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Work fight

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:32 am    Post subject: Work fight Reply with quote

Listen I'm not going to bore you with how it all started. Let's just say these two ladies hated one another. Dawn the boss has blonde hair and for a small girl some pretty big tits. Mary the red head has a nice rack not as big as Dawn's but nice none the less. One day Dawn was fucking off again leaving Mary to do all the work. At this point she'd had about enugh and went looking for Dawn. She found her outside smoking and confronted her. "Listen bitch, I've had just about enough of you leaving me to do all the work. Get the hell back inside and help me pack out." Dawn laughed in Mary's face. "Fuck you, I'm the manager and I'll do what I dam well feel like and if that's doing nothing then then so be it. Now get back in there and finish." Mary's face turned beet red and was going to hit Dawn. I just happened to be coming out and stopped her before she made contact. I took Mary off to the side and spoke to her. "What are you nuts? You could lose your job." Mary still pissed said"I'd like to beat her ass and knock that grin off her face." Dawn was still egging her on. "Come on bitch, think you're so hot. I'd kick your ass in minutes." That was it, Mary some how got round me and charged Dawn." I stopped her once again not wanting her to get fired. "You two really want to rip into each other that bad? I have a place you could settle this." Mary looked at Dawn with fire in her eyes. "Name the time and place. I'll be there. Dawn said the same thing. That night that met at my house to settle this. I told them when they arrived that it was up to them if they wanted to fight in their clothes or with out. To my great happiness they fought nake. My eyes hit the floor when Dawn removed her blouse and then her bra. I couldn't believe the size of her tits. Mary stared at them to before taking her bra off. Even though she wasn't as big Mary had nothing the be ashamed of. I told the girls that the only rule was no biting. Anything else went. The fight would end when one couldn't continue. They both agreed and the fight was on. They both started slow and talking shit to one another. Mary was looking at Dawn tits. Dawn said "Like what you see, Whore? They'll be in your face soon enough. I alway's new you liked women. How about when I kick your ass I make you eat my pussy." At that Mary slap her across the face. Dawn was stunned and Mary grabbed her by the hair and shook Dawn's head back and forth. "Let go of my hair bitch." Mary shot a hard right to her belly and Dawn doubled over. "We'll see who's going to eat pussy you fucking pig." Mary went to reach for her and Dawn landed a punch to Mary's right cheek. Mary spun half way and Dawn got behind her and went to work on her tits. I was so hard at this point I almost shot my load there and then but I gained control not wanting to claimax just then. Dawn was squeezing Mary's nipples. Mary tried to get away but Dawn held on. Mary had to do something and she did. She lifted her foot and stepped on Dawn's ankle. Dawn yelled in pain. Mary regained her senses and grabbed Dawn by her cunt lips. She screamed in a way I never heard before. She went to pull Mary's hand off but when she tried Mary hit her in the left eye. Dawn went down holding her eye. "Had enough yet or you still want more?" Dawn leaped up at Mary and caught her in the temple. Now Mary was holding her head and Dawn was quick to take advantage of Mary's weakened state. She grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled Mary's head back. With that Dawn came across with another shot the her face and pushed her to the floor. Mary had tears coming down and I was going to stop it but didn't. Dawn was ready to really punish her and with that strattled Mary and had her pussy inches from her face. "You had enough, bitch?" Mary shook head head no. Dawn reached back and started pulling Mary's pubic hairs. Mary screamed from the pain. "Give up. You're beaten. I'm by far the better woman." Mary opened her mouth and I thought she was quiting but instead she bit Dawn's pussy. Dawn jumped off holding herself. Mary got up and kicked Dawn in the face knocking her on her back. Mary was on her like a cat. She want to work on Dawn's big tits and with the other hand placed two fingers inside Dawn. Dawn was trying to move away but Mary had her good. Dawn started crying from the pain. Mary stoped her attack and reversed strattled Dawn and put her pussy right over her face. She spread Dawn's legs and went to work on her pussy while moving her own pussy back and forth on Dawn's face. She lifted up and asked Dawn if she gave up. "Yes, stop please. No more. I give." Mary got off and turned only to sit back on her chest. "Now start licking." Dawn turned her head away but Mary reached back and pulled her pussy lips. With that Dawn started licking. Mary moaned and I had seen enough. She called me over and took my cock in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob. I shot my load in seconds. When she was done she got off Dawn pulled her up by the hair and tossed her out of my house. Not even letting her get dressed. I gave Dawn her clothes and closed the door. Mary and I fucked the rest of the night.

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