tip of Jolene’s stick drives Isis’ kidney through her back… ohhhh toasty!!! As you can see in the royal box, the woman with the pale white face, the pope’s hat, and the ruby red lipstick is the queen of this great nation of Great Britain, Queen Madeline Windsor, an outstanding fighter herself, who will look to expand the British Empire by facing Prime Minister Tatiana Smashanova of Serbia next week on our broadcast. Queen Madeline was able to secure a declaration of war on Serbia before Empress Catherine of Russia could as this arms race and territory race heats up between our allies and Russia, China, and Egypt. Catherine wanted Serbia for the Russian empire, though it is rumored that Catherine has been using her assassin, Sasha Segan, to do her dirty work… those damn Russians. OPW will also showcase--”

Times Square was where I was a week ago. I like to stop in New York and see how things are, and I see that the world is every bit as evil as I left it. My mind drifts farther back to a few months ago… Boulder, Colorado, the place of my birth and the place of my children’s birth. God’s country and my ranch. I have been living here for more than ten years after I walked away from the sport I made so much of my life about. The weather is always appropriate, the sun always shines, and there is plenty to teach my four children. After I walked away from OPW, Angelo and I didn’t waste much time in starting a family; I have two boys and two girls and all are very young. My two boys are DeAngelo and Austin. DeAngelo is a bit more serious than Austin; Austin is much a joker like his father, even for so young. And my girls are Dakota and Roselyn. When I look at Dakota, all I see is sweetness, but Roselyn, my ten year old and my oldest, I see the same sort of competitive spirit I saw when I was a little girl. It makes me smile and makes me sad all at the same time. I was pregnant every year for four straight years, but I know how to keep my body in shape… anyone familiar with Rachel Apache should know that much about me.

I’m not as fast as I once was, and perhaps I am not as great a fighter, but I haven’t fought in more than ten years. Motherhood has forced me to lighten up and smile more often. I still train and I still jog every morning at 6 am, but I do not do it as much. I even let my children have pizza and ice cream. I’ve been teaching my children the art of self-defense, but I am not strict at all. I want them to be able to take care of themselves, but they do not ever have to become fighters. The world is too dangerous a place, and that is why I have spent so much of my time away from it. There is also the sadness that plagues me, though I keep much of that to myself. Sage… Brea…my sister Sage wrestled in OPW for a short period of time. She was Angela Love’s childhood friend… but she let the want to prove herself take her over. She obsessed over getting out from under my shadow and the shadow of my sister, Lady Jasmine. Sage wasn’t ready; she took on far too many challenges. OPW was changing; the rules were changing and the brutality of the sport was going to new levels. Sage went with the flow, but she wasn’t a warrior… she was just a smart lady… she fought a newcomer to OPW named Raz, and Raz killed her in one of the first OPW Death Matches… Jasmine… Sage’s death was more of an accident, which is ironic because Raz willingly kills and rapes her opponents after they are dead. Jasmine was in the building that night and she came down to stop Raz from beating on Sage… Raz had taken Sage up into the rafters and thrown her off to the floor. Jasmine was trying to save our sister’s life by sacrificing her own, but she got there too late. Sage died instantly. Jasmine and I never really had much of a relationship, and no one has heard anything from her since… she is in exile somewhere. Of course, this came shortly before our parents died in a plane explosion over Turkey and while my other sister, an albino and my second youngest, Brea, was dealing with her condition. Once Sage, Mom and Dad died, Brea didn’t last two months. I went to visit her every day…. but I did not bring my kids, even though she wanted to see them.

I keep my children guarded from all of this. Sage, Brea, Mom, and Dad are all buried on my ranch in Colorado. Angelo, my husband, left me to go and fight in the war, once the North Korean situation got out of control and Los Angeles was hit with a ballistic missile in 2011. President Obama had no choice… all I asked Angelo is that he come back to me; he wasn’t afraid to go, but he was afraid to leave his family. He came back to me, but he came back with the left side of his body immobile and plagued with flashbacks. He has medication that he takes and there isn’t much he can do physically, but he was able to get me pregnant with our youngest daughter Dakota and he loves me… I can feel it. He’s a great father and I’m using as much of my funds as I can to help him get better… just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. October 11th, 2019… my 40th birthday and he tells me that I look just as beautiful as the day he first saw me 38 years ago. I do not brag when I say that I have not aged since the last time I was in the ring. The effects of four pregnancies have expanded certain areas of my body, but when I tell people I’ve had four kids, I do get the shocked expression. And I do get recognized… quite often. But most of the time, I get asked about Athena.

Did I mention the other member of my family in Colorado? After Angelo’s injuries, I realized that I needed help taking care of the ranch and growing the food we eat. I found someone who needed a place to live after being abandoned by every person she’s known. Her name is Echo, 5’5” 100 lbs… OPW’s flower girl. When she was in OPW, she and I were enemies, but now, she is the apple of my children’s eyes. She’s a being of love and understanding, and that is what we need. She even has a boyfriend, a nice young man who lives nearby. Echo was abandoned by many people, but I taught her to stand on her own… one of the abandoners is someone who’s name resonates a great deal of disgust in me… but that has always been the case… Siena Blaze.

Siena will be turning fifty next year, and she still shows up in the public eye from time to time. I hear she still fights, even in the death matches, but she only fights girls she knows she can defeat and she needs her new bodyguard, a nun named Mercy, to finish off her opponents. And finishing them off means killing them. This is what OPW has become… every match is a death match. The current President, who is the opposite of former President Obama and is very much a dictator, adopted Siena’s new philosophy and remade the rules of war so that rulers face off in death matches to end political disputes and conflicts. Don’t ask me how that came about; it’s a very long story and one that I’m not up to getting into. Not all nations are going for this though. Siena lives in Los Angeles, which is mostly water. She managed to take over the remnants of Lucielle Satane’s cloning operation and the President is now authorizing the facilities to make clones for the military. Cloning is a big business not only in America, but all over the world. Siena’s three daughters are doing very well.

Brandy Blaze, my best friend, is a high-ranking government official and is married with children as well. She may be the only person outside of the people in my house that I speak to on a regular basis. Pamela Jean married and moved to France, but still is a prankster and is pregnant with her second child. And the middle girl, Helena married before I retired and lives not very far from here with her husband and children. It’s interesting that Helena and I never got along, but her husband Akory and my husband are best friends, so we must tolerate each other. Siena lives at that cloning facility. She’s still married, but Hadrian is always away having affairs. I know all of this because Brandy tells me and Siena still flaunts her business to the world. Because of her wealth and the numbers of clones she has backed by Presidential support, Siena Blaze is one of the most dangerous women in the world and is the leading weapons dealer and clone distributor for the allies. The Las Vegas incident took place and her weapons were put to use. A missile hit the mountains where the US stores nuclear waste and it came from an unknown location. Because of the nuclear waste and its effects on Nevada, the current President had to destroy Las Vegas, claiming that diseases would cause an epidemic in the country and that the terrorists responsible for the missile attack were there. A week later, North Korea was nuked and a month went by of tension between the United States and China. The President claimed North Korea was responsible and the allies backed the US.

I was quite comfortable leaving all of this where it was until I got a visitor on my 40th birthday. We were all sitting around, eating cake and ice cream and watching cartoons when a black haired woman in a dark purple military uniform with matching beret showed up. She had snake like eyes, a baby’s face, dark olive skin, and she was in shape. We went out back to my indoor swimming pool overlooking the cornfields and the plains. She told me her name was Magic.

Magic- Do you hear the thunder, Agent Apache? There’s a storm coming this way.

Rachel- Why are you calling me Agent Apache?

Magic- You don’t know? You’ve been living here for a long time now, but the world has gone to hell. We both know it.

Rachel- I’m happy where I am.

Magic- You served the Agency years ago. You were the best at everything that you did, whether it be killing, wrestling, fighting, boxing… you are the greatest of all time. Don’t let all that Athena talk fool you. When you left, they needed a replacement. She’s got your look, she’s got your colors, but she smiles and you don’t. You’re taller than she is and you weight more. After everything that’s happened, and you leaving the way you did and rejecting any challenges, they needed something to believe in. They needed a hero, so they went with her. But she’s no Rachel Apache and she never will be. You are the best.

Rachel- Tell me something I don’t know. What do you want?

Magic- I see some of the old Rachel Apache swagger is still there. That’s good.

Rachel- WHAT do you want?

Magic- The Agency still exists, Agent Apache. There is a heart still beating for the betterment of society. You are needed.

Rachel- I’m retired.

Magic- Look at the condition the world is in. Our President is a dictator. The Queen of England is a sadist. Siena Blaze is shooting out an invasion force of Amazons… what do you think she’s doing in Los Angeles with all those clones? Do you think they’re just being made to sit there and do nothing? Egypt, Russia, China… they are all uniting and World War III may be right around the corner. But you have a chance to change all of that.

Rachel- I’m retired.

Magic- So you say. How long will you be up here before they come for you? Well, they may not, but aren’t you a person of obligation Agent Apache? Aren’t you one to change the world, instead of simply just waiting on the world to change?

Rachel- You people must not have many options if you’ve come all this way to speak to me.

Magic- You’re the best we’ve ever had, though I was in diapers when you were in Israel killing terrorists and freeing hostages. But I remember you as a fighter… you were my favorite fighter and you---

Rachel- Please don’t start that. My children are in the other room; we do not discuss things like that here.

Magic- They can’t hear me, Agent Apache. Maybe you don’t want to hear it.

