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Mother vs daughter

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:07 pm    Post subject: Mother vs daughter Reply with quote

"What the hell is this"?
Sophia was mad. The panyhose was laying on her daughters bed, Photos of white sox players were left on the desk in a heap, with plates from last night snack sitting on the floor waiting for the pet cat to lick em clean but thier was no pet cat. Sophia went to find her daughter to clean the mess up.
Helen was in the rec room laundry area, doing her wash. Radio was blasting, so she did not hear her mother yell for her. Sophia grabbed Helens wrist and got her attention.
"Hey, turn that radio off" Sophia said increasing the finger pressure on Helens wrist.
"What now mom'?
" Your room is a mess, and I am not in the mood to play parent to a fiver your old. Your 23 and know how to clean a room" said Sophia as she let go of Helens wrist.
" Well I had to go out wth my friends this morning as we are planning a weekend for next July. I will clean my room later. "
Sophia was livid, "Later always later with you. If the world waited like you did, the world would be dead from waiting to eat. "
Helen knew what her mother was getting at, and Helen started feeling her blood running in her body and the excitment in harden tits. " So mom, what you really want is another fight, isnt that right'? Helen said with a sneer on her face.
" Yes Daughter dear, I am really ready to take you on again, as both your father and brother will not be home till 7 pm and I feel llike giving you a real beating."
Helen laughed and just walked away into the rec room. "Well mom, lets get our fighting clothes on and meet back her in one half hour. Same rules as usual, closed fists to the body, kicks allowed to the stomach and hard slapping to the face"?
" You have that right daughter, is there any other way to fight" Sophia answerd.
Helen moved pictures off the wall, and moved a couple of charis out of the way, and then proceeded to her bedrdoom. Helen was so wet she could not believe she got that turned on by the thought of fightiner her own mother. But long ago they fought when Helen was 21 they both leraned they loved to fight and when they fought they could forget they mother and daughter but just two women going to dominate the other.
Sophia was in her room, with the closet door open. Lets see, I can wear the black heels. Oops I better not, I have the church supper in two weeks, and I want those for the new dress i bought. Ah here are my green 3 inch heels that matches my green swimsuit perfectly. Sophia suddenly realized she was breathing as hard as she did when she first discoverd sex. Something about fighting and especially fighting her own daughter really got her nipples really hard and ready to hurt whoever fought her.
Sophia changed into her green one piece swimsuit, while thinking of what way she would fight her daughter. Her body was thin, but well shaped legs for an older woman of 45. She was only 5'1 with dark brown hair and eyes.
Helen was back in her room, trying to calm down so she could fight well. She was trying to find her favorite color swimsuite, but lastt week she had fought her friends mother which no one knew about. She realized she had neglected to wash that swimsuit that she had worn. She found her dark maroon swimsuit, and decieded on that. She slipped that over her 5'0 blonde haired body, and slipped on her three inch black pumps. She started warming up in her room with some stretches, then went to doing some pushups. after she finished those she made her way to the rec room.
Sophia was waiting in the rec room, sitting in a chair in a corner, with a blue satin robe over her to keep her warm. Usually they both wore satin robes for the fights but Helen left her in her room.
Helen sat down on her chair, breathing hard again as she got excited about tangling, not so much because it was her mother facing her. but because her love of the fight was taken over again.
"Well are you ready" Sophia asked??
" Yes I am ready, lets get this over with, I can't wait to hear you submit to me dear mother," sneered Helen.
They both slipped thier high heels off at the same time, while Helen waited for Sophia to take the robe off.
"Fight" yelled Helen
They both rushed to the middle of the room, Sophia got two hard slaps to Helens face that turned her head from left to right.
"Damn thought Helen, I am always easy to hit when I first start fighting. Helen grabbed her mothers arm, starting to try to gain control.
Her mother slammed a fist in helens stomach, making helen bend forward. Sophia went for headloack, but was not able to get a really good hold of Helens neck. Helen, answered back by grabbng Sophias hair and pulling her mothers head back hard. She was gaining control as Sophia was losing her balance, and started falling backwards to the floor. Helen followed her mother to the floor and straddled her as Sophia fell on the floor. Helen started slapping her mother in the face, but Sophia answerd back with two shots to Helens kidneys. that sent shocks to Helens body, but she was deterrmined to win the fight. Helen leaned into her mothers face, feeling her mothers hot breath as she whispered in Sophias ear that she was going to win the fight.
Sophia shot a left into Helen;s kidney to answer back her daughters trash talk. Helen's body stiffened from the pain, as Sophia shot another punch to her daughters stomach. Sophia started to get a better position on her daughter as she started to use her right to her daughters body. Helen was sarting to feel her lungs hurting again as the pain of the punches and lack of air from hre mother sitting now on her chest made fighting back harder and herder. Sophia moved up on her daughters body to start to pin her like a young kid does in the school yard.
"Sophia said do you want to quit?? " "No, not yet, I still have some fight in me" Helen whispered back. Helen was really hurting now. Her mother started to pull her, as Helen knew her mother loved to slam her into the basement wall.
Sophia got her daughter to her feet, grabbed her left arm and started to really try to slam her into a wall. This time Helen resited but Sophia wa ready again with her fists. Sophia slammed two body shots to Helens body, and then a knee beautifully placed into Helens stomach. She let go of Helen's arm and Sophia took great pleasure in seeing Helen standing there, and then that grimace of pain came over Helen as she bended over holding her stomach as if stabbed by a knife. Sophia moved in quickly grabbing Helens, hair hard and yanking her daughters neck back so that Helen was completly under Sophias control. "Sophia asked are you ready to quit???"
This time Helen answerd "Yes , I am ready," a bitter look of defeat in her eyes. Sophia still holding onto her daughters hair, tripped her to the floor. Sophia went up the staris as she yelled back for Helen to clean the floor and get dressed.
Sophia was smiling like from ear to ear as Helen walked up the stairs and was told that her father was not coming home as soon. So Sophia sometimes made Helen dress in a french maid outfit and wait on Sophia hand and foot.
Sophia kicked Helen in the ass and sent her to the room to get the costume on.. Sophia was thinking how nice it was to win the fight. Maybe she thought she was ready to take on her friends daughter down the street. Sophia always felt the girl wanted to fight her as Judy would give her looks in the supermarket and whisper things in her ear when Sophia was at Judy's house. But that is another story.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

good story!!

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:35 am    Post subject: Mother vs daughter Reply with quote

Magical. Mother and daughter is my favorite incest theme. The fourth picture is just divine. I feel bad for not having anything much of my own to contribute but could i ask you to post more soon if you have more?
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