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housewife vs belly dancer catfight

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:10 pm    Post subject: housewife vs belly dancer catfight Reply with quote

Shirley is 37 years old, 5'4" and about 200 pounds. Despite the weight, she has a very pretty face with short brown hair and is very curvy and feminine with very large breasts and a sexy curvy butt. She also has very sexy, perfectly pedicured feet with her toenails painted a bright red. Her best friend Kate, who is 34 years old, 5'6" and about 250 pounds, convinces her to join her in signing up for a weekly belly dancing class at the YMCA. She tells Shirley that it will be good exercise and also she can learn some sexy moves to surprise her husband with. Shirley agrees and when she and Kate attend the first class, they find that all the other women taking the class are young and skinny. The instructor is Rhonda who is 26 years old, 5'6" and about 140 lbs. Rhonda wears a belly dancing outfit that shows off her sexy midriff, long toned legs, and tight little butt.

From the moment that the first class starts, Rhonda begins picking on Shirley and Kate, making jokes about their weight. Shirley's temper begins to flare up, but she controls herself until the class is over. Once the class has ended, Shirley and Kate wait for all the other women to leave before approaching Rhonda the instructor. Shirley says, "I didn't appreciate all the jokes that you made about my friend and me." Rhonda smiles and answers, "Oh, I think it's good that two, shall we say, super-sized ladies like yourselves are trying to get some exercise. Just try to be careful. This is a little more physical than lifting potato chips from a bag to your face." Shirley grits her teeth and begins clenching her fists, trying to control her anger. "If you make another comment like that, you'll be picking yourself up off the floor," Shirley warns. "Bring it on, fat girl!" Rhonda replies still smiling. It is obvious that she is not taking the threat seriously. "If you're serious, my husband loves to watch me knock cocky little skanks like you down to the ground and make them kiss my feet," Shirley replies. "Oh, you would be the one kissing my feet, fat girl, and your husband can kiss them, too. In fact, if he's a good boy, I might let him kiss some other parts of my body, too," Rhonda shoots back with a smile. "That's it skank! Name the time and place," Shirley says, nearly losing her temper. "I just love an audience," Rhonda replies. "Why not bring your husband to class next week and we'll settle this in front of him and the whole class."

The next week, Shirley and her husband and Kate come together to the class. Rhonda is dressed in her belly dancing outfit again, showing off her toned, sexy body. Shirley strips down to her white bra and white cotton panties for the catfight. Rhonda stands before the class and announces to the other women what is going to happen. "This little fat girl seems to have a problem with my teaching techniques, class. So for your enjoyment, I'm going to take some time and teach her a few personal lessons before we begin." Rhonda smiles and laughs as she turns to face Shirley. The two women begin to step towards one another.

Rhonda slaps Shirley in the face. Shirley slaps Rhonda back hard nearly spinning the belly dancer around. Rhonda recovers and punches Shirley's huge left boob causing it to jiggle in her white bra. Without hesitation, Shirley slams her left fist into Rhonda's small right breast, knocking the belly dancer back about two steps. Rhonda quickly realizes that she won't win this fight in a blow vs. blow match. So, she changes strategy, she fakes a slap to the head with her left hand as she quickly sends her right fist into Shirley's big belly. As the housewife reaches up to block the feigned slap, she is caught off guard by the hard fist to the stomach. Shirley groans loudly and doubles over as the wind is knocked out of her. Rhonda grabs Shirley's short dark hair with her left hand and slams her right fist into the back of the housewife's head, sending the larger woman crashing to the floor.

Rhonda straddles Shirley's big belly and begins punching the housewife's huge breasts. The angry Shirley reaches up and grabs two handfuls of Rhonda's long dark hair and pulls back as hard as she can. As the belly dancer cries out in pain, several strands of hair come out in the housewife's hands. Rhonda rolls onto the floor off of Shirley. Rhonda is now laying on her side and Shirley kicks her thick leg out sending her sexy foot crashing into the belly dancer's belly. Rhonda rolls over on her back as Shirley stands to her feet. The housewife then stomps her left foot down hard onto Rhonda's flat belly. Shirley then stomps on Rhonda's left breast and then on Rhonda's face. The belly dancer cries out in pain and the housewife begins rubbing her pretty foot over Rhonda's face, humiliating her in front of all the dance class students. Shirley then further humiliates the belly dancer by reaching down and ripping the little belly dancer skirt of Rhonda, exposing her dark red thong. Shirley flips Rhonda over face down and straddles the belly dancer's back and begins spanking her sexy toned butt. The room fills with the loud smacks of Shirley's hand hitting Rhonda's firm butt cheeks as the dance students watch wide-eyed, seeing their instructor suffering the humiliation of a spanking. Rhonda's butt is so toned and firm, however, that after about a half a dozen slaps, Shirley's hand begins to sting. Shirley rolls the belly dancer back over and straddles her sexy flat belly. She looks down at Rhonda's small breasts and shakes her head. "Poor pathetic little boobs!" the housewife taunts. She then begins slamming her massive breasts down on Rhonda's chest. "Let me show what a real woman's boobs are like," the housewife says, smiling, as she grabs Rhonda by her long dark hair and pulls her head into her massive chest for a boob smother. The dancer's toned legs and arms begin to flail wildly.

