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Birthday Spanking Catfight

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 8:29 pm    Post subject: Birthday Spanking Catfight Reply with quote

It is Shirley's 37th birthday. Shirley and her husband and her best friend Kate and her husband went out to eat at a fancy restaurant to celebrate Shirley's birthday. Afterward, they return to Shirley's home. Shirley is 37 years old, 5'4" and about 200 pounds. Despite the weight, she has a very pretty face with short brown hair and is very curvy and feminine. She also has very sexy, perfectly pedicured feet with her toenails painted a bright red. Kate is 34 years old, 5'6" and about 250 pounds. Kate is not very pretty with a big nose and shoulder-length blonde hair. Unlike Shirley, Kate is more dumpy than curvy and she has big, ugly feet. Both Shirley and Kate are wearing tight blouses and knee-length skirts. Shirley has much larger breasts than Kate and both women are barefoot, having removed their shoes after returning home.

While the women and their husbands are enjoying conversation, Kate tells Shirley to stand up and bend over so that she can give her a birthday spanking. Shirley ignores this comment and the conversation continues. Later in the evening, Shirley has stood up and is bending over to pick something up from the floor. While she is bent over, Kate runs up behind her and smacks her twice hard across the butt. Shirley quickly turns around and shoves Kate away from her hard. Kate is surprised by the shove and loses her balance, falling back on her butt in the floor. Both women are embarrassed - Shirley for being spanked in front of her husband and Kate for being pushed down in front of her husband. Kate reacts first, getting to her feet and saying, "That's it. It's time for your birthday spanking. We can either do this the easy way or the hard way. So, either bend over or I'll bend you over!" Kate begins advancing toward Shirley. Shirley is undaunted by Kate and steps forward and slaps Kate hard across the face. Kate slaps back at Shirley and hits her hard in the side of the head. Kate quickly follows up her slap with a knee into Shirley's belly, knocking the air from her lungs. Shirley slumps to her knees and Kate grabs Shirley's head by her short hair and slings her the rest of the way to the floor. Kate then straddles Shirley's belly and begins slapping her large breasts. "In a few minutes I'll be smacking your big fat butt like I'm smacking your fat boobs right now!" Kate taunts. In desperation, Shirley grabs Kate's flailing arms and starts bucking her hips tyring to bounce Kate off of her. She manages to dislodge Kate from her straddling position and Shirley wraps her legs around Kate's waist and uses her momentum to flip Kate off of her and over to the side. Shirley quickly takes advantage and straddles Kate, grabbing her hair with one hand and delivering a series of slaps to the face with the other. After a flurry of slaps, Shirley grabs Kate's hair with both hands and pulls her head into her large breasts to smother her. Kate begins to scratch at Shirley's back as her air is cut off by Shirley's huge boobs. "Let me show you what a real woman's boobs are like!" Shirley gloats. After several seconds, Kate's hands move from scratching Shirley's back to pulling at her hair. Kate finally is able to grab two handfuls of Shirley's short dark hair and she snaps Shirley's head back hard. Shirley screams out and releases the breast smother. She rolls off of Kate onto the floor beside her. The two women lie on their backs for a moment, trying to catch their breath. Shirley is the first to her feet as Kate is still lying on the floor breathing heavily. "I thought you were going to spank my big fat butt. Where's all that big talk now?" Shirley asks as she steps over toward Kate. Shirley takes her sexy foot and begins to rub it around on Kate's face. "I'll make you a deal, honey," Shirley tells her friend. "If you just kiss my feet and admit to me and our husbands that I am the better woman, then I'll forget about all this and you can go on home." As she says this, she stops rubbing her foot around Kate's face and brings her toes to rest on Kate's lips. Kate turns her head to the side and groans, "Never!" Shirley steps back as Kate pushes herself up on her elbows and through heavy breathing manages to say, "I'm still.....going to.....spank....your big...fat....butt." Shirley smiles down at Kate as she tries to get to her feet. "Okay," Shirley says, "We'll do this the hard way then. Just remember that I gave you a chance."

