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Dee fights Maureen...from Cavalier

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:42 pm    Post subject: Dee fights Maureen...from Cavalier Reply with quote

“I’ll be the first to admit I started this rivalry by coming on to Maureen’s husband, and that she had me begging for mercy by the end of our first fight. But, you see, I hate to lose ...”

This is Dee. I'm writing to report on the latest battle I had with that fucking bitch Maureen. I wanted to write to you before she did so that the facts of the fight would be straight. That jealous witch has filled Cavalier's pages with enough lies in the past and I'm sure sick of it. I'll be the first to admit that I started this rivalry by coming on to Maureen's husband, and that she had me begging for mercy by the end of our first fight. But, you see, I hate to lose. Especially to a sneaky slut like Maureen, I'm the type that will fight to the death for something I really want. It's too bad for Maureen that it's her husband that I want. He just turns me into a sexual animal with the way he walks, his juice, and mostly with his eight-and-a-half inch long dick. I think I'd do battle with a dozen girls just for the right to suck on his beautiful cock.
As a result of the previous fight between me and Maureen, I've found that she is stronger than I am, but I know I'm the better catfighter. Maureen gets a kick out of calling herself "The Cunt Mauler" because in a couple of our fights, she tried to literally tear my cunt lips apart. But I feel that I inflicted as much damage to Maureen's hairy cunt as she inflicted on my tight little pussy. I also found Maureen's tits to be more sensitive to pain than mine. Anytime I could squeeze or pull on one of her titties in our fights, I could sense that she really began to weaken.
The last fight Maureen and I had was an all-out backroom brawl in which we had to be dragged apart. Maureen's husband was so humiliated and upset by his wife's temper that he has since left Maureen and moved into my apartment. During the past few months our affair has blossomed into true love. Maureen's husband has told her that he loves me now and doesn't want to be bothered with her any longer. Although this situation was much to my satisfaction and I finally won the man whose cock I so much desired, I knew it was only a matter of time when Maureen would try to settle the score between us.
Last week Maureen contacted her husband and said she had to see him to settle a few financial matters before they separate. He told her to come to my place that night and made her promise that there would be no trouble. She told him that she had no intentions of lowering herself to my level, but I knew deep inside she had an ulterior motive for coming over.
Maureen arrived promptly at eight pm. I kept my distance and stayed in the bedroom as I was intent on avoiding a scene. I peered out at her through the half closed bedroom door. She looked very sexy in her maroon gym shorts and white T-shirt with no bra. Maureen's dark pointed nipples protruded through the thin material of her shirt.
Her husband led her to the sofa where they sat and began to discuss some sort of settlement. I watched Maureen's every move as they talked amiably for about ten minutes or so. I noticed her inch a little closer to him every time she tried to stress a point. Eventually she was right next to her husband and I could see her doing something with her hands but I didn't know what. She smiled longingly at him, licked her lips, and then I saw Maureen's head disappear into her husband's crotch. She had unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and was giving him a blowjob right there in my living room.
That was it! I stormed out of the bed¬room over to where the action was taking place. Maureen was sucking away like it was the first time she'd ever had a cock in her mouth. She didn't even notice me as I stood over her with my hands on my hips dressed in my white nightie. Maureen's husband just sat there with his eyes closed as he pushed Maureen's head further down on his dick with one hand and was fondling her dangling titties with the other. I was really steaming by that time and I shouted, "You'd better get your filthy claws off him bitch! He belongs to me now!"
I startled Maureen's husband, but that no good bitch just kept on sucking him off like there was no tomorrow. I reached down with both my hands, grabbed her dark brown hair and yanked her off his cock and off the sofa. I yelled angrily at Maureen, "You've had it bitch! I'm ready to beat your rotten ass once and for all!" "Let's do it, cunt!" Maureen said. "I can't help it if you can't hang onto your men," I snarled. "You little bitch!" Maureen screamed. I said to her,
"After I'm through with you, I'll show you how a real woman gives a blowjob."
Maureen slapped me hard across the face. Then I slapped her with all my might. Maureen landed on her ass on the sofa. I quickly grabbed her by the hair, but as she came up off the sofa, she landed a solid punch between my shapely legs. The punch stunned me for a few seconds and I thought that Maureen had surely fractured my pubic bone. She took this opportunity to rip the flimsy nightie from by body exposing my tits and leaving me clad only in my white bikini panties. Maureen punched me in my belly then proceeded to dig her fingers into my tender titties. I tried desperately to force Maureen's hands from my aching breasts, but her grip on my soft flesh tightened even more. Then Maureen began to pull on my tits. She pulled me back and forth and then from side to side. Her vise-like grip was so tight that Maureen's fingertips were practically touching each other through the supple flesh of my breasts.
