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Spring break catfight

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:36 am    Post subject: Spring break catfight Reply with quote

“Oh my god did you see the look on his face?” Laughed Leslie after her friend Dana flashed her big boobs at a guy they passed on the interstate.

“Do that one.” Kathy encouraged pointing at an expensive SUV they were about to pass.

“Okay.” Dana agreed enjoying the attention her jugs were attracting.

Leslie the driver honked the horn as Dana prepared to show herself to the passengers of the SUV. The three girls in the compact car giggled as they were about to laugh at the surprised look on the faces of the victims of there next flashing victims.

“Oh shit!” Dana exclaimed when she recognized whom she had just flashed.

Leslie looked over to see a girl shooting them the finger and then saw the face of the owner of the finger.

“Damn.” Leslie muttered and then sped on ahead of the SUV.

“Of all the fucking people on the road I had to flash that bitch.” Dana stated.

There was a moment of silence and then all three girls burst into laughter. The reason for the laughter a month earlier Dana had stolen the boyfriend of the girl driving the SUV. The reason for the break up was the tits Dana just flashed. Cindy, the driver of the SUV was rich had the best body of the public and private school she attended of the town they were from. Cindy had everything money, looks, a high GPA and she dated the star quarterback of the private schools football team and had a scholarship to a major university. Unfortunately, for Cindy, her boyfriend Rich was a boob man and one afternoon at the mall, he caught sight of Dana bouncing out of one of the stores. They started talking then flirting and by that night, they were out at the local lake at the make out area where she was in the back of his convertible paying homage to his sizable cock with her mouth. Rich dropped Cindy the next day and was humiliated that she lost her boyfriend to a big boobed public school tramp.

“Well she knows now what her ex-boyfriend is getting.” Lisa said.

In the SUV Cindy gritted her teeth as she watched the car carrying the giggling teens that just flashed her pass.

“Oh my god did you just see that?” Jeanette asked.

“Fucking bitches.” Cindy muttered as she tossed her perfect blonde hair that framed her model like face over her shoulder as she turned to talk to her beat friend.

“That’s just like that cow uddered bitch to flash her floppy tits to everyone.” Kelly added from the backseat.

“We should kick their asses.” Jeanette suggested.

There was a moment of silence as Cindy contemplated Jeannette’s thoughts. She desperately wanted to get back at Dana for the humiliation she suffered from losing her boyfriend to the girl she considered a trashy whore. She loved the thought of sinking her nails into the soft blubbery flesh of Dana’s jugs as the girl screamed out in pain. Why Rich dumped Cindy for a low class whore was beyond her she had everything Dana did not from her long toned and tanned legs to her flat stomach and perky perfect proportioned breasts she had Dana beat in every department but one those huge tits the dark haired girl flaunted in front of everyone.

“When the time is right she is going to get hers.” Cindy muttered to her friends.

Jeanette looked over at her friend with her sparkling blue eyes and smiled at Cindy while playing with her dark blonde hair nodded her head in agreement.

“Fuck them lets just go and have a great week.” Jeanette said trying to change the subject and put her friend in better mood.

Leslie, Dana, and Kathy had just checked into the hotel and were about to head to the elevator to head to their room when they stopped in their tracks seeing who just walked into the lobby.

“Un-fucking believable.” Dana mumbled to Leslie.

“Fuck.” Leslie answered.

“Well if it isn’t the udder flasher and her slut friends.” Cindy sneered.

“I thought I smelled something rotten.” Jeanette chimed in.

“Take a bath and that smell might go away.” Kathy replied.

“Fuck you bitch!” Jeanette angrily said as Leslie and Dana laughed at her friends comment.

“I ought to kick your skanky ass right here.” Jeanette countered.

“You bitches better stay out of our way.” Cindy warned.

“We will go where we want when we want and talk to who we want and there isn’t a thing you stuck up spoiled bitches can do about it.” Dana warned.

“That’s right.” Leslie said as she stepped up chest to chest to Jeanette.

“Really, well how about we come down to your room after we check in and see if we can’t do anything about it. We’ll kick your trailer trash asses out of here.” Cindy offered.

“Come on down cunt!” Dana answered.

“Losers go home.” Leslie added.

“You’re on bitches see you in about thirty minutes.” Jeanette warned.

“You shouldn’t bother checking in.” Kathy said as she bent down to pick up her bags.

Jeanette Cindy and Kelly watched the three girls head into the elevator before heading to the front desk and checking in. Thoughts of the upcoming fight were swirling in their heads. The rich girls focused so much on kicking Dana and her friend’s asses that they didn’t even have time to flirt with the muscular college guys ogling the girl’s hot bodies.

Leslie, Dana, and Kathy arrived at their room on the fourth floor it wasn’t over looking the beach they couldn’t afford that or the bottom floor room that had sliding glass doors right on the beach. They didn’t care before they checked in they were looking forward to partying together probably for the last time as group before heading off in their separate ways. Now all they thought about were the rich bitches and what they were going to do to them.

“Do you think they will show?” Kathy asked.

“Yeah Cindy is stupid I’m sure she thinks she can kick my ass but I’ll show her.” Dana replied.

“I got dibs on that cheer slut Jeanette.” Leslie said while throwing a suitcase in the corner of the room.