Kate slowly rises to her feet. The two women just stare at each other in silence each slowly moving closer to each other. Just as they meet breast-to-breast, Kate suddenly grabs Shirley and brings her knee up hard between Shirley's legs. Shirley lets out a squeal and sinks to her knees with her hands covering her crotch. Before she can recover, Kate slaps her hard across the face. She then quickly circles behind Shirley and grabs two handfuls of her short dark hair and forces her flat down with her belly on the floor. Kate straddles Shirley's back and begins slapping her in the back of the head repeatedly. Shirley cries out as her face bounces up and down against the carpet. After about thirty seconds of slapping the back of her head, Kate again grabs two handfuls of her rival's short hair as she pulls Shirley's head up and back so that she can bend her own head down and whisper in her ear. "Now you're going to find out what it is like to have that fat butt of yours spanked. I hope your hubby enjoys the show!" Kate taunts. With that, she pushes Shirley's head down, rubbing her face into the carpet. Kate then moves back and grabs the waist band of Shirley's skirt and pulls it down down her curvy butt and off her thick legs, exposing Shirley's big sexy butt in her white cotton panties. Kate sits herself down on Shirley's back, facing her butt and begins the spanking, alternating butt cheeks with each hard slap. The loud "smack!" of each slap resounds through the quiet room, followed by Kate's gleeful counting of each blow. "One! Two! Three! Four!" After the fourth slap, Shirley lets out a loud scream. "No!" She begins wildly kicking her legs and pushing herself up and rolling her body to the side. This causes Kate to fall off of Shirley's back and land on the floor beside her. Shirley quickly turns her body to face Kate completely and lands a sharp kick to Kate's belly which knocks the wind out of her. As Kate tries to recover, Shirley gets to her knees and grabs Kate's hair with one hand and claws at her breasts with the other. Kate tries to defend herself against the attack, but Shirley is moving wildly and furiously. She grabs Kate's blouse and rips it off over her head, exposing Kate's black bra with her flabby boobs. Shirley then takes both hands and begins to maul Kate's breasts as Kate squeals in pain. "That's right, squeal, you fat pig!" Shirley screams in her rival's face. "You will not humiliate me in my own home in front of my own husband!"

Shirley moves her hands from Kate's breasts and grabs her hair and pulls her face once again into her massive boobs for a breast smother. Kate's legs begin kicking wildly and she starts scratching Shirley's back. Shirley holds onto her squirming foe as tight as she can. After several seconds of this, Kate moves her hands down and begins to claw at Shirley's curvy butt, now covered only by her white cotton panties. Kate continues to claw and slap at Shirley's sexy butt which is already red and tender from the short spanking she received just moments earlier. After a few seconds the pain becomes too much and Shirley's grip on Kate's head loosens. Kate moves her hands up and is able to push her way out from under Shirley's huge breasts. Kate rolls to the side and as she is rolling, she slaps Shirley twice hard in the side of the head. Before Shirley can recover, Kate grabs Shirley's blouse and pulls it up so that it is covering her head and exposing her white bra holding her huge sexy boobs. For a few moments, Kate leaves the blouse covering Shirley's head so that she cannot see as Kate begins wildly slapping her foe's back and breasts and legs and butt. After a flurry of slaps to a Shirley who is defenseless because of her lack of vision, Kate pulls the blouse completely off of Shirley's head and throws it to the floor. She then forces Shirley onto her back and begins scratching and clawing at her large breasts which are now only protected by her white bra. Shirley cries out in pain. "Who's the squealing pig now?" Kate taunts. "Let's see if we can milk these big udders of yours, you big fat cow!" After another ten seconds of scratching and clawing and squeezing and slapping, Kate grabs Shirley's head and pulls her face into Kate's own flabby boobs, covered only by her black bra. "Let's see how you like a taste of your own medicine," Kate chides. "They may not be as big as yours, but I bet they can smother as well!" Shirley's cries are muffled as her air is cut off by her rival's flabby breasts.

