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Cheri from Texas fight...from Cavalier

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 3:04 pm    Post subject: Cheri from Texas fight...from Cavalier Reply with quote

“Robin brought her knee up to Cheri's snatch and my wife grabbed the blonde's bra. They both went down to the floor, tit to tit and cunt to cunt.”

In August '81 you published a letter I wrote about a fight my wife had with a bitch named Cindy. Cheri was really excited when she read it and is proud that everyone knows she won her first fight. This past year our sex life has been its best ever! Cheri told me that she will fight any woman who comes on to me. This leaves me free to flirt all I want. My wife has become less jealous because to take me away her rival will have to fight. Most women are hesitant to get down tooth and nail with Cheri, but when I find one who will, it's worth the trouble.
In the past year Cheri has challenged six girls to catfights. Three backed down, two ran away crying after a couple of slaps and one woman gave Cheri a great fight. As I said in my first letter, Cheri works in a boutique and she also models when they do promotional events. This summer her store set up a booth on the beach at Padre Island to sell bikinis. Cheri was modeling some of their sexiest suits. I brought my camera to take some shots of her. The beach was really crowded and lots of foxes were there. 1 was hoping that some bitch would start something with Cheri, but even my hopes were not as good as what took place.
A local radio station was having a teeny-weeny bikini contest and this blonde named Robin got my vote. She was wearing a red and white striped bikini that was really teeny-weeny. I was taking her picture when Cheri walked up. Cheri was wearing one of the suits she'd been modeling; it was a green thong bikini and it was even tinier than Robin’s. All the guys who had been eyeing Robin turned their attention to Cheri, who loved it.

She came over and put her arm around me and gave Robin a cold stare. "Better save some film, lover, there may be some action in a minute." I knew what she meant and my heart pounded. Robin came over and said, "The contest is over honey, and I won." Cheri answered, "Well maybe, but I've got the prize." She smiled and ran her hand up my thigh. A crowd had gathered around us and the beach patrol had driven up to see what was going on. Everyone said they were just enjoying the scenery, but the beach patrol hung around. I told Cheri that it wasn't the time or the place, but if she really wanted a go at Robin I'd set it up. She answered that she really wanted to show Robin who the better woman was and she added, "Besides I won't have to worry about what to get for your birthday."

I walked over to Robin and gave her my wife's challenge and I handed her one of my business cards and asked her to call my home number if she was interested. When we left the beach I had' mixed feelings; if Robin didn't call I'd never get to see a great fight and if I had egged them on at the beach the fight would probably have been broken up, and besides the crowd around took away from my personal enjoyment. Finally one evening I came home from work to find Cheri and Robin sitting across from each other in the living room. They were both wearing the bikinis they had worn on the beach that day. I froze and Cheri walked over and kissed me. It was a very sexy kiss, and while our tongues were interlocked she opened my pants. "I need your cum to make me strong," she said and fondled my cock a bit and then dropped to her knees and started giving me a fantastic blowjob. "Enjoy it while you can .honey," Robin said as she lifted up her bra and began playing with her nipples. Then she put one hand down her panties and fingered herself. I exploded in Cheri's mouth and she expertly swallowed it all. I felt like I was going to pass out! I lay down on the floor and Cheri undressed me and I continued to watch Robin. She was pulling her panties up between her ass cheeks and flexing her hips. Cheri saw me watching and said, "You can do what you want with her after I kick her ass." Robin turned and said, "Whenever you're ready, bitch." My cock was hard again. Cheri said, "Just let me stretch a bit." What she really meant was posed, because she stood in front of me and flexed her legs and then bent over to give me a good view of her ass like a stripper does. Robin started copying her and they got closer and closer to each-other until they were nipple to nipple. They stared at each other and then Robin said, "There's cum on your chin, cocksucker." Cheri wiped it off with her finger and smeared it on Robin's nose.

Robin brought her knee up to Cheri's snatch and my wife grabbed the blonde's bra. They both went down to the floor, tit to tit and cunt to cunt. Cheri was on top but Robin was giving her lots of punches to the head. They rolled over and over with their legs interlocked until finally Robin hit Cheri's head against the wall. My wife was really stunned, and tried to fight back by grabbing Robin's bra. The bra came off but she was too weak to do any damage to the blonde’s tits. Robin kept pounding away at Cheri's head and then she ripped her bra off and got it around Cheri's neck. She was choking Cheri and all my wife could do was kick and struggle. Cheri almost passed out before Robin released her stranglehold. With Cheri flat on her back, Robin began punching her in the cunt. My dick was throbbing and when Robin looked up and saw me ready to cum she released my wife and came over to me. She pulled off her panties and squatted on my cock. Her pussy was dripping wet and we both came after only a couple of strokes.

Cheri laid watching us on the floor and getting her strength back; her eyes were burning with anger. She got to her feet and Robin hopped off my cock. They charged each other and Cheri managed to get Robin in a headlock and started kneeing her in the tits and stomach. One hard knee brought Robin to the floor and Cheri sat down hard on her face. My wife was now the pussy-mauler; she stuck both hands in the blonde's snatch and dug! Robin was trying to scream but Cheri's ass muffled the sound. Then Robin bit down on Cheri's cunt and my wife screamed! But she held on and retaliated by biting Robin's snatch. They rolled over and over in this 69 position' until finally Robin released her bite. Cheri jumped off Robin and stood up, but when Robin tried to stand up Cheri kicked her in the boobs then dived on top of her with both knees to Robin's tits. Robin was crying but Cheri just punched her in the face and then turned around and grabbed Robin's ankles and spread her legs as far apart as they would go and asked me if I thought Robin was such hot shit now. I walked over to my wife and kissed her and told her she was the sexiest woman in the world and she let Robin's legs drop to the floor.

I went down on Cheri right there. Robin's steamy snatch-juice was wet on my chest as I ate Cheri. I kept lapping away until Cheri could cum no more. Cheri got up off Robin and said, "She's all yours lover, I'm going to take a shower." I looked at Robin lying there all bruised and scratched and matted with sweat. She looked pretty good and so I mounted her and slowly started pumping her pussy. She was moaning with pain and pleasure, and then more with pleasure as she came. I got off her and sat on the couch. "I want to cum in your mouth, baby;' I said. She crawled over to me and started licking my dick. Her lips were puffy from my wife's punches but she managed to get them around my cock. Cheri came up and stood behind Robin and said, "At least now you'll get something in that empty blonde head." We laughed. Robin just kept sucking.

After I came Cheri came over and sat on my lap and said, "Get your clothes on and get out of my house, bitch." Robin did just that. I fucked my wife there on the couch and then three more times in our bed. My cock was raw but Cheri kept me hard by telling me how I was her prize and reliving the fight for me. She told me how Robin had called to accept her challenge earlier that day and how they dressed together and insulted each other's bodies before I came home to find them ready to fight. She's promised me she'll fight again.

It is difficult to find opponents for her, but she works in the boutique and in promotion and sets up all the fashion shows and works with lots of foxy models. And beautiful girls are very competitive and I think they are the most likely to fight. She has done shows with Playboy bunnies, NFL cheerleaders and two solid gold dancers. I have taken photos of each and Cheri has told me the ones she likes to fight. One bunny from the Dallas Playboy Club is a brunette with great tits. Cheri said she's a real bitch and they almost got, into it backstage, but Cheri had to stay cool to protect her job. Cheri has never fought a brunette before and the thought of her pulling down the top of that bunny costume' has been keeping me hard the last few weeks. Cheri said that blondes are her natural rivals, but brunettes are supposed to be tougher. So I'm hoping to set up Cheri's sexiest catfight yet.
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