Kathy breathed a sigh of relief the only girl that scared her was Jeanette. The tall blonde cheerleader was solid without much fat and she had muscular legs. Kathy figured she measured up well with the other cheerleader Kelly she was built similar to Kathy in height and weight. The biggest difference between Kathy and Kelly was skin tone and hair color. Kathy had alabaster skin with a generous amount of freckles where Kelly had a salon tan with smooth flawless skin. The other area of difference between the Kelly and Kathy Kelly boobs put Kathy's in the shade. The redhead was always subconscious about her small boobs and at times around the mall when she encountered the rich girls she heard the comments about her flat chest.

Leslie looked forward to the brawl more than her friends did. She had endured countless taunts from Jeanette and the other cheerleaders, but Jeanette took s things farther than the rest. The taunts of dyke and other disgusting lesbian references rang in her ears as Jeanette cheered from courtside at the basketball games where the in town rivals played. The rich private school always beat Leslie's public school in all the major sports boys and girls. Jeanette loved to rub that fact in as Leslie headed to the locker room after the games. Leslie hated the private school they always picked the best athletes in the city offering good paying jobs to the parents of the best athletes in the city and enrolling their children in the school. Today was the day Jeanette would feel the taste of defeat Leslie was sure.

Dana wasn’t looking forward to the fight but she knew it was something she had to do if her relationship with Rich had a chance to succeed. Cindy had been trying to undermine the relationship since he dumped Cindy and started seeing Dana. She thought if she could kick Cindy's ass good the blonde bitch would leave her and Rich alone for good.

Dana and Kathy changed out of their skirts Dana slipped into a pair of denim shorts while Kathy put on a pair of lycra shorts. Leslie was already were a pair of shorts and changed into a tank top style shirt. Kathy and Dana wore t-shirts.

There was a knock at the door.

“It’s them.” Leslie said before opening the door.

Cindy was the first through the door followed by Jeanette and then Kelly. Leslie stood behind the group as Cindy made her way to stand face to face with Dana. Dana had her hands on her hips thrusting her d cups out at the Cindy. Jeanette wheeled around and stepped toward Leslie while brushing Kelly aside. Leslie stared back at Jeanette as she slowly nodded. Kelly stood behind Cindy as Kathy stood behind Dana waiting for something to happen.

“You shouldn’t have bothered unpacking,” Cindy said after seeing that Dana had changed clothes.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Dana replied not taking her eyes of Cindy.

“Nowhere but down.” Cindy replied and then reached out to slap Dana with one hand while reached to grab the busty girl’s black hair.

The slap had little effect as Dana turned her head to avoid the blow but the blonde’s hand successfully gripped Dana's hair. Dana screamed as Cindy yanked hard on the captured locks. In retaliation, Dana reached out grabbing the front of Cindy's top pulling the blonde toward her. Cindy stumbled forward as she continued to pull Dana's hair as the two girls collided with each other. Their momentum caused the two screaming felines two tumble onto one of the two queen beds in the room. Dana and Cindy landed on their sides facing each other Dana managed to get her own hold on Cindy's hair and both girls began a tug of war jerking each other’s head in all directions.

As soon as Jeanette and Leslie heard the Dana they sprang at each other they didn’t bother with grabbing hair they grabbed each other around the should and waist trying to fling the other to the floor. They crashed into the door then against the sliding closet door knocking it from its hanger and then they whirled around until tripping over each other. Leslie and Jeanette fell in a garbled heap on the hard tiled floor of the bathroom. The two big girls didn’t bother with hair pulling and face slapping they fought for position top position and then the face slapping and hair pulling would take place. The two kicked at each other as they lay on their sides facing each other as arms flailed jockeying for position as each tried to roll on top of the other.

Jeanette's strength surprised Leslie as she had trouble overpowering the cheerleader. Leslie figured her height at 5’11 a good two to three inches and her athletic background would be enough to control Jeanette, but the rich girl obviously worked our regularly as she couldn’t quite pin Jeanette's arms down. As her thighs brushed against Jeanette's legs Leslie could feel the muscles in the blonde’s legs working hard she was grudgingly impressed.

After watching Dana and Cindy fall onto the bed Kelly leapt into action as she dashed straight ahead and crashed into a surprised Kathy who had been paying too much attention to Dana and Cindy. Cindy put her head down and barreled into Kathy head first knocking the redhead back and onto the floor on her back. Kelly wasted little time grabbing and securing Kathy's arms after landing on top of the redhead. Before she knew what happened Kathy was on her back with Kelly straddling her chest looking down at Kathy a cruel smile on her face.

“Gotcha tiny tits!” Cindy taunted and then slapped the trapped redhead.

Kelly planned on just pinning Kathy down and riding out the end of the fight until she saw Cindy struggling with Dana and she couldn’t see Jeanette and Leslie. After a moments thought she scooted up and fought to get Kathy's arms wedged under Kelly’s knees. Kathy kicked and struggled but lost the battle as when Kelly trapped Kathy's forearms under the Kelly’s knees. Defenseless Kathy cringed as Kelly drew back then began to slap the trapped girl. When she had Kathy crying from her stinging blows she grabbed a handful of Kathy's hair and then slammed her head against the floor.

It didn’t take Kathy long to give up the fight and tearfully begged Kelly to stop. Kelly slowly rose to her feet warned Kathy to “Stay put” and kicked the downed girl in the ribs before heading to the bed where Cindy and Dana were fighting. Kathy rolled away from the kick holding her head and crying in pain and fear.

