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Lesson Learned - ultimate wrestling catfight

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:34 am    Post subject: Lesson Learned - ultimate wrestling catfight Reply with quote

I read story a few years ago liked it and decided to rewrite it in the first person. I hope you like it.

Hi, my name is Dawn and here is my story. I have always had a rivalry with my older sister. As long as I can remember, we have fought like cats and dogs. Mom gave up trying to stop our battles and turned to dad for help his answer was to buy us a couple pair of boxing gloves, go down into the basement, and duke it out until one of us quit. Lisa my older sister by two years got the better of me when we were younger before junior high, however I had a growth spurt after I turned twelve. I past my sister in height by two inches and began to develop my womanly parts, which were already ahead of Lisa’s this pissed her off, and our fights intensified. I began to win my share.

By the time, she was a sophomore in high school I kicked her ass every time we fought, God that was a great time in my life. I was the hottest girl in junior high and I had the high school guys hitting on me. My boobs were expanding and my ass rounded out nicely. Looking at my family I took after the women on my dad’s side of the family, they were all tall busty, they were a little on the thick side but in my opinion they all looked good. My sister Lisa looked more like mom short a little on the petite side but with nice curves. Where dad’s mom and sisters were brassy mom’s mother and sisters were quiet and reserved. I took after dad’s side attitude wise. I loved taunting Lisa after kicking her ass and on more than one occasion, I goaded her into fights just to humiliate her.

The best fight between us was just before her high school graduation she had a party at our pool and I have my friends over as well. By this time, I was a busty 5’8” with a DD chest long blonde hair down to the middle of my back. God I was hot and knew it. Lisa stood 5’3” with her boring girl next door looks brown hair to her shoulders brown eyes and perky little tits that looked bigger than they should on her slender frame. I had already taken two of her boyfriends in high school and her current one was eyeing my hot and heavy. I gave him all the opportunity in the world in my little yellow bikini that mashed my boobs together along with my bottoms that left half my full ass hanging out. Lisa was pissed and asked me to either change or leave since it was her party. I refused we argued and then we fought.

I kicked her little ass all around the pool. My friends were whooping and hollering and her friends were standing around silent hoping she would lend a surprise blow. This was not the first time we fought in public so her friends knew she was in for a beating. I shook my tits and ass for everyone as I showboated to humiliate Lisa. At the end of the fight she balled like a baby as I bitch slapped her till her face was crimson red. After Lisa begged me to stop, I pulled Lisa’s sarong, that she wore to cover her flat ass, and bottoms down I spanked her pathetic naked ass in front of everyone. My friends taunted and laughed as Lisa as she ran to the house in shame. Most of her friends left while my friends stayed and partied on into the night. I did take her boyfriend I guess he felt sorry for her.

After graduation, Lisa moved out of the house and I didn’t see her for over a year she didn’t even come by during the holidays. Lisa visited our parents when she knew I wouldn’t be around. Just for fun, I would call her up and fuck with her but she would hang up on me.

After Lisa left, I had to fight some other girls that felt threatened when they caught their boyfriends eyeing me. I had a few fights with some girls that had problems with my friends. I won them all but it just wasn’t as much fun as beating my older sister. I loved watching her crumple to the ground after a good punch.

The day that changed my life came early one summer I was hanging out the pool on morning with my friends after graduation working on my tan soaking up the sun. Lisa and her new boyfriend came strolling into the yard. I winked at my friends as she dropped her towel and bag by a lounger on the opposite end of the pool from us. I waited till Lisa and her guy situated themselves on their loungers to start my shit with Lisa. When I knew I would have their full attention I got up and walked with a sway in my hips to get them and my boobs to shake and shimmy. He was wearing sunglasses but I knew where he was looking. I winked at Lisa as I approached her she had that “please don’t fuck with me look”.

“Where you been sis?” I asked with mock sincerity.

Lisa ignored me as she closed her eyes lying in the sun.

“I missed you Lisa I haven’t has anyone that is as much fun to play with as you and the last time my friends saw you they enjoyed your little strip show.” I taunted.

My friends laughed whooped and hollered.

“Dawn just leave me alone we will stay on this side of the pool and not bother you.” Lisa offered.

“You are already bothering me.” I replied.

I waited for Lisa to respond but she just lay on the lounger doing her best to act as if I didn’t exist. I turned to my friends and winked at them as they were nodding their heads and I gave them the thumbs up.

“Either you leave now or I’ll kick your little ass again and this time I’ll make you give my friends a full strip show.” I threatened.

“Go away.” Lisa ordered.

“No you’re going to go away…naked.” I said as I reached down to grab her by the hair.

“Don’t!” Lisa screamed as I snatched her by the hair.

I pulled my older sister off the lounger and onto the grass.