As Rhonda is being smothered by Shirley's massive breasts, the belly dancer reaches up and begins to scratch and claw the housewife's back. Shirley groans and her hold loosens slightly. Rhonda then reaches up and grabs two handfuls of Shirley's short dark hair and jerks the housewife's head back hard. Shirley screams out and completely releases the belly dancer's head. Wasting no time, Rhonda reaches up and rips the white bra from Shirley's huge chest as the housewife continues to straddle her. The belly dancer then begins clawing and scratching Shirley's huge exposed boobs. Rhonda suddenly reaches up and grabs Shirley's left breast and pulls it to her mouth. The belly dancer bites into Shirley's nipple as hard as she can. The housewife lets out a bloodcurdling scream and in shock, she moves her body back, tearing her nipple out from between the belly dancer's clamped teeth. Shirley falls to the floor clutching her assaulted boob and trying to feel if her nipple is still attached.

Without hesitation, Rhonda sits down on Shirley's face, facing the housewife's belly. "I promised to teach you a lesson, fat girl," the belly dancer says. "So, here's my new dance move." With that, Rhonda begins swinging her hips and grinding her firm butt into Shirley's face. "Looks like I'm going to beat you and still have time for dessert," Rhonda taunts. As she says the word "dessert" Rhonda stares at Shirley's best friend Kate and licks her lips. Kate shudders at the thought of catfighting the belly dancer. "Looks like you've had too much dessert already, you overweight blob," Rhonda says reaching down and patting Shirley's big belly.

The humiliation of having her bra ripped off, having her nipple nearly bitten off, and now having Rhonda grind her toned butt into her face and taunt her in front of all the women of the dance class and her best friend and her husband, begins to quickly transform in Shirley from mere humiliation into extreme anger.

Suddenly, Shirley lets out a primal rage scream and pushes Rhonda roughly off of her. Shirley pounces to her feet like a woman possessed and grabs the belly dancer by her long dark hair and jerks her sharply to her feet. She then slams Rhonda's head straight into the wall. There is a sickening thud as several of the women in the room gasp at the awful sight of the belly dancer's skull bouncing off the hard wall. But Shirley shows no compassion for her rival as she slams her back up against the wall and begins slamming her left fist hard into the dancer's toned belly. At first the punches seem to have no effect against the firm abs, but Shirley is blinded by her rage as she slams punch after bunch into the dancer's belly until the tight stomach muscles begin to give. Rhonda begins to moan as her knee jerks up instinctively with each blow. Shirley continues her assault. The dancer's knees buckle and the only thing keeping her on her feet is the firm grip of Shirley's right hand on her shoulder keeping her pinned up against the wall. Sweat and tears are streaming down both women's faces and bodies. Finally Shirley ends her barrage. She lets go of the dancer and watches her fall helpless to the floor with a thud and a moan.

Shirley straddles Rhonda's belly now a bright red because of the belly beating she has just received. The housewife reaches down and rips the belly dancer's top off, fully exposing her small perky breasts. Without a word, the housewife is seemingly too enraged to even speak, Shirley begins scratching deep red claw marks into Rhonda's small boobs. The dancer cries out in agony, weakly kicking her legs. Shirley then leans down and bites down as hard as she can onto Rhonda's left nipple. The dancer lets out an awful moan. The housewife finally speaks. She looks at the red teeth marks she has left around the dancer's nipple and then looks down at her own abused nipple and growls, "A nipple for a nipple, you little skank."

As Rhonda continues to squirm helplessly, Shirley begins to slide her body up toward the dancer's head. "Here's a little lesson for you. My new dance move." With that, Shirley pulls Rhonda's head up in between her thick thighs and begins rocking her hips back and forth in rhythm. She pulls Rhonda's face tighter and tighter into her white cotton panties and begins really grinding her crotch into the exhausted belly dancer's face.

Shirley's husband watches with eyes wide and his heart racing. He has never seen his wife fight so wildly, so savagely, and so eroticly.