On the bed, Cindy and Dana were in a stalemate both girls were still on their sides slapping and pulling hair. Both girls’ faces were red and scratched with tears in their eyes trying to keep from giving the other the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Cindy and Dana had both began to use there legs as weapons trying to knee and kick the other girl.

Kelly swooped down on Dana grabbing the busty girl’s shirt and pulled her away from Cindy. A relieved Cindy rose to her knees as she watched Dana struggle to free herself from Kelly’s grip. While Dana was reaching back, over her head to pull Kelly around from behind her, Cindy balled her fist, and with a roundhouse, swing busted Dana's right boob knocking it into her right. The blow felt so good she did it a second time relishing the feel of her fist sinking into the soft flesh of her hated rival. Dana immediately dropped her hands from Kelly’s hair to defend her prized boobs. Kelly let go of Dana's shirt reached around grabbed Dana's arms and pulled the down to the busty girl’s side. A helpless Dana looked over at Cindy who had an evil smile on her scratched and splotchy red face. With no mercy, Cindy wailed on Dana's jutting tits. Cindy slapped, punched and tried to pinch Dana's tits through her bra. On occasion, Cindy went lower with her punches to give Dana's gut a dose of abuse but for the most part her jugs took the brunt of Cindy's wrath.

“How do you like your udders now bitch?” Cindy asked rhetorically to a crying Dana.

“Go check on Jeanette.” Cindy said to Kelly, as Dana seemed to give up the fight and take her beating.

As Kelly let go of Dana to head off to find Jeanette, Cindy pushed Dana on her back. The busty girl fell back with her head hanging off the bed and Cindy straddled Dana's stomach. Cindy continued her tit assault as Dana kicked and twisted to throw Cindy off her. Dana had little leverage as Cindy easily kept her dark haired foe under control. The blow that took the fight completely out of Dana came when Cindy clasped her hands together and then brought them crashing down onto Dana's exposed stomach.

Kelly followed the grunting noises coming from the bathroom and found Jeanette and Leslie on their knees with fingers interlocked above their heads trying to force the other to the floor. She thought about pulling Leslie over on her back as she did Dana but decide to hurt the tall athletic girl. Kelly drew back her foot launched a soccer style kick to Leslie's exposed ribs. As soon as the foot struck it’s intended target, Jeanette as able to throw Leslie to the side making the stunned girl crash against the bathroom sink cabinet and then bounced to the floor. Wasting no time Jeanette climbed on top of the taller girl who was cringing on her side. In a fluid movement, Jeanette rolled onto her side while slipping her legs around Leslie's midsection executing a perfect leg scissor. Leslie groaned as she felt Jeanette's strong legs tighten around her injured ribs and stomach. Kelly secured Leslie's arms and watched Jeanette torture the trapped girl with her legs.

“Nighty night Lezzy.” Jeanette cooed as she wrapped her hands around Leslie's neck.

“Oh my God don’t kill her!” Kelly yelled.

Jeanette winked at her friend as Leslie eyes bulged out as she fought to breathe. The trapped girl gagged and shook her head as she panicked from the loss of breath. As soon as she felt Leslie go limp, Jeanette released her grip on the brunette’s neck. After checking Leslie's breathing, she nodded at Kelly and then untangled her legs from the passed out girl’s waist.

“She’s just out. She’ll be alright.” Jeanette assured Kelly.

“Let’s go check on Cindy.” Jeanette suggested.

“She’s got her by the boobs.” Kelly replied with a laugh.

Kelly and Jeanette walked out of the bathroom to find Cindy still atop Dana working over the beaten girl’s boobs. They noticed that Cindy had Dana's t-shirt pulled over her head and the blonde had one of Dana's jugs pulled out of her bra and was twisting and pulling on a nipple. They could hear Dana crying from underneath her shirt.

“watch this.” Cindy said and then pulled on Dana's captured nipple and stretched her tit as far as she could pull.

Jeanette and Kelly laughed watching Dana's udder stretch to its max and snap back against her chest after Cindy let it go.

“oh my god.” Jeanette laughed.

“This is so much fun.” Cindy exclaimed as the slapped Dana's bare tit back and forth.

Kelly saw Kathy stirring on the other side of the bed and made a dash to continue her fight. Kathy cringed in fear as she retreated to a corner seeing her friend defeated.

“Come here bitch!” yelled as she grabbed Kathy by an arm to pull her away from the wall.

It didn’t take much effort for Kelly to control the frightened redhead as she maneuvered behind Kathy while twisting the cringing girl’s arms behind her back. After immobilizing Kathy's arms, she walked her captured girl over to the bed to where she had a close up view of Cindy torturing Dana.

Jeannette jumped into the action after stepping to where Dana's shirt covered head hung off the bed. She pulled Dana's shirt the rest of the way off and then straddled Dana's neck facing Cindy while pulling Dana's face into the seat of Jeanette's shorts. Jeanette crossed her ankles and then squeezed her thighs cutting off Dana's air. The trapped girl kicked her legs frantically as Jeanette suffocated the busty girl into unconsciousness.

“That was easy.” Cindy commented giving Dana's naked boob one last slap before climbing off the passed out girl.

“Alright bitch when those two cunts wake up pack your shit and check the fuck out.” Jeanette demanded after turning to Kathy.

Kathy started to respond when Cindy interrupted her.

“No I have a better idea let’s have some fun with them.” Cindy said.

“What?” Cindy asked.

