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Sisters Catfight

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 8:36 pm    Post subject: Sisters Catfight Reply with quote

Shirley has invited her sister Michelle and her husband to her home for supper. After the meal, Shirley, Michelle, and their husbands are sitting around in the den talking. Shirley is 37 years old, 5'4" and about 200 pounds. Despite the weight, she has a very pretty face with short brown hair and is very curvy and feminine with very large breasts. She also has very sexy, perfectly pedicured feet with her toenails painted a bright red. Michelle is 41 years old, 5'4" and about 150 pounds. She is not as pretty as Shirley and has long brown hair and medium-sized breasts. They are both wearing loose summer dresses and are barefoot.
Their conversation turns to stories of the sister's teenage and young adult years. And they begin to talk about some catfight/wrestling matches that they had growing up. Sometimes just for fun, but sometimes to decide who would get certain priveleges, like using their parent's car on the weekend. Michelle begins to brag that Shirley never beat her. Shirley is embarrassed that her losing record is being brought up in front of both her own husband and Michelle's husband. "Well," Shirley says, "it's just lucky for you that we don't decide things by fighting anymore." "Why I would just kick your fat butt again," Michelle replies. The sisters get into a short argument and then decide to have a match right now to decide who the better woman is.
Michelle suggests that they remove their dresses and fight in their underwear so they can move better. So, Michelle takes off her dress to reveal her black bra and matching black thong. Shirley removes her dress to reveal her white bra that is holding in her massive boobs and matching white cotton panties covering her big curvy sexy butt. "This is going to be just like the old days," Michelle says, stepping forward and slapping Shirley hard across the face. Without hesitation, Shirley slaps Michelle back so hard that she takes two steps back and rubs her face with her hand. "It's time you got put in your place," Shirley told her sister.

Michelle stands still rubbing her face as Shirley steps forward and slaps her again hard. Shirley then grabs her older sister by the hair and begins to slap her hard in the side of the head. She then brings her knee hard up into Michelle's belly. Michelle lets out a groan and sinks to her knees. Shirley again grabs her sister's long hair and yanks her to the floor. She straddles Michelle's belly and again begins slapping her in the face. "Who's the better woman now?" Shirley taunts her older sister. She then begins slapping Michelle's breasts. "Look at these pathetic boobs! Mine have always been bigger and better," she mocks. She then slams her own huge breasts down onto her sister's smaller ones. Then, she crawls up Michelle's body until her massive boobs are hanging in her sister's face, held in only by her white bra. She then begins swinging them side to side, pummeling her older sister's face with her big sexy boobs. "Here why you don't you get a close up look at them?" Shirley says as she pulls Michelle's face into her large breasts for a smother. Michelle kicks her legs, bucks her hips, and scratches her younger sister's back, but to no avail. Shirley does not let up on the smother until her sister has ceased almost all motion. Then, Shirley leans back on Michelle's belly and watches her breasts heave as she tries to suck in air, her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Shirley stands to her feet and begins to rub her sexy foot all over Michelle's face. "Looks like that perfect winning streak is going to be broken tonight," she taunts her older sister. "I really thought this would be more of a challenge." Shirley steps back and looks down at Michelle, who is beginning to regulate her breathing again. "C'mon and get back up so I can knock you back down on your fat butt again," Shirley taunts. Michelle slowly stands back up to her feet. Her face is red, partly from embarrassment and partly from anger.

Once Michelle is back on her feet, she rushes Shirley and lands a sharp punch into her sister's big belly. Shirley doubles over and Michelle grabs her short hair and slams her face into her knee. Holding onto to Shirley's hair, Michelle flings her face-down onto the floor. She then straddles her younger sister's back, facing her big sexy butt. She reaches down and yanks Shirley's white cotton panties hard up into her butt-crack, giving her a wedgie, and exposing her big curvy butt cheeks. Michelle then digs her fingernails deeply into her sister's soft skin and begins clawing her curvy butt cheeks and the back of her thighs. While scratching, she also begins slapping Shirley's sexy butt and thighs. Shirley is howling in pain. After Shirley's butt is glowing red with handprints and long, deep scratches, Michelle turns around toward Shirley's head. She punches her sister hard in the back of the head, causing her face to bounce off the carpet. Shirley starts to cry. Michelle then grabs Shirley's short hair with both hands and snaps her head back. Shirley whimpers, "Please. No more. Michelle. Please." Michelle then stands to her feet and puts her foot on the back of Shirley's head. She uses her foot to rub her younger sister's tear-soaked face into the carpet. She then grabs Shirley's short dark hair again and pulls her roughly up to her knees. "That's right, beg for mercy, you pathetic fat pig. I've always been better than you. And I always will be better than you," Michelle gloats. While Michelle is taunting her, Shirley tries to collect herself. In desperation, she punches as hard as she can between her older sister's legs. Michelle lets out a squeal and then falls to the floor clutching her crotch and moaning.
Shirley quickly pushes Michelle onto her back and straddles her belly. She punches her twice in the breasts and twice in the face. She then grabs Michelle by her long hair and pulls her head once again into her massive boobs for a smother. Michelle's legs kick wildly and she begins to scratch and slap Shirley's back, but the younger sister holds her foe as tight as she can.