Rachel- Stop calling me that.

Magic- How long are you going to keep running from the past? How long are you going to keep avoiding your responsibilities? You are a hero. You are here to save the world and I am telling you that you can do it. We need you to do it before it’s too late.

Rachel- Okay, ‘Magic,’ humor me. What would you have me do to save the world?

Magic- Go to Washington DC and kill the President.

Rachel- Absolutely ridiculous. Leave my home and take your death and destruction with you.

Magic- What would Sage say about your behavior?

Rachel- You are not worthy to speak my sister’s name.

Magic- You’ve killed dictators before, what makes this one any different? If you do this, then the world will truly be at peace.

Rachel- You, young lady, clearly know nothing of the way of the world. You kill one, another replaces the one you kill. You want to prevent World War III by having me kill the President, however, with the President dead, it assures that World War III will take place. They’ll be more incidents like what happened in Las Vegas.

Magic- Siena Blaze is responsible for Las Vegas. Las Vegas is nothing more than a crater after one of Siena’s clones malfunctioned and fired a missile into the mountains, where the nuclear waste was being stored. The current President still hasn’t told anyone where that missile was supposed to be fired, but if I had to guess, I wouldn’t be able to because this President has a lot of enemies. Then again, the current President lied and said North Korea was responsible, so no one other than a few select people know that Las Vegas was an inside job.

Rachel- Nonsense, don’t try to evoke the name of Siena Blaze on me to get me to change my mind.

Magic- Don’t believe me, listen to this. This is a phone conversation between Siena and the current President days after the Vegas incident.

“President’s voice (low feminine tone)- Siena, that was really bad.

Siena- I know. It was really fucked up. I’m sorry.

President- Sorry is not good enough, Siena. I can’t afford to have these half-life creations of yours messing things up. You know where that missile was supposed to be fired and something as simple as this couldn’t be completed?

Siena- All I can do is apologize to you. What the fuck do you want me to do about it now? You went and blew up the whole city… you covered it up and I appreciate that.

President- Siena, I’m excusing your tone because you obviously haven’t gotten much sleep from having sex with your own creations, but let me tell you this. I bailed you out this time… do not expect it again. Get your shit together, Siena. This cannot happen again. Queen Madeline, the other allies and I are planning to make a run very soon. Cairo and Moscow can’t seem to mind their own businesses and we don’t like it at all. We cannot let the foes of democracy and freedom stand in the way. Only the strong can survive.

Siena- This is what you’ve become…

President- Don’t worry about what I’ve become. Worry about how angry I will become if something like this happens again. How is Christina?

Siena- Don’t act like you give a SHIT!!!

President- (chuckling) In all honesty, I don’t give shit. Make your president more warriors, Siena. OPW is doing great business, as it always has. Take care of your invalid daughter, and try to get out of that place more often… you may go crazy staying in there for days like that.

Siena- Fuck you.

President- Why don’t you clone me, and then you can fuck me. And you may want to talk to Brandy about running for President. I want these elections to be determined by death matches, and if I have to kill your daughter to keep my position, I will. That would put us in a conflict… so you need to talk to her and get her to pull out, before we decide to do a preemptive strike.

Siena- You won’t touch HER!!

President- I don’t think you could stop me. The worst mistake you made was helping me get into this position. I am the most powerful woman on the face of the Earth and you honestly thought that you could control me. All those years I worked for you, and now you work for me… what a glorious turn of events ha ha ha!!

Siena- (crying) Fuck you!”

I can visualize Siena’s long white hair draping across her face and her aching body, all the match pains catching up to her. The woman can barely get around now, every moment is painful, but she lives through it. I can visualize her taking the bowl of oatmeal to Christina Munoz, her daughter, sitting in a chair with a trickle of saliva running from her bottom lip and forever smiling that goofy smile.

“Christina- I’m a good girl… I don’t hurt nobody nooooo more… I’m a gooood girllll… I don’t hurt noooobodyyyy nooo--”

Yes, Christina’s brain is severely damaged… thanks to the beating I gave her the day after my sister Sage died. That was the last time I saw Siena in person. It took all my strength and will not to kill Christina and I remember my words to Siena…

“You take something from me, and I take something from you.”

I am broken from my visions by the cocky and somewhat innocent youthful voice of Magic.

Magic- You know the President. Why don’t you go to Washington and see if you can make her change her mind.

Rachel- About what?

Magic- About killing Brandy and about going to war against the other nations. The President has gone mad and after she’s taken out her enemies, don’t be surprised if she goes after the other allies. Kill her and all of this will be avoided.

Rachel- I’m not going. I am happy here raising my children and being with those who truly love me. I left all that chaos behind and I will not go back.

Magic- Not even to save Brandy, your best friend?

Rachel- I doubt the President would be so foolish. She would know that I’d be coming for her if anything happened to Brandy.

Magic- But things didn’t turn out too well for you when last you faced her. And chances are, she already expects that you will come for her regardless. I told you that there is a storm coming and it’s coming right at you. What will you do then? Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of her. Don’t tell me that after all these years, you still are a bit ashamed of what happened the last time you two met.

Rachel- I am not afraid of anything.

Magic- Then take a trip to Washington and see if you can make her change her mind. I’m sure she would talk to you.

And that brings me back to now and Angela Love standing over me taunting me.

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Angela’s blonde hair hasn’t lost its shine and her legs haven’t lost their speed nor their power as she kicks me across the mouth and I taste my own blood.

Angela- How could you? Rachel, how could you? How could you leave me in mediocrity like this? I am the best fighter in the world and I trusted you to help me, but you never cared… all these years I spent trying to gain your approval and you never gave a damn about me.

Her foot comes again, but this time, I catch it.

Rachel- That’s enough of your talk, Angela.

Angela- It’s enough when I say it’s enough.

She yanks her foot back and all 5’11” 150 lbs of me are thrust onto my stomach and breasts. My lips actually brush the toe of her shoe. That does not sit well with me as I look up at her and she grins.

Angela- Hmm, that’s more like it.

Angela backs up and I rise. I brush my long wavy black hair back and stare into her blue eyes as she stares into mine. We begin to circle each other and she stops, gazing at me. She’s angry, but she’s focusing and her eyes aren’t shaky. I put my hands on my hips and look down at her. I’m wearing a violet/gray jogging combo with a white shirt and white sneakers. The punch is a submariner and it strikes me an inch above my navel. I groan and drop to my knees with an unhappy “uggh!”

Angela- I got you there. I always have gotten you there.

She places her hand under my chin and lifts me up with ease. Her strength is amazing; I’ve always been secretly impressed with it, but the speed is what I admire most about Angela Love… the speed and the skill. She lets go of me and in that half second I’m dangling in mid air, she spin kicks me in the stomach, forcing a “whoof!” from me as I am sent back hard into a support beam. The wind has been driven from me and I am down on my back. When I was younger, I would do a thousand crunches a day and my stomach was my trademark. It’s still as beautiful as it was then, but I haven’t been able to get rid of that lifelong pouch of fat below my navel and after four kids and a lot of navel kisses and love that it’s received from my husband, it’s become as sensitive as ever. I have a feeling that even in my younger days, this blow would’ve hurt me.

Angela- Down for the count again, Rachel. You aren’t making this much of a contest, are you?

I helped train Angela Love. I remember when she was just a little cocky girl at Bushido’s facility in Japan. She couldn’t stand me because she felt I was being hard on her… I was because I saw all the potential inside of her… it’s too bad she never saw it for herself.

Angela- Get up, Rachel. Come on. Don’t do this to me… get up and let me beat you like I should have years ago!

Angela was compared to me on a lot of levels because she adopted my fighting style, and she was a part of our camp. But with Sage in OPW as my younger sister, and the new girl from Greece, Athena, there were a lot of people to be compared to Rachel Apache. Misty Storm was another one, and it got to the point where every female fighter with an honor code was christened the next Rachel Apache. Unfortunately for Angela, her cocky attitude and blonde locks disqualified her from the running, and Athena, who started dressing in purple outfits similar to my own and had the look of a smaller friendlier version of me won out. She had been fighting since very young, she joined OPW at 15 as I did, she won a world title at an early age as I did. She’s got long wavy black hair and blue eyes, but she’s 5’7” and weighs about 140 lbs. She’s Greek and I’m Persian, so the comparisons are always there. And as I was in my prime, she is very very marketable. She smiles and advertises every product one could imagine and she wins with ease, as I did in my prime. Now, everyone is saying that Athena is the next me or is better than I was or saying that she would defeat me in my prime and so on. I met Athena several times and she’s asked me for matches. My response was that I was done with the business. I’m sure as big a fan of mine as she claims to be, killing me would put the biggest prize in her legacy.

I remember visiting Greece with my family a year ago and Athena told me with a big smile, “I’m just breaking all of your records.” I wanted to give her a spiked piledriver on the spot for mentioning that in front of my children. That’s another reason why I’ve stayed so far away from the business, not just the death matches and the new regime, but the way people forget what true greatness is. I would be awfully tempted to try to show those people the difference between Athena and Rachel Apache and at my age and with her youth and skill level, I don’t know if I could. I’ve seen Athena fighting and she’s very good. She’s not a knock off; she’s one of the best and most skilled fighters I’ve seen and she proved this when she came to America and won on the biggest stages of all.