“You’ll see.” Cindy replied with a evil glint in her eyes.

Leslie woke up face down with her face on something soft. As she rose up and focused on what her face had been, resting on she realized it was a woman’s pubic mound. After scrambling away off whomever it was she realized it was her best friend on her back, naked, and spread-eagle. Leslie felt the cool room air on her bare skin and realized she had been stripped as well. Panic struck the confused girl as she looked around for Kathy and realized her friend was not in the room.

Leslie shook Dana awake and noticed the scratches on her best friend’s boobs. She breathed a sigh of relief as Dana began to stir to consciousness. As Dana began to focus, Leslie noticed her luggage and purse were missing.

“Leslie.” Dana said groggily.

“Dana, I don’t know what happened but all our stuff is gone and Kat is missing.” Leslie cried.

“Oh my God, I’m naked. Oh shit my tits.” Dana said as she rubbed her aching udders.

Leslie looked around and noticed a note on top of the dresser.

“Shit those fucking bitches.” Leslie murmured.

Leslie read the note.

“Hey losers, if you want your clothes, money, and friend put on the two towels we left for you and come down to room 133. Otherwise were taking your clothes to goodwill, spending your money and kicking your friend out of the hotel room naked as you are in the morning. Don’t bother calling the hotel security or police. My uncle is part owner of this hotel and I’ve known the manager since I was a little girl. P.S. you two look hot together all knocked out and naked the pictures came out really well. If you don’t want them, floating around on the net do what I say and don’t think that was the only pose we had you in when you woke up. Do you like them way each other smells? See ya bitches in a little while Cindy.”

“Oh God we can’t go down there.” Dana whined.

“We don’t have a choice you know unless you want those pictures floating around on the net and think of Kat. We can’t leave her besides they have our keys.” Leslie reasoned.

“Fuck it I’ll call the police I bet they don’t own them.” Dana argued.

“Dana face it we lost do you really want to find out they will probably pay a little fine or their daddies will get them a good lawyer and at worst some probation if anything. Face it Dana they got us.” Leslie replied.

Dana put her head down and began to cry. Leslie hugged her friend for support and cried herself.

“it’s not fair it’s just not fair.” Dana whined.

“I know but we don’t have to put up with them much longer we’ll be gone after the summer is over. Let’s go down there get our stuff back and get out of here.” Leslie suggested.

“You know it won’t be that simple. There is no telling what they will make us do. They will hold this over our heads forever.” Dana countered.

Leslie knew deep down Dana was right but she didn’t see any other way out of their predicament. Going to the police would just bring on more torment and public humiliation. She could just see the picture floating around and if the local papers in her hometown got a hold of the story, she would never live it down.

“I know Dana but let’s just tell they won that they are better and we are sorry let them have their fun and then as much as I hate to do it beg them to leave us alone.” Leslie said.

“Alright let’s get it over with.” Dana replied.

The girls each grabbed a towel and tried to fix them to cover all their private parts. Dana chest didn’t allow her to knot the towel around her so she had to hold the two ends together there was an enticing opening down her right side revealing her the side of her boob and thighs. She knew she had no chance of passing the towel off as covering a bathing suit just a casual look and the person looking would know Dana was naked except for the towel. Leslie's problem was with her tall body the bottom of the towel barely covered her ass and if she lowered it to cover her bottom the top of her areole peeked out the top. The two dreaded leaving the room dressed as they were and decided to take the stairs and hope nobody saw them.

As they were getting ready to leave, Dana realized that Cindy and her friends took their room keys. Horrible thoughts filled the defeated girl’s heads imagining all the things that could happen to them once they left the safety of their room. Leslie peeked down the hall a couple of times to check for people. It was the afternoon and there were plenty of people coming and going.

“We’ll never get out of here without being seen. There is a room party six doors down from ours.” Leslie commented.

“Fuck it let’s just go.” Dana said with a defeated tone in her voice.

Leslie nodded her head and opened the door. Dana followed her taller friend out the door and down the hall making a beeline straight for the exit stairs. They heard wolf whistles and catcalls before they made it to the stair’s doors. On the way down the stairs, they ran into a group of girls and heard several comments about their outfits. Leslie heard one girl call them a slut. On the bottom floor there were even more people and laughter and laughter and taunting filled their ears.

Leslie knocked on room 133 and waited for an answer. She heard giggling on the other side of the door. Dana turned red as walking past her didn’t try to hide the fact that he was ogling her nearly exposed boobs.

“Who is it?” a voice asked.

“It’s us.” Leslie answered.

There was more giggling

“Who?” The voice asked.

“Leslie and Dana.” Leslie replied.

“I’m sorry we are waiting on a couple of bitches. Are you the bitches?” The voice asked.

“Yes.” Leslie said with a sigh.

“Say it then.” The voice demanded.

“We are the bitches.” Leslie said after moments pause.

A couple of girls passing by stopped and laughed thinking a couple of their friends were playing a prank on the girls.

“I sorry I didn’t hear you.” The voice said.

“We’re the bitches.” Leslie said with more volume.

The girls that stopped laughed louder. The two laughing girls saw a group of guys heading their way and decided to make Leslie and Dana's life even more miserable. With a nod to each other, the girls reached out to Leslie and Dana, who had their backs to the girls trying to ignore them, grabbed Leslie and Dana's towel and then took off running down the hall laughing.

“Oh my God open the fucking door!” Dana screamed couching behind Leslie.