“Let’s go to the basement and settle this if you win the pool is yours and me and my friends will stay away If I win you don’t come around here at all.” I offered.

Lisa looked up at me from the ground and stared at me as she contemplated my deal. There was something a little different about her from the last time I kicked her ass. She didn’t seem afraid of me.

“Well.” I said trying to coax an answer out of her.

“I don’t want to fight just leave us alone.” Lisa said not taking her eyes off me.

“Figures now get naked and get out.” I said as I put my hand over her face and pushed her back down on the ground on her back.

I turned and mugged for my friends as they laughed.

“Fucking bitch!” Lisa yelled.

I turned just in time to see her launch herself at me. Lisa wrapped her arms around my waist as she tackled me. She landed on top of me and then grabbed my hair.

“Alright you fat cow, I’ll fucking fight you. Let’s go!” Lisa angrily yelled and then let go of my hair stood up and then started for the house with her boyfriend in tow.

“You’re fucking dead bitch and I’m going to do more than strip you naked. This will be the worst day of your miserable life!” I yelled as I trailed behind her with my friends in tow.

In the basement of our parent’s house that had, only a water heater and mats laid out on the floor for exercise and fighting. One of my friends laced up my gloves while Lisa’s boyfriend laced hers. As I waited for Lisa to finish putting on her gloves, I continued to taunt her about what I was going to do to her. I was only wearing my favorite little bikini a hot pink one that had little triangles to cover my areole and the bottoms had even less material that just barely covered my crotch. Lisa had on a red halter and cut off jeans I figured she had a bikini on under her clothes probably a strapless number and some French cut bottoms.

“Come on little Lisa its ass whipping time.” I yelled getting impatient.

When she was ready, she met me in the middle of the mats. I looked down on her with a smile on my face. I couldn’t wait to have her crying and at my mercy.

“I’ll give you one more chance take off your clothes and run out of here naked and I won’t beat you.” I offered.

Lisa opened her mouth to say something but I threw a big roundhouse punch with all my weight behind it. My punch caught her on the right side of her face. Lisa went down immediately my friends cheered and I laughed. I expected her to start bawling but she didn’t she just looked up at me with a sheepish grin.

“Well that was quick.” I said.

I should have punched her when she was getting up; as I said earlier, I get off knocking her to the ground so I let her get to her feet before I threw another punch at her. As I wound up the little bitch jabbed me in the stomach. The punch wasn’t hard but it did take a little wind out of me. I grunted a little from the blow re-cocked my fist and launched another punch at Lisa. She had a look of confidence I had never seen before that I was determined to knock off her face. I threw my punch she easily avoided it and before I could throw a second shot at her she caught me in the ribs. That punch hurt I pulled back for a moment to let the pain subside.

As I recovered from her punches, Lisa taunted me.

“Come on dawn what’s wrong?” Lisa beamed “Can’t you beat a little wimp like me”.

As Lisa said those words, she faked a blow to my head and when I brought my arms up to my face Lisa caught me in the ribs with another blow. That was it I went nuts and rained blow after blow down on my older sister. I expected her to fall to the ground after each blow but she just danced and deflected most every punch and the ones that got through her defenses weren’t clean. I did force her back a couple of times but my blows didn’t seem to bother her much. I kept punching at her until I needed a breather.

“I’m still waiting for you to fuck me up Dawnsy.” Lisa said with a laugh.

I opened my mouth to say something but Lisa popped me on the nose with an overhand right that snapped my head back. I cried out in pain I had never been hit that hard. I raised my gloves to my face then Lisa countered with a gut punch that sank into my stomach okay it’s a little soft. As the air rushed out of my lungs, Lisa continued with her assault by hitting me with an upper cut to my ribs.

“Come on Dawn where’s my ass whipping.” Lisa said with an almost singing tone.

I knew I had to knock her down soon or she would tear me apart with her punches I wondered if her boyfriend taught her how to fight. Knew someone had taught her something. I guess I kind of panicked because I launched into her without a care about defense. My sole purpose was to knock her out.

Lisa ducked weaved and avoided all my blows and then caught me with three punches that put me on my ass. The first punch sank into my stomach that doubled me over the second punch straightened me up, and the third an overhand right that smashed square into my jaw. My head snapped back as I lost balance landing hard on my butt. I looked up at Lisa as she smiled down at me it was then that I realized she had just knocked me down for the first time since junior high.

I got to my feet slowly and began to talk trash to Lisa to give me some time to recover. I was a little wobbly getting to my feet.

“You’re so fucking dead you little bitch.” I warned Lisa.

Blah, blah, blah you know Dawnsy you are nothing but a trash talking big titted fat ass bimbo.” Lisa replied.

