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Moms in clawing catfight..from Cavalier

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:46 am    Post subject: Moms in clawing catfight..from Cavalier Reply with quote

"Kim grabbed two handfuls of hair and bent down and bit June's nose. June instantly broke off the attack on my wife's boobs. Kim jumped to her feet and gave June a vicious kick ... straight to the pussy ...”

I love your magazine because of your catfight letters each month. Just three weeks ago I had the chance to watch my first catfight between my pretty blonde wife and our neighbor. In the December issue, in "Speak Out;' J. T. of Georgia wrote and said that he wants to hear about this type of catfight. Sorry, I have no pictures!
It all started when our neighbor's daughter pulled our daughter's hair one day in school. My wife Kim told our daughter that the next time she did it to pull her's back and to scratch her face. Well, the next day she did just that. Later that afternoon our neighbor June and her daughter came over to our house and started yelling at us and showing the scratches on her daughter and demanded an apology and wanted us to do something. Kim started yelling back and told June to get out or she would finish where her daughter left off! June just smiled and said she was a very dirty fighter and displayed her half inch well manicured nails. However Kim's nails were just as long, if not sharper because she is always filing them. Kim said the cellar playroom was available for settling the argument. June said fine, sent her daughter home and proceeded downstairs.
While I moved the furniture and Kim went upstairs to change. She yelled to June and asked if she planned to wear her open toe spiked heels, to which June responded, "Of course." Kim was downstairs in a flash and June said, "Let’s settle this in the nude because I don t want to break my nails tearing your clothes off." As they both undressed my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. June is 5 '9", 36C-24-35 with shoulder length brown hair. Kim is 5 '81h", 37C-23-36 and both of them looked pretty deadly.
Kim said to me, "Don't interfere in any way" then looked at her foe and said, "I’ll show you how to really fight dirty, bitch." They both went for each other's hair ripping and tearing and June sent her knee into Kim's pussy and Kim went to her knees. June straddled her back, grabbed her from behind and started to dig her talons into my wife s pretty face. This made Kim scream and she started bucking like a horse and finally managed to stand up. June started using her claws on Kim's boobs. Kim dug her spiked heel into June's toes and broke free. At the same time Kim slapped June across the face with her claws out, making long scratches on June's face. She followed this with a kick to the stomach and a punch to the face and knocked June on her back. Kim pounced on top of her like a cat! She grabbed a handful of brown hair and started raking her razor sharp nails across June's eyes. I think she was really trying to scratch her eyes out!
June, in retaliation, went for Kim's luscious boobs again, digging in with her sharp grappling hooks and pulling and twisting, trying to rip them off her chest. At this point it was obvious that both of them were determined to disfigure each other as much as possible. Kim moved her hands down to pull free, but June had a firm hold and she dug deeper into the soft tit flesh. Kim started to tear at June's hair, but June moved one hand and with her thumbnail and middle fingernail grabbed Kim's right nipple and squeezed it between the knife-like sharpness. Kim screamed in agony trying to free herself from this torture as June continued to try to cut her nipple off with her sharp nails.
Kim, as if possessed, grabbed two handfuls of hair and bent down and bit June's nose. June instantly broke off the attack on my wife's boobs. Kim jumped to her feet and gave June a vicious kick straight to the pussy with her heeled foot. Then she sat on June's stomach, facing her pussy and smiled at me and then started pounding on her pussy and tearing her pussy hair. Then she started gouging at the cunt with her fingernail. By this time I thought June was done for because her pussy began bleeding, how¬ever June grabbed Kim by the throat, reached for her face with one hand and got two of her long slender fingers in Kim's nose and pulled her back and sank her teeth into Kim's cheek and threw her off. Kim was on all fours trying to get up but June was up first and sent her high heeled foot into Kim's pretty but blood¬ied face. She picked her up by the hair and punched her in the pussy as hard as she could and sent Kim sprawling.
June stood over her and grinned and put her spiked heel on Kim's bruised and scratched boob and started to slowly dig the heel in. Kim clawed at her leg and ankle to no avail and she pleaded with June to remove her foot, but June kept on slowly applying pressure. I couldn't stand it any longer and knocked June off my wife. Kim started to rub her sore boob and thanked me. Then she looked at June on the floor and said, "I'm not done yet!" She put her knee into her back, grabbed a fistful of hair and went for June's eyeballs! June put her hands up to cover her eyes and Kim dropped her head and sank her teeth into June's long neck as she continued trying to get her razor-like fingernails into June's eyeballs. June screamed and said that she quit, but Kim continued to bite and claw.
At this point I'd had enough and pulled Kim off June, because it was obvious who was the dirtiest catfighter. As June got to her feet and started to leave Kim started yelling at me for pulling her off. After all, this was her first fight and she was only doing what comes naturally. Yesterday we went by June's house and saw that it was for sale. Who says blondes aren't tough? I know one thing, they sure are dirty fighters. -So B., Connecticut.
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