Angela continues to taunt me as I am standing and blocking her efforts to go for my face, but she’s getting my ribs and landing an occasional right hand to the pit of my stomach, forcing my legs to buckle, but I keep my groans in. Angela is playing with me; she wants me to go on the offensive so that she can outclass me. I have to pace myself with her, at 30 years old, Angela is still very much in her prime as a fighter, but she still suffers from the same flaws that she did when she was a child.

Angela- Your stomach. Everything and every poster of you and it’s your damn stomach. You just love that part of your body, don’t you Rachel? Well, I hate it!

She grabs me by my raised arms and drives her knee deep into my lower abs, where I’m soft. I wrap my arms around her as I start to go down, but she drives her elbow into the back of my neck, knees me to my nose, yanks me up by my hair, gives me a double fisted shot to my stomach, chops me on either side of my neck and uppercuts me under the chin before I can groan from the stomach shot and goes for a roundhouse kick to the temple…

That’s where I get her. You see, you have to anticipate the moves and as long as you dodge the last one, then you’re okay. I knew that with her legs being her primary weapons, if I backed up a bit after every blow, I’d be in what she believed to be range for her kick, but she was mistaken. I duck the kick and step in, cracking her with a hard left hook to her jaw. I put a lot of force behind this one.

Angela- UNNHH!!

I drive the wind out of her with a right uppercut to her stomach, right above her navel. Angela is high-waisted, so she’s got a short torso that seems to compliment her large breasts and rear, but her navel is well below her waist and of course, she carries so softness from the other areas of her body, despite being one of the fittest women I know.


I know that one hurt because I drove it in low and forced upward with it when I made contact with her stomach. I hook her head and fall backward and the top of her head hits the concrete… DDT. She’s bleeding and I get to my feet, grab her left leg and step on the inside of her knee, then I yank upward hard, pulling her leg out of socket at the knee.

Angela- AHHHH!!!

Rachel- You haven’t learned that we do not show pain, Angela? I thought I taught you better.

Angela- You broke my leg! How could you do that to me?!

Rachel- You told me that you were going to kill me, Angela. Ricky said the same thing and you see what I did to her. Consider this a message from God… change your way of living. You were a friend to my sister and that is the only reason why I am sparing your life.

Angela- I don’t get it. I’m younger than you are and I’m better than you are… I always have been. I don’t understand how you could’ve beaten me so easily. I had you.

Rachel- You’ve known me for almost twenty years. You know who I am and know what I am capable of. This should not surprise you and it does not surprise me. There was no doubt about this outcome. You have a lot to learn, Angela Love… a lot to learn.

Angela- You shouldn’t have left us. You left me to make my own choices.

Rachel- And this is what you chose, to run around as a hit woman for a so-called warrior gone politically insane. Now you have another choice. Do you continue to do this, or do you turn your life around? Think about it, Angela. How you answer will determine whether or not I let you live, because despite you being Sage’s best friend, I do not see anything but a waste of a life in front of me now.

Angela- I miss Sage. I miss having her to talk to. I miss the old days; I wish we’d never—

Rachel- Say nothing of the past; speak only of the future.

I walk up to her and slam her joints back into socket. Having her in shock of seeing her leg bent at that angle made her believe that I had broken it. I help her to her feet.

Rachel- Get to the airport and leave. Fly out to Colorado and wait for my return. Tell my kids who you are; my ranch is under the watch of the Agency. I believe the President is too occupied to worry about sending assassins after you. If you hurry, you will be long gone before she learns of this.

Angela tries to hug me, but I step back. I watch her leave the train station as a car pulls up. A dark haired woman sits in the front seat and beckons me to get in the back seat.

“My name is April. You said the President has not learned about this yet… ha ha ha. Well, you are wrong, Ms. Rachel Apache-Thunderhawk. She is quite aware of what has transpired here and she invites you to join her at the White House. Get in.”

I see a television screen on the inside of the car. I get to watch what is clearly one of the war rooms of the White House as we speed through Washington. On the television, I see a chair with its back to the camera and several large screens in front of the chair. Each screen has the face of a different ruler from a different nation, all are female. I see a mocha-skinned female hand holding a glass of red wine sitting in the chair and I hear a very familiar voice.

US President- Irene, we are doing what we can for the drought in Mexico. I’m having Siena make more clones and they will be purifying the waters of California and shipping them to your people. That way, we kill two birds with one stone; we continue the efforts to free California from the flood and we give your people water.

President Irene Chavez of Mexico (short, long very curly black hair)- I appreciate the support of the United States and its allies and helping us with our poverty and drought.

Prime Minister Eve of Israel (brown skin, blue eyes, black hair, super beautiful)- It is not a problem, Irene. We appreciate using your country to store our planes as we prepare for the South American Campaign. Brazil and Empress Valencia doesn’t seem interested in joining the coalition.

US President- She also doesn’t seem to want to stop running her cocaine and heroin cartels into our countries.

Empress Honesty Peace of Egypt (cocoa brown skin, round face, silvery eyes, long braided black hair)- She is not responsible for those cartels. She has come to the United Nations and she has explained her position. None of you were present.

Queen Madeline Windsor of Great Britain (pope’s hat, blood red attire, pale white make up face, ruby red lipstick, silvery clear eyes)- The UN is old news. All that’s left is you people in Cairo and your nonsense. We won’t be wasting much more of our time with you.

Canadian Head of State, Queen Beth B. (4’11” 94 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes)- We will going forward with our summit meeting in New York City, then, will we?

President Sika of South Africa (brown skin, long shiny black hair, silvery blue eyes)- South Africa is with you one hundred percent. Down with Cairo and down with the fucking United Nations.

Honesty- Sika, you have proven to be a war mongering fool in a country that has come so far.

Sika- I should challenge you to a death match and end this shit right now.

US President- That will not be necessary.

Canadian Head of Government, Marie B. (4’11” 94 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, clone of Beth’s deceased twin sister) - I feel that if the United Nations approves our campaign against South America, then Russia and China will step aside.

Madeline- Very intelligent deduction, Marie. Not bad for a clone; I wonder if the original was as brilliant.

Beth- Your sarcasm is unnecessary, Queen Madeline.

US President- Ladies, enough. We don’t need UN approval to do anything because the UN cannot stop us. Empress Honesty, we hope you understand this, but we wouldn’t mind a show of understanding by the UN. Go and publicly denounce Brazil and then let us take it from there.

Honesty- I will do no such thing. I am a woman of PEACE; I am not about to authorize a campaign against an entire continent so that you greedy people can snatch up more land.

Eve- Catherine of Russia is doing it and you’re not stopping her. She’s getting very aggressive out there and many of our territories are right in that region.

Madeline- We’ll take her out within a week if you turn me loose.

US President- Not yet, Madeline. And by the way, I have a package that will be in your hotel room when you get off that plane and arrive here. I hope you enjoy it.

Marie- Russia scares me. They are really posturing and itching for a fight.

Madeline- Yes, they are desperate to be conquered, ha ha ha. Put me in against Catherine and this will be over.

US President- Russia won’t concern us. They will not strike us without provocation; it’s all fake with Catherine. She doesn’t have the support and there is no union among China, Russia and Egypt. But there’s a reason why I have summoned you to this meeting, Empress Honesty.

Honesty- And why is that?

US President- A suicide bomber killed twenty at a mall in Miami, Florida. My sources have led me to determine that this bomber was from the middle east. And due to the new rules of war, because I cannot find the ruler to challenge, I am sending planes to bomb that entire area. We, the believers in world peace will not tolerate attacks on our soil.

Honesty- I do not agree with your rules of war. The United Nations do not acknowledge these rules and only hope that you are defeated in your bid for reelection. I hope that the American people have sense enough to oust you.

US President- The elections will be decided via my death match format, so I do not see myself being ousted any time soon, Honesty.

Honesty- I warn you all, if you move against South America or any of the Middle Eastern countries, then you undermine the diplomacy of the United Nations and if we feel you are a threat to world peace, you will be dealt with.

US President- Anytime you want to face me in a death match, Honesty, you let me know. Then I’ll be running the UN, or maybe I’ll just abolish it because you people are a waste of time… she’s here? Good. Ladies, I have another matter that needs to be dealt with. I bid you good evening and I hope to see you in New York very soon.

I sit in the dining hall of the White House and wait for the President of the United States’ arrival. The bodyguards are gathered in the well-lit room as I look at my food… baked lemon pepper chicken, rice with diced pineapples that look like little onions, and salad done up to resemble a tiara, complete with cheese. I see her food, a steak and a baked potato with bacon bits, sour cream and chives… she hasn’t changed. The bodyguards are female, some I recognize as former or current fighters… probably all clones. They’re looking at me hard and whispering, “Is that really her?” “Thought she was dead…” “Even more beautiful in person…” “That can’t be Rachel Apache here…” “What did the President say?” “Took out three of Queen Madeline’s assassins with ease and beat Angela Love…” “Was the President afraid?”

The door opens and in walks the President. Tall and confident, long curly black hair, large breasts, femininely muscular figure, very beautiful multicolored attire and long reddish boots as her hair cups around her face, blood red lipstick and a sinister grin…

Rachel- Hello, Glory.

US President Glory Ramirez- So, Rachel Apache… how the hell are you?

When she speaks to me, her voice is calm. Glory was able to become the President of the United States at age 31; previously, you had to be at least 35 in order to run for President, but Siena and Glory changed all that. She calmly sits down across from me and immediately begins to eat her steak, chomping away and not looking at me as she talks between bites.