Shirley kicks her legs and scratches and slaps at Kate's back as she is smothered by Kate's flabby boobs, however Kate maintains a tight hold on her opponent. After several seconds, the kicking of Shirley's legs and the flailing of her arms begin to slow down until she is nearly non-resistant. Kate releases her victim and sits back on Shirley's belly. Shirley's massive breasts are heaving, her eyes are filled with tears, and she is gasping for air with her tongue hanging almost completely out of her mouth. Kate just sits silently smiling down at her victim, enjoying watching her struggle for breath. Slowly Kate rises to her feet and stands beside Shirley's head. "What's wrong, birthday girl? Are you ready for your spanking now?" as Kate speaks she begins to rub her big, ugly, sweaty feet over Shirley's face. Kate shoves her big toe into Shirley's gaping mouth and nearly gags her. Kate removes her foot from Shirley's face as she begins to cough. "I tell you what, birthday girl, since you were so kind to make me an offer earlier, I'll do the same for you. If you will tell our husbands right now that I'm the better woman and then turn over and take your birthday spanking like a good little girl, I'll leave you alone and go back home and your hubby can console his humiliated little birthday girl. Deal?" Shirley's huge breasts continue to heave as she tries to regulate her breathing enough to form an answer. Finally, in a near whisper, she is able to respond, "No way." Kate smiles and steps back to allow Shirley room to get to her feet. Shirley slowly pushes herself up on her elbows and continues to sit in the floor for a few moments until her breathing begins to return to normal. Shirley slowly stands to her feet, clad now in only her white bra showing off her massive boobs and her white cotton panties covering her sexy curvy butt. She faces her rival Kate who stands in her black bra holding in her flabby boobs and her skirt.

Shirley and Kate begin to slowly move toward each other. Just when they are about a step apart, Shirley quickly moves in and lands two hard punches to Kate's fat belly. As Kate doubles over holding her stomach, Shirley quickly steps behind her, grabs her rival's skirt with both hands, and jerks it down to her ankles. She is surprised to see Kate's huge flabby butt covered only by a little black thong with her massive butt cheeks hanging out on both sides. Shirley takes advantage of these large exposed targets and begins to spank Kate's butt cheeks. Kate tries to get away from the attack but with her ankles tangled up in her skirt, she falls hard on the floor face first. Shirley straddles her opponent and taunts, "Let's see how you like a taste of your own medicine." She then begins to mock her rivals earlier actions by slapping Kate's flabby butt, alternating huge butt cheeks with each slap. As the room once again fills with the loud "smack!" of a hand striking butt cheeks, Shirley counts along. "One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!" After the fifth slap, Kate begins to yelp after each strike. "That's right. Count along with me," Shirley mocks the cries of her victim. "Eleven! Twelve! Thirteen! Fourteen! Fifteen!" Shirley stops her assault and surveys the damage. Kate's large flabby butt cheeks are almost glowing red and are covered with several distinct imprints of Shirley's hand. Kate lies nearly motionless, whimpering. Shirley gets on her knees beside Kate's body and rolls her victim onto her back. She then straddles Kate's fat belly and leans her face close to her rival's. "How does it feel to be dominated by the better woman? I hope your hubby is enjoying the show. I know mine is," Shirley mocks her foe. As tears stream down Kate's cheeks, she can only sob uncontrollably in return. Shirley leans back and looks down at Kate's flabby breasts in her black bra. "Look at these pathetic flabby boobs." With that, Shirley begins to slam her massive sexy breasts down hard on Kate's flabby breasts. With each slam, Kate howls in pain. After a short series of these breasts attacks, Shirley leans back again and slaps Kate hard across the face. Kate tries to say something but amid her continuous sobbing it comes out mumbled and cannot be understood. "What's that?" Shirley responds. "You want to see them up close again. Well okay then." With that, she once again pulls Kate's head into her massive breasts for a smother. Only this time, there is nothing between Kate's face and Shirley's huge boobs except Shirley's white bra. Kate's pitiful sobs are soon muffled by Shirley's large breasts.

