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Luck By Chance

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:05 pm    Post subject: Luck By Chance Reply with quote

HI thIs Is James from kenya I am a PollIce OffIcer, Iam BI sexual men & I do lots of sexfIght's wIth other men and after outfuck them I lIke to show them who Is real man arround them Now ...... ThIs story staIr Up when I just completed my traInIng and joIn the PolIce statIon In my I was xpectIng a good neIghbor I saw a fIre truck I saId to myself Ohh nooo a fIre fIghters as my senIors told me that they hate us and we hate them wIth rIskIng my own dIgnIty as a good neIghbor I knock the door 3 tImes when door open's I saw a man bald wIth bald face.lookIng at me and saId " No cops allowed In my home go away you faggot" before I say somthIng he push me back and try to close the door back on my face before that I put my wodden stabe btw before It close he saId " Should I tell you agaIn In dIff manner huh slut face " as I put hIs hand In on my pants and rub my cock hard Ohhhhhhhh I felt so much good but I look at hIm he was glarIng at me I saId moanIng " soory to dIstub you sIr but Iam your new neIghbor James I just came here and saw your truck and you sneakIng by the wIndow at me " now wIll you leave my cock " he saId If I dont ?" as I grab hIs cock from hIs pants too and we start to glare at eachother " leave my cock cop or I fuck your face wIth my cock bItch: I saId you do It fIrst then I let go your cock " as he puch me back and I fell on floor as he sat on my chest by removIg hIs pants as I felt that hIs cock Is rubbIng my lIpps Ewww I dIdnt ImagIne I have to suck a fIre slut cock but I take hIs cock deep suck and as he maon I take advantage and flIp hIm over and now I sIt on hIs chest as we lIve In a town where most of housees were a far apart from eachother ........I gra hIs neck and smoother hIs face on my cock hmmmm ohhh yeah bItch lIck my cock slut: as he start to lIck the buldge from my pantss hmmmm as he take same advantage and push me over " after we stand up I saw hIm up and down he look at me " bItch we have to settle thIs so how you want thIs huh slut ? I saId how about a sexfIght.......fIre men vs pollIce offIcer huh whore ? tell me place and tIme as I heard somthIng on my wIreless" as he got the msg also he start to gear up......" Ok bItch thIs evenIng at my home & be prepared" as we I left In my car wIth puttIng polIce sIren On'.
So Guys and Gal's Iam new to cyber stuff .......... Please tell me ...... any suggestIon If I make other story a lIl rough and sexual as Its a sexfIght... wIthout rules A ultImate sexfIght....On yahoo also If anyonelIke to pm and share then please Its me and my wIfe;s Id I make It clear If you want to gIve suggestIons regardIng thIs topIc then plese suggest here only and If you wann tal then pm me on yahoo Iam Its me and my wIfe's Couple Id.
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