Glory- Rachel, I’m going to say this and I’m going to say it one time… well, maybe more than once, since I do respect you. Get out of Washington and go home.

I don’t respond to her and that forces her to look up at me. Glory and I have looked into each other’s eyes many times.

Glory- You look as though you want to make a move. But you’re not going to do that. I can see the fear in your eyes, Rachel.

Rachel- You’re not referring to yourself in the third person anymore, Glory, what changed that?

Glory- I still do, Rachel. But that’s only when I’m really worked up, and right now, I’m being very calm, as you can see. Go home to your four children and your husband and tell Echo that I’m sorry about what I did to her in Beijing back in ’09… then again, no I’m not sorry.

Rachel- Glory, you have allowed yourself to become drunk with power. Your reign as President has—

Glory- You’re boring me already and you’re lecture hasn’t even began. The US has never been more free than it is now. The people are not complaining; there is no censorship, no gun control, wars are fought between two people, not two million. What is there to complain about? I have made the country safe and truly free of racial and sexist prejudices. Homosexual marriages exist in every state and parents are forced to take an active role in the lives of their children. Health care is free nationwide. Don’t tell me about being power drunk. Glory has done a damn good job as President and you are just jealous. Well, you shouldn’t be jealous of Glory because YOU chose to walk away from the spotlight.

Rachel- Now you sound more like yourself, foolish and arrogant.

Glory- Does that satisfy you? You never really liked me anyway. Now, you will be quiet and you will listen to what I have to say. (eating her steak and speaking very calmly) I am aware of your mission to assassinate me. I am giving the opportunity to leave Washington DC, as your friend Angela Love did earlier, and go back to Colorado to live freely as you already were. Glory is a peaceful and understanding leader and still has some respect for you. You may also stay here if you’d like. But if you cause any trouble or meddle in anything, I will have no problem killing you myself. I have worked very hard to get this far; I will not have someone like you, who has been convalescing in Boulder, Colorado for almost ten years come here and tell me how to run my country. May I remind you of what happened the last time we met at odds.

I drift back to that rainy day on the rooftop as Glory and I fought. I was getting more than I was giving and she was clearly winning. Every time she hit me in the face, I felt like my head would explode. She knocked me down over and over again and she acted as though she was in a rage. Every time I got up, I was a little less confident, a little less sure of myself, and at some points, I was willingly backing away from her. She seemed to enjoy it as she grabbed me, punched me in the stomach and drove her fist deep into my belly, grinding it out of me. She forced eye contact with me and drove me into the wall, digging her knuckles against my navel and smiling that grin in my face. I was looking into her eyes and I knew I couldn’t beat her… she realizes that I have surrendered mentally and that she had conquered me at last. She realized that I would never have to courage to face her again. She lifted me up, dug her fist into my belly one more time forcing my tongue out of my mouth and my eyes to stretch as I was forced to orgasm from the shear force of her punch, and threw me off that roof, laughing as I fell and landed, a truly defeated and beaten woman. I got to my feet and stared up at her; she was solid and looked back down, not budging. I turned my back and went home. I never fought after that; that was what made me retire. She had surpassed me in my mind. When I snap out of the flashback, she’s still there, looking at me with the same smile, knowing that I had a flashback and wanting me to come right back to that same look.

Glory- It still hurts, doesn’t it? You’re not the warrior you used to be… I beat you and I separated the warrior from the woman. You are just a mother of four now, so go home to your children, Rachel. You don’t have it anymore, and believe me, you don’t want it anymore either.

I stand up and a cook comes and packs the food I did not eat to go. I actually take it with me. I go to the airport and board a plane back to Colorado and the tears run down my face. I have a lot to think about… I wasn’t ready to face her… I just wasn’t ready. On the plane a child asks me if I am Athena.


Queen Madeline arrives at her hotel mansion in Washington DC and finds the package President Glory said would be there. She opens the rather large box.

Queen Madeline- Christ!!!

Inside the box are the heads of her three assassins, Mikey, Jane, and Ricky and a note that reads: NEXT TIME, GET THE JOB DONE. DO NOT SEND PUSSY CATS TO KILL A TIGRESS. SEE YOU TOMORROW. LOVE, GLORY.

To be continued…

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Siena Blaze watches the television monitor closely as all the large tubes surround her. The date in the lower right hand corner of the screen is 06/08/09.

“This is Kimberly Chaucer standing here with OPW newcomer Raz the Mutilator. God, that was a shitty match, Raz… and you raped the girl afterward… was that really necessary? I mean, if you wanted prostitutes, we are in Las Vegas”

Raz- You look soooo juicy, Kimberly. I want to bite your pussy.

Kim- Excuse me?

Siena watches the old footage of Raz grabbing Kimberly Chaucer’s vagina and tearing it, forcing blood to cover the Asian woman’s skirt. The large buttermilk skinned woman with the long flaming red dreadlocks and long nails is squeezing the entire area of Kim’ womanhood and the blood is running up to her white blouse and out of her mouth. Raz bites Kim’s throat and the Asian woman slumps to the ground lifeless as the large woman mounts her and begins to rape her.

Siena- What have I done?

Siena’s white hair is all over her face as she slowly stands up, clicking the monitor off and painfully making her way to her daughter, Christina, who was beaten more than ten years ago to a near vegetative state by Rachel Apache. The 30-something Christina looks at her mother from her wheelchair and smiles.

Christina- Mommy, I’mma good girl. I don’t hurt nobody nooooooooo more. Do you love me, Mommy? I love you, Mommy.

Siena- (crying) Yes, Christina, Mommy loves her baby. And Mommy will make you all better after what Rachel did to you all those years ago.

Christina- I love my Mommy.

“Excuse me, Siena? You weren’t answering the door, so I just decided to let myself in.”

Siena- You… YOU!!! You did this to my DAUGHTER!!!!

Siena drops the bowl of oatmeal she was preparing to feed Christina and looks at the figure of the woman standing before her… long black hair… blue eyes… a nice medium brown skin… and decked out in a skintight purple outfit… but when Siena sees a somewhat friendly meets cocky smile, she knows this is not Rachel Apache.

Siena- What brings you here, Athena?

Athena- Siena, I had a match in Washington not too long ago. The Americans love me as much as they have ever loved Rachel… they love me more! President Glory knows that I was coming out here to see you, and she had Air Force One fly me out here because she would like a word with you in person.

Siena- She’s HERE… NOW?

Athena- Noooo… she’s still in Washington. You know, Queen Madeline is visiting also. You’re going to get on the jet and fly to Washington so she can talk to you about your daughter Brandy‘s announcement that she‘s running for President. She also said for you to bring Christina.

Siena- So this is what the great Athena has become, huh? Another one of Glory’s message girls?

Athena- No, more like a friend of Glory’s. Get on the plane, Siena. There isn’t a lot of time.

Siena- And what if I refuse?

Athena- You’re going to get on the plane and I’m not going to make you. One thing I know about you, Siena, you can’t stay out of the spotlight. You have to know everything about everything. You hate it when you’re left out in the dark. Well, this is your big chance to sit down and talk to the most powerful woman in the world.

Siena- The woman I put into office. Just like I was the one who made you a star.

Siena gets on the plane and the current OPW World Champion Athena looks at the 49 year old former fighter but still current owner of OPW.

Athena- Siena, I’ve been thinking. I’m 28 now; I’ve surpassed Rachel to all those media types and I’ve surpassed all of Rachel’s accomplishments. It is obvious that I am better than Rachel. So, why is it that I feel a sense of incompleteness? Why do I feel like I haven’t done anything?

Siena- Because you haven’t.

Athena- Haven’t what?

Siena- You haven’t surpassed Rachel… you haven’t surpassed anyone. You’re placebo, Athena.

Athena- What does that mean?

Siena- When Rachel left OPW, you were just coming up. I did everything in my power to make you seem as though you’re the “new Rachel.” I fed you easy matches against overhyped fighters and fighters who were passed their primes but still had a name. I did this until I felt you could handle yourself.

Athena- You fixed my matches?

Siena- No… I just made it so you won all of them. Sweetheart, let me tell you something… nobody does anything in this world by him or herself. A pawn, even when it becomes a queen, is still a game piece… it’s still controlled. And everything perfect is bound to get broken eventually.

Athena- You’re just talking nonsense, Siena, as always. You’re just trying to take credit for what I’ve done. Who would have thought that with everything you have and everything you’ve done, you’d still be nothing but an old jealous selfish hag.

Siena- Is that what you call it? Every wrestler that walks this earth owes something to ME. When Glory gets down on her knees at night to say her prayers… she’s praying to ME. When---

Athena- Siena, I am the best fighter of all time. No one is greater than me; you can ask any fan out there and they will tell you that I am better than Rachel Apache was at 28 or at any age.

Siena- Kid, I was better than you are at 12. You’ll never be as great as Rachel Apache. You’re good… hell, you’re an instant hall of famer… but you’re NO Rachel Apache.

Athena- (smiling) Perhaps you would like to challenge me to a match, Siena. Even with that voice of yours breaking and cracking the way it is and that annoying cough, even with your body aching the way it is and you barely being able to get around, you still fight. I have seen you fighting. I will show that I am better than Rachel Apache by doing the one thing that she did not do… the one thing that your daughter Christina over there could not do… I’m going to fight you and kill you.

Siena- Sorry kid, kill yourself instead.

Athena- Still the coward, eh Siena? You’re right, killing a broken down old woman like you wouldn’t matter to anyone. But I will prove that I am the best ever.