Rhonda's head is trapped between Shirley's thick thighs as the housewife is grinding the belly dancer's face into her crotch. Rhonda's arms and legs are moving slower and slower as the belly dancer is suffocating from the smother. Sweat is glistening on the both the women's bodies as Shirley's sweat-soaked white cotton panties cling tightly to her body forming a second skin on her big curvy butt. Shirley finally releases Rhonda's head and sits back on the belly dancer's stomach. Sweat is pouring off of Rhonda's face as she is gasping for air, trying to keep from passing out.

The housewife leans forward so that her huge naked boobs are hanging down in the belly dancer's face. Drops of sweat roll off of Shirley's massive breasts and splash on Rhonda's already sweat and tear-stained face. Shirley begins to swing her large right boob so that it is slapping against Rhonda's face. There is a loud smack! with each hit and the exhausted belly dancer moans as sweat flies from her face and the housewife's breast.

Shirley leans back again and looks down at her swollen left nipple which is still red from where Rhonda had bitten it earlier. She then looks down at the belly dancer's small exposed perky breasts and says, "My mama always told me not to just get even, but to always get ahead." With that, Shirley grabs Rhonda's right boob and bites hard into the nipple. Rhonda lets out a weak scream as her legs kicked wildly.

Finally, Shirley sits farther back on Rhonda's body, so that the belly dancer's battered belly is exposed. "Let's take care of this precious belly of yours," Shirley growls. She then begins slamming her left fist as hard as she can into Rhonda's belly. She hammers the belly dancer's stomach with punch after punch, each blow getting harder and faster. Rhonda begins coughing and gasping for breath. "Stop," she whimpers. But, Shirley savagely growls, "Shut up, skank!" as she continues to hammer away at the belly dancer's stomach. Rhonda can barely breath as she begs for mercy, " win.....I give.....I can't're killing me..." Finally, Shirley's husband speaks up, "She's had enough, Shirley. You win."

The housewife slams one more hard left fist into Rhonda's belly as the belly dancer sobs uncontrollably. Shirley leans close to Rhonda's face, "I thought you were going to beat me and still have time for dessert. Well, now, you little skank, it's time for my dessert." With that, Shirley lifted the belly dancer roughly to her feet by the hair. She drags Rhonda over in front of the women of the dance class who are wide-eyed with shock at seeing the curvy housewife so uterrly destory the sexy belly dancer. Shirley forces Rhonda on her knees in front of the other women and says, "Tell them who the better woman is!" Through her tears, Rhonda whimpers, "You are."

Shirley then drags Rhonda over to where her husband is and slings the belly dancer to the ground. Shirley looks at her husband and sees his excitement at seeing his big sexy wife so completely dominating the fit and toned belly dancer. "This is for you, honey," the housewife tells her husband as she begins rubbing her pretty and sweaty foot all over Rhonda's face. "Kiss it," she commands and the belly dancer obeys. Shirley then looks down at her foot and says, "Look at my foot. It's all sweaty and dirty. Lick it clean, you little skank!" Rhonda's tongue come out of her mouth as she begins cleaning Shirley's foot. When she finishes, Shirley makes her clean the other foot with her tongue, too.

Finally, the housewife looks down at her sexy feet. "You did a good job on my feet, skank. That gives me an idea. Here's the deal. Every week my husband is going to bring me to class fifteen minutes early. When we arrive here, you will kiss my feet in front of my husband before he leaves. Then, when he comes back to pick me up after class, when my feet are all dirty and sweaty from the dancing, then you will lick my feet clean with your tongue like you just did now. Do you understand?" Rhonda weakly nodded her head and whimpered, "Yes." Shirley then walked over to her husband and kissed him deeply. He pulled her curvy sweaty body close to him and squeezed her big sexy butt cheeks. "I can't wait to get you home," he whispered.

For the next ten weeks of the twelve week belly dancing class, every week Shirley and her husband arrive early and Rhonda kisses Shirley's feet. Then after class, Shirley's husband arrives again and watches the belly dancer clean the sexy housewife's dirty and sweaty feet with her tongue. After the twelve week class ends, Shirley goes to sign up for the next quarter's belly dancing class but is told by the YMCA director that the instructor has resigned her position and turned in her final notice. Shirley asks for some contact information for Rhonda hoping that in the future she might be able to entice the belly dancer for a rematch, but the director tells Shirley that Rhonda has asked that none of her contact information be given out. "What a shame," Shirley says to herself, "I'd love to beat that belly dancing skank again, but there are other women out there to fight..."

The End
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You are best author of!!

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