Leslie could hear the giggling turning to laughter behind the door as she desperately tried to cover herself with her hands. The guys coming down the hall cheered and picked up their pace heading toward Dana and Leslie.

“Say please.” The voice demanded.

“Please, oh God, please open the door.” Leslie said almost crying now.

Just before the guys were in arms reach of Leslie and Dana, the door swung open and then nude girls dashed into the room. Once in the room, the first thing Leslie and Dana noticed they were being filmed Kelly had a camcorder and Jeanette had a digital camera. The next thing they noticed was Kathy sitting at the table by the sliding glass door leading out to the beach her arms and legs tied to the chair arms and legs.

“Come on drop those hands and smile for the cameras losers.” Cindy demanded after closing the door in the guy’s faces that ran to get a better look at Leslie and Dana.

Leslie dropped her hands but refused to smile while Dana kept her right arm across her chest and her left hand down covering her pussy.

“I said drop your hands slut.” Cindy ordered Dana.

Dana thought for a minute about renewing their fight but knew the odds of her winning were slim and the repercussions would be severe so she slowly lowered her hands showing off Cindy's handy work from the previous fight. Jeanette took a full body nude of Dana and then focused on the thick but slim patch of pubic hair the dark haired busty girl sported. Cindy ordered Dana to turn around so Kelly and Jeanette could record Dana's bare backside. Jeanette and Kelly did the same to Leslie but Dana was the focus of humiliation.

“I take it you read the note we have decided instead of sending you home we would have a little fun since we won. As long as you do what we say none of this will get back home we’ll keep, the photos, the videos to keep you quiet, and I promise we won’t show anyone these. Now if you start acting like bitches the deal is off.” Cindy offered.

As Dana contemplated telling Cindy to “fuck off” Leslie quickly agreed.

“Good now Leslie put your hands behind your back and turn around.” Cindy ordered.

Leslie did as she was told and Jeanette began to tie Leslie's hands behind her back with a bra after setting the camera on the dresser. Dana looked on with worry as Jeanette bound her friend she had never seen Leslie look so defeated and helpless and that thought scared her.

“Alright Dana slut bend over and grab your ankles feet wide apart.” Cindy commanded.

With a slight hesitation, Dana did as she was told giving, Cindy, Jeanette, and Kelly an excellent view of her most private parts. With a smile on her face, Cindy placed one hand on Dana's back to keep the busty girl bent at the waist while raising her right hand high in the air. Cindy winked at Jeanette who had already grabbed the camera awaiting the action with a giggle. A loud smack filled the room followed by a howl of pain as soon as Cindy's hand made contact with Dana's bare ass. Cindy let rip with several blows to Dana's tender soft backside that had the girl crying almost immediately in shame and pain.

Leslie looked on watching her friend’s ass redden from the beating and knowing she was probably next. As the spanking continued, she looked around at Kathy to see if she was all right and the sight frightened her. Kathy had a pair of panties stuffed in her mouth, her small tits were circled with lipstick in the form of two targets, and her face heavily made up with rouge lipstick and mascara to make her face look like a whore. They made eye contact for a moment and then Kathy dropped her gaze to the floor in shame.

Cindy and her friends continued to humiliate Dana and her friends throughout the afternoon until the sun went down. They took countless photos of the embarrassed girls downloaded them to Jeanette's laptop and then emailed them to their addresses. Dana and Leslie were smeared with pink and red lipstick where Jeanette and Cindy had written nasty things all over Dana and Leslie's body. As most of the hotel occupants headed out to restaurants to eat before filling the bars and clubs Cindy, Jeanette, and Kelly were having so much fun humiliating Dana, Leslie, and Kathy they stayed in ordered a pizza and then made Leslie answer the door and pay the delivery guy in the nude. As Cindy and her friends ate, Dana and her friends knelt beside each other while waiting for Cindy to finish eating before they allowed Dana and her group to eat.

Jeanette watched Leslie's reaction as they humiliated her but something was missing she didn’t see the complete devastation in the proud girl’s eyes she hoped to see. It took a while for Jeanette to come up with a plan that would crush Leslie. After pulling Cindy into a corner and discussing her plan, Cindy reluctantly agreed. Jeannette began to put her plan into action by getting in Leslie's face trying to goad her into action. A couple of time Leslie balled her fist to start a fight but then backed down.

“What’s wrong bitch?” Jeanette asked rhetorically bumping into Leslie’s bare chest.

“I know what your problem is you still think your better than me well your not.” Jeanette said answering herself.

“Fuck you” Leslie thought to herself just trying to make it through the ordeal until Jeanette made her in offer.

“Why don’t we walk down the beach just you and me and see whose better. You win you and your friends can go home.” Jeanette offered.

“And if I lose.” Leslie inquired.

“We keep having fun and you’ll know deep down that I’m better and your nothing.” Jeanette replied.

Leslie nodded her head in agreement. Jeanette pointed to a dresser that contained Dana, Leslie, and Kathy's underwear, swimsuits and dresses she told Leslie to pick out her swimsuit. After washing, the smeared lipstick off Leslie pulled on her suit. Jeanette came walking out of the bathroom wearing a bright yellow bikini that hung low on her waist and a top that showed a good amount of cleavage but provided good support. Leslie's black bikini showed a little more boob and ass than Jeanette's and the small strings holding the front and back of her bottoms tied on the side while Jeanette's bottoms were solid a fact Jeanette noted.