Siena- Yeah, kid, sure. Why don’t you shut up and let me enjoy the flight to Washington?

Angela, Echo, my husband and my children are gone. I have a message on my transmitter telling me where they are headed. They did not wait for my return; I bet Angelo tried to fight Echo and Angela to let him stay and wait for me. They probably had to drag him out of the house.

I take out one of my old Agency bags while I study my arsenal. For a while, I was going right back into complacency. For a while, I was believing that I could forget about what happened in Washington, ignore my duties and stay here and be a family woman. But they launched a rocket that was supposed to be aimed at my home… they would’ve killed my children. And the assassin Angeldust’s final words to me…

“That was supposed to be just a warning, you dumb cunt, bwahahahahahahahahhaha!! Don’t fuck with--- AIGHHHH!!!”

I wash her blood off my hands. I have killed three women in less than one week’s time… and I’m feeling less and less regretful. I don’t understand what I am becoming. Magic was right; this comes natural for me… but killing? And killing so easily? I wonder if I will have the fortitude to face Glory when the time comes… the woman who beat me. I pack several of my purple sports bras and purple spandex shorts and then I see her.

“Excuse me? You weren’t answering the door, so I decided to let myself in.”

I drop my bag to the floor and look at her. She’s just as fearless on the outside as she was standing on my doorstep all those years ago. But she died more than ten years ago, and I don’t understand what I see before me.

“Rachel… what are you doing? Where are you going? You’re not really going to go through with this, are you?”

She studies me and then she smiles. I shudder at the very presence of her, all 4’11” of her. The Canadian blonde walks up to me and stares up into my eyes… Marie, is this really you?

“Rachel, you can’t do this… this isn’t who you are. This isn’t the person I remember. You can’t go and kill the President.”

It’s definitely her voice… definitely her face… but Marie has a twin sister, Beth. But this is not her… this is Marie.

“I’m your friend, Rachel, I always have been. Let’s sit and talk about this, like we used to years ago. You’ve helped me so much… now let me help you, old friend.”

We sit on my couch on the balcony overlooking the mountains and my hometown. Boulder is so peaceful from up here, no matter what time of day it is. The mist is weakening and Marie continues to stare at me as I stare straight ahead.

Marie- Rachel, the world may not be perfect, but we're working on it. Glory being president is the best thing that's ever happened to us. She's made us truly free... you have to put your differences with her aside and forget that she beat you. You have to accept your faults and your flaws and move on.

Rachel- What did you say?

Marie- I said you have to accept the flaws and faults--

Rachel- No, before that.

Marie- I said you have to accept the fact that she beat you.

Knots form instantly in my stomach as I'm thrown back to that rainy night, the fist hitting me hard in the stomach, instantly pacifying me... no more... please, no more... the hands lifting me and tossing me off the building... I was nothing. I lower my head and shed tears. Marie always believed in me, or maybe she didn't. There was that time in Las Vegas when she betrayed me for Christina. This Marie may be a clone of the original, but I lie to myself and convince myself that this is my friend alive, 32 years old, and well.

Marie- Rachel, we're not fighters anymore. All that is in the past and it's done. We can't try to capture the days of yesterday. We have to fight for today and that is what Glory is doing. And do you think that you could kill her after what she did to you?

I don't know if I could... maybe Marie is right... what was I thinking? It is over... no... they shot a rocket at my house... they intended to KILL me and my family.

Rachel- Are you aware that the President sent assassins and they tried to blow up this house with my four children in it?

Marie- I don't think that was their true intention, Rachel. Glory is extreme, but she only wanted to send you a message just in case you were coming for her. She really respects you, Rachel; she doesn't want to have to KILL you.

I listen and I think about my kids... on their way to safety, but only God knows what Angela, Echo and Angelo will face on the way.

Marie- Glory knows that your family is on its way to Las Vegas, or what was Las Vegas. She knows that Vegas is the most logical place for them to go... that is where Jasmine is. That is why you sent them there. But Glory doesn't wish to harm your family; she only wants you, I want you, to understand that we are making the world peaceful for everyone. And I don't want to see you get killed trying to stop her because she will kill you, Rachel.

Rachel- I have to do what is right, Marie. I have to do what is moral.

Marie- And what exactly is right, Rachel? Once upon a time, it was right for people to own slaves, people to commit acts of incest, husbands to abuse their wives... "right" is a subjective term. Rachel, I have been your friend; I have been a true and loyal friend to you and I am here because I care about you. I love you, Rachel and I don't want to see you ruin what we have worked so hard to create.

Rachel- Marie, I-- urrrkkkhhh...

The blade flashed and I could only turn my head slightly, but the cut is good and I don't need to see it to know how close it is to my throat. I gag as Marie jumps from the couch, spins and kicks me full force in the jaw... jumping roundhouse... a kick she learned from me. I go down, my jaw stinging, but I'm still trying to get over the blood squirting and running from my neck. Marie looks at me and walks forward while I place my hand on my neck to try and stop the bleeding. She strips off her jacket and pants and shows me that she can still fit her gold one piece, and she shows me that she still likes to be barefoot.

Marie- I love you. Friends stay loyal to you and do not sell you out or betray you. Friends know what's best for you. I am your friend and I know what is best for you... that is why I must kill you.

Oh dear... I do not believe this will be easy.


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“Sweet Marie” by Hank Snow

I've a secret in my heart, Sweet Marie
A tale I would impart, love to thee
Every daisy in the dell
Knows my secret, knows it well
And yet I dare not tell Sweet Marie

When I hold your hand in mine, Sweet Marie
A feeling most divine comes to me
All the world is full of Spring
All the warblers on the wing
And I listen while they sing, Sweet Marie

Come to me, Sweet Marie
Sweet Marie, Come to me
Not because your face is fair, love, to see

But your soul, so pure and sweet,
Makes my happiness complete
Makes me falter at your feet, Sweet Marie

Verse Two
In the morn when I awake, Sweet Marie
Seems to me my heart will break, love, for thee
Every wave that shakes the shore
Seems to sing it o'er and o'er
Seems to say that I adore Sweet Marie
When the sunset tints the west, Sweet Marie
And I sit down to rest, love, with thee
Every star that studs the sky
Seems to stand and wonder why
They're so dimmer than your eye, Sweet Marie

Come to me, Sweet Marie
Sweet Marie, Come to me
Not because your face is fair, love, to see

But your soul, so pure and sweet,
Makes my happiness complete
Makes me falter at your feet, Sweet Marie

Sweet Marie… my friend… I remember my 28th birthday party, she wrote me a poem. Everyone I loved was there… Angelo… Sage… Brandy… I actually broke a smile and even a laugh… she was so sweet. Now, she stalks me with a small knife… my neck bleeding and my right hand against it, trying to stop to occasional squirts.

Marie- Rachel, you have never understood what it is to truly give in. You have always led with your ominous ego and your stupid morals. In the beginning, I admired that greatly, but times have changed and that stuff is in the past. Yet, you refuse to let go of it. You should’ve never come to DC.

She comes at me, flashing the knife. I dodge her salvo, grabbing her under her right armpit and throwing her into the glass door separating the balcony area from my meditation room. Her back hits, but doesn’t break the glass and I hear her make a noise, but she is up instantly, looking to gut me. She crunches a short kick to my crotch; the pain is horrific as my legs buckle and she slashes across my chin, just missing my throat as I stumble back towards the edge. She launches herself forward with a jumping sidekick, but I catch her ankle and twist it, causing her to yelp and go over the balcony… Marie… oh no… I look over and she’s barely holding onto the ledge…

Marie- Rachel… help me… please, don’t let me die…

I instinctively pull her back onto the balcony. I don't think about it; I just do it... and my punishment is that my little friend knees me to my throat... I stagger backwards, cursing myself for my stupidity as she jumps off the ledge and tackles me, driving me through the glass door and onto the mats of my meditation room. She straddles me and tries to pin my arms down; this is not an easy task for her and I can see the frustration registering on her face... the knife... she doesn't have the knife; she must have lost it when she fell. I grab her wrists and roll her off of me, positioning myself on top of her. I begin to punch her in the face and she brings her arms up.

Rachel- Why? Why would she send YOU here of all people to betray me again? Why you?

Marie- I'm not betraying you; I'm helping you Rachel.

I grab her by the hair and bang the back of her head against the mat. I can tell I’m doing this with controlled force… I must still not want to hurt her, no matter what she’s putting me through… Glory chose right when she sent Marie to kill me… no friend, no person has had the effect on me that Marie has… but she’s just a clone of the real/dead Marie, isn’t she?

Marie- Please, Rachel, stop… you’re hurting me…

I try to ignore it; I try to block it out… but there is something to be understood about Marie B., something to be feared. No matter how many lies she’s told, no matter how many people she’s betrayed, no matter how many hearts she’s broken and friendships she’s abandoned and reputations she’s sabotaged… she has something about her that makes you want to be with her… not in THAT way, but just around her… Unnnhh!!! She sends her head forward and it smashes my nose, stunning me… that’s what you get for thinking too much and not executing, Rachel… she punches my sides and sticks her fingers into the cut on my neck…

Rachel- Ahhh!

She sits up and smiles, locking her legs around my waist and squeezing me as I try to maintain my position… I’ve lost it. She now has mounted me and is digging into my cut with her left fingers and hitting my jaw with her right fist, all the while, keeping her bodyscissors on me. She was a former gymnast who went from being in private wrestling matches to becoming a 2-time OPW World Champion. She was trained by Siena Blaze after… unnhh! Blow to the jaw landed flush! I’m losing blood as she wipes my blood on my cheek…

Marie- Give up, Rachel. Submit to me and I’ll give you a clean death… refuse and I’ll make it slow and painful.