Shirley continues to smother Michelle with her massive boobs until her older sister's body becomes nearly motionless. She then leans back and sits on her belly, watching Michelle struggle to breathe. Shirley pins her sister's arms to her sides with her knees and begins to repeatedly slap Michelle in the face. Michelle's eyes fill with tears. Shirley then begins punching her sister's breasts. Michelle begins to cry as she struggles furiously to free her arms. Shirley begins to mock her sister, "No wonder you were always wanting to beat me in fights. I've always had bigger, better boobs. And I've always been prettier." Michelle is finally able to free her right arm and she screams at her younger sister, "You've always been fatter!" as she swings a punch hard into Shirley's face. The younger sister is completely shocked by the blow. She squeals hits the floor beside her sister. Michelle takes advantage of the time and begins to crawl away from her sister. Shirley tries to regain her composure as she sits up in the floor, checking her mouth and nose for blood after the hard punch. There is no blood but she is completely ticked off nonetheless. She sees her sister trying to crawl away to a safe distance and Shirley pounces to her feet. "Oh no you don't!" she yells as she runs to her sister and straddles her back. She reaches down and grabs Michelle's long hair with both hands. She yanks back hard on her older sister's hair, snapping her head back and bringing her crawling to a halt. "You're gonna pay now," Shirley screams as she punches down hard on the back of her sister's head. She then yanks Michelle up to her feet by her hair and then punches her older sister as hard as she can in the mouth. The punch spins Michelle completely around and she hits the floor face-down with a thud. Shirley walks over and begins to kick Michelle in the back of the head. After a moment, Michelle is able to turn over onto her back and look up at her sister. Shirley sees a trickle of blood coming from the corner of Michelle's mouth where she punched her. Shirley then begins rubbing her sexy foot once again all over her older sister's face as Michelle sobs. Shirley raises her foot and then slams her heel down sharply onto Michelle's nose. Michelle howls in pain as blood begins to run out of her left nostril. Shirley then shoves her pretty foot back in Michelle's face and commands her, "Kiss my foot!" The older sister obediently begins kissing Shirley's sexy foot through her whimpering sobs. "Remember when you used to make me kiss your feet after you beat me? Well, now it's your turn, Michelle."

Shirley takes her sexy foot away from Michelle's mouth and slams it down hard on her older sister's right breast. Michelle screams out in pain. Shirley then slams her foot down hard on Michelle's left breast. Again her sister howls in pain. Shirley then turns around and lowers her sexy curvy butt onto Michelle's face. Michelle continues to whimper and put her hands up to try and push her sister's big butt cheeks out of her face, but she can't. Shirley enjoys her dominating position and begins to bounce her sexy butt up and down on her older sister's face. She swings her hips from side to side rubbing her curvy butt cheeks all over Michelle's face. With a big smile on her face, she lifts her butt just a little and commands Michelle, "Kiss it!" Michelle just sobs pitifully for a moment before obediently kissing Shirley's sexy curvy butt.

Shirley turns around and straddles Michelle's belly once again. She begins to repeatedly slap the face of her older sister who is sobbing uncontrollably. Finally, through her tears, Michelle is able to whimper a surrender. "I win." Shirley smiles down at her sister's bloody nose and swollen lip. "Whose the dominating sister now?" she taunts. Michelle continues to cry. Shirley slaps her in the face. "Answer me!" Michelle whimpers, "You are, Shirley." Shirley slaps her sister again. "Who is the prettiest?" Michelle moans an answer, "You are, Shirley." Shirley leans forward so that her massive boobs, barely held in by her white bra, are hanging in her sister's face. "Who has the best boobs?" "You do, Shirley," Michelle cries. Shirley rubs her large boobs over her sister's face. "Kiss them!" she commands. Michelle is obedient. Shirley then leans back on Michelle's belly again. She slaps her older sister and asks, "Whose the better woman?" Michelle whimpers, "You are, Shirley." Shirley stands to her feet and commands her sister once again. "Get on your knees in front of your Queen." Michelle slowly gets to her knees. "Kiss my feet and tell me I'm your Queen," Shirley commands. "You're my Queen, Shirley," Michelle says as she bends down and kisses Shirley's sexy feet. Shirley kicks her sister in the face and Michelle falls back to the ground, face-down. Shirley puts her sexy foot up on her sister's back and strikes a victory pose, smiling at their husbands. She then looks back down at her humiliated, beaten sister and says, "Michelle, if you ever decide that you are woman enough to beat me like you did when we were younger, you know where to find me." She then turns to Michelle's husband and says, "Take her home." Shirley picks up her sister's dress and throws it on the floor beside her. Shirley then walks over to where her husband is sitting and collapses her sexy curvy body into his arms.

The End
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thank you!

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