Shirley keeps Kate's head pulled tightly into her massive breasts until Kate's body becomes nearly motionless. Shirley then leans back and sits on Kate's fat belly. She watches her rival's flabby breasts heave as her whole body seems to be convulsing in an effort to suck air back into her lungs. Kate's tongue is hanging completely out of her mouth as she pants for air like a dog. Shirley then slaps Kate's tear-soaked cheek. Kate cries out and whimpers, "I give. You win. Please. Stop." Shirley smiles and leans down into her rival's face, "I accept your submission, but I can't stop just yet. We have a few things to take care of first. Starting with you telling us who the better woman is." Kate whimpers, "You are." Shirley slaps Kate hard across the face again, "Louder. So that everyone can hear." Kate sobs, raising her voice, "You are the better woman." Shirley stands up and once again rubs her sexy foot all over Kate's face. "Kiss it!" she commands and Kate begins to furiously kiss the pretty foot of the better woman. After a few seconds, Shirley gives a new command, "Lick it!" Kate brings her tongue out of her mouth and begins to lick the sexy sole of Shirley's foot. After a few moments, Shirley lifts her foot from the defeated woman's face and plants it squarely on her flabby boobs. Shirley then strikes a victory pose, flexing her biceps, and smiles, first at Kate's husband and then at her own.

Shirley then turns her attention back to her humiliated rival. "You seem to be obsessed with my fat butt, as you call it. How about I give you a closer look?" With that Shirley turns around and lowers her big curvy butt onto Kate's face. Kate's air supply is once again cut and she tries in vain to push with her hands against Shirley's big sexy butt cheeks. After a few seconds, Shirley lifts her curvy butt off of Kate's face and gives the defeated woman a new command, "Kiss it!" Kate hesitates and Shirley lowers her sexy butt back onto the woman's face. This time when she lifts it to allow her rival to breathe, Kate begins to quickly kiss Shriley's curvy butt cheeks without having to be told twice. When Kate finally stops kissing to take a breath, Shirley once again stands to her feet and looks down upon her humiliated opponent. "Almost done," Shirley says with a smile.

Shirley reaches down and grabs Kate by the hair and lifts her up to her knees. She then leads Kate by her hair, crawling on her hands to knees, over to the sofa. Shirley sits down and then pulls Kate's fat body up and bends her over her knees. "As I recall, we missed your birthday spanking this year this, Kate. And you're thirty-four if I remember right, so we better get started." With that Shirley pulls back her hand and then brings it down hard across Kate's huge flabby butt cheek. The little black thong Kate is wearing offers no protection from the spanking. A loud "smack!" once again fills the room. Shirley counts along as she spanks. "One! Two! Three!" At first Kate squeals. Around ten she begins to whimper and beg Shirley to stop. At twenty-six she is sobbing uncontrollably. And by the time Shirley is finished, Kate entire body is convulsing with her weeping. Her flabby glowing red butt cheeks are quivering. When Shirley reaches the end, she pushes Kate's fat, shaking body roughly off of her knees and onto the floor. She then stands up and once again grabs Kate by the hair, this time leading her crawling on her knees to the seat where Kate's husband is. Shirley throws his wife's flabby, quivering, humiliated body at his feet and she walks over and picks Kate's blouse and skirt up off the floor and then throws them in a pile beside her beaten fat body. "Take her home," she says. Shirley then walks over to where her own husband is sitting and collapses her sexy, curvy body into his arms.

The End
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good story!
my respect!

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