I can tell that she is trying to end this as quickly as possible; I can hear it in her voice. She throws a punch aimed right between my eyes and I catch her fist, then twist it clockwise. I see the skin around her wrist tear and I come up and slam a right cross into her jaw.

Marie- Gaa-hunnnhhhh!!

Her body goes limp and she shudders off of me… I stand up and grab a towel off of the wall while she rises and charges. I give her a drop toehold and her face hits the wooden bar against the wall uses for my leg stretches. I wrap the towel tightly around my neck after tearing a lock of my hair free and stuffing it into my cut. I mince several herbs and vitamins into the shampoos I use; this will help me, though it looks and sounds disgusting. She goes down and holds her forehead and I kick her hard across her ribs. The kick lifts her off of the mat and rolls her over a few times, but she rolls herself to her feet and as I move it, she rams her head into my chest…

Rachel- UUFF!!

I stagger backwards, the blow is numbing and intoxicating; I feel as though I can barely stand and Marie grabs my right arm, kicks my ankle and takes me down, stepping on my armpit and wrenching my arm, before dropping an elbow across my face, locking my arm between her legs and hooking my head with her left arm… she still remembers her early lessons with Siena, but she’s a bit sloppy. I get my arms underneath her and I am reminded of a fight I had in Iran against a deathfighter named Killjoy… the one that got away. She was an assassin, an unstoppable killing machine… she was murdering the American troops and cutting them up…my job was to stop her. I remember I faced her, I was only eighteen and I pinned her down, the same way Marie has me, but she punched me to the anus… I’d never felt a more numbing pain than that one. I stayed down and couldn’t move while she set the town on fire and walked away. I never saw her again.

I get my hands under Marie and bench press her into the air, then bring my knees in to give her a shot to her stomach, but she comes down with her hands extended, spreads my legs, turns her body and drops a knee to my crotch… this is a different kind of pain… as though someone dropped a hot iron there… it really hurts me and I roll to a fetal position while Marie begins to kick my kidneys. The towel around my neck is getting wet; the bleeding has picked up again… she wraps her arm around my neck and tightens the towel, then she hammers my left kidney with punches. They really hurt and I roll to my stomach and get to my hands and knees… she turns and knees me to my right side, nearly hitting my liver and I roll on my back. She stands and drops her knee across the pit of my stomach and my eyes close and my cheeks fill with air.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see outside… it’s snowing… I’m reminded of my fight with Marie at Glacier Falls all those years ago… the Indian burial ground. She turns and looks outside, then turns back to me and smiles.

Marie- Yes, I remember that too. You know, Rachel, remember when I told you that I never thought I could beat you? I didn’t think it was realistic… but you admitted to me that I had you on more than one occasion during our fights… remember that? You said that I didn’t apply myself enough and that I could probably beat anybody if I just believed in myself… do you remember when you told me that?

Rachel- What… is your… point… girl?

That seems to annoy her and she yanks the towel from around my neck and jumps, spreading her legs and dropping hard knees to both my throat and my stomach.


Marie- God, that sounded painful… I’ve never heard that noise from you. But then again, I’ve never heard much noise from you during any of the fights we’ve had. The point is that I remembered the things you told me and I do believe in myself, now more than ever. I believe in the truly bravura, magnificently society that Glory has helped systematize. Glory is a true utopist, Rachel. I have never known a more munificent person. I believe in freedom and democracy and I believe that not only can I beat you… I can kill you. I believe I’ll be doing that right now.

One thing about Marie, she loves to talk and she loves to gloat. No matter how hard the little Canadian blonde tries, she can’t help but talk once she’s gotten the advantage… I used to think this came because as an amateur, she wasn’t use to having it, but now, I realize the girl just has a lot to say. She studies me, as if she doesn’t know what to do next; she realizes she’s given me a chance to catch as much of my breath as I can. She attempts a short front dropkick as I sit up. I see her feet coming right at my face, so I lie flat on my back and… ooof!! Not an intelligent play, Rachel… her backside lands right on my stomach and she easily locks her legs around my neck in a neckscissors. She presses her privates against my mouth and squeezes her thighs… I feel as though my head is going to pop off, and what makes it even worse is the way she begins to batter my eyes with her fists… she is in a punching and squeezing frenzy and I’m losing this battle badly.

I’ve had Marie’s legs around my neck before, but we were only sparring or having a match… my friend is trying to kill me now and I’m starting to blackout. Red flashes over my eyes as she opens a cut; my healing is working overtime but losing the battle to keep my left eye from closing as she continues to punish me, and I’m feeling her climaxed juices all over my lips from having my mouth pressed against her privates. That one piece must not be moisture absorbent… but I’m tasting my own blood as well… this is so humiliating. Is this what I have come to in life? I left the ring; I left the battles and the wars and the chaos and I settled down and had a family. I do not understand why I find myself right back into it. I try to bend my legs as far over as I can, but I can’t reach her… I’m no Jasmine unfortunately. I punch her blindly to her ribs with my fists, but she only hits me harder to my eyes and nose, spitting her blood on me when I catch her in the mouth. She squeezes and I can hear her groaning, trying to use her strong legs to break my neck, but I catch her hard below her ribs on her left side and I hear her gasp and the punching and squeezing stops for a moment.

I open my eyes, and I see Marie with her left hand at her side and her eyes wide and mouth open… she’s hurt, but she will resume unless…

Marie- Oh!!

I catch her with another right hand to the same spot; she lowers her arm to protect her side, so I crack her with a left to her jaw as she leans forward.

Marie- unnNNHHhhh!!

That blow turns her head and I roll with her. She is now on her back and I am still in the headscissors, though now on my hands and knees. I get my arms under her and stand up; she’s already folding her arms behind her head because she knows what’s coming… no, she doesn’t know what’s coming. Instead of falling forward and driving Marie down on the back of her neck, I fall backward, slamming her into the wall-sized mirror I use for teaching my children and Echo yoga.

Marie- WUNNGGGHHH!!!… Ahhhhh!!

The mirror has shattered where Marie hit it and she’s cut in many places, including her face… it is her blood that runs now as she jumps around, the glass cactus-ing her bare feet. I remember at a party years ago, Brandy and Marie started a food fight with Angela Love and my late sister, Sage. Marie aimed a pie for Angela that ended up hitting me right in the face. She was apologizing to the sixteenth degree, but Angela, Sage, and Brandy were rolling on the floor laughing… even I had to break a smile and approaching Marie, I buried her face into a pie I had grabbed. Those were good carefree times… but they are all gone now… now, all that is left of my friend is a longing to be rid of me… a longing to see me dead and abandon me for new friends. Marie was always one to cut and run and as I approach her, now she picks up the pieces of glass and throws them at me, risking cuts to her hands in the process. So many spinning, shining pieces of glass…

I remember I brought Marie here and taught her how to throw shurikens… some people call them Chinese stars. Brandy’s advice to her was, “It’s just like throwing a frizzbee.” This, of course, was after I had explained the history of the weapons to Marie and the significance of the ones that I use. That was Brandy; she could take the most serious situations and not make them seem so serious, but she was able to get Marie to relax, and the little blonde friend was very accurate.

Rachel- Ahhh!!

Some of them got in my eyes; I know it. I cover my face and back up before I feel a fist slam deep into my stomach, an inch below my navel.

Rachel- OOF!!

My legs stay steady and I continue to try to wipe the glass from my eyes as Marie slams a right hand into my ribs and another left to my stomach.

Rachel- Mmmpphh!!

Marie- Come on, Rachel, FEEL IT!!

Marie knows the ambiguity about my stomach and my personality. She never asked me about it and in sparring, she would often not try to hit me there. My stomach is my essence and my navel is the center of my being. This is a cultural significance to my family and to me as not only a fighter, but as a woman. I have honed my abdominal muscles to not only be strong, but feminine and perfect. They are so beautiful and so precious to me, and appear very hard and desirable, much like my outward personality of hard stoicism and feminine sensuality. But below my navel, my essence, it is where my point of weakness exists. I’m Persian; I come from the culture of bellydancing and I have that sort of figure below the navel. Oh, I’ve gotten the Wonder Woman comparisons and I do bare more than a mere resemblance to her, but I have a pouch just below my navel, a navel that does not stick in or out, it just sits on the surface… this pouch is very soft and very sensitive, and underneath my hard persona, my true self is very sensitive… Marie knows this. Marie lands to snapping kicks to my left calve, another right hand to my side and another harder left, this time, right on my navel…

Rachel- Uggghhh…

My legs buckle and my right knee nearly touches the floor, but my arms remain raised. I don’t need to see her to know what she’s hitting me with… I know her… I am in so much pain and I turn away from her, but she hooks around and nails me, only a decimeter below the navel… my weakness… my precious essence…she got it…

Rachel- OUGHHH!!!!

I double over… then I feel her body on me and I feel my body land stomach first on the floor, where the mats are not… a bunch of sharp things are cutting my face… she dropped me in the glass…we are bleeding, but I open my eyes… shards of glass are in my hands and Marie is standing, ripping away at my purple sweater and black pants, trying to tear them off of me while I am down. She succeeds in removing my sweater; I don’t really fight to keep it off, I have on a white shirt underneath and she kicks me hard in the ribs, rolling me over onto my back, then dropping her butt down on my stomach and standing back up.

