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Cavalier's Donna from Utah returns

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Mr. Cavalier

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:05 am    Post subject: Cavalier's Donna from Utah returns Reply with quote

“Donna turned her head in Mike's direction, she saw that he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it as he watched the two women fight, and that pissed her off....”

Donna was wailing on the heavy bag hanging from the ceiling with taped fists and taped feet when the doorbell rang. She hated being interrupted in the middle of a workout....They were essential to maintaining her "fighting weight". She was 10 years and 300 miles removed from her last fight, but she never stopped training. She had learned the hard way when she found herself engaged in her first ever fight against another woman. It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon in her own back yard, and she never saw it coming, she survived that fight, and barely survived her next fight against an office co-worker when she vowed to never be caught unprepared again.

Donna answered the door; "Can I help you?" she was taken aback by him. He was about her age, and very good looking.

"I hope so, my name is Mike. My wife and I just moved in across the street, and I seem to have misplaced my socket wrench and I was wondering if you had one I could borrow?" He was taken aback by her as well, her hair was matted with perspiration and her very tight, very toned body glistened with sweat. His eyes were drawn immediately to her taped fists and feet, and he felt himself becoming aroused.

"I’m Donna, welcome to the neighborhood. Yes, I saw your movers outside yesterday, and your wife’s name is?”

“Yeah, Linda, Linda is her name.” Mike had lost his concentration, he thought; ‘Donna? Really? Could it be?’

"Yes, well, no problem about the tools. I'll get them for you. Would you like to come in and wait?"

"No, thanks, I would, but… know?"

"Of course. Well then, wait here, this won't take long"

She was true to her word, and within a couple of minutes, she returned, tools in hand.

"Thanks. I'll get these back to you as soon as possible. Say, do you mind if I ask you something? You look really familiar. Have we met before?" Mike asked

"I don't think so."

"I really didn't think so either, but there's something familiar about You. Anyhow, thanks again." Mike headed off across the street.

She closed the door behind him, and a feeling of dread swept over her. Was it possible? Did he recognize her? She hoped not. Her husband loved to watch her fight. Whenever she fought, the sex between them was fantastic, but when she stopped, he lost interest in her and they became estranged to the point where he left her. She never wanted another man to think about her like that again. Even though Mike was married. If he knew about her, she would never be able to trust his intentions. Worse still, if his wife knew about her....she bristled at the thought.

When she first laid eyes on Linda, Donna sized her up, it was a habit she developed during her fighting days that she never lost. Linda was a big girl, she was Donna's height but she looked to outweigh Donna by at least 30 pounds...She was built like a baby gorilla, barrel-chested with thick arms and legs with ample feet. The way she was lifting furniture she appeared to be at least as strong as Mike, maybe stronger.

A week went by, and she heard nothing more from Mike. It appeared her fears were unfounded. She began to relax and eased back on her training that she intensified due to the possibility of what might happen if her secret was out. The day was warm and sunny, a perfect summer day for tanning. Donna took advantage and donned her signature pink bikini and lay on her lounger to soak in some sun.

She was enjoying the sun and her cherished quiet time when a shadow fell across her. She opened her eyes to see it was Mike's wife, Linda with a magazine in her hand that she flung down, hard, on Donna's stomach. Donna sprang to her feet and assumed a fighting stance. When she did, she discovered Linda was barefoot in calf-length Capri pants in a tank top that her boobs practically spilled out of, and her dirty blonde hair was tied up above her head. She was snarling and behind her, looking submissive and apologetic was Mike.

"What the Fuck? What's your fucking problem?"

"It is you, isn't it??"

"I don't what you're talking about"

"The Hell you don't, that's you in that magazine, right down to the pink bikini you wore against that other bitch, the one from your office!"

"Look lady, I don't know what your problem is, but I'm not it and if you don't get your ass out of my yard, and I mean now, you'll find out first hand who I am." Donna said through clenched teeth.