“Let’s go.” Jeanette ordered.

The two tall girls walked down the beach silently until they rounded a bend that was private. Leslie eyed Jeanette waiting for the girl to say something. A smiling Jeanette looking over Leslie's body made her more than a little nervous. The two girls glared at each other for what seemed like an eternity to Leslie before Jeanette spoke.

“Loser walks back naked.” Jeanette said

Leslie didn’t answer she didn’t have time as Jeanette rushed her. The athletic brunette was able to dodge the onrushing cheerleader just in time to keep from getting knocked over. Jeanette rushed by Leslie and then wheeled around just in time to see Leslie turn and face her. Jeanette approached Leslie with more caution with her hands held up in front of her open palms out. Leslie crouched slightly before lunging at the blonde. Instead of jumping out if the way of the rushing Leslie, Jeanette braced herself to meet the brown haired girl head on. The cheerleader grabbed Leslie's right hand with her left and snaked her left around Leslie's neck as Leslie reached out to encircle the blonde’s waist. Jeanette used Leslie's momentum to wheel the charging girl around and before Leslie knew what happened she was in a headlock with her cheek pressed tightly against the cheerleader’s taunt waist.

Leslie heard Jeanette giggle just before the blonde flung her down on the sand. A stunned Leslie scrambled to her feet after rolling on the beach to see Jeanette standing casually with her hands on her hips a grin plastered on the cheerleaders face. The blonde winked at Leslie as she took her hands off her hips and crouched back into fighting position. Leslie mimicked Jeanette's stance and decided to let the blonde make the first move she didn’t have to wait long before Jeanette came at Leslie. The blonde reached out and intertwined her fingers with the crouching brunette. They tried to force each other to her opponent’s knees. Leslie strained with all her might trying to force Jeanette's wrists back but the blonde refused to budge. The two fighters seemed to realize they couldn’t topple her opponent over at the same time and began the tripping dance. Without the confines of the hotel, room walls Leslie and Jeanette danced and hopped around each other with reckless abandon.

It looked like tripping each other would be a futile effort until Jeanette put her barefoot on a stick in the sand. With the blonde hopping on one foot, Leslie easily pushed Jeanette to the sand. Seizing her opportunity, Leslie dropped down on top of Jeanette who was almost able to roll away from the descending brunette but Leslie was able land Jeanette with the brunette on her side. The blonde continued to roll taking the brunette with her. Lest found herself face to face on her side with Jeanette. The two struggled, kicked trying for top position until Jeanette gave up on that strategy, and wrapped her thighs around Leslie's kicking thighs.

“Shit!” Leslie screamed when she felt Jeanette's surprisingly power thighs contract around hers.

Hearing her opponent wail in pain Jeanette poured on the pressure. Leslie grunted as she tried to push her thighs apart but with Jeanette's strength and leverage, she had no chance. In a panic, Leslie slapped and punched at Jeanette. The blonde took a few blows before successfully capturing Leslie's wrists.

“Gotcha bitch.” Jeanette triumphantly said.

Leslie shook her arms to free herself and kicked her legs but had little effect to her chagrin the brunette realized she was trapped. She stopped struggling to save her energy and steeled herself to take the pain Jeanette dished out. Jeanette had a smile ion her face as she felt Leslie stop struggling and changed her tactic. Instead of applying constant pressure, the blonde would ease off her grip and then squeeze hard. Jeanette loved hearing Leslie groan in pain. Gritting her teeth, Leslie tried not to let the blonde know she was hurting her.

Just when Leslie thought she could take no more pain, Jeanette released the hold, pushed Leslie way, and scrambled to her feet. Leslie rolled to her stomach pushed herself up on all fours and then tried to scramble to her feet. She stumbled a bit as some of the feeling was gone from her legs. Jeanette laughed at the awkward way Leslie rose from the ground.

As Leslie tried to rub the some feeling back into her legs, Jeanette charged her. She barely had time to put up her hands to catch the charging blonde. Jeanette easily toppled the taller brunette over landing on top of the surprised Leslie. Leslie fought hard but Jeanette was able to scramble on top of Leslie straddling her waist. As Leslie grabbed for some part of Jeanette's body to pull her over, Jeanette seized Leslie's wrists.

“Gotcha again Lezzy.” Jeanette taunted.

“Fuck” Leslie muttered as Jeanette rolled off her keeping her thighs around Leslie's waist. The blonde pulled Leslie over on her side keeping the brunette’s wrists firmly in her grip. This time Leslie felt Jeanette's powerful thighs go to work on her rib.

“Oh my God.” Leslie exclaimed as she thought her ribs would break from the pressure.

“You know I should have mentioned that my older brother wrestled in high school and is now on a college team. Guess who he used to wrestle with around the house. He showed me a lot of things.” Jeanette taunted and then poured on the pressure.

“Stop!” Leslie shouted.

“You giving up already?” Jeanette asked.

“Fuck you its not over.” Leslie replied defiantly.

“Really.” Jeanette answered letting off the pressure of her scissor hold only to reapply the moments later.

Jeanette saw tears forming in Leslie's eyes as the two lay face to face. Leslie closed her eyes as saw Jeanette gaze turn to a cruel smile. The blonde could have squeezed a submission out of the hurting brunette but Jeanette wanted to have more fun with her wounded prey.

“Get up.” Jeanette ordered as she unwrapped her legs from Leslie's wais.