Rachel- UGGHHH!!!

My arms fold around my aching stomach… she mounts me, placing her knee on my pouch and showing off a piece of triangular glass. She backhands me hard with it and I watch a spray of my own blood from my right cheek land diagonally across her face. She takes the makeshift blade and slowly presses it under my chin. I clasp my hands on either side of it as she pushes it…

Rachel- ouhhh… gurrkkk… gurrrrgrglllee…augghhhgurrkkk…

Tears are running down my face as I feel the blade entering my chin… she’s killing me… my friend is killing….me… my Angelo… my children… Marie… why are you doing this to me…???… why are you killing me…again???

Marie- Shhh, go to sleep, Rachel… that’s a good girl… go to sleep… see, Rachel… I love you… I’m not going to let you hurt yourself anymore… I’m going to put an end to you right now… because I love you… but that’s the problem… I think I loved you too much.

Rachel- huurrrhhhkkkkk….

I’m getting very numb… but not from the pain… I can still feel the pain, and as long as you can feel the pain, you’re still in the game… it’s what she’s saying to me that hurts me more…Marie and I have looked into each other’s eyes many times… I felt we had a true bond… I felt we connected on a level beyond the rivalries of fighters, beyond the various idiosyncrasies of normal people, beyond simple human understanding… I felt love for Marie… if someone told me, even after her betrayal in Las Vegas, that this girl would one day be responsible for killing me… I would not have believed it…I genuinely felt that she loved me and that she would never abandon me… never give up on me…this is the last face I expected to see… and it may be the last face I ever see. I reach out with my hand and grab Marie by her throat, squeezing hard…

Marie- Gurkkkkk!!!!!

I’m biting down so hard and squeezing so hard that I’m feeling my mouth fill up with my own blood… no, that’s because of the cuts. I grab her hand and jerk the glass out of my neck, but the piece breaks and I scream.

Rachel- AHHHH!!!!

I had to let her go to turn away… I should be dead… she should be dead… I don’t know if I have the strength… I don’t know.

Marie- So… stubborn… so portentously fucking… stubborn!!

The wind is blowing the snow into the room and as she moves in on me, I lash out with my foot, catching her fully in the pit of her stomach.

Marie- WOOOOOOOF!!!!

She is lifted off of her feet and sent a good five yards (15ft) back onto the balcony. I slowly stand up, covered in glass and my shirt now ripped, I can see the small bruises on my exposed stomach, but I just pull my pants up over them. I walk over to the wooden bar and give it an axe kick, breaking it into two pieces and picking one up… where did she go? I look around and the lights go out; the snow begins to blow in even harder… it’s a storm. Clouds are covering the sky and I make my way to the balcony and I see no sign of Marie, save a bit of her blood… could she have gone over the edge? UNNNHHHH!!! White-hot pain… like a strike of lightening and my legs turn to spaghetti. I can feel my blood running down my face… it’s probably an impressive cut, just below the hairline in the upper right corner of my forehead.

Marie- Haven’t you heard, Rachel? Never take your eyes off the BALL!!

UHHHH!! She snuck behind me and got the other piece of that pole; she hits me again in the temple and I fall, my body doubled over the ledge… Marie tries to lift me with the pole, but I brace myself against the ledge wall and back body drop her. I turn and see her plant the pole onto the balcony floor as she goes over and post off of it, but the wood breaks and I hear her scream as she is launched over the ledge… Marie… oh dear… hyperventilating has resumed… I can’t get my air… I get up and look over the ledge for my little gymnast… my little friend… my trusted alley… and there she is, holding on and smiling at me… she brings the pole fast at my head and I instinctively launch a palm strike for her chin… UNNNHHH again!!! But I felt my blow connect and I felt Marie’s nose break… the fall is a good thirty feet and the snow is falling so hard and it is so dark for late morning…I get back to my feet and jump onto the ledge wall, no surprises in case she’s still holding on. I look down and I do not see her… time to go hunting again.

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Washington DC…

Siena Blaze stood on the lawn of the White House wearing her white pants and white buttoned up shirt, with some very round sunglasses. The 5’5” nearly white haired blonde with her crystal eyes was still very fit looking for a woman of 49 years old and she looked sadly at her daughter, Christina Munoz, 35 years old and in a near vegetative state… thanks to a beating from Rachel Apache more than ten years ago. Christina is smiling while in her wheelchair, something she very rarely did when she was able and she’s telling her mother she loves her… something she did even less when she was able. To Siena’s right is Athena, a 5’7” 130 lbs and could pass for Rachel’s younger sister, the Greek woman with her long black hair, blue eyes, million dollar smile and all purple attire is the OPW World Champion and is 28 years old. Out comes the President of the United States of America… the 6’2” 170 lb black Puerto Rican woman, 34 years old, with her long curly black hair and light eyes… Glory, still just as intimidating and powerful as she was back in her fighting days. Glory is dressed in a blue business suit and blue shining boots.

Siena- I see you still wear your wrestling boots.

Glory- It’s a hard habit to break, Siena. You never know when some pretentious bitch is gonna show up and take her crack at ole Glory.

Siena- What did you drag me all the way from Los Angeles for that you couldn’t have told me via videoconferencing? I have a company to run.

Glory moves close to Siena.

Glory- Well, Siena, you see, Glory likes to look into the eyes of the women she speaks to. And in your case, this had to be up close and personal.

Glory punches Siena squarely in the jaw and with a loud groan, the white haired woman is lifted off of the grass and dropped back on it. Glory kicks Siena hard in the mouth, cutting her instantly, and Siena realizes that Glory has razored edges on her boots.

Glory- See, Siena, you and I need to have a little conversation… Glory isn’t kicking your ass right now; she’s just talking to you (Glory kicks Siena in the stomach while the white haired blonde stays down)… For years and years and years and years, OPW has been nothing but Siena Blaze. You ruined a lot of good women’s lives with your crappy ass attitude and your self-absorbed ways of doing business. (Stomps hard on Siena’s throat and cuts her lip in the same motion) I think it’s your mouth that gets you into sooo much trouble. (Kicks Siena in the stomach three very hard times, each time forcing an “OOOF!!” from the Bosslady) And you don’t have the guts to handle it. (Picking Siena up by her hair and lifting her high above) You want to touch heaven; you want to reach for the stars, but every time you try, (slams Siena hard on the back of her neck) you always fall flat on your ass. Glory feels like you’re trying to mess her over… that is what I am feeling right now. I don’t think you understand the extent of my control and you need a wake up call.

Siena- What’s with… the cameras, bitch?

Glory- I want the people of Glory’s great nation and all the people around the world to understand what Glory will do to protect democracy and freedom in Glory’s United States of America.

Siena- Kill me… it won’t make a fuckin bit of difference to those people.

Glory- You say that as if that is my intention. Listen to you, so broken and beaten and so willing to die now. You don’t care about this woman (pointing at Christina); you never gave a damn about her and you have left her for dead on more than one occasion. Glory will not kill you… but Glory will put her out of her misery.

Glory grabs Christina around her throat and squeezes.


Glory- Or else what? Huh Siena? Or what? What are you gonna do about it, huh? You talk so much shit… you don’t deserve to see her live; you understand me?

Siena- Glory… please… she’s all I’ve got… my dream… my baby…

Glory- You’ve got three other daughters… what about them? I’ll tell you what… you’re gonna make a choice. Bring her out!

Siena watches as a 5’10” 130 lb woman with dark skin, long black hair in a ponytail, pale rusty blue eyes, and half of her beautiful exotic face scarred, comes out in a outfit of chains and straps and has Siena’s second oldest daughter, the 6’4” Brandy, best friend of Rachel Apache, with her long wavy red hair and blue eyes, collared and stripped naked. The curvy Brandy has bruises all over her soft stomach with deep oblong navel.

Glory- Not thinking about running against me for President now, are you, Brandy?

Brandy- (crying) You’ll pay for this Glory… Rachel will---

Glory- Rachel won’t do ANYTHING! Rachel is being dealt with as we speak.

Siena- You used to be a warrior, Glory. What happened? You used to handle things on your own… now you’ve got a bunch of assassins and hired guns to protect you from the boogie man.

Glory- No… Glory can take care of herself just fine. It’s just that none of you stupid bitches are worth me soiled my hands on. I’m too busy running the country. So, Siena, make a choice… either you get on your knees and pledge your undying support to Glory, or I’ll flip a coin and kill one of your daughters. Either Christina, the crazy woman, the sexy psycho, the one you left to die as a baby in a dumpster, who grew up to hate you and beat the hell out of you and put you in a coma… or Brandy, the one you had a year later, the softball, soccer and volleyball all-star, the 4.0 straight A student girl next door… which is it, Siena? Who is Glory gonna kill? Either get down on your knees and admit defeat to Glory, or lose a child.

Siena- THAT’S what you wanted?

Glory- Tell me that I have beaten you, Siena. Admit it NOW.

Siena- You brought me out here for that? You’re willing to kill my babies for THAT?

Glory- Glory is god, Siena. Learn it and live by it. ON YOUR KNEES!!

Siena, who can barely stand, drops to her knees and begins to lick her own blood off of Glory’s blue boots. At this moment, Athena’s eyes widen as the tall chained woman with the scarred face drives her hand through Brandy’s stomach.

Brandy- AUUHHHH!!!!