Linda’s face was flush "First of all, you are my problem, you have been all along. I thought if I let him have his fantasies, it would be healthy for both of us, but you're not a fantasy, you're real. He's been comparing me to you and trying to get me to fight other women the way you did throughout our entire marriage. When I refused, I caught him jerking off to your letters more and more to the point we almost divorced. I made him choose between you and me. I thought he chose me, but then he finds you living across the street, so when he needed tools he came to you. Now he starts jerking off to you again! Yeah, you're my problem all right, and the way I see it the only way to solve my problem is to become your problem. If you want me out of your yard, you're going to have to throw me out! I wish you would try, so you and him both can see how you ain't shit compared to me."

It was as though Donna were watching her marriage replayed in front of her eyes, and playing the part of her was Linda. Donna softened her stance and the tone of her voice.

"Look Linda, you don't have to do this, believe me, I've been where you are now and I had learned the hard way. There's a difference between fighting for your marriage and fighting for a man with selfish fantasies that put you in harms way. I wish someone had told me this back then, but no one did, and so I wasn't offered a choice. I'm offering you a choice now, Linda, you don't have to do this."

"The hell I don't!"

And on that note, Linda slapped Donna hard across the face. She hit Donna so hard it nearly took Donna's head off. Donna staggered backwards, checking her mouth for blood, it was already starting to swell. Her anger returned.

"Okay, if that's what you want, but, don't say I didn't warn you!"

Donna retaliated with a lightning quick kick that connected her bare foot flush with Linda's face. It was a kick that was intended to end the fight right then and there, but it didn't. Linda staggered and swayed, blood was pouring from her nose, but she didn't go down. Instead, she bolted from her standing position and slammed into Donna, shoulder first, with such force that Donna was laid out on the grass.

Donna was on her back, writhing in pain, her right breast felt like it was on fire. She looked up at Linda, who was pacing back and forth like a jungle cat, begging Donna to get up so she could put her down again. All the reasons she decided to stop fighting came flooding back to her, she was thinking it might be better to just lie there and give up. Let Linda travel down the hard road that Mike would surely lead her on. Donna then turned her head in Mike's direction, and she saw that he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it as he watched the two women fight, and that pissed her off.

Unsteadily she rose to her feet, Linda rushed at her, claws extended, but the big girl ran flush into another kick. This one was a reverse knife edge kick to her pelvis. Linda stopped cold and clutched herself and Donna threw a succession of stiff jabs to Linda's face. Punch after punch connected unerringly. Linda brought her hands up to protect her face and Donna switched her attack to Linda's body. Donna threw uppercuts into Linda's tits and they easily popped free of her tank top, and once they were free, Donna treated Linda like the heavy bag in her workout room. She alternated punches with calloused fists and kicks with calloused feet. She wished she could have taped them before the fight to inflict further damage to Linda’s body, but her bare hands and bare feet sufficed. Her bare knuckles scrapped and cut Linda's tits and once they were bleeding, Donna pounded the open wounds with a series of punches that she delivered in a staccato rhythm.

Linda meekly tried to cover her body, but that only allowed Donna to open up on Linda's face. Each punch was harder than the last, as Donna's rage took over, and years of pent up frustration was taken out on this bitch who dared disrespect her, even though she knew who Donna was and even though her husband knew how dangerous Donna was.

Linda was glassy eyed now and practically out on her feet, bruised, battered, and bloodied as a result of Donna's handiwork and footwork. Realizing the fight was over, Donna finished Linda off for good by stepping away from the beaten blonde, and then stepping into her. As Donna delivered a second barefoot kick flush to Linda's face. At first nothing happened so Donna planted her bare feet in the grass to brace herself to deliver another kick. Linda pitched forward and hit the ground hard, face first, Donna maintained her fighting stance just in case, but it was over, and once again, on a quiet Tuesday afternoon in her own back yard, Donna became a fighter.

She looked over at Mike, who was rubbing his cock frantically at the sight of his wife lying unconscious and bleeding. Donna could see the tip of his cock glistening with pre-cum, and interrupted him before he could finish.

"Mike, wait." Donna said seductively "Let me help.”

She walked over to him and placed one hand on his cheek, and the other hand on his cock. Gently, she kissed him on the lips. Suddenly, she yanked his cock hard then kicked him harder between his legs. He howled in pain and went down on the grass like he had been shot.

Donna squatted next to him, "Tell your wife if she ever fucks with me again, I'll put her in the hospital, now get out of my yard”, as she stood up, she stomped her bare foot on his cock.
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