After getting to her feet, Jeanette waited for Leslie to pull herself off the sand. The cheerleader made her move as Leslie bent at the waist holding her side for some relief. The brunette felt Jeanette grab one of her wrists and then twist her arm behind her back. Leslie tried to dance around and twist out of the hold but Jeanette pushed the brunette’s arm as far up her back as possible. After walking Leslie around on her tiptoes for a bit, Jeanette kicked the back of her adversary’s knees sending the taller brunette down into the sand on her knees until Jeanette pulled her back to a sitting position. It didn’t take the cheerleader long to let go of Leslie's captured arm and then put the brunette in a new hold. Jeanette snaked an arm around Leslie's neck with the crook of her elbow wrapping around her throat, Leslie found herself on the bad end of a sleeper hold.

“Gotcha again.” Jeannette taunted Leslie whispering in the brunette’s ear.

Jeanette laughed in Leslie as she heard her foe gurgling for air.

“I thought you would be tougher than this. If I knew you were this pathetic I would have kicked your ass a long time ago.” Jeanette teased.

Lisa reached up with her left hand grabbed a handful of blonde hair over her shoulder and pulled as hard as she could. While she pulled Jeanette's hair, Lisa elbowed the blonde but with little effect after the first blow Jeanette twisted her side a little and the blows barely glanced off her sides. Leslie's hair pulling caused only a bit of pain for Jeanette the major effect it had brought Jeanette's face even closer to Leslie's to the point where Jeanette's nose touched Leslie's ear. The brunette shivered as the rhythmic warm air tickled her sensitive ears.

“This had to be humiliating for you. The big tough jock dyke girl getting her ass kicked by the pretty cheerleader.” Jeanette said.

Jeanette eased off the pressure a little not wanting Leslie to pass out she wanted to hear if her foe was ready to submit.

“You’re not pretty.” Leslie muttered.

Jeanette giggled as she made Leslie pay for her remark by pouring on the pressure for a moment to let the captured girl know she could put her out at any moment.

“You’re right I’m not pretty I’m hot, so it’s the hot sexy cheerleader kicking the big dumb carpet munching lezbo’s ass in public.” Jeanette countered.

Leslie didn’t have a smart comeback after Jeanette let off the pressure of the sleeper.

“You know when I would wrestle my brother and his friend I would get kinda turned on. I mean not in a I want to fuck my brother sorta way, but with all the close intimate contact what’s a girl to do. You know what I mean?” Jeanette asked.

Leslie refused to ask.

“I bet your nipples are all hard and pointy with my warm breath in your ear and my boobs mashing into your back.” Jeanette taunted and then rubbed her tits across Leslie's bare back.

Jeanette was right but Leslie did not give Jeanette the satisfaction of agreeing with the blonde. She told herself it was from the adrenaline of the fight.

“What? No answer I guess you’re thinking about my pussy or maybe your naked walk back to the hotel. I tell you that will be to be funny. Think about all the people running around a lot of them with cameras. Your life could be ruined in one weekend. Just think about it lezzy one guy with several naked pictures of you posting them on the internet with your full name attached just think of the possibilities.” Jeanette continued to goad Leslie.

As Leslie pondered her situation, she knew the blonde was right and fought to keep from crying.

“Oh and your friends they are fucked as well. Literally, they are fucked. Cindy told me what she had planned I’m glad I’m not that fat boobed cow. Cindy's probably already making her fuck some random guy at the hotel right now.” Jeanette added.

Leslie squirmed a little and then stopped when she felt Jeanette tighten her hold.

“See you’re learning. You struggle I tighten get it. I can’t wait to parade you into the hotel room naked and beaten. The look on Dana's face hoping you’ll save her it will be priceless. I had a lot of time to think of what I could do to you while we were collecting your things as you and your friends were passed out. This is going to be the best week ever.” Jeanette whispered into Leslie's ear.

Jeanette released her hold and before Leslie could figure out what was happening the blonde pushed her over face first into the sand with her ass sticking up. With a giggle Jeanette, patted Leslie's up turned ass with her foot after the blonde made it to her feet. She stood back as she watched Leslie regain her senses and then rise to her hands and knees.

“Come on girl I have a few more tricks to show you. It’s not over.” Jeanette said.

Leslie slowly rose to her feet from her knees. As she stood before Jeanette, Leslie couldn’t bring herself to look the cheerleader in the eye she was too embarrassed. The brunette kept her eyes on Jeanette's waist waiting for any movement from her adversary hoping the blonde would give her time to recover.

“Come on Lezzy lets rassle.” Jeanette said with a fake announcer’s voice.

Leslie had other plans as she decided to fight dirty to do whatever it took to win the fight. As Jeanette approached, Leslie reached up and grabbed one of the blonde’s full boobs with one hand while slapping at the startled blonde’s face. A surprise Jeanette squealed as Leslie's nail sank into her captured jug.

“Shit!” Jeanette wailed as her head snapped around from the first slap.

To hear Jeanette react with pain heartened Leslie and spurred her on to attack with gusto. She backhanded the surprised blonde and then balled her fist as she kept her tit hold on her opponent. Jeanette was busy trying to pry Leslie's hand from her boob when the blonde struck her square in the gut. As she blonde doubled over from the punch, Leslie brought up her knee to catch Jeanette with her knee on the cheerleaders free boob. Jeanette grunted as Leslie's knee compressed her tit and she reacted by reaching down before Leslie could recoil her leg and grabbed the back of the brunette’s knee. A surprised Leslie looked on as she let go of Jeanette's breast as she tried to balance herself. Jeanette lifted Leslie’s captured knee as high as she could and then kicked Leslie's exposed crotch. The blow didn’t have a lot of impact as Jeanette's shin bounced off the side of Leslie's inner thigh but it did knock the brunette off balance and onto her ass.