As soon as she finished taunting me, she sent another couple of punches to my ribs and stomach. Lisa seemed to take pleasure in punching me in the stomach. I couldn’t take the pain so I lowered my gloves to protect my belly and ribs that’s then she fired a couple of overhands to my face she caught me square on my nose. My eyes immediately filled with tears and my nose spurted blood. After that Lisa turned into a punching machine I couldn’t even see what she was about to do so she hit me anywhere she wanted face tits ribs belly and stomach. The little bitch even hit me on my ass as I turned away from her to recover. Lisa whipped me around to face her by shoving me around by my shoulders to she could continue to dish out punishment. She kept hitting me knocking me backwards until a fell back against a wall.

“I’ve waited a long time for this bitch!” Lisa screamed

I was so scared of her I just leaned against the wall with my gloved hands using the wall for support leaving myself vulnerable to my crazed sister. She took advantage of the situation and pummeled my tits knocking them from side to side then up and down. When she had me bawling like a baby Lisa punched my face making sure to pepper all my facial features. As she punched me, my head banged against the wall. I was finally able to get my arms in front of my chest and my hands in front of my face but she wound up and sank her fists into my stomach. She placed a gloved hand under my chin forcing me to look up at her.

“What’s wrong Dawn? Things not going the way you planned. Are you not having the kind of fun you thought you would? Or are you just tired of kicking my little ass?” Lisa taunted me.

Lisa pushed on my chin until I was upright and then stepped back so I could get away from the wall. I staggered forward a couple of steps and saw all my friends through the one eye I could open from what I could tell they all had shocked looks on their faces and they were deathly quiet. I was humiliated and hoped Lisa would just knock me out but I wasn’t that lucky.

As she held my chin up with one hand she used the other to gut punch me a couple of times I crossed my arms over my stomach. Lisa winked at me before she let go of my chin to punch one of my tits. The blow was an upper cut that hit me so hard it knocked my boob out of my top. Before I could cover my exposed jug, Lisa did the same thing to my other boob. My top hung from my neck like a neck with the cups resting between my tits.

“Wow Dawnsy look at those whoppers. No wonder you like showing those things off but wait till I get through with them.” Lisa taunted me.

“No” I pleaded as Lisa took aim on my prized possessions.

Lisa sank her fist deep into my right boob and then proceeded to use my tits as punching bags. Every time I was able to bring my arms up to protect me Lisa would either punch me in the face, stomach, or ribs. She seemed to take great delight making my tits bounce around on my chest. The worst was when she would uppercut them knocking my boobs up toward my face. My breasts throbbed from the beating Lisa gave me. I was to the point where I could even raise my arms and I was unstable on my feet. Lisa stopped her beating to admire her work. My face was splattered with blood, my boobs were lumpy and purple and my stomach was red and splotchy.

“No more Lisa…please.” I begged.

I cringed as Lisa stepped close to me I thought the was going to hit me some more but she slipped a gloved thumb inside the little string holding my bottoms around my waist and then pulled down and away ripping the flimsy material from my body. The torn garment fell to the floor between my legs and there I stood in front my sister beaten and naked except for my gloves.

“Who’s the wimp now Dawnsy and who’s the one naked?” Lisa demanded.

I put my head down in shame and cried ignoring her question. Lisa smashed my boobs together to get me to answer.

“I said who’s the wimp and who’s standing here naked.” Lisa repeated.

“I am.” I replied.

“Whose pool is it? And who’s the cow uddered bitch that going to stay away?” Lisa ordered.

“I, I am.” I answered.

“That’s right bitch you are.” Lisa taunted and then smashed my tits together.

“Please Lisa just let me go.” I begged.

“Not yet bimbo.” Lisa said and that’s the last thing I remembered by the beating.

One of my friends told me Lisa knocked my out with a solid punch to my jaw. The blow was so hard it knocked me back into a wall and then I crashed to the floor on my face. While I was out Lisa tied my hands behind my back with my top and then rolled me on my back where she stuffed my bottoms in my mouth. For a finishing touch, Lisa took off her gloves and then shoved the thumb of one of the gloves in my pussy. Lisa placed a foot on top of my face and asked my friends who was next. She ran them all out and told them not to come back.

I was out quite a while and I was alone in the basement. I tried to move but couldn’t get my hands out of the bindings sometime later Lisa and her boyfriends came down to check on me.

“Great you’re finally awake.” Lisa commented and then waved her digital camera in front of my face.

My heart sank as Lisa snapped a picture of me in my humiliating state. She made sure to get a close up of my blood-caked face with my split lips, broken nose, and puffy eyes. She handed the camera to her boyfriend and then made me pose for pictures with her. There was the victory pose with her arms raised with a foot between my boobs another one with her foot on my face another with her holding my feet in the air like a hunter with his prize. There were a few pictures with me on my knees and her standing beside me. The most humiliating was with her standing beside me with an arm over my shoulder fondling one of my tits.

