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Beach Fight

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:35 am    Post subject: Beach Fight Reply with quote

"Ya shouldn't have messed with us, Right?"
Whack. Whaccck. Thunk. Whaack. Thud.
Hard slaps and fast punches stopped any answer to the rather rhetorical question as the beautiful older woman tried hard to duck and dodge the incoming attacks. Mostly unsuccessful.
"Yeooowwch. My hair-let go of my hair!" Determined fingers yanked at the beautiful strawberry blonde hair. The younger brunette pulled hard and watched her gorgeous blonde friend sink a punch into the older broads breadbasket.
"Oooopppph," JoAnne gasped as she grabbed the brunette's wrist, sunk her nails in deep and kicked at the blonde.
"Ha-ha, ya missed me," Brandy cackled as she sidestepped avoiding the kick, then reached out, grabbed the older woman's stomach executing a painful stomach claw. JoAnne let out another gasp and silently wished she'd spent more time in the gym working on her abs, though for a woman of her age she was in great shape.
"Yeah pull her hair good Danielle!" the blonde shouted as she watched her friend added her second hand to the hair pull. The brunette smiled as the older woman screamed and was almost yanked clean off balance.
"Nice tummy-kind of firm, kinda not," the young blonde cackled as she released the stomach claw, cocked her arm back, aimed her fist and drove it hard into JoAnne's big beautiful left breast.
"Argggggh!" Two lovely green eyes opened wide, rolled, then began to glaze over as the strawberry blonde babe felt her knees weaken and pain encompass her upper body.
"Well what have we here-two hot little hussies taking a stroll!"
"Why in the world did I say that; I was probably just asking for it," the older woman thought regretfully. She wished she'd kept her big mouth shut; well it wasn't her fault-the stupid beach hotel manager shouldn't have hassled her. A half hour earlier she was in full blown argument mode, ready to explode as the rather sassy, snobbish lady manager engaged in a quite heated "discussion" with her about her bill. JoAnne was quite proud of herself-the anger management classes were working; she didn't grab the manager by the hair, pound her lovely head on the desk and slam her into the wall; though she did have a mind too; she had an instant mental picture of working the broad over, then slowly stripping her in front of those idiot guests waiting behind around to check in. What a show that would have been-Maybe I should have....."
"Hey lady, you dreamin' or something?"
"Pay attention-whacha think of this?"
"Whaaaaa-Nooooooo!" One lovely older babe's mind came to instant attention as she heard her two young rivals snippy remarks, and felt a new attack.
"Let's see 'em LADY!" Brandy and Danielle delivered several lightning fast slaps, then each grabbed a shoulder strap and yanked down hard. The brightly colored low-cut one piece rather modest swimsuit moved downward fast; one punch with each fist. How erotic! How sexy! How painful! Two huge beautiful milky white breasts- instantly stripped and punched, were fully exposed.
"Nice-pretty nice-fake or all natural?" Brandy asked mockingly as she grabbed a stiffening large pink nipple and pinched it hard.
"Yeah, real or phony?" Danielle giggled as she let loose with a stinging slap on that gorgeous breast.
"Wanna go for a swim sweetie? I really think you need to cool off-maybe you'll learn to take it easy and mind your own business, huh?"
"Nooooooo. Aiiiiieeee. Legggo-pleaseee-I'm sorry....Stopppppp!" Screams, whimpers, threats, pleadings-all ignored as the young blonde and young brunette treated the now half stripped older woman to slaps, punches, a wild concoction of painful holds and throws in the shallow water.
"Now let's do it!" Danielle shouted as she suddenly put the gasping JoAnne in a headlock; Brandy grabbed a handful of hair and they pulled and tugged her out into deeper water.
"Hold her!"
"Nice tits-bitch!"
"Got anything else to show off?"
"Yeah, let's strip her!"
"Hold her tighter; squeeze her."
"How about this? Does this feel good-huh?"
"Oooooooh. Ooooohhhh. Awwhhhhhh. Ummmmmm."
"Not sure if she likes it or NOT-What do you think?"

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