“Ugh fuck!” Leslie yelled as she tried to shake her leg loose from Jeanette's grip.

As she leered down at Leslie, Jeanette twisted the downed woman’s leg forcing Leslie to roll over on her stomach. When she had her in place Jeanette stood straddling the brunette facing her feet, slid her hands up from Leslie's knee to her ankle and then pulled back. Leslie screamed as her back bowed when Jeanette pulled back and up on Leslie's leg. Jeanette yanked as far as she could pulling Leslie's lower half off the sand.

“At least you’re flexible and you’re going to pay for grabbing my boob bitch.” Jeanette threatened.

As Leslie tried to push herself off the sand and roll onto her side, Jeanette stuck a foot in the middle of Leslie's back, putting even more pressure on the brunette’s straining muscles. Leslie wailed in pain as Jeanette rocked back and forth. Just when she thought her back would explode, Jeanette eased the pressure taking a set on the back of Leslie's thighs. The brunette’s relief was short as Jeanette seized Leslie's other leg and then scooted back pulling both the brunette’s legs back to her butt.

“Let me hear you scream girl.” Jeanette taunted as she slipped her grip up to Leslie's knees and then pulled the girl’s bent legs back even more.

Leslie fought to keep from screaming as long as she could but soon succumbed to the pain.

“That’s it cry like a bitch.” Jeanette said as she slid back to Leslie's shoulders and poured on even more pressure.

Leslie was in tears now crying from the pain shooting through her back and stomach. The blonde held Leslie in agonizing pain relishing feeling the brunette’s body shudder with sobs. An idea came to Jeanette as she looked down at the brunette’s scrunched up bottoms trying to cover Leslie's quivering muscular ass. With a giggle Jeanette released the painful hold to gab a hold of Leslie's bottoms and then pulled the material deep into her foe’s buttocks giving Leslie a painful wedgie.

Jeanette released Leslie's knees letting them flop down in the sand before wheeling around on the brunette’s back facing Leslie's head. Leslie tried to push up but Jeanette reached down grabbing the brunette’s chin by interlocking her fingers. Watched enough wrestling to know what Jeanette was about to do to her and grunted tying to roll over to avoid the camel clutch she failed. Jeanette leaned back pulling Leslie's upper torso off the sand to her waist. She would have screamed in pain but Jeanette's tight hold prevented even that. Jeanette relished the feel of holding her enemy helpless.

Before Jeanette released the hold, the cheerleader physically broke Leslie. After letting Leslie's face fall back to the sand, the athletic tall brunette became a limp rag doll. Jeanette patiently took her time putting Leslie in one humiliating painful hold after another before Leslie screamed out her final submission. The final hold came after Jeanette had Leslie's face trapped between her thighs Jeanette leaning back on her elbows sitting on her ass with Leslie face down between her legs the brunette’s nose inches away from the cheerleaders crotch. Jeanette laughed as she watched Leslie's cheeks scrunch up when she applied the pressure. Jeanette rolled over on top of Leslie with the brunette still trapped between her thighs. Pain racked Leslie's body with Jeanette's legs folded up under Leslie's neck and back. As soon as Jeanette pushed Leslie's forehead back and squeezed her thighs together Leslie caved in.

“Stop please!” Leslie begged.

Jeanette laughed in Leslie's face as she looked down on the beaten broken girl between her thighs.

“So I win I’m better.” Jeanette said.

Leslie nodded.

“Say it Lezzy.” Jeanette ordered.

“You win you’re better.” Leslie sobbed.

“Ha of course I am. Now you’re going to take off your own bikini and hand it to me.” Jeanette ordered and then rolled over on her side while easing the pressure on Leslie's neck.

“Start with the top.” Jeanette demanded.

Leslie reached behind her neck fumbling with the strings awhile before undoing her top and then awkwardly unhooking the latch connecting the string together in the middle of her back. Jeanette pulled her thighs apart to let Leslie pull her top away from her neck and then handed it to a grinning Jeanette.

“Now the bottoms.” Jeanette ordered.

Leslie wriggled around bending at the waist while trying to shimmy out of her suit while lying on her side. With a lot of effort, she was finally able to push the bottoms down to her ankles and to one foot. She bent her legs she could reach the foot with her bottoms dangling from it and pulled them off her foot before surrendering her final piece of clothing to her conqueror. When she had the bottoms in hand, Jeanette released her prey and stood looking down at Leslie wallowing in misery.

“Follow me Lezzy.” Jeanette said grabbing Leslie by the hair to drag the beaten brunette into the surf to wash off the sand.

Leslie coughed and gagged from crying and having seawater splash in here mouth. Just for fun, Jeanette kicked and splashed water all over Leslie. Jeanette took her time washing herself off as she kept a foot on the middle of Leslie's back to keep the defeated girl on her hands and knees.

“It’s going to be a long week for you bitch.” Jeanette said pulling Leslie to her feet by an arm and to her fate.

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Will have to get back to you on location. Not going spring break going to wait for tarpon.any general ideas on time of season?
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