When the photo session was over Lisa led me by my tits out of the basement through the house and out to the pool. I had to kneel beside Lisa’s lounger while she and her boyfriend soaked up the sun. Lisa didn’t untie me and she refused to clean me up. I was just hoping nobody would drop unexpected and see me in my condition.

For the most part, I stared down at the ground, but every now and then, I would peek at my sister without her halter and shorts. I couldn’t believe the difference in her from the last time I saw her where she was petite and undefined now she was toned and even parts of her were muscular. It was obvious that someone not only taught her how to fight she had been working out religiously. I had to admit she looked good in her strapless little bikini it was obvious she was excited by kicking my ass as her nipples poked through her top.

“Let’s get some out door photos.” Lisa suggested to her boyfriend.

Lisa posed beside me while I remained kneeling. He took a shot of Lisa with a handful of my hair pulling it straight above me another one with her pointing at my fucked up face and a third with me bent forward kissing her ass.

“Lets get some of her good side.” Lisa said and then pushed me face forward until I was kissing the ground.

With my ass in the air and knees, spread Lisa boyfriend took a picture of my backside and all my charms. Lisa laughed as she put a foot on my lower back to pose like a hunter with his captured prey and another with the same theme with her foot on the back of my head. I was beyond crying at this point and let her pose me however, she wanted.

“Stay like that.” Lisa ordered and then swatted my ass.

I did as she commanded while she went inside. Her boyfriend walked around me snapping a few more pictures of me in my humiliating pose. Lisa returned carrying some scissors and masking tape. She pulled off a piece of tape and went to work cutting the tape. She placed the cut up piece in the middle of my back it was a squiggly piece.

“Hey Dawnsy if you promise to be a good girl I’ll untie you.” Lisa offered.

“Okay.” I replied.

Lisa untied me and then ordered me to lie face down in the grass.

“Spread those legs.” Lisa commanded me

I parted my legs.

“Wider we want to see it all.” Lisa said with a giggle.

I spread my legs wide but it wasn’t wide enough so she kicked them apart even further.

“There.” Lisa said and then went back to cutting the tape.

Lisa put the second piece beside the first as soon as she put it on me I knew what she was doing. My older sister was going to make me bake in the sun with the “Slut’ taped to the middle of my back. When Lisa finished her task, she and her boyfriend went for a swim. I stayed in my ordered position while they frolicked in the pool. I felt the sun beating down on my back I knew I wouldn’t be wearing any bikinis or backless garments for a while.

“Looks like you need an hour then I flip you over.” Lisa as she dripped a little water on my bare ass.

I ached all over, begged her let me go clean up, and see a doctor about my nose. Lisa refused saying that my new nose job was going to be her signature. I softly cried as they climbed back into the loungers to talk amongst themselves ignoring me once again.

After an hour, Lisa and her boyfriend took more pictures of me and then I had to turn over on my back. Lisa went to work cutting the tape and placing the cut pieced above my boobs and below my neck. She spelled the word “Bitch” across my chest. She made me spread my legs once again and stretch out my arms above my head. They took more photos of me spread eagle. Lisa took the camera inside while her boyfriend watched over me. While in the house, she downloaded the pictures and printed them out on a disk.

After a couple of hours, Lisa ordered me to stand and told me how things would be from now on. I nodded and agreed with everything she said. I was to keep my body tanned around the taped area of the words. I was to wait on her hand and foot whenever she came to the house. Three times a week I was to send Lisa pictures of myself naked so she could see how I healed. With each email, I had to attach a note thanking her for my makeover. Lisa gave me a swat on my ass before sending me into the house.

I minced out of the backyard and straight to my room. I burst into tears when I saw myself in the mirror I was a complete mess. I took a shower and glanced outside to the pool to see Lisa getting a victory fuck in the grass where she had me spread eagle in the sun. After my shower, I took some aspirin and then cried myself to sleep.

The week following my beating, I moped around the house. A couple of my friends dropped by to check on me all they really wanted to do was see how bad I looked so they could run back tell everyone. Mom and dad were shocked after seeing me and hearing how Lisa destroyed me. I could tell dad was disappointed I am his favorite and he like hearing how I could defend myself and like how I seemed to be the leader of my little group of friends. Mom didn’t really say anything but I could tell she was proud of Lisa and judging by her body language thought I got what I deserved.

I sent Lisa the pictures of myself as she requested and kept tanning with those words on my back and chest when my parents weren’t around. I didn’t hear from Lisa for two weeks until she announced she would be coming to use the pool. She gave me instructions that I should be dressed and ready to fight again or be naked and ready to serve her for the afternoon. It was an easy decision. I opened the door for my sister and stood before her…naked.

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