Unable to loosen her grip, I lunged for Maureen's swaying tits through her T-shirt. I made a direct hit and squeezed her mounds of flesh as Maureen now winced in agony.
Some men may not be able to relate to the pain a woman endures when her tits are squeezed. I'm sure the feeling is the same as when a man gets his balls squeezed! If you're familiar with that, you can just imagine the hurt Maureen and I were experiencing.
Out of the 'corner of my eye, I noticed that Maureen's husband was slowly stroking his penis as he watched the two of us engage in this tit-pulling contest. I thought for a moment of what I would do with that gorgeous cock when I was finished with Maureen.
The tit pulling continued as shock waves of pain were sent through our delicate boobs. I ripped Maureen's shirt open and set her titties free. I grasped her large dark nipples between my fingers and squeezed for all I was worth. She reacted by letting go of my tits and sending a sharp open-palmed slap to the side of my left breast. I howled in pain and I let go of her tits.
At this point we took a few steps back from each other arid just glared. Maureen said, "Had enough bitch?" I said, "Fuck you cunt! I can take anything you can dish out!" Maureen said,
"Dee, your twat won't be worth fucking when I'm through with you." I replied, "Maureen, your hairy twat isn't worth fucking now!"
We now began to slowly circle like a couple of cats. We grabbed each other by the hair and yanked as we both squealed. Hair was torn out by the roots. I managed to get Maureen in a headlock on my right side. I had a good hold of her head with my right arm as I pulled on her hair with my left hand. We staggered back and forth in this position for a few minutes until Maureen's left hand made its way through my legs from behind. She grabbed my vagina and began squeezing it hard. I pulled on her hair harder now, but I was forced to let her hair go and try to pull her hand from between my legs. In a flash, Maureen was out of the headlock and got behind me. With her arms wrapped around me from behind, she had me by my titties once again. The pain I felt was excruciating as my boobs were still sore from out earlier tit-fighting. I was able to strike back with my elbows as I landed several good shots to Maureen's breasts. She was forced to release her hold as she couldn't protect herself from my flying elbows.
Maureen shoved me to the floor from behind and I landed spread eagled face down. She then proceeded to send a swift kick up between my legs that caught more of my inner thigh than my crotch. Before she could land a second kick, I grabbed her ankle and Maureen came crashing to the floor on top of me. My head hit the floor and I was dazed for an instant. Maureen quickly tore my panties away and turned me over to get a good vantage point on my vagina. She was between my legs and before I could regain my senses, Maureen was pulling my pussy hair out with two hands. She then got my cunt lips in her hands and started to stretch them as far as she could. I started to pull on Maureen's hair hoping to stop her attack on my sex organ. Maureen then began to lift my midsection up off the floor by my vaginal lips. She held me there for a few seconds that seemed like an eternity. Then she let go of my cunt lips and my cute little ass came crashing to the floor. Maureen then jammed her right thumb into my tight cunt and roughly pulled me back and forth on the floor. My tender little cunt was being mauled by "The Cunt Mauler."
I thought I was done for but for some reason Maureen made the mistake of changing her attack from my cunt to my tits. She now straddled me and grabbed both of my boobs and started kneading them. I now managed to get my right hand down to Maureen's crotch. I dug my fingers into her soft cunt flesh. She yelped as I was able to shove her backward off of me and onto the floor. I immediately tore off Maureen's shorts and panties and spread her jiggling thighs apart. The pink folds of her fleshy vagina protruded through Maureen's dense patch of black pubic fur making a good target. I jammed two fingers of my right hand into her as she kicked wildly. She yanked at my head hair but Maureen could not deter me from what I wanted to do.
I began to scratch her inner vagina with my nails as Maureen pulled harder on my' hair and screamed. I pinched at the inner wails of her cunt then I pulled my fingers out and began scratching at her clit and cunt lips with my nails. I raked my sharp fingernails back and forth across her exposed womanhood. This girl would not want to fuck anyone for a long, long time. I finally finished Maureen off with three solid punches to her soft beaten vagina. The so-called "Cunt Mauler" had found out what it's like to have her cunt mauled! I fixed her good! Maureen gave up and said later that she would never try to see her hus¬band again. I made her admit that I was the better woman in front of her husband.
Since I destroyed Maureen, word is that she is planning to leave town. I fought for what I wanted, and I won, I finally have the man of my dreams all to myself. Good riddance, Maureen. With love, Dee, "The Cunt Crippler."
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:53 am    Post subject: Adidas Porsche, Adidas Outlet, Adidas Original Sho Reply with quote

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