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Dirty pit fight in Boston, from Cavalier

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:20 pm    Post subject: Dirty pit fight in Boston, from Cavalier Reply with quote

This is Sue from Boston with an account of the Valentines Day massacre battle between Cathy and. Dirty Donna. Cathy is 5'8' 138 pounds, 27 years old, wearing a red string bikini and soft clip bra with white hearts. She is from New Hampshire. Dirty Donna is 5'4' 125 pounds, 26 years old, wearing a sheer blue under wire bra and hip hugger panties. She is from Massachusetts. Victory was to be by knockout or verbal submission and both girls boasted that the only way they would lose was by a knockout.

They were barely inside our fighting pit when Cathy rushed Donna, grabbing her hair and breast, and driving her back against the net on the far side. Donna was quick to react and had grabbed Cathy's hair and was trying to free her tit with the other when they came up against the net. She snapped her knee into Cathy's cunt and twisted to the side taking them both down. Punching, kneeing and grabbing, they rolled over and over until Donna landed a punch that winded Cathy
She quickly was up on her feet, kicking Cathy in the stomach and tits as she was getting up. Cathy's bra was up above her tits making it quite obvious that she was the lesser endowed. She caught Donna’s arm as a punch flew by and turning and twisting sent her smashing into the net. Cathy doubled Donna’s arm up behind her forcing her up on her toes as she screamed with pain. Holding her there, she drove her knee into the base of her spine several times. Donna's girlfriend, who had been cheering wildly while she was winning, was now biting her knuckles as Cathy took control of the situation.

Releasing her arm lock, she spun Donna around and drove a fist into her stomach. Stunned, Donna was holding her injured arm and trying to catch her breath when Cathy followed the punch with a knee to the crotch. Cathy then ripped Donna’s bra away, revealing firm breasts with medium nipples. Donna was no quitter and she was already fighting hard again when her bra came off. The first sign that Donna was not finished was when Cathy gasped in pain.

Donna’s hands, which had dropped to protect her kneed crotch, were now buried in Cathy's pubic hair. She had pulled the small panel of her string bikini away and was tearing out clumps of black hair. Her lover was yelling, "Bald her, bald her!" Cathy's husband, who had been watching intensely from the beginning, groaned and said, "God that must hurt!" I silently agreed with him as I squeezed my thighs together, remembering the pain from similar attacks in past fights.

Cathy's nails dug into Donna's larger breasts as she repeatedly raked her talons across her nipples. Neither girl could take much more of this pain nor soon both had pulled away and were standing a few feet apart covered with sweat and breathing hard. Donna’s foot shot out connecting with Cathy's crotch. The blow stunned her and she hung there unmoving for an instant. That was all Donna needed to connect with a barrage of punches to her breasts and sternum. Cathy dropped without a sound.

Donna kicked her in the stomach and side several times before reaching down and grabbing her by the hair with one hand and a breast with the other, pulled her up to stand with her back against the net. Looking at her beaten foe she said, "You fight okay so I am not going to force you to submit. I’ll make it a clean KO." With that she drove her knee into Cathy's crotch again and then releasing her tit hold, snapped a final punch into her abdomen and let her drop.

The fight lasted nine minutes. If I had not been pregnant I would have been able to take Cathy, despite her size advantage, in a similar fight. I freely admit that I am no match for Donna in a fight. However, although we are both 34C's, she admits that it's no contest in the nipple department and that compared to me she looks like a pre-teen. I hope that Cathy will fight me after my baby is born. I will write when I start fighting again.

Sue, Boston.
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