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Sexy 'wife fights girlfriend' from Cavalier

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 3:25 pm    Post subject: Sexy 'wife fights girlfriend' from Cavalier Reply with quote

Katy pulled her mini dress up and over her head while kicking off her shoes and revealing her one piece bathing suit. Shari slowly removed her robe and I was surprised to see that she was naked. Shari yelled at Katy, “I said woman to woman, bitch! Get naked! "

This is the story of the fight between my wife and girlfriend. I came home one afternoon and Shari. my wife, told me she knew all about my affair with Katy, but she'd deal with me later. She told me that she had called Katy, and after a lot of name calling, insults and threats by both of them. she had chal¬lenged Katy to come over that night and settle this entire thing in private, woman to woman. Katy agreed telling Shari she'd be at our house at 7:30. Then Shari told me that since I was a horny bastard and I'd always liked to see her in a fight. that I was going to see a real catfight that evening.
I decided to add some fuel to the fire by telling Shari that Katy had been dar¬ing me to tell her about us. but I didn't because 1 didn't know if she (Shari) could handle a wildcat like Katy. Shari just glared at me and said. "I'll show you who's the wildcat!"
At 7:00, Shari went into the bedroom to get ready. Katy rang the doorbell at 7 :20 and when I answered it, I quietly said to her. "Well, you got your wish. She found out!" Katy smile and said, "Wish hell. 1 sent her a letter telling her everything, even my phone number, and even signed it “friend!”
Then I took Katy to the spare room and about ten seconds later Shari walked in and closed the door. They stood glar¬ing at each other like two cats before a fight. Katy pulled her mini dress up and over her head while kicking off her shoes and revealing her one piece bathing suit. Shari slowly removed her robe and I was surprised to see that she was naked.
Shari yelled at Katy, "I said woman to woman, bitch! Get naked!"
Katy looked surprised but quickly yanked off her suit. Then she said, "Okay bitch! You said you were going to whip my ass well come on and try it!"
I couldn't believe my eyes. My wife, who is thirty-one, 5'7" tall, 36-25-37, 140 pounds with long black hair, and my girlfriend, who is twenty-four, 5' 8" tall. 35-24-35, 130 pounds with long blonde hair, were standing in front of me, naked, and ready to fight over me like two wildcats. My cock was so hard, 1 thought it would burst!
They slowly moved toward each other, Shari putting up her fists and Katy doing the same. They both threw some punches that were either blocked or missed then Shari jabbed with her right and hit Katy in the mouth. Katy now jabbed with her right and caught Shari on the chin with a quick left following hitting Shari right in the mouth and knocking her back a step.
Katy kept after her, landing a round¬house right to the side of the head and a straight left to the chin. Katy now grabbed Shari's hair and let her have it with a right haymaker that landed right above Shari's left eye and caused her to land on her back. Katy kicked Shari in the side and then sat on her boobs and started slapping her face while teasing her by saying, "You're nothing but a wimp, bitch! A fifteen year old high school girl would have given me a better fight than you did. No wonder he wants me instead of you! You're probably a wimp in bed too, just like in a fight!"
Shari now planted her feet and arched her back trying to throw Katy off, but Katy just laughed as she bounced up and down on Shari's boobs. Shari brought her knees up and thumped them into Kay's back, knocking her forward enough for Shari to free her arms and grab two handfuls of hair and pull Katy off and onto her side. Shari jumped on her and started swinging wildly at her face. Some punches missed but a lot of them landed right on her face. Katy was now trying to fight back and she grabbed Shari's hair and pulled her head down and butted Shari in the face with her forehead and then rolled her off.
Both women got slowly to their feet and started circling with their hands-out¬stretched like claws. It looked like the boxing was over as they each charged ending up in a boob to boob bear hug trying to throw each other to the floor. They finally fell and after rolling over and over, Shari came out on top and they were still tit to tit. But now Shari had Katy's arms pinned straight back and over her head. Shari was breathing heavy as she said, "I bet you'd rather have that high school girl now, wouldn't you, candy ass?"
This now turned into a violent wres¬tling match as they rolled around all over the floor with the intensity that only two women fighting can create. After at least ten minutes, they ended up with Shari face down on the carpet, and Katy sitting on her back, yanking on her hair. Shari clawed at Katy's hands and wrists and pulled her down and then rolled her off. Katy got to her feet first, and when Shari stared to get up, Katy grabbed her hair and tried to knee her in the face but Shari wrapped her arms around Katy's thighs and tackled her before sitting on her stomach and banging her head on the floor.
Katy finally grabbed her boobs and squeezed hard. Shari quickly let go of Katy's hair and sunk her fingers into Katy's boobs as they both moaned and cursed in pain, but neither let go, con¬tinuing to pull and' squeeze and twist harder.
Katy finally raised her legs up and scissored her feet around Shari's head, toppling her over. Neither one had lost her grip on the other's boobs. Katy now got her knee between Shari's thighs and was trying to slam it into her cunt, but Shari had it locked between her thighs and Shari suddenly released Katy's legs and tried to slam her knee into Katy's cunt but with the same results.
Katy let go of Shari's boobs and punched her in the face, giving her a bloody nose. Shari clawed Katy's face and then grabbed her by the neck and started choking her. Katy was clawing at Shari's boobs as Katy's hand. stabbed between Shari's legs. Shari screamed and got quickly to her knees with both hands trying to pull Katy's hand away from her pussy hair. Shari now clawed at Katy's boobs, but she couldn't make her let go.
Katy knew she had her, but she was going to punish and humiliate her. Katy carefully got to her knees, every once in a while giving a hard yank, then slugged Shari right between the eyes, knocking her onto her back. Shari was yelling for me to help her, but she knew that I wouldn't. Katy had moved so that now she was sitting on Shari's boobs, but was facing her feet so she could keep her grip' on Shari's pussy hair. Katy told Shari that if she ate her pussy, she'd let her go. Shari said, "Fuck you!" So Katy bounced on her boobs and yanked on her pussy hair.
Shari finally gave in and from the way she went at it, I don't know who enjoyed it more, Katy or Shari. When she was finished, Katy took me to her house and screwed me like a wild animal. Then when I got home, I expected to be locked out, but instead I got a wild screwing from Shari.
I still see Katy, but I have a lot of respect for Shari. Shari joined a spa and has been working out. The other night she told me whether I’m seeing Katy or not. she still wants to fight her again. I told Katy and she said anytime Shari's little heart desires.
M.C., Florida.
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