Brandy’s body jerks several times as it is down on the glass, blood everywhere. Glory turns and her eyes widen and her face takes on a sneer as she grabs the scarred woman by the throat.


Killjoy- I kill people for fun… you hired me… to kill Rachel Apache… if need be… I could’ve killed her… years ago…

Glory- I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT!!! YOU KILLED THIS GIRL… she was NOT going to run against me after she got beaten down… (sadly, letting Killjoy go) damn it.

Siena knows that Brandy is dead and screams at Glory, charging the taller black woman. Glory wastes no time, kicks Siena in the stomach, doubling her over, grabs her by her head and throws her beside her dead daughter. Glory looks genuinely upset as she looks at Brandy and turns to walk back into the White House.

Glory- That was NOT the way I intended this to go, Siena.

Siena- You killed her… you fuckin murdering bitch… you FUCKIN KILLED HER!!!

Glory- I didn’t even flip the coin, Siena. I’ll give her a presidential pardon for her acts of treason and pay for her funeral; that’s the best I can do.

Siena- Is that a fuckin joke?!! What are you gonna tell her kids?!

Glory- Nothing. Go home, Siena. I just brought you out here to remind you that Glory rules. You can bury Brandy and Rachel Apache next to each other, because by the end of the day, Rachel Apache will be dead as well, if she isn’t already. Glory out.

Siena- What kind of madwoman have you become, Glory?! What kind of—

Siena finds herself surrounded by tall women in long black cloaks. Glory, Killjoy and Athena stop before they enter the White House.

Glory- Hey Siena, you know what they say about people with glass houses not throwing stones? I suggest you take a good look at your life before you go judging mine.

Siena- What are you going to tell your daughter, Glory? What are you going to tell little Destiny? You gonna tell little Destiny that her mommy is a fucking mass murderer and a fuckin cunt?! Huh Glory?

Glory starts angrily back at Siena, but stops.

Glory- Next time you say my daughter’s name… even think my daughter’s name… I’ll beat your ass… but I’ll leave you alive because it’s too much fun tormenting you after what you’ve done to so many others. Come ladies, Queen Madeline and Beth B. are already in the war room. Let’s finish watching Marie kill Rachel.

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The cold is something I’m used to, but it’s constantly having to wipe the snow out of my goggles that is annoying me. Imagine being out here in these conditions, my white shirt and black pants and black boots, treading through now knee deep snow, looking for a 4’11” 94 lb Canadian who may have frozen to death out here… no, perhaps not. The blood trail is hard to follow with the constant downpour of the snow. Marie told me that back in Canada, she would often get out with her family and shovel snow when the downpours got too heavy and they were snowed in. She said she loved the feeling of it between her toes… I couldn’t imagine for a girl so physically small being able to take that sort of cold… I’ve walked barefoot through the snow many times. I’ve fought in these conditions as a little girl in Japan under Bushido. As a fighter, one must be able to deal with all sorts of conditions…

The blood trail ends here… at this tree. I look up into the tree, figuring Marie is hiding up there somewhere… but no sign of her. Then I see a hand in the snow… Marie… she must’ve collapsed here and got buried under the snow. I begin to desperately dig and pull on the hand, careful not to pull too hard. Marie, oh why must you make these mistakes… why must you… UGGGHHHH!!! She breaks out of the snow and rams the broken end of the pole deep into my stomach… she was laying here waiting to ambush me… why must I continue to let my friendship with her affect… AIGGHHH!!! A shot to the liver with the pole and I go down on my knees. I can hear her breathing heavily, the snow making her skin even paler than it was before, her bleeding stopped by the ice… OOH!! A shot to the back of my head and everything goes black…

I feel a wetness under me and my body being pulled… my blood is leaving a trail and Marie is dragging me by my hair… I recognize this path… she’s bringing me back to my home… I close my eyes as I feel her stop near Mother, Father, Brea, and Sage’s graves… I hear the sound of digging and I look to see Marie digging feverishly… she intends to bury me alive… or kill me and then bury me… I do not understand why this is necessary… but I can guess whose idea this was. I slowly get to my feet, but I stumble and my stealth sneak attack attempt goes up in smoke as Marie turns around and with madness in her eyes, attacks me with the shovel. I jump and land on the cup, driving it into the snow and forcing the hard iron handle to jerk up and slam into Marie’s stomach.

Marie- UGGHHH!!!

I take the shovel and ram the handle hard into the little girl’s stomach again. And again. And again.

Marie- UMMMM!!!!



Marie crumbles into the snow like stale bread. I raise the shovel above my head as tears well up in my eyes… I don’t want to do this… she and I have been through so much… I… I… !gasp!

When I raised the shovel up, my shirt came up, and Marie dove forward, driving her index and middle fingers against my navel, my essence… I stand paralyzed, and drop the shovel. My mouth is open and my eyes are wide… I can’t move… pressure point shot… I can’t remember if Siena taught her that or if I did… I’m sure it was Siena, that’s a signature move of hers. Marie stands in front of me and puts her hands on her hips, then sends shot after shot after shot into my stomach, aiming for my navel.

Rachel- ufff!!!

Rachel- uggghhh!!!

Rachel- oooffff!!!

Rachel- moooffff!!!

Rachel- ngggghhhh!!!

Rachel- ohhhh!!!

Marie- Come on, Rachel, LOUDER!!!

Rachel- OUGHHH!!

Rachel- OOH!!

Marie- Go down, Rachel, GO DOWN!!!

She grabs me over my shoulder and by the crotch and lifts me up; she can barely hold me but she bodyslams me hard… the small of my back bends over the top of Sage’s headstone… Sage… my sister… the woman Raz the Mutilator, The OPW Brutality Division Champion killed and raped after she was dead… my sister… my youngest sister… I jump to my feet and tackle Marie hard. I hear the “whoof” noise she makes as my shoulder slams deep into her stomach. I put my hands around her throat and choke, posting off of my knees and driving them down into her stomach. Her eyes widen and I feel the air coming from her lungs, but my hands are so tight around her throat that the air stays where it is. I try not to look Marie in the eyes as her face turns blue and I wrap my legs around her upper torso and squeeze, feeling her ribs slowly crack… God, I’m so sorry, Marie… I’m so sorry…

Marie- Please… Rachel…don’t… friends…we’re… friends…

Rachel- You’re not the woman you used to be, Marie. You’ve changed… you’re not you anymore.

Marie- Rachel… I love… you… I’ll never leave… you… always be there… for…

Rachel- Stop it!!

Marie- friends… you and i… friends… you and i…friends.

Her heart stops beating and her eyes stay open as the cold takes her over… she’s dead… my friend is dead… no, just a clone… but Marie… I… I don’t… she’s dead…I just killed Marie…just a clone… but I killed Marie… I…

The wooden cross I place where I finished digging that hole and buried Marie will have to suffice until I get back from Washington… I stand on the balcony of my home; I am packed and ready to go finish this.

“So, Rachel Apache… how does it feel to have just killed your best friend?”

Where is that coming from? The television… I see my face on the screen as I am now, and there is another male reporter in a box in the lower right hand corner.

“We at OPW are coming LIVE from Boulder, Colorado, and if you just joined us, sports fans, you missed a THRILLER as the great Rachel Apache returned to OPW will a KILLER kill of her former best friend Marie B. right in the snows of Boulder!!!”

This entire fight was… filmed?!

“We’ll be re-airing this match as well as Glory’s new assassin, Killjoy’s eviscerating kill on Siena Blaze’s second oldest daughter and Rachel Apache’s last living best friend, Senator Brandy Blaze!!”

That cannot be true. Brandy… dead?!

Rachel- Little man, you LIE!!

“No, I don’t lie! And now, all you mojo loving OPW fans out there… here she is in the flesh, fresh from exile… Rachel Apache!!!”

I here applause from the television screen and I look outside and see several helicopters in the sky, I must not have noticed them during the storm… but still, my house is full of cameras?

“That’s right… our President has been keeping an eye on YOU for quite some time now, Ms. Apache-Thunderhawk!! And now that you are BACK in OPW, we’ve got a surprise for you… a quick and decisive death…3…2…1---“

The explosion sends me back quite a ways, but doesn’t knock me out of my house. Then there are several more explosions; my house is on fire… my house is on FIRE!!!

“That’s right, OPW fans… Rachel Apache will DIE live on the air, thanks to my president, your president, our president, president Glory!!!”

The roof is nearly fireproof; it’ll burn, but it won’t come down for a good while. These explosions, however, may change all of that… they must’ve been setting all of this up while I was out looking for Marie… what is this? I hear footsteps coming near, but through the smoke, I can’t see who this is… oh no…

“Somebody is gonna get MUTILATED right here in Boulder, Colorado!! Rachel is gonna get RAPED and RAVAGE by the woman who murdered and fucked the dead boy of her younger sister, Sage… it’s the 6’ 150 lb Raz the Mutilator!!!”

The light skinned woman, with her long fire red dreadlocks walks out and faces me as my home continues to burn. My healing has kicked in, but the wounds are healing very slowly… I’ve lost a lot of blood and I drop to my knees at the sight of the woman who took Sage from my life.

Raz- Your sister had some nice good pussy… I’m gonna bite yours and rip you apart… guess I better do it soon before all this shit comes down on us… one more fuck before we all go to hell, eh Rachel Apache?

“That’s right OPW Fire and Ice is LIVE, Rachel Apache vs Raz the Mutilator… TO THE DEATH!!!!”


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