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No justice... girl wrestling catfight

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:41 am    Post subject: No justice... girl wrestling catfight Reply with quote

Neil Austin surveys the scene with a smile on his face, things couldn’t have gone better…the fans are over the top with delight as they take in the scene wide mouthed. Seka, the Serbian wannabe star is lying on the carpet out cold…her sexy Malibu sling rammed up her cracks and hiding nothing…her tits are heaving…and best of all, so fuckin’ cool…she has that beer bottle sticking erect outta her pussy!!…no wonder the guy’s cell phones sure are in overdrive now!!

Austin looks at her bitter rival Selma who has slammed Seka with that gorgeous, savage karate kick and is now clutching the big prize contract wallet. The blonde Bosnian wannabe is ecstatic with delight…she dances round in her tiny gold thong, her tits jiggling as she celebrates her ‘victory’…the guys whoop and holler…but Austin knows that this grudge one on one fight has gotta have a even better ending than this…from the corner of his eye he can see the big surprise about to spring into action!!…The auburn haired ‘third girl’ Ana is waiting her moment…Ms Ana Nikolić is 30 yrs. She is wearing a tight, tiny silver-grey off the shoulder one piece clubbing dress which moulds itself to every gorgeous fuckin’ curve of her body, the hem barely covering her ample, mind blowing ass, her meaty thighs and gorgeous legs are enclosed in sheer nylon which end in a pair of stylish black hi-heels. Ana so hates Seka and Selma, for starters they are younger than her…and next…both bitches have bad-mouthed Ana back home for being an untalented gold digging self-publicist…and next…Ana is so jealous of Seka and Selma who both have a bigger fan following than her…and next…despite many TV appearances, Ana never seems to be able to topple either of those two skanks from the best seller charts in their home country…and finally…Ana is determined to make this her moment (and like Seka and Selma, is praying that some guy with Hollywood connections is gonna see her tonite!!!)…

…So Ana sure is tense, a hell of a lot depends on her timing things just right…because that’s what Austin is paying her for. She is so aching to get in on the action and she is so, so wet from her sex juices already!! Her QTz club minder Bob Pasco can feel his cock getting harder and harder as he listens to her short, sharp woman’s panting as she waits, he can see her hand rubbing her already erect nipples and then gliding down to her pussy…poor guy, it’s almost too much for him…Pasco is just so, so aware of Ms Ana Nikolić’s body next to him, he can hardly take his eyes off her half exposed 36” tits or her mind blowing sexy, meaty and muscled thighs…and he can feel her growing tension…

Meantime, as planned by Austin, Paula and Connie the thirty-somethings who have been brawling with teen mom Madison and muscle girl Annette are now walking to the bar, arms round each others shoulders, surrounded by a crowd of guys, leaving semi-naked Madison and Annette hog-tied back to back and with their own stained and sweaty thongs stuffed in their mouths. However poor Madison and Annette don’t have to wait long to be rescued…a posse of ’helpful’ (and hopeful) guys soon zero in to rescue them!! “So you reckon its all over” thinks Austin…he catches Ana and Bob Pascoe’s eye…and nods…

“OK mister, unzip the goods” whispers Ana to Pascoe…his hand goes to the back of Ana’s lil’ dress…down goes the zip, down goes the dress and out comes Ana…Pascoe worries that his cock is gonna burst outta his pants and hit him on the chin!! Ana steps out of the dress, topless and wearing a black thong pulled over her sheer nylon covered ass and legs…she steps into the full glare of the club lights in her high heels, nipples thrusting out and with hands on hips, walks straight up to Selma…her nylons catching the club lights…

It takes celebrating Selma a moment to realise what’s going on…as suddenly she is confronted by Ana…suddenly the punters are all eyes and cell phones are in action again…as the gorgeous auburn haired new comer casually saunters up to Selma…“Hi Selma, remember me”? says Ana…”What the fuck…” is all that Selma has time to say as Ana brings up her knee and rams it into the blonde’s pussy…Selma bends forward clutching at her womanhood, drops the big prize wallet on the carpet and then gets a axe handle on the back of the neck as Ana swings her hands down real hard…Selma sprawls on the carpet…Ana hauls her to her knees by her hair and drags her over to the semi-conscious Seka and slams Selma’s head into her rival’s belly…The Bosnian babe and the sexy Serbian lay sprawled over each other as Ana casually walks away, picks up the contract wallet…and yells ’Hey any you guys gotta pen, I just gotten myself something I need to sign here?”

Ana is surrounded by guys with pens as everybody turns towards this sensational new comer…tossing her gorgeous auburn hair, she stoops down pulls that beer bottle outta Seka's pussy and pushes it into Selma's mouth, "Hey babe suck on this", she yells and with ass jiggling she struts towards the nearest table to sign that contract…the contract that Seka and Selma have spent half the nite fighting for…

”There’s just no justice in this world”, thinks Austin as he shrugs his shoulders and smiles to himself…”who gives a fuck which of those sluts wins that goddam contract but it sure all makes for a fuckin’ great evening’s fighting at QTz, reckon it‘s as good as anything WWE could put on”…as he walks away, he doesn’t notice the guy who goes over to the two semi-conscious looser girls Seka and Selma, “Hi”, says the new comer, “I’m from Taboo Studios, I wonder if you two might be interested in talking to me about…”..he instantly gets the attention of Seka and Selma…

So there it is folks Ana got the contract…the only problem was the recording corporation changed it’s mind and decided there was no market in the US for that sorta turbo-folk music…so Ana ended up with fuck all…while Seka and Selma found themselves working together in a girl on girl porno chic-pix…

Austin however is real pleased with himself as he begins to think about his next evening of girl grudge fights at QTz…and he reckons he ain't seen the last of Seka, Selma or Ana!!!...